2011 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Wednesday 8 June 2011

My Birthday, The Element Of Surprise!

June 08, 2011 2
My birthday was around the corner and we planned to celebrate it together at Hilton KL. I made the booking and told them I would love to check-in to celebrate my birthday at their hotel.
It was a 2 Days & 1 Night stay (8th-9th June 2011) - including Breakfast.

By the time we check-in and walked around the hotel. We just enjoyed our time in the hotel premises pretending to be pampered like King & Queen. It's Hilton afterall.

We spent the evening looking out the window watching traffic build up. Kinda evil but yeah, it was a kinda experience for us lolx!

We brought our own white wine to celebrate my birthday.
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Wednesday 25 May 2011

Nokia E6 Pre-Order

May 25, 2011 0
The Nokia E6! It's finally here! I can't wait for this to launch!
Super cool touch & QWERTY type, very compact and handy for me. Convenient too, I get to juggle my work & personal life with just 1 device, and this is just the right type for me.

Lots and lots of Emails, no problemo on the E6! (My fav!!!)

Free GPS, super sleek design with excellent features and the amazing new UI! Symbian Anna (YAY baby..!!)

So what you waiting for! Pre-Order it today!!!
Only @ 4 locations :

Nokia Store Bangsar Shopping Centre, 1st Floor
Nokia Store Pavillion KL, 5th Floor
Nokia Store Low Yat Plaza KL, Ground Floor
Nokia Store Sunway Pyramid, Upper First Floor

All you need to do is check out the "dummy/POSMs" at the Nokia outlets today and place your booking at these 4 locations with a deposit of RM100 to be *entitled for the BH-108 bluetooth headset (*While stock last & 1st come 1st serve... I guess)

"Touch & Type" something like the X3-02 but on a different series as this will be the next Symbian and business meets fun or vice versa!! Symbian Anna! Amazing! Just looking at the videos is making me anxious to grab my hands on one of these device already! Enjoy!

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Monday 23 May 2011

Nokia - World's Biggest Angry Bird Playground

May 23, 2011 0
Wazzup peepz!!

I'm here today to bring Angry Bird's to your browser!!
Nokia Malaysia & Guinness World Records is bringing the fluffy furry birds with an attitude, only known as the ANGRY BIRDS! Sqqwwwuuaaakkk... (Did I get the sound wrong?... lolx)

Join in the fun & excitement and create the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ attempt for the "Most People Playing in a Mobile Phone Game Relay".

Win exclusive prizes and have fun with Nokia at the World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground.
Best of all admission is free!!!!! 
Come on 11 June, Boulevard Strip, Low Yat Plaza, KL, from 11am – 9pm! This is located just right outside of Low Yat Plaza, Starbucks, THE WHOLE STREET out there!!!
Quoted from the web :
"The date is set, the birds are ready, the record awaits. "

Best of all you get freebies of Angry Birds exclusive premiums, up for grabs (*T&C Applies... I guess.. hehe) !!
DIY stickers to play around with! Cool... (Ps. I removed my laptop skin just to decorate this. NICE!)

What are you waiting for?! 
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Sunday 22 May 2011

Redang, the good times

May 22, 2011 0

Going to Redang for the 2nd time and it’s a great spot for family, friends and lovers. Relaxing and enjoyable with all the fishies, corals, sand, sun & water!
Oceanic view

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Wednesday 11 May 2011

Nokia Mobile Truck Roadshow (Nationwide)

May 11, 2011 0
lHey guys!! It's been awhile...

I've just gotten news from the street that Nokia is coming near to you!! Their nationwide mobile truck features games and prizes up for grabs!! You can even win a brand new Nokia device with a special giftbox wrap as the package!!

What to look forward to in the event :-
  • Focus ranging from Nokia E7, N8, C7, C5-03, X3-02 & C3-00
  • Each device sold will get premiums such as E7 Tshirt, Laptop skins, Water Bottle, Colored Phone Pouch, Keychains & etc...
  • Balloons to be given out randomly!
  • Photo session with Angry Bird Mascot from 3rd or 6th June – 24th July onwards

Recycling program open to all :
  • Anyone can recycle a phone at the Mobile Truck Roadshow and try your luck at the “Wheel Of Fortune” for premiums
Angry Bird Running Activity
  • Angry Birds competition on-the-go
  • Competition is open to all purchases of the Nokia E7, N8, C7, C5-03, X3-02
  • Customer purchase of Nokia E7, N8, C7, C5-03, X3-02 are entitled for 1 time participant
  • Require receipt invoice & particulars as proof of purchase at the selected dealer and venue
Judging Criteria:
  • Complete 3 stages with minimum 80k points in total (Gets 1 special premium)
  • Customers can’t press restart throughout the whole game
  • New customers get a chance to try the game at the pedestals (DIY... ohohoho)
  • Fail to complete 3 stages, still can grab the premiums only if they get 80k points and above
  • No time-frame to complete 3 stage
  • Customer must sign and acknowledge points on tracking form

Special Prizes up for grab! :
  • Premium item limited to 10 per day but can proceed to play angry bird to win the "Grand Prize"

Look out for the dates!

Mobile Truck Schedule (May - July 2011) :

“Grand Prize” for highest scorer of the Roadshow venue :
Angry Bird Competition :
  • Every customer who has made a purchase & participated in the Angry Bird activity, will stand a chance to win the “Grand Prize” of the venue
  • Winners will be notified via mobile/SMS
  • Angry Bird Activity will end at 5pm on the last day of the venue
  • Balloon giveaway during Grand Prize giving session

Judging Criteria:
  • The highest total scorer at venue wins the Grand prize.
  • Scores will be collected by road show venue via a scorecard that customer must sign to acknowledge the scores he/she achieved.
  • Points will be accumulated and winner will be contacted.
  • Winner to confirm collection time on that day (between 5pm – 9pm).
  • IF failure to collect the prize, it will be passed on to the next lucky participant with the 2nd highest score.

