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Thursday, 25 August 2022

IOI City Farm at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

August 25, 2022 0
I'm grateful that I was able to have Ashley Day spent at the IOI City Farm at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya. Maybe some of you are wondering what is Ashley Day? Well, it is a day that I will dedicate to each of my child and spend precious bonding moments just with them. It is something I read from an online article when I was pregnant with my firstborn. And I will make it a point to do this for each of my kids; especially now I have 3 kids. It's a day where she gets to decide what she wants to see and eat, a day where I get to know her and she gets to know me and what I do too. So it is an equal opportunity for both of us to understand and learn more about each other better.

That's why today was the day I brought my daughter to this latest edutainment center that is the very first urban indoor farm park in Malaysia. It is with a huge built-in indoor living planet that is located at AT6, Level 2 of IOI City Mall, IOI Resort City, Putrajaya. It is directly one floor right above District 21. Opening along with the Phase 2 of IOI City Mall in Putrajaya on 25 August 2022, IOI City Farm comprises three different zones - Greenland, Little Rimba and Freshwater World. Spanning across two levels measuring about 18,000 sq ft, plant and animal lovers will feel at home at this interactive and engaging indoor farm park. Visitors will get to interact and observe various species of plants, exotic fishes and adorable animals in the petting zone.

“IOI City Mall is excited to showcase the wonders of nature indoors for all to learn about the beauty that mother nature holds at Malaysia’s largest mall. This city farm in a mall concept is one-of-its-kind in Malaysia and it brings together three elements of nature – greenery, animals and marine life all under one roof. We hope that all our visitors will be able to enjoy what our indoor farm park has to offer,” said Chris Chong, Head of Retail of IOI Properties Group.

IOI City Farm comes complete with qualified zoologists, aquarists and botanists. Therefore visitors and even children visiting the IOI City Farm will get this rare opportunity to ask questions and learn from the experts. Unlike other aquariums or farms, there will also be a line-up of various activities such as fun fishing, DIY workshops and animal interaction, among others. Even young children like my daughter who just turned 3 years old enjoyed her time here and learned a few new words through experience fun interaction with the animals here.

When entering the premises, we were greeted with lush greenery and picturesque green surroundings. This Greenland zone is home to an indoor collection of 111 living plant species spread across nine sections. It will feature a Vertical Garden, an Urban Farm, a Glocave, Mystical Cave, Season of Colours filled with giant lotus structures, Teeny-weeny Forest, Insectopia, and Roots N Seeds. One of the highlights of this zone is the 21.4m2 centrepiece known as the Green Glades. It is an open terrarium concept that represents an open forest. This terrarium will be filled with a variety of flora species. 

We saw many plantation here that is pretty commonly found in most Asian home kitchen. They also have exotic plants and even flowers as well. 

Children will get to explore and learn about vegetables, herbs and fruit plants in the Vertical Garden. Meanwhile, Insectopia will educate them about how and why insects and plants play an important role in the ecosystem. Like this butterfly collection here shows the different variety and how it plays a role in our environment. 

Be prepared to be amazed by the magical plants that glow in the dark at Glocave which we didn't enter, kinda missed it because we were distracted by the breath-taking view of the waterfall in front of the Mystical Cave, where more species of plants are waiting to be discovered. Even plants that is grown with water is also showcased there. And these are real plants my friends.

Then we passed by The Barn that was a nice area for workshops and events or parties that is super kid-friendly as we were heading to the Little Rimba, or also known as the cute and cuddly corner will features 17 different species of animals from around the world such as the sugar glider, hedgehog, Bengal cat, racoon, chinchilla, marmoset, fennec fox and others. Children will also be able to get up close with child-friendly furry friends to pet, feed and interact with them. My daughter super love this area the most and wanted to head back in again just to come back to pet the rabbits, guinea pig, duckling and chicks. When she petted the rabbits head, she screamed out of excitement. The animals were just too cute to keep that excitement in. Then again, this is where education can take place for my child to learn how to control their excitement and not scare away the pets and also gave me a heart attack when she screamed. (I also terkejut lolx)

Entering through this area and onwards we were headed to a staircase that was headed downstairs to the marine life. Here at the 6,000 sq ft Freshwater World, there are over 50 freshwater aquatic species ranging from river giants such as the Amazonian arapaima and Amur sturgeon to tiny crustaceans such as vampire crab and bamboo shrimp. Visitors will also be able to interact with the team of aquarists who are ready and eager to educate all on the aquatic species there.

