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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Unpredictable Shingles

March 06, 2018 4
Life can sometimes be unpredictable. Just when things were going great, all of a sudden it can change 360° and when you least expect it!

So my sharing today is purely about me. What happened to me?

I had a great time at food reviews etc. I remember my last review was eating Durians, and my mom reminded me to take more cooling drinks before and after because of fear of being too heaty.

Photo from Google Images

Well prior to that, I had some breastfeeding issues as my youngest was teething and bit me a few times, and my eldest refuse to wean off and his latch started to hurt because of his full set of teeth. So this cost me my left breast having a milk bleb. An extra skin tissue grew over the milk duct and blocked it causing discomfort. I either had to poke it with a needle, try and scrub it off or something... I blamed my itchy hands for trying to pry it off. It made a hole and then right after having Durians, I got my body too heaty till the hole will not recover. I stopped breastfeeding on my left side. I only pumped on the left.

1-2 weeks : 29th Jan 2018 onwards
That's when I started to feel weak and tired and aching from my head to toes. And with a hole in the breast that I had to pump on schedule to avoid blocked ducts, engorgements or even worst mastitis; I was worn out and tired!

Photo from Google Images (but I did had this ulcer at the exact same spot and same size but deeper hole)

3rd week :
Then I suddenly had 6 ulcers, 3 big ones in my mouth and 3 small ones on my lips. It was excruciating... I put salt, tried honey, vinegar, it was not helping. Went to see the GP at the Clinic and the GP just gave me medication for my ulcers.

My first visit to the doctor I already showed them this and they thought it's just acne.

Then I fell ill, I had on and off fever for a couple of days. I assumed it was due to the change in my Breastfeeding cos of the engorgements and blocked ducts. I had to massage, hot & cold compress until it started to soften again. Then I suddenly had high fever for 2 days and felt chills! Finished two packets of Panadol Actifast during the times I had fever. Went to see GP again, and gave me another ulcer medication and pills to make me go to the toilet.

4th week :
I was prepared to get my blood checked for dengue but my fever stopped. Then every evening I felt chills at my hands and feet, I would shiver but no fever. My body felt so weak and tired. I called my urut lady to come twice. Manage to get some wind out of my body, manage to reduce the shivers and chills I had during the evenings. But she told me to get a blood check because my body is cold, not hot and in 2 days gap she noticed my back started to have new acnes with pus inside and in batches/clusters, which is odd.

Went to my GP again and this time she said from the first day she saw me I have lost too much weight, I look pale, she said best to get immediate check-up at the hospital and she gave me a letter to a private hospital in Puchong. Went there to the A&E at night (it was a rainy night), the hospital was so freaking cold, your fish would freeze right off the floors!! Had to get extra blanket in the Emergency ward because it was freezing!

They put me on drips, took my blood which they had to squeeze it out (till my hands turned blue) because it was flowing too slow and they also took my urine sample. Waited for an hour plus and they came to tell me that they thought I had chicken pox but it's not, it's like pimples only.

Then said I had urine infection, low blood pressure, my red blood cells were low and my white cells were high. But they said I can stay if I want to, then they can run more tests on me. Or I can go back and if I want to follow up, I can come back after a week. Charged me rm700+! Gave me so many Panadols & Gastric pills which was useless to me. Some sachets to drink for my urine infection and Antibiotics for a week. I finished the sachets and antibiotics but no difference. My urine infection probably gone.

Can't believe the hospital won't give iron pills or something to boost my blood pressure. So I had to get it from the pharmacy, iron supplements. 

So my diet now revolves around pork liver soup, black chicken soup and beetroot juice.

End of 5th week : 3rd March 2018
Finally decided on a weekend to see a Chinese sinsei that my mom frequents. He saw my back and immediately said I had Shingles (in chinese is "sang se" aka Snake disease) gave me Chinese powder herbs for consuming and another mixture for mixing with rice wine and applying all over where there are Shingles on me. He said he has never seen anyone with Shingles this much before. It's going to take 10+ days for recovery.

