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Saturday 26 September 2015

Upside Down House Gallery @ Malacca

Ever been to Upside Down House Gallery in Malacca?
Well, I've only seen the pictures going viral on Facebook AND yes, it caught my attention alright...

We were there at about 10.30am, a little ahead on schedule. But we were thankful for that because the Q to enter after 11am was seriously no kidding!!

See the Q when we were leaving... (Taken in the moving car, me = passenger)

The place was just 2 shoplots huge inside. However, it was decorated with an upside down Living Room, Laundry, Kitchen, Dining, Kids Bedroom, Work desk, Master Bedroom & Toilet.

At every specific room there are staffs standing around ready to help & guide you to taking the perfect picture with the right postures.

There were alot of people inside, so it's hard to get a good shot because you might need to wait for your turn. Sometimes if there's lots of kids around, they'll photobomb you lolx!

There's also a few 4R photos printed out and stuck unto the wall at every room to show examples of how to pose before and after (turn the picture upside down).

Also, with good company you can always get the right shots and funny ones too! My husband here is the "CHAMPION" for this, all of these images up here, are all his brilliant idea. I just help capture the photo lolx...

So head on down here if you wanna have some fun captured on photo!

Upside Down House Gallery

Address : G12 & G14, Jalan PM 7, 
Plaza Mahkota, Bandar Hilir, 
75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Telephone : 011-1072 2260
Email :
Facebook :

Operating hours 
Monday to Thursday :10am to 7pm 
Friday to Sunday/Public Holiday :10am to 9pm

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