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Thursday 29 November 2018

Grolier Keymatic Encourages Parent-Child Bonding Moments While Learning Basic Maths

November 29, 2018 2
These day's children are blessed with technology, science and innovation to ease their journey through life. Although, with all the ease and convenience available, we must admit that somehow our children are still lacking in some areas in their life, especially when it comes to studying.

Attending Grolier Keymatic Launch @ Main Stage in Lola Baba, MAHA 2018

And as a parent, I am sure most of you would agree that most parents today lack of 4 key elements as a parent, TIME, PATIENCE, KNOWLEDGE & ENERGY. I am sure some of you will attest to that, but honestly, let's break it down in detail for your understanding why these 4 key elements and what is it about?

Ponder upon these :
TIME : With your current working life, how much time have you spent with your growing child? Do you spend more time at work or with your child?

PATIENCE : Do you have the patience to see through that your child accomplishes something at their own pace? Do you have enough patience to go through the repetitive process again and again until your child masters it on their own? With patience, you would have to have time, and without time... You are always rushing things, everything must be fast, wear shoe also must fast, eat also faster abit and etc...

KNOWLEDGE : Knowledge is a blessing to have everyday, because to learn a new knowledge daily is a gift you can give to yourself. And today's parenting, how many can actually "know-how" to answer questions from your child that is coming from school? Truth be told, parents these days has been dependent on the teachers and schools to provide knowledge to their children, it is as if, it is expected. However, do you know that a child can only absorb so much when they are at school with a teacher? A child learns more and learns faster from their home. So what knowledge are you passing on to your kids can actually be seen in the way they behave, react and express themselves.

ENERGY : With your current 9-to-5 round the clock job and some even late night shifts or OT; When you get home, do you have the energy to entertain your kids? Whilst you may still have to do some house chores at night. It can tire you out easily, hence why parents these days are lacking the energy.

With these facts mentioned above, am sure most or maybe some of you may relate to the above, and wonder how can they help their child or improve on these?

Your child from age 4, is at the perfect age where they learn basic skills from pre-school, from home and from you. Grolier that has been in Malaysia since 1962, has provided a myriad of products throughout the years, 25 products in general and also new innovations and programs and products that is introduced from time to time to meet the specific demand at that current state of time.

Just a quick background, Grolier, is a company that publishes children's books and educational materials. With the noble aim of providing high quality learning solutions, which helps equip parents and teachers with tools they need to enhance the educational development and well-being of children worldwide.

Today, Grolier launched the Grolier Keymatic, educational tool that is designed to help increase the mathematical skills of children aged from 4 onwards. This is actually the first mathematical learning aid under the Grolier line of quality products and programs.

What's so special about this math aid?
Basically it's shaped in a key to make mathematics fun and easy to learn while the child can experience counting, memorizing, analyzing, calculating with kinetic sensory and fun play as well.

Sounds confusing?

Let me just show you a quick video :

As easy as that! My son loves it so much and he just turned 4 years old on 11.11 so it is true that the Grolier Keymatic is suitable from age 4 onwards and even my youngest boy Jayden is also keen to learn how, although, there is no harm allowing him to learn a little here and there because every kids mature differently and some are faster than the others, while others go at their own pace. There's no right or wrong. As long as the child gets a proper assessment based on their age, then there will always be a proper solution that Grolier Educational Consultants can assist and advise you as the parent for your child's development in their educational skills.

What is Grolier Keymatic?
1. You learn the basics of mathematics (plus, minus, multiplication, divisoon and fraction) in a fun and unique way.
2. Sensory learning which only Grolier can provide to the child that is through sight, sound and touch. Touch or also known as Kinesthetic along with Sight or Visual learning tool, actually encourages thinking outside of the box in five Keymatic areas (plus, minus, multiplication, divison and fraction). 
3. Builds self-confidence and actually helps children to learn independently.