I'm on the 4th day of my Chinese medication and it seems to be helping so far atleast better than the GP and hospital I went too who failed to diagnose this! They thought it was chicken pox and then corrected themselves saying it's acne. What the hell!

I am thankful for having really high pain-tolerence level! It's not painful for me, I just can feel what's going on and all and it's still bearable for me but for any ordinary people it will be excruciating! Even giving birth without any pain killer etc is painless to me. My gynae stitching me up without any medical intervention right after birth, I can still talk to her asking questions. That's how high my pain-tolerence level is.

So that's how I spent my Chinese New Year 2018!

I am Grateful & Thankful my mom & husband helped around alot and were a great support in my wellbeing! I could literally have bed rest but it was not the kind of rest I am asking for. This is not pleasant at all. Also my Mother-In-Law for helping to get black chicken from the morning market in KL for me, we had been searching around Subang for weeks to no avail!
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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Smile with confidence this Chinese New Year with Dentensse!

February 03, 2018 0
Come Chinese New Year festive season, everyone rushes to buy new clothes, food, drinks, snacks and change new money for red packets. Even spring cleaning the house and washing the car. But don't forget to get your tooth a good scaling!

It's best to have this treatment once every half year to a year atleast! Tooth scaling & polishing actually clears up all those stubborn plaques at the edges of your tooth that gives you a yellowish tooth and sometimes bad breathe too!

If not taken care of properly, these can lead to trap bacteria and even cavities!! So today I sent my husband for his tooth scaling which he hasn't had time for it since 2015! Also I am in recovery of 6 ulcers in my mouth so I decided to skip it for now, boohoo....

We went to Klinik Pergigian Dentensse at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. Apparently this clinic has been around for 10 yrs now! There's a multi-level parking lot behind this row of shoplots by the way. We parked near Pizza Hut and walked over instead hehe. Best to make an appointment before you come because the dentist is really good at what she does!

I get to watch first-hand the dentist scaling my husband's tooth!

Alot of people find the screeching sounds a little nerve-wrecking but it's not really scary though. Just don't think too much and it'll be over soon! I like to think of it as it's the sound of high pressure water squirted in between the tooth that's all.

I've experienced some shaky dentist hands and some making mistakes that end up leaving a cut in the skin somewhere inside. But Dr Ahbi was really professional and as I was video recording, taking photos and moving about. She was not distracted at all and her hands were so stable and gentle throughout the whole scaling & polishing process!

My husband commented after that he felt she really is good at what she does because in the past everytime after a tooth scaling is complete, his tooth were shaky and almost like loosen! But this time it was sturdy in its origin form and clean, most importantly!

Dr Ahbi is new here, she just took over this clinic and she has an experience of 8 years as a dentist (1 year in India). Was previously in Klang but it was too hectic there, too many clients and very little time she could spend with them like 10 to 20 minutes. She didn't like it, it wasn't satisfactory to her if it's a rush job! And I like that she's not pushing into getting you to buy something or add on some other services just for the sake of money. I would say overall she's a kind dentist with a heart for her clients and she does it out of her passion for dentistry!

You can make an appointment to get your tooth scaled or other services are available too. They also have X-ray, Surgery, Braces but these are done by other dentists and only by appointment.

So go get your tooth scaled and polished now before Chinese New Year so you can go house visiting and smile with confidence!

Upon leaving, Dr. Ahbi even gave samples of toothpaste for my husband because he has no cavities but he has weak gums that bleeds easily. And she even explained and gave tips to him how to brush his teeth properly!

If you mention my blog name "" , you also get to enjoy 10% off* your total bill! (*Not applicable with any other running promotions)

Visit Klinik Pergigian Dentensse today!
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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Purposeful Unique Products in TOKUYA Malaysia

January 28, 2018 1
Come this Chinese New Year, the best time at the beginning of every year is to spring clean the whole home! Spring cleaning is more fun when you get to shop shop shop for new stuffs to furnish the home with!