Aside from this, there are also several pools that visitors can be engaged in such as the interaction pool and touch pool where young visitors can dip their hands into the water to gently pet the underwater creatures. There is also a feeding pool where visitors can feed the fishes and a catch pool for visitors to try their hand at fishing. 

My daughter pulled back her hands when a fish was about to feed from her feeding tool because we don't pour the food out into the water which is more better for the fish and the water too, it's a very cute bottle with fish food in it and the fish is suppose to suck the food out like a baby sucking on a milk bottle. It was so adorable! We tried our hands at fishing but to be honest, if it was crowded then come another time because the fishes were all hiding at the bottom of the pool because too many trying to catch them. I caught a few water instead of fishes and gave up trying. But it was a good experience, not easy to catch these guppy fish that swim by super fast.

Now for the most important part. IOI City Farm is open daily, including weekends, public holidays and school holidays from 10am to 10pm. There are party, corporate and school packages available for those interested as the space is equipped with a party room that can accommodate up to 20 pax. The park, on the other hand, can fit 250 pax at any one time. 

IOI City Farm
AT6, Level 2 of IOI City Mall, IOI Resort City, Putrajaya
Opens Daily from 10am to 10pm.

Tickets are priced at ;
Weekdays RM48 for children and RM37 for adults
Weekends RM58 for children and RM48 for adults

Download the CLUB IOI app and sign-up as member; to earn and redeem points at IOI City Farm upon ticket purchase! You can also visit IOI City Farm pages for more updates.

IOI City Farm
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Friday, 1 July 2022

51Talk Online English Learning Malaysia

July 01, 2022 0

 As a mother in today's digital era. Many will wonder what is the current change in education. And for me I feel personally that education is important but traditional methods of education may not be the only solution anymore for our children. That's why today's post I want to share about 51Talk that is the largest online education brand that houses many services and education excellence under one roof. In my search for my son, I also found out that this is the Top 3 English Learning platform in Malaysia.

If you haven't heard of 51Talk then today is your lucky day. Because I myself have been going through various online classes and trials for my children to learn English online with online English tutors, that can teach English speaking class or even have English conversation classes for kids or public speaking; Because I know how important it is to learn English and even to find a tutor who can have a proper English conversation is not easy to find good ones and worst is some are from new startup companies, some from smaller institutes or English tuition centers but to find the best of it all, it is subjective. However after coming to know of 51Talk, I was exposed to a more different and more established company that has a system in place that is very digitalized, structured and easily accessible.

Why I find this online English learning brand 51Talk reputable is due to these 6 reasons why a parent will choose 51Talk for their children's education in mastering the English language efficiently.

1v1 online tutoring

51Talk provides children with an "immersive" English learning environment, so that children have sufficient opportunities to speak. Children learn to think in English. Also with this 1-on-1 English Learning platform, it will allow the tutor to help the child identify where are his/her weakness and strengths, which will then be able to assist in the child to improvise on areas where they are weak at. 100% focus and attention is placed on your child with this type of learning module, without making your child feel left out.

5A great foreign teachers

After strict screening and training, 51Talk have selected more than 30,000 5A good foreign teachers who "love children and understand education". There's actually many reputable and notable teachers that is attached with 51Talk that allows for a quality education that your child will receive.

Professional English courses

Based on the AISU, an international teaching and research team, created professional teaching materials: CEFR, which are in line with international standards. So rest assured that this isn't some online English class that recently started during the pandemic to take advantage of the digital era trend. It is an established establishment that has been founded in 2011 and in 2016 it is officially listed in the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) the very first online English education company to go public listed and covers more than 72 countries and regions worldwide.

Fun classroom interaction

51Talk's class platform provides rich and interesting interactive forms and instant reward feedback for the classroom. Meeting the needs of users to to take lessons anytime from around the world. They cater to young users from age 4 to 15 yrs all over the globe. Who said online education learning can't be fun?!

Build interest in learning

Language learning requires a lot of speaking practice. Through high-frequency learning, students have more opportunities to interact with foreign teachers. And this teaching mode module is through real foreign teachers participating in the classes to engage with the students in the 1v1 class.

High quality at a low price

51Talk hopes that every child has the ability to talk to the world, so we provide high-quality course services at affordable prices. 