One other important note is, when we were young, we were taught to memorize and practise and memorize the correct answers and methods. However, we were never taught how to correct our mistakes. As the saying goes, with memorizing comes consistency but not accuracy. And these days, mathematics for primary 1 students standard is very analytical and logical that makes our (parents) brain go heywire because we don't know the answer when our kids come home asking for help!

So with the Grolier Keymatic, it encourages proficiency through the provision of immediate reinforcement and answers. In lieu of the launch today, it was really timely as a matter of fact, because it coincides with the Minister of Education Dr. Maszlee Malik's recent announcement that examination for primary school students from Year One to Year Three will be scrapped from 2019.

I can understand where he is coming from because examinations builds stress and it's even more stressful now to see parents taking their children to tuition at a very early age, leaving them no time to enjoy their childhood. It's like we ripped their childhood from them through putting them through the texts to get the best result on that piece of paper.

Education should be fun and enjoyable, not stressful like a job. And this is where Grolier Keymatic comes in to help parents from home. With the proper consultation and free assessment by their Grolier Education Consultants, you and your child will be in good hands and will receive proper advise and products that will keep the whole family entertained and well-educated.

Grolier guide parents to lead their children to enjoy learning and have confidence while doing it. The main aim is also to allow bonding moments between the parent and child through Grolier Keymatic and its other educational tools.

Start the string at the top left number and do your maths, answers are on the left.

Through those moments, it allows the parent to learn to have patience as they are also in the process of learning together with their child. At the same time, with the activities provided, it gives a complete package of educational information that you won't have to take a photo and post on Facebook support groups asking for help to solve that answer anymore.

If you can complete the whole set of Keymatic in 30 seconds, you are already a Master in Maths, where you have reached Automacity level.

It is also rewarding in the process, because if your child is able to master each of the 5 keys of Grolier Keymatic within 30 seconds each, this means your child is already a Master in mathematics because they have already learn it by heart and if they got it wrong, they can always correct the mistake themselves by checking the back of the lines guiding.

Wrong Answers

If it's all correct, the string will follow and cover the white lines behind accurately and you will feel happy seeing the end result.

Correct Answers

So if you think sending your child to tuition to brush up their basic mathematics will help them better, then you have not given you and your child a chance to have an alternative solution that may end up to be more rewarding for the whole family in return and worth value for money!

Through Grolier Keymatic, children will achieve an automatic recall of basic math facts, which in turn will allow them to free up their working memory so that it can be devoted to problem-solving, learning new concepts and highler level math skills. Atleast they won't be like me, using my calculator on my phone or my fingers many times.

Who said you can't have fun with maths?
It is also a fun activity to do for teachers and their students, where they can conduct a race between students and teachers or fellow classmates or maybe even between you as the parent and your child and see who completes the challenge the fastest or completes it first.

It comes in a set of 5 Keymatics, 4 wipe clean work books, 4 wipe clean marker pens and a parent guide book included for RM400+, however, please get yourself to a Grolier Education Consultant or contact their hotline, to get you and your child a free assessment because they may require something else or a bundle of other educational tools that may help develop your child in all areas of their skills. The price may vary when in bundles of other educational tools.

For more info :
Grolier Malaysia
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Wednesday 28 November 2018

FrogAsia Classroom by YTL Foundation Awards Night Ceremony

November 28, 2018 0
It was an evening of new exposure to new education that is already available in Malaysia the past 6 years since 2012. Tonight was a night of celebration and award ceremony where, Teachers and participating school across Malaysia and in the world, receives their well-deserve recognition from tonight's Gala dinner event.

You will be wondering what award ceremony is that about, especially with Teachers involved; Have you heard of FrogAsia? It's a system that enables our schools to implement into their classroom to inhibit interactive learning amongst Teachers and Students. Brought to you by YTL Foundation with FrogAsia, their concept is truly an eye-opening concept that can change the ways and methods of schools in Malaysia today.

Over 250 schools/classes were LevelUp! with FrogAsia system and layout over the past 6 years and they are aiming to have more schools and more classrooms maximizing the system.