At TOKUYA in Malaysia, their newly opened outlet at Arcoris Mont' Kiara carries a concept of "Purposeful Unique".

Incase you were wondering, "Purposeful" is referring to their placement of their products to inspire people to make bold decisions and "Unique" is in the way no one can replicate how the brand lifts the spirits of people and brings people on a unique journey through modern & traditional Japanese via its product varieties.

It's concept is also similar to Japan 100-Yen stores!

The lowest priced products starts from rm5.80, rm6.80, rm7.80, RM8.80 and some premium items like lunch box sets etc ranges from rm50 to rm100+

There's a wide range with a mix of modern to traditional products from Japan.

I really love how some of the products are beautifully decorated and placed as if it was just meant to be.

These are my RM100 loot!
Chisel set rm6.80, Sealer rm7.50, Safety latch rm7.50, Veg holder for slicing rm5.80, Bag clips rm5.80, Cabinet lock rm5.80 & rm6.80, Bottle cover rm6.80, Rolling pin rm6.80, Laundry net bag rm6.80, Plate rack organiser rm5.80, Socks (for my husband) rm7.50.

Bumped into my fellow blogger friends Pivoine Peony @ MsShamWorldwide and Kathy Wui @ MouseMommyTreats while shopping!

Getting there is a lil tricky for me, because Waze kept taking me to a construction site in between Plaza Mont Kiara and Arcoris!! I ended up heading into Plaza Mont Kiara and the guards said I had to walk over to the building with black windows (across the construction site). So I drove over instead to the tall black window building.

Arcoris is a new building by the way with a mix of SOHO, residential, commercial and office as well.

You can Waze over at :

After passing Plaza Mont Kiara, keep left and immediately after the construction site, turn left into Arcoris/Hyatt Hotel Lobby & Parking

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Thursday, 25 January 2018

THYMOS Anti-HFMD/FLU Spray Review Malaysia

January 25, 2018 0
HFMD, most commonly known as "Hand Foot Mouth Disease". It is the most annoying, painful and infectious condition nobody would like to get infected with!

The worst is, it affects babies too! This is based on my personal experience of the HFMD torture! Back in 2015, when my first beautiful baby boy whom just turned 2 months old and just received his 1mo injection at the hospital. Contracted this HFMD bacteria that lasted up to 5 days and then I got it from him and it took me 7 days to recover.

So as a new parent back then, I never would've thought my baby would come in contact with this HFMD bacteria! We took him to a nearby shopping mall, and had to change his nappy in the baby room.

5 days later my baby was feverish with red liquid-like spots at his face, arms, tummy and thighs. It was odd, because HFMD usually starts with ulcers and spots at palms and soles of feet. After seeing 3 pediatricians, the last one spotted tiny ulcers in the mouth and the fever was subsiding but the red spots were still there. So it was confirmed HFMD!

HFMD lasts 5 to 7 days, sometimes less or more. There's no medication nor injection for it. Just make sure the infected can eat, drink lots of liquid and gets aplenty of rest. And must be quarantined. All surface areas in contact with the infected must be sanitised and disinfected for up to a month! This was my doctor's advise, he said there are up to 6 strains of HFMD bacteria, there's no cure for it and if you got it once, the next time you can get it again if it is another type of bacteria but of the same HFMD strain. And the HFMD bacteria will continue to stay in the infected body fluids for up to a month even after recovering from it.

Even adults can get infected too! I got it after my baby recovered in 5 days. It took me 7 days to recover!!

Which is why, we must disinfect/sanitize key surfaces where our children may come in contact with! Especially when we don't know if for example, the kid who sat on a public high chair just recovered from HFMD or was even having a FLU sneezing while seated in the chair. Public areas and even schools are at higher risks contamination areas that will require a Revolutionary Airshield Technology from UK like this THYMOS Anti-HFMD/FLU Spray!

Came across this product THYMOS that is clinically proven to kill 99.99% pathogens including HFMD EnteroVirus and Influenza A H1N1 virus and comes in a really handy size. Convenient to pocket it on-the-go. It ain't bulky, fits right into your bag or back pocket. Easy to use!