  • 1x Nokia device packaged in a Premium Gift Box (with 1 year Nokia warranty)
  • Angry Bird mascot to present the prize with photo session (after 3rd/6th June 2011 onwards)
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Sunday 17 April 2011

Nokia X7 - Entertainment Smartphone

April 17, 2011 0
The superbly amazing Nokia X7!! Eager for it's amazing launch in MY, it's gonna be such a cool device, that you wanna stand out and be different with it!! I mean, we can't have too many fruits in the market, we go everywhere we see fruits on tables, in hands and also at the Pasar Malam stores on sale with much more variety and they're fresh too... ahahahaha.... Okay that's a sly joke...

But who don't wanna be different huh?! You tell me...
This phone is so cool, you won't even BLINK to say NO to it...!!
Must-have! Must-have! Must-have!

Yay! yay! Bring it on! Show me the entertainment!! Woohoo!!

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Nokia E6 - Smartphone in a compact package

April 17, 2011 0
The Nokia E6, name your choice of needs for a device and you have it here in your hands.

It's new and it keeps the ratings rolling, climbing higher and higher, staking the highest spot.
This is another must-have for everyone out there. No regrets as I've tested it out already and it's just oh-so-awesome!! It gets my saliva drooling.... Okay, now that sounds weird... But nevertheless, look out people because you haven't seen it all yet with Nokia. And I believe there is "more" to come... oh yes... there is... ohohoho (evil laughter).. Just enjoy da' introduction of E6...

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Nokia E7 - The Ultimate Business Smartphone

April 17, 2011 0
Hear ye! hear ye!

I'm seeing lots of confusing lil' techies out there wondering, is this the last symbian. Fear not! Symbian will continue to ship in to the next BILLION!! So why worry?! Symbian is still alive, come one... It's just waaaaayy too soon to call it quits, if you had the chance to look inside of it, you'll be amazed at the growing speed of the users on symbian. What people say out there about it losing hope, that's nonsense, it's probably they haven't fully experienced it to the maxx yet... It's like you're living life to your fullest and then when you don't get things your way, you kill yourself... Ow shucks... Pathetic! That's so not true!! Anyway, enough blabbing...

Let's talk SUCCESS, me and you like business partners after a draught of sweet wheat beer!

SUCCESS is Never Deskbound!! SUCCESS is what you make it!

..Let's cheers to SUCCESS!! Everyone on board!!...

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Symbian Anna on Nokia X7

April 17, 2011 0
I'm really looking forward to this, there's just so much more now inbox to look forward to out-of-the-box... I've had my quick experiment of it live and trust me, you will be AWED!

Just watch the video preview and be amazed yourself!

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Monday 11 April 2011

Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur

April 11, 2011 0

Yea, it’s near but it’s a 5-star hotel!!! Or 4-star?!?! Whatever, as long at it suits the occasion and the mood anything fits!
I booked this hotel through a certain website which I became a member of for free… Collection points for the selected hotels I manage to stay in and actually redeem them for free nights and etc… But I’m not there yet…

I actually booked this hotel through this website StarWood Hotels. I must say, it’s not bad really. Besides the free membership, amazing offers and awesome customized member card, I get great services for being their member too… All without a cost of penny… Amazing!

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Monday 14 February 2011

My Valentine’s 2011

February 14, 2011 0

Amazing as it is, a day to add into my memoirz…
Scrapbook Cover
Yes, it’s a special day for all lover’s out there! Sadly it falls on a weekday and it ain’t a public holiday sadly but nevertheless, love CONQUERS all!


What did we do on 13th Feb 2011, Sunday? We celebrated Pre-Valentines day like every other normal couple in the world…

We had lunch at TGIF, Subang Parade! They had an offer to order 1 main-course and get 1 soup-of-the-day FOC! We ordered and the manager came over and apologize for the mistake that the offer is only on weekdays but since we were offered the deal, we’re still getting it FOC… AWESOME right?! (Btw, their Tennessee main course with their special sauce is awesome! The sauce is sweet and tempting by itself!)
Next up, We-SCREAMED-for-ICE-CREAM!! Head up to Petronas USJ 20 (the one right at the end of Subang Jaya with KFC restaurant together) and rummaged through their ice-cream area and got ourselves Wall’s Cornetto… Mm-Mmm… The luuurrvvee… hehe

We chatted up in the car and camwhored together! Enjoy some of the never-seen-before-shots taken with the Nokia N8 (front camera… ooo I love VGA cameras so badly)

Well, we managed to finish the ice-cream but continued camwhoring – TeeHee

The End…

WAIT!! There’s more!!
A surprise from my loved one ehehehe!!
My turn to surprise him!!
The magic-mug (its pitch black when cold, but reveal its true identity once hot), the heart-pillow and the couple-tees were ordered online via HeartBeat.my

The keychain was bought at a hawker stall around PJ during lunch time the week before from an auntie who has disabilities… True or not, I just love the keychain Smile

This is my 2011 Valentines story… I wonder what will 2012 be like… I need to beat my own record and raise the stakes again! Ehehehe…. I have so many plans in my mind I just don’t know which to set in motion… Hmmm….

Have a great Valentines Day!

With Love,
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Monday 24 January 2011

The Legend Water Chalet, Port Dickson

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