The Frog Classroom Programme is an initiative by YTL Foundation in collaboration with FrogAsia, provider of the Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) under the Ministry of Education’s 1BestariNet project.

What I really love about this system is that, it is like a classroom with NO books, NO worries of missing out on subjects (when teacher is away or when you are away from school etc), interactive learning through sights and sound, quick response from the Teachers and also feedback and discussions amongst students in forums can easily take place with FrogAsia technology.

Have you heard of the education in Finland? They also use such technology in their teaching methods. In fact, some schools across the globe like in UK already has such interactive technology in place.

In Malaysia, any school can apply for this sponsorship from YTL Foundation and FrogAsia after meeting the basic criteria to be on board of this exciting new technology that, in my honest opinion, should be rolled out across the nation!

However, the criteria to be on board is to ensure internet connectivity is available, to crowd-fund a minimum amount for the FrogAsia system to be implemented and once the school has collected enough funds for this initiative, they can apply and once it's approved, YTL Foundation will sponsor the revamping of 1 classroom for FrogAsia class to take place.

It's learning methods can consists of many things because it is a technology that does not limit your creativity. Hence, teachers use it to keep their students updated on upcoming lessons, lessons are taught using the application software pre-installed in the laptops and tablets in the classroom, back at home, parents can access the app the check their child's performances and results, students can even play quizzes that are created by the Teachers that can be shared across nationwide or globally.

And it can even be a fun learning method to answer quizzes as they learn the correct answers while score the highest to win awards and such.

Like today, there were awards for the Teachers, the schools and even a World Championship quiz competition where representative from a school in UK were present to receive their award. However, the most outstanding was the 1st Runner Up, an SMK in Malaysia won it and the World Champion was SRJK (C) in Malaysia.

With such technology and with these schools having classes like these for the students, it actually makes learning alot more fun! I wish they had it in my school back then, then I wouldn't skip class or schools that often.

Congratulations to all the Teachers and School Winners!

If you'd like to know more about the technology by FrogAsia, please visit :

For more info on YTL Foundation and it's role in this inspiring collaboration for the young generation today (our future leaders), you can visit :

If you are from a school that is passionate about incorporating technology and 21st century approaches into teaching and learning;
Apply now for a Makeover!

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Friday 23 November 2018

Dettol Relaunches their Personal Wash Range Malaysia

November 23, 2018 0
With the weather nowadays that is kind of unpredictable, it is quite hard to go through the day knowing that you or your child could bring home germs or bacteria from unknown places. Even with the evolving era we live in now, bacteria and germs find ways to even breed and multiply in your very home too.

So how do we really keep our family hygiene at peek? Well, for me, I feel that we should keep it moderate, some bacteria is good as long as it isn't harmful, but when to really take action is when you see signs of weather change and your kids or even you feel uncomfortable, and you start to feel unwell.

Like recently with the coughing and flu widespread in Malaysia, it has become so common that it's like a norm, but it's unhealthy and if ignored, may lead to many unknown diseases. So it's good to sometimes cleanse thoroughly and it always starts from home.

Dettol relaunches its personal wash range that provides a burst of freshness all day long of up to 12 hours odour protection whilst protects from 100 harmful germs!

The Dettol 'ProFresh" is formulated to provide 12 hours of odour protection, which is good because in Malaysia, we experience a whole year long of hot and humid weather. With this technology in place, it keeps us fresh and feeling clean when we're out and about.

That's not all, the Dettol 'ProSkin' provides a lasting 8 hours moisturising effect that keeps your skin protected from harmful pollution in the environment, such as strong sun rays or continuous air conditioning.

Launched over 80 years ago, Dettol has been known by Malaysians to be the leader in germ protection and kills almost all type of germs. And as we know very well, we can't kill or fend of bacteria, viruses or germs with our bare hands and naked eyes. Hence we rely on No.1 products like these to do its job to keep our family hygiene at peek. With that, it gives parents a peace of mind whenever their child is outdoors whether at school or at the play ground, we know that they are protected with Dettol's personal body wash range.