The patented “Self-Sanitizing” technology contains high-quality activated minerals which generates powerful bacteriostatic electrons to form an invisible, odourless and colourless shield to protect your loved ones. It destroys the pathogens instantly. This unique technology from the UK enables the active minerals to recharge by itself whenever it comes to contact with air molecules, ensuring long lasting 10-day protection. It is also pH5.5 and safe for skin contact. It is suitable to use on your toddlers or even pregnant mothers.
Image credits to Thymos Global Website

It makes disinfecting toys and surface areas much convenient now! Don't have to wipe away after spraying like most disinfectant sprays out there. Safe for the whole family! Truly helps mother's provide an all-round total defence as it eliminates 99.99% pathogenically induced diseases.

All it takes is just spray over any toys or surface areas that requires disinfecting especially children's dining chairs or high chairs. Even the sofa's, toys. You can even spray them on the pillow and bed too!

Original Price is RM75, now RM69.90
Exclusively available at Guardians Malaysia.

For more info :
Facebook | Instagram | Web

Purchase them at

Malaysia Distributor
Web | Facebook
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Friday, 19 January 2018

Affordable 5-Star Gourmet Dining in Champignons at Oasis

January 19, 2018 11
Ever wanted to enjoy a 5-star chef gourmet semi-fine dining at a more affordable price but with a sumptuous portion of excellent quality? Well, now you can!

My first experience here was, "WOW"! The pricing on the menu is seriously affordable!

I mean, who gets to eat Foie Gras for RM38!!! Me! And ultimately you too can enjoy 5-star quality meals here!

The variety on the menu is really interesting and I like that it is neat and has as much details in a short and simple explanation of what we will be ordering.

The ones with the mushrooms on the side are the Chef's recommended choice. Why mushrooms you ask? Champignons is actually mushroom in French!

The drinks we had were really unique and some are homemade too!

They served us their homemade bread for starters (off the menu) it tastes really crunchy and delicious! Not your ordinary bread. Kinda like pita bread but crunchy and crispy!

This is their special starter/appetizer, the "Cured Salmon with Orange Mousse" and yes! I thought the Mousse was cheese slice! But no! It's their homemade Orange Mousse. This is truly fine dining experience. I tried to eat it a tiny bit at a time then I decided to gulp it down in one go haha! Surprisingly, the taste blended perfectly when I put the whole thing in my mouth! No kidding!

I will never forget the "Seared Foie Gras with Fig Jam" (RM38) and I will be back again! The last time (8yrs+ ago) I saw Foie Gras on the menu was rm100 over and it was so tiny that I could use a toothpick to eat it at one go! That is how pricey this meal is elsewhere! It's a duck/goose liver by the way. Over here it's perfectly marin

How does it taste like?
Does it have any fishy/bloody smell or taste?
Actually, I will describe this like you're eating a really big fatty 3-layer pork called "Siew Yok" without the meat, just the fats. It's crispy outside and inside fatty juicy and tastes just like "Siew Yoke". The fig jams brings out a really natural sweet flavour and the mini jelly is not "cincau", it's actually red wine jelly. Eat them together and you will be AWE-d!

The "Grilled US Pork Ribs with Plum Sake Glaze" (RM25) were so juicy, moist, tender and satisfying. I could literally salivate right now. It's so damn good! Most ribs are dry or just too much flavouring, and not enough meat. This is tender, juicy and oh-so-delicious too! The pork ribs were marinated in "Plum marinated Sake". You must must try this!

This juicy tender loving "Black Truffle Chicken Breast" (RM35) is another must-have favourite on my list! All these while we have been eating dry, rough and meaty chicken breasts that made us fear of ever ordering this part of the chicken. However, this is deliciously succulent and just lip-smacking juicy with every bite. You will be surprised!! The secret to this is the temperature of cooking this.

"French Onion Soup" (RM18) is really unique! Caramelized onion toast and gruyere cheese espuma. On its own, you can taste the real onion juice in it that is really thick, pure and bittersweet! 

