December 2019 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Friday 27 December 2019

Holiday at D'Wharf Hotel and Serviced Residence Port Dickson

December 27, 2019 0
School holiday's means lots and lots of traveling with the family! And this round we wanted to head some where with a beautiful view of the sunset and the sea. So we travelled down south to Port Dickson for a 2 days 1 night staycation.

We picked D'Wharf Hotel and Serviced Residence at Port Dickson because my husband loves to be by the beach side and I wanted to bring my kids to the only McDonald restaurant that is overlooking the sea.

Upon arrival, the lobby was super spacious with ample of seats to relax indoor and outdoor. Check in was relatively fast and smooth. The guard helped us bring our luggage up as we started on the topmost floor, 10th floor.

I love how the room is designed, a studio apartment with a bedroom. So there was actually 2 Queen sized bed, 1 in the living area and 1 in the bedroom. Perfect for families like us. Although, there was only 1 bathroom available. However, I noticed that it can actually be an interconnected room too, for bigger family of more than 5! Because there was a door that connects to the room next to ours.

My kids love it whenever I bring them to holidays and hotels. 

We decided to head down to grab something to eat at McDonald's. Then we went strolling by the sea side with the cool breeze breezing through the lovely skies.

My kids then wanted to go for a swim at the swimming pool in the hotel so my husband took them while I stayed in the room with my baby. It was a have for us to just relax and unwind.

The view from our room overlooking PD sea side, my kids were able to enjoy the sunset view in the evening as we were  about to head out for dinner. We travelled out to a nearby restaurant that was recommended by my friend. It was a Nyonya restaurant that was super delicious and it's pricing is reasonable. Even writing about this now makes me feel like heading back there again!

We also had the luxury of choice to have our dinner at the food truck that was just right outside the hotel at PD Waterfront. As a foodie-family we went back for a stroll at the Food trucks and bought lots of supper for us to indulge in back at our room.

Thankfully we weren't worried about gaining weight anymore ever since being on our 90 days transformation programme. It has helped our body to break down food efficiently.

The next day, we went down to the cafe next to the pool for breakfast and it was freezing because it was also raining.

If it weren't drizzling, I would've come down for a swim before we checked out. Nevertheless we just enjoyed our time in the room together as a family until it was time to check-out.

We took many photos before we left because we won't know when we will have the have to be back again. But I believe we will someday soon.

For more updates and promotion you can visit
D'Wharf Hotel and Serviced Residence
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Good Morning to a Good Day with VGrains

December 27, 2019 0
With the evolving trend of today's era; Technology is something that is an emerging market where it is undeniably huge with potential! That being said, everything has its pros and cons and being exposed to technology and gadgets, we are also equally exposed to the blue light emitting from our computer screen or smartphone or tablets. 

I am also not excused from this exposure. Because in my line of field I am almost 24/7 exposed to such free radicals that will eventually indirectly and directly impact my health in the long run.

My kids however are pretty safe for now as I don't allow them exposure to any gadgets whatsoever and even if they do it is on super rare occasions and short duration. Because I know very well the impact it has especially on the eye sight.

That's why we have to nourish our body with good nutrients to keep us protected from all these radicals. And one of the affordable ways that is through what we consume, hence today I'd like to share about my discovery with GoodMorning VGrains that consists up to 18 types of whole grains, added with blueberry, sweet potato and several other ingredients. 

VGrains with blueberry is very rich in 
various vitamins and minerals. Do you know that Blueberry is especially high in important antioxidants to protect our eyes from damage. Thus, give us a brighter vision. 

VGrains also high in protein and beta-glucan which can help to strengthen the muscles, healthier body cells and protect 
the heart. This is also why if you're looking for a good added nutrient on top of your other health regime, this will be good. Just that you gotta know when it the best time to consume because sweet potato is also partly carbs so don't treat it as a meal replacement but have good balance meals together with it and low carbs.

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Thursday 19 December 2019

Family Fun at Best Western i-City Shah Alam

December 19, 2019 0
For school holidays, parents all around will surely be brainstorming to plan where to go with the family for some fun moments to enjoy together! This time around, we brought our kids to Best Western at i-City Shah Alam.

I love how the hotel has a special add-on where it's pretty rare nowadays to check-in & check out 24 hours! 

This "My Stay is My Way" package of additional RM60 allows guests to check-in/check-out anytime we'd like and it also comes exclusive with a Minibar Pack. This is perfect for families, especially with younger children as timing can get really unpredictable!

As we arrived, we were amazed at the efficiency of the check-in counter and the entire interior was really homey.

There was also a super cute corner where we can rent a fish for RM5 per night. There's 4 beta fish with their own personality awaiting to accompany our family on our holiday moments! Hence my son picked Jasper.

There was a pop up stall that offers quick snack and drinks on-the-go right next to the entrance and did I mention how friendly the staffs were? Even the guard was friendly, we could also borrow an umbrella as a guest of the hotel if it rains.

This corner next to the check-in counter offers their guests a quick treat to-go and it really brings back good childhood memories!

Our room was really cosy and comfy, and I like how it was a connected room which is good for bigger family with more than 4 pax! 

They also prepared a baby cot for my baby in advance and a single bed in the connected room for my Mother-In-Law.

Upon checking-in, my kids were excited to know that the hotel provides us unlimited access to the Waterpark in i-City. Hence, they immediately get ready themselves-like MAGIC! to head out to the waterpark.

Firstly, we must download the i-City mobile application on our device and validate the entry at the front desk of our hotel first. Then only we head to the waterpark to scan the code to enter. Every room is entitled for 2 adult unlimited entry free. Any additional headcount must be purchased at the Waterpark entrance. Kids below 90cm height is free to enter.