And if you or your loved one tends to sweat and stink in the process, please know that sweats in general has no smell, it is only when it has germs contaminated with the sweat that creates the odour in effect. All the more you should get the odour protection for you or your loved ones. Dettol comes in five range of uplifting variants such as Cool, Lasting Fresh, Re-energize, Fresh & Skincare, that is packed in the following range :
250ml bottle RM6.90
500ml bottle RM12.46
950ml bottle RM20.25
900ml refill pack RM15.67

Available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

For more info :
Dettol Malaysia
Facebook | Instagram
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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Ginn International Dedication To Working Closely with Influencers & Beauty Pageants in ASEAN

November 21, 2018 0
On 28th October 2018, we were embraced with Ms Ginnie Lam's humble presence during the press conference and participation call search of Ginn Fairy Queen International Beauty Pageant (Korea) held at Coffee & Tea Expo in Mid Valley Main Exhibition Hall.

Ginn International has participated in and organized multiple Cultural Showcases both in South Korea and abroad and since 2017, they have been working with the Federation of Arts & Culture Organizations of Korea (FACO) alongside with Ms. Ginnie Lam the founder of Ginn International and the International Ambassador of the Senior Model Association of Korea (an association under FACO) and in lieu of that, this year 2018 features the theme of the traditional Hanbok Fashion Runway shows.

Hence with today's event, the highlight showcases the beautiful Ms Ginnie Lam and her big heart of generosity to inspire more people to be a part of her commitment in promoting arts & culture as its core mission to bring the eyes of the world upon South Korea's multi-faceted cultural elements and artistic excellence; by announcing the upcoming and first-ever International Beauty Pageant to be held in Korea that will be held on 25th May 2019, and will witness Pageant Participants from Malaysia, China (including the SAR of HK), and South Korea itself.

We went for a quick walkabout tour with the beautiful Ms Ginnie Lam, the official Ambassador of Coffee & Tea Expo and her entourage of Beauty Pageant finalists visiting and showing support to participating vendors at Coffee & Tea Expo.

Her presence was warmly welcomed by the participating vendors as many has heard of and has known of Ms Ginnie's great efforts throughout the industry.

Ginn International also announced its collaboration with Star Brand Awards International program, where they dedicate to connect South Korea's best lifestyle brands with the Digital Influencers; communities within South East Asia and the Asia Pacific. This is reflected in Ginn International's dedication to working closely with local bloggers, social media influencers, and even national beauty pageant champions in its commercial activities such as through Expos and Trade Fairs.

On the day of the press conference, the founder of Waffle Waffle, also gave his appreciation to Ms Ginnie Lam and her support in their efforts to empowering more people (specifically the Single Moms) to be taught how to bake or steam buns to sell and make a decent living. Some are even donated to charity organisations. But through efforts such as this that makes the world a better place to live in!

The steam buns by Waffle Waffle is pretty good too, the recipe is really of quality and to empower it to those who needs this to make a living with is really inspirational!

Ms Ginnie Lam continues to travel across the SouthEast Asia Pacific ocean to places to reach out and connect with the people and to inspire and touch the hearts of many through her efforts to empower many to discover their best self. Ginn International's series of Press Conference & Participation Call continues with the next stop in Guangzhou, China on 2nd November 2018, and thereafter in South Korea on 13th December 2018.

And don't forget to bookmark this auspicious date on the 25th May 2019 for the first-ever Ginn Fairy Queen International Beauty Pageant Finals, in Seoul (South Korea). That's not all, in conjunction with the Grand Gala, the Star Brand Awards International Grand Ceremony will be held in recognition of the 10 top Korean Brands and 10 top Digital Influencers from all across South East Asia and the Asia Pacific.

If you would like to be Ginn International's next Top Influencer, or its first-ever Ginn Fairy Queen, visit for more details and to register. Companies that wish to participate for nomination or sponsorship arrangements may also send in their requests via the same website.
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