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Monday 8 October 2018

Pak John Halal Steamboat at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Looking for good seafood and poultry steamboat these days ain't easy! Let alone, it is not common to find a really good Halal certified steamboat restaurant. Only a selected few that you may come across with and Pak John Steamboat is definitely one of them.

What's different with Pak John Steamboat, is that you get to enjoy free flow of food and beverages! Yes! It's buffet style! Why I love Halal certified food is because we are ensured of the finest ingredients used that meets the requirements and also the method of cooking and managing the kitchen overall is at utmost importance! (Eg. Even the poultry that is selected is important, you can't simply buy any poultry from the nearby market, it has to be of a Halal certified establishment with proper etiquettes and methods in preparing the food for consumption)

And being Malaysian, it is of the greatest joy to be able to dine together with everybody from all walks of life under one roof!

The entrance was really neat and organized. The colours, interiors and branding matched from the floor to the ceiling, plus it is well-lit. It is quite spacious inside and their seating arrangements are of a sharing concept.

Pak John has a variety of choices to satisfy your hunger and even your kids will be excited to be there! Their menu is quite simple, you simply pick the days and time you wanna be there and that will be the price per pax at that selected time slot. If you have a huge group, best is to call for booking or you can just walk in with your family.

They have 5 types of soup to choose from

#1 Prawn soup is my favourite, you can taste and smell the fragrance of the fresh prawn (with no prawn in it but you can add your own later lah). Surprisingly it is not spicy! It's like eating prawn noodle soup! Definitely a must try!
#2 Chicken soup is pretty common and suitable for the kids.
#3 Miso soup also suitable for the kids but it can be a little salty and sweet.
#4 Tom Yam soup was not spicy but it looks like red Tom Yam. I felt that it lacked the "kick" of the rich Tom Yam flavours & scent. Maybe because it was just the soup base. However, you can improvise it on your own to your liking because they have all the seafood, vegetables and sauces for you to play around with.
#5 Curry soup looks rich and some say "fragrant" but I was told it is also spicy! But if you love curry then you can opt. for this flavour!

What I like about this restaurant is that, apart from its steamboat at the bottom base and the grilling pan available on the top, their variety of cooked and raw food are aplenty! Means while waiting for your raw food to be cooked, you can savour the cooked food first. My kids (and my) favourite are the finger food! You can also order Waffles or DimSum and Pao too!

If you are a fan of Beef, Lamb or Abalone, they have a special counter to order these 3 Premium cuts! And it's unlimited, all-you-can-eat!

They also have a variety of noodles for your choosing and right after that there's also desserts, cakes, ice cream and even ABC ice shavings!

Drinks are free flow too! You can try everything, pick the one you love the most (for me it's Lemonade) or you can just opt. for plain water hot, warm or cold!

They even have props for nice photoshots like this!

For more info you can visit :
Pak John Steamboat

Overall it's a great fun day out with my family and friends! 
Thanks to The Butterfly Project for actualizing this gathering for our families to enjoy!!

You can also read more about Pak John Steamboat and what my friends with their loved ones think about it too! (In different language for you to choose too!)
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