The waterpark was pretty decent with different segments offering different fun and play areas for the whole family. The kids pool was crowded but crowded with lots of screams of joy and laughter!

We went to the water waves area to warm up first. I prefer that spot the most because it is shallow, visible and wide enough for everyone. And at specific timing the water waves will come forward as if we were by the beach side with the ocean waves rushing towards us. It was super fun! Even my baby was curious all the time as I was babywearing her in my Sukkiri Mesh ring sling from UnisonCA.

After awhile, we decided to adjourned back to the hotel for lunch and we must scan out of the waterpark so we can re-enter again later in the late afternoon.

After a good fun time together at the waterpark, we were hungry and Best Western actually had a unique menu that is worth experiencing! Their "Go Beyond Signature" menu that truly goes beyond your expectations! It is a mix of East meets West and it is a super unique fusion cuisine that you will hardly find it anywhere else!

After lunch, my kids were sleepy so we decided to stay in the hotel room and enjoy our time together to just unwind and relax.

Evening came and we decided to order in-room dining for dinner. It was the best decision ever! It was delicious! As unique and delicious as their lunch menu!

After dinner, we decided to head out to i-City night life as it comes alive with all the beautiful lights! Lots of fun and activities all along the way for the children and adults. 

The very next day, I was looking forward for breakfast, so I woke up the earliest and had revenge on my kids. It was finally my turn to wake them up for breakfast! (Hahahahaha)

Breakfast was lovely, their eggs counter was especially yummy with variety for your choosing! I love the seating are inside and also outside.

After breakfast, we were back again to the waterpark!

For lunch this time we gotten the Hi-Tea Buffet Package as it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

My table was ready and waiting for me when we arrived, the food was delicious and the clown was entertaining the children with balloons of all sorts.

They even had keropok lekor! My all-time must-have favourite! Once we've settled our lunch cum hi-tea, we decided to burn off those extra calories at the waterpark again. After all these fun moments, it was actually time to say Goodbye and See You Again soon! My husband was already talking about planning another visit here with the family and his family also, atleast 3 families together. Because it was really fun and stress-free! We check-out at 4pm and headed back home (30 minutes away only).

However, no matter the distance, as long as the moments spent together is worth it, that's all that matters!

For more updates and promotion details visit : 
Best Western, i-City Shah Alam

Ps. Upcoming Christmas Eve Buffet is definitely not to be missed!
Date : 24th December 2019
Time : 7pm to 10pm
RM60 nett per adult
30% discount for children age 5 to 12 and senior citizen age 60 onwards.
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Saturday 14 December 2019

Ceradan Hydra, Wash & Diaper Cream - Malaysia

December 14, 2019 0
A known brand of many parents out there who will definitely come across this brand Ceradan. It has been around for many years as a safe dermatologist tested, skincare brand that's locally available at your nearest pharmacies. Recently, I found that they actually have a range dedicated for babies and I just had to explore further on it. Because coming from a brand that is known for many years, there is a sense of reputation that is worthy of value that is worth mentioning. And I was right!

Ceradan has these variety of product that actually stand out from its competitors. With clinical studies done and dermatology tested; Ceradan actually emphasizes on balancing the skin's pH not just only on babies but even adults too. Because it specifically targets sensitive skin and especially skin with autoimmune disorders.

It's key ingredient consists of Ceramide with its 3:1:1 ratio, that helps assist in skin disorders to soothe or improve the condition of the skin. Because when our hormones change due to many factors like aging, environment or even diet, that is where our skin barrier gets affected somehow. Ceradan works to provide Ceramide back to our skin barrier that acts as a protective layer for skin inflammation. It is also because we have loss a certain percentage of Ceramide in our skin that actually causes all sorts of skin issue to occur.

Ceradan Body Wash that is suitable for babies is a very mild and creamy wash that is very gentle on baby skin. It helps prevent itch as well.

Ceradan Hydra cream used after baby's bath, is the best combination to have to soothe a baby's skin and you can also massage baby while applying the cream as well. Because of the good absorption into baby's skin, it helps to keep skin healthy, protected, hydrated and helps reduce any inflammation.

Ceradan Diaper Cream is a more premium product, that I feel is worth getting a few on hand, for home and on-the-go in the diaper bag. Because of its Ceramide 3:1:1 ratio and premium formulation; I like that it is easy to spread across baby's delicate skin, especially during diaper change. And when it comes to diaper change, baby nappy rash is one thing every parent will try to prevent.

If you have yet to see a baby's skin weeping from nappy rash then you can Google the images. But it is heartbroken to see your baby's skin red and skin peeling. And diapers are something that you can't avoid or you can't choose not to wear diapers for them. Even if you were to go eco-friendly and switch to napkins, the outcome can still be the same. This is because baby's poo and pee actually gets trap and easily breeds bacteria even if left for a short while. But thankfully, since using Ceradan Diaper Cream, I find it easy to spread it on my baby while changing her diapers and it really keeps her private area clean and dry and no longer inflamed.

I bet she feels comfortable too because I tried other diaper creams before and some textures were too oily, some too balm-y, some too sticky afterwards and some is so hard to spread over the skin. Using this actually feels so much convenient and easier to apply. Best of all, there is no leftover sticky residue and is breathable! Cos I've experienced using other brand x diaper creams, during the next diaper change, the skin beneath the cream is still inflamed but this never happened with Ceradan. In fact, the skin was very smooth and free from inflammation or rashes immediately at the next diaper change when I started using Ceradan for