One of the product advantages that I like about 51Talk is the Self-developed teaching system, after 6 years of independent research and development of Air Class classrooms, 51Talk has provided the first interactive teaching software for students around the world. Also, 51Talk tailors the core course "Classic English Youth Edition" for young people around the world, allowing children to truly achieve from language learning to language use.

51Talk sets the foundation of English language and cultivate communication skills. It is based on a strategized systematic design to help your child cultivate interest in learning English. Following the laws of cognitive development of your child paired with rich and interesting screen content. 51Talk's online English courses is based on 1v1 pure foreign teacher teaching your child all they need to learn and cultivate in English. And every class is set at 25 minutes each time.

You can find out more about 51Talk here or you can also sign up for a free trial and experience it for yourself with your child. Am sure you will enjoy the session as much as my son enjoys it too!

Website | Facebook

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Tuesday, 15 March 2022

MURAD Power Pairs Serum with Sunblock

March 15, 2022 0

Have you guys heard of MURAD? If not let me give a quick intro, in 1989, Dr Howard Murad a dermatologist and pharmacist founded Murad, Inc. the first modern doctor brand of clinical skincare products. Hence for over 30yrs they have been developing the next-generation dark spots solution based on a patented technology to minimize the look of dark spots you see.

Which brings me to the product I wanted to share with you today. The Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum for pigmentation and dark spot correcting. Especially for women above 25, your skin is rapidly aging from age 20 onwards so its important to have a good skin care routine in hand.

So I tried going to a random korean saloon lately for their free trial treatment and it was some kind of machine used to lighten my blemishes and pigments on my face however to go back again is a hassle and a hefty sum for me, plus in just a week whatever effect that machine did faded and my skin went back to normal, it was experimental for my anyways because I already had my natural solution that works. And that's when I came across this brand and just thought lets see how this brand compares to the one I am using. And I will say it is pretty okay especially for the price of it.

See, this Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum has a hydroquinone-free intensive serum that promotes cell's turnover for even brighter skin. At first usage it was tingling on my skin. So I used it on one blemish spot on my skin instead to test out the 14 days and see what changes.

Rapidly reduces pigments without seeing the doctor, means no need to go for saloons too.

Apart from this Serum, it is best to pair with a sunblock and I tested this together with the City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50 PA++++ as it is a matte type of solution that leaves the skin with no shiny surface and protects from UV light.

I will say, just see at the before after 14 days. Pretty good if you want a quick solution for your pigments and dark spots. If you have any questions to ask about this product on my experience using it, feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

You can also shop at www.murad.com.my or at any of their Exclusive Facial stores

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Thursday, 10 March 2022

Berbuka Puasa This Ramadhan at Zebra Square KL

March 10, 2022 0

For the very first time, Zebra Square will be opening its doors to Ramadhan for a special berbuka puasa package. My first as well attending as I was surprised that they had this event upcoming, Zebra Square is a well-known event place in the hearts of Kuala Lumpur that many would have heard of or atleast came before once.

The venue may seemed discreet at the side of the busy highway but rest assured inside it can house up to 250 parking spots and the Ramadhan buffet package is pretty affordable too. The food variety is also aplenty! I have so many photos to show you but my phone crashed and I am only left with few photos instead, also special credits to Zebra Square KL Facebook page and to my blogger friend WendyPua.com who shared some photos we had together during this event.

However, thankfully we were there with a group of talented bloggers all across town and it was like reunion for us as my heart felt the warmth and joy when I met some familiar faces as it has been so so so long since we last saw each other. I bet this feeling will be surely met by you when you come and celebrate and break fast the holy month of Ramadhan together with your family, friends and loved ones.

The food variety here is truly authentic and I love how the venue and atmosphere bring up the entire place. It feels like home, cosy and serene. My favourite is the kambing for sure and the satay was a great hit! The meat was thick, juicy and fresh, not frozen. My favourite is the "masak lemak" dishes. I always look forward to this! I've been even craving for it lately and finally got my craving fixed!

It's a place that I will encourage you to make a booking in advance and bring your kids too. It's not too crowded even when all the tables were full that day, it doesn't feel like there's alot of people and there were enough food and beverages to go around. Very colourful dessert table with the different kuih muih delicacies too!

Truly a place that won't disappoint you and your family and friends. A great place to hang out with proper SOP practice in place and with amazing food to beat!~

I literally went 2 to 3 rounds of servings on my platter. The lamb is super delicious and the satay is really juicy and thick and even writing about this now is making my saliva drool! I miss the satay already! I literally tried all the different offerings here for Ramadhan Buffet and I love every single one of it! 

