September 2015 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Sunday 27 September 2015

Nyonya Makko Restaurant @ Malacca

September 27, 2015 12
After visiting Malacca for more than 5 times over the course of 5 years; I realized I never actually had a good nyonya meal from Malacca.

Today I finally managed to enjoy the real nyonya food in Malacca. 
(Real or not, I dunno but definitely cannot find in KL la)

Restoran Nyonya Makko serves really good nyonya food. I know there are many others out there but I managed to try this one first!
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Poh Piah Lwee @ Malacca (Non-Halal)

September 27, 2015 33
Poh Piah! An all-time favourite snack food. My parents love this so much that it's really tough to find a good poh piah in town.

Thanks to Malacca & Penang, there are still great tasty poh piah that's available in Malaysia. 

I've never really tried Penang but have heard about it's legacy. Malacca on the other hand, I have tried it on my first visit there and it was along Jalan Bunga Raya stall. It left a very very deep mark in my heart. Because it is YUMMY!

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Kedai Kopi Chung Wah @ Malacca

September 27, 2015 4
Hainanese Chicken Rice has always been super awesome at delivering the best chicken rice dishes! And everytime someone mentions hainanese chicken rice, I immediately remember the one and only chicken rice that I love so much from Malacca.

Kedai Kopi Chop Chung Wah, almost everyday also got Q without fail. Reason being, their chicken rice ball(s) and their chicken is delicious!!
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Saturday 26 September 2015

Hock Chin Restaurant @ Malacca

September 26, 2015 5
Hidden gem in Malacca are rare finds! And this is one of those precious gem that I found (from Rebecca Saw's blog).

I've been to the Longkang Siham / Tong Bee Stall behind at the back alley of Melaka Raya. That experience of sitting on the stool with friends & families, eating siham and other seafood / sea shells delicacies (lala, balitong, sotong and etc). Situated at the back alley, you will expect a very unique sense of fragrant coming from none other than the "longkang" lah! (aka drain) Hard to find this experience anywhere else in KL, lolx...

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Jonker Boutique Hotel @ Malacca

September 26, 2015 5
Thinking where to stay when in Malacca? Well, fret not!
Try Jonker Boutique Hotel located right smack in the heart of Jonker Walk!

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Sun May Hiong Satay House @ Malacca (Non-Halal)

September 26, 2015 0
Everytime without fail, I must have my quick fix of "Pork Satay" whenever I'm in Malacca!

Sun May Hiong Satay House @ Malacca! My 2nd favourite place to be. 1st is Restaurant Xiang Ji (because near Jonker Street).

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Upside Down House Gallery @ Malacca

September 26, 2015 0
Ever been to Upside Down House Gallery in Malacca?
Well, I've only seen the pictures going viral on Facebook AND yes, it caught my attention alright...

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Bee Bee Hiong @ Malacca

September 26, 2015 2
The best fish ball/fish paste yong tau foo ever!!

Restoran Bee Bee Hiong
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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Shopee On-The-Go

September 23, 2015 4
With sooooo many apps in the market, it's hard to find one that is the best! Well, through working from home on my e-commerce mini business (selling baby related products). I used a few social media platforms and mobile apps to bring my product offerings to more customers!

That's when I found "Shopee". Overall the logo enticed me to kick-start an account with it. Bright sharp orange shopping bag! (You can never go wrong with a shopping bag lo~)
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Tuesday 22 September 2015

3 Key Ladies Fashion Rules

September 22, 2015 0
The key to Ladies Fashion is simple! Regardless of your age, these simple fashion rules will definitely help you transform your outfit into an improved touch. 

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Sunday 20 September 2015

Coffee Me Darling @ SS2, PJ

September 20, 2015 101
"Coffee Me Darling", one name that resonates close to the hearts of all coffee lover darlings out there! (And I know a few of them lolx).

Coffee, Tea or ME, Darling? better known as "Coffee Me Darling" welcoming entrance design with a twist of urban mix interior deco. Bright unique light bulbs hanging from the ceiling shining the whole café. 
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