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Wednesday 11 May 2011

Nokia Mobile Truck Roadshow (Nationwide)

lHey guys!! It's been awhile...

I've just gotten news from the street that Nokia is coming near to you!! Their nationwide mobile truck features games and prizes up for grabs!! You can even win a brand new Nokia device with a special giftbox wrap as the package!!

What to look forward to in the event :-
  • Focus ranging from Nokia E7, N8, C7, C5-03, X3-02 & C3-00
  • Each device sold will get premiums such as E7 Tshirt, Laptop skins, Water Bottle, Colored Phone Pouch, Keychains & etc...
  • Balloons to be given out randomly!
  • Photo session with Angry Bird Mascot from 3rd or 6th June – 24th July onwards

Recycling program open to all :
  • Anyone can recycle a phone at the Mobile Truck Roadshow and try your luck at the “Wheel Of Fortune” for premiums
Angry Bird Running Activity
  • Angry Birds competition on-the-go
  • Competition is open to all purchases of the Nokia E7, N8, C7, C5-03, X3-02
  • Customer purchase of Nokia E7, N8, C7, C5-03, X3-02 are entitled for 1 time participant
  • Require receipt invoice & particulars as proof of purchase at the selected dealer and venue
Judging Criteria:
  • Complete 3 stages with minimum 80k points in total (Gets 1 special premium)
  • Customers can’t press restart throughout the whole game
  • New customers get a chance to try the game at the pedestals (DIY... ohohoho)
  • Fail to complete 3 stages, still can grab the premiums only if they get 80k points and above
  • No time-frame to complete 3 stage
  • Customer must sign and acknowledge points on tracking form

Special Prizes up for grab! :
  • Premium item limited to 10 per day but can proceed to play angry bird to win the "Grand Prize"

Look out for the dates!

Mobile Truck Schedule (May - July 2011) :

“Grand Prize” for highest scorer of the Roadshow venue :
Angry Bird Competition :
  • Every customer who has made a purchase & participated in the Angry Bird activity, will stand a chance to win the “Grand Prize” of the venue
  • Winners will be notified via mobile/SMS
  • Angry Bird Activity will end at 5pm on the last day of the venue
  • Balloon giveaway during Grand Prize giving session

Judging Criteria:
  • The highest total scorer at venue wins the Grand prize.
  • Scores will be collected by road show venue via a scorecard that customer must sign to acknowledge the scores he/she achieved.
  • Points will be accumulated and winner will be contacted.
  • Winner to confirm collection time on that day (between 5pm – 9pm).
  • IF failure to collect the prize, it will be passed on to the next lucky participant with the 2nd highest score.

  • 1x Nokia device packaged in a Premium Gift Box (with 1 year Nokia warranty)
  • Angry Bird mascot to present the prize with photo session (after 3rd/6th June 2011 onwards)

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