Check out Zebra Square KL, you will surely enjoy it!
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Brunch at Ru Yu Xuan Local Flavours, Klang

February 16, 2022 0
It's boxing day today! So we got up early to head out for maaaakaaaaaannn! We've always wanted to explore Klang side but we're abit clueless where to get nice food in Klang. Really need someone local to recommend!
So am grateful that I came over to Ru Yu Xuan Local Flavours at Klang, to get our quick fix of yummy breakfast that also can be our lunch. Brunch it is!
If I'm in Klang or if anyone were to ask me where to dine in, in Klang; I'd surely suggest this hidden gem! 

Parking was also okay, but I can foresee that it can get crowded too! Because it may not seem like it outside but inside it was almost packed! 

I super love the authentic flavours of the curry with bun. Even with the sweet condensed milk, it made my kids excited over this simple delicacy.

If you are looking for ol' skool half boiled eggs, this is definitely the place to be! 
Just look at the perfect runny eggs! This is quality served hot and fresh!

One must not miss an Asian allhtimehfavourite, Nasi Lemak! It may seem simple but the rice is fragrant, served fresh and warm/hot. The sambal is super delicious! I don't eat spicy or chilli, I am the type who will just leave the sambal untouched. But this one is exceptional!

This is the fried rice that I will also recommend because it is flavourful and fluffy enough that my kids asked for more. It's not dry and goes well with the meat and the egg, even the veggie is acar-acar mixed. Loving the unique flavours of this dish!

This is my favourite! I found out that this prawn crackers is homemade and the recipe is from the owner's family hometown. This was served piping hot! Crunchy, flavorful, fragrant and generous in its ingredients! A must have!

I rarely highlight drinks here but the meals were flavorful, delicious and all entire origin from a homemade recipe of this beautiful family that I just met. And of course, you can't have a good meal without a good beverage to pair with your meals. The drinks here is super kao "9", means superb. Very pure very rich and you will never forget it's flavours and will want to come back again.

Pls do go visit them because you will surely not regret! They also have local traditional Kueh that you will also appreciate!

Visit Ru Yu Xuan Local Flavours at Klang today. Just Waze or Google them la.
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Friday, 21 January 2022

Grand Opening of LaLaport Bukit Bintang KL

January 21, 2022 0
A place where you should drop by to visit. LaLaport Mall at Bukit Bintang KL is now open to the public. The Grand launch in January before Chinese New Year 2022, was held at the WOW plaza and I was WOW-ed at the entrance! 
However, stepping into the mall, many will realize the calmness and the warmth inside that it is very serene and feels good. Another reason why I am sharing how I feel inside is because I am an empath and I am highly intuitive, basically I have 6th sense and because here, it is clear. So rest assured. Because many Malaysians will know this place is actually where the historical Pudu jail stands. 
However now this place will house this beautiful futuristic Japan mall, a serviced residence and office lots as well. Although I must say, not many shops are open yet, but many up and coming tenants to look forward to once it is fully opened up. I did manage to capture most of the outlets that has already opened during the Grand Launch.
I went there again couple of day back with my family, brought my kids over and they loved it there. Even though not many opened yet but it was spacious and bright. The rooftop is a place I look forward to because Coo & Riku the largest cat cafe from Japan is opening soon. And the Garden dining area at rooftop, although not many stalls are open yet but the seating area is aplenty and all designed like a picnic area for families or big groups.
The F&B area at LG1 on the other hand has lesser seating areas compared to upstairs rooftop (I think it's the 4th floor) but it's a good place for quick bites on the go. But there's lots of variety of F&B downstairs to check it out. Jaya Grocer is also opened downstairs.
Being a mall from Japan, there's also a few Japanese concept tenants in the building you wouldn't want to miss. There's Nojima, brought in by Courts, that provides all the electronics and gadgets in today's technology for home and personal or office use. 
And also there's Nitori, a place where you can improvise and redecorate your household surroundings. 
I will say all in all, a decent place to be at if you are tired of the malls in Klang valley, this mall will give you a fresher take. Because of the way it is built and it's interiors and brightness. I like how they play with the LED lightings too.
There's even a grand staircase outside that lights up and animates to the music being played.
Do visit LaLaport for yourself to experience a new shopping experience. 
Follow them for more updates ;
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