Added with the gruyere cheese espuma, the mixture was so perfect that even my husband who hates cream in general gave it a TWO thumbs up!! With the cream added in, it made the onion soup more flavorful, you can taste the sweetness, saltiness and fragrance all at one go!

This is the "Baked Halibut Fillet with lemon" (RM28). The Halibut Fillet is fresh and generously meaty! Tastes amazing with the lemon and goes perfectly well with the baked seafood rice with tomato and zucchini. This was previously on the Lunch Menu, however due to the amazing feedback received, this dish will now be available on the normal menu.

Their set lunch menu changes every 2 weeks! So if you really like what you had for lunch, tell the waiters/waitress, tell the Chef, tell your friends and family, just tell somebody!! And it may eventually stay on the menu for you to order anytime the whole day! Remember, your feedback is of great value! If you have any food allergy or food preference (eg. vegetarian, etc) you can speak to your server about the ingredients in their dishes before ordering.

As for desserts we had their amazing "Champignons Chocolate Delights" (RM18), specially created as a mushroom shaped chocolate cake with sprinkles of chocolates, sweets, syrup and all the sweet delights in various colours and textures to create a mushroom in the garden effect. As Chef Gary poured to sweet syrup over the dessert, it was mesmerizing!

The Champignons Chocolate Delight that's oh-so-delish and savoury sweet, specially made to sweeten up your day. Neatly designed like a Champignon (Mushroom) in a beautiful garden. . . Chef Gary gently pours the sweet warm syrup over the Champignon Chocolate for a perfect blend of goodness with a secret sparkle surprise that bursts in your mouth at every bite! . . . . Visit them for their official opening on 17th January 2018, 10am to 1pm! You don't wanna miss it! Check my web in bio for full review! . . . . . . #foods #foodieblogger #champignon #champignons #chocolate #gourmet #chef #finedining #affordable #reasonablypriced #cafe #restaurant #privatedining #food #sweet #dessert #desserts #igers #iger #igersmom #igersmalaysia #bloggerfood #bloggerkl #bloggermom #bloggermalaysia #instafood #instagood #instaphoto #malaysia
A post shared by Sebrinah Yeo (@sebrinahyeo) on

But the highlight of this dessert is at every bite, there's a sparkle crackling in your mouth that comes from one of their special ingredients here. It's a sweet that crackles when in contact with any liquid.

They also have shelf rack of wines where you get to do wine pairing with food too. And you can even bring your own wine over as corkage fee is only RM30+.

After 15 over years of travelling around the world from Switzerland, London, Dubai to Macau from various venues like Mandarin Oriental hotel, Chef Gary Chang, decided to bring home to Malaysia a taste of 5-star excellent fine dining gourmet experience to the hearts of the people in Malaysia.

Basically with his experience, passion and talent. It is without doubt, every RM worth spending for!!

Incase you were wondering, why so affordable? Where are the ingredients from? You'll be surprised!
The pork is from US, Halibut & Salmon from Norway, Beef & Lamb from New Zealand and Chicken is locally from Malaysia.

Named after the French word for mushrooms that are so often used in western cuisine, Champignon serves contemporary European dishes featuring selected, fresh Asian ingredients and flavours. Sited in Oasis Damansara, this gourmet restaurant offers food with a focus on quality, led by a team of seasoned veterans who have explored cuisines from various corners of the world, including Switzerland, London, Dubai and Macau.

Opening promotion :
Dinner - Every guests gets a complementary "Grilled US Pork Rib with Plum Sake Glaze" as amuse bouche (worth RM28) from 17 January to 17 February 2018.

Lunch - Every "LIKE" on Facebook and Instagram gets a cup of complimentary coffee or tea from 17 January to 16 March 2018

Visit them today!
Opening Hours :
Weekdays 10am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Weekends 9am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Location : B-G-02, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, PJ

For special events, coffee breaks or private dining
Please contact Gary Chang for inquiry.
Mobile : 012 884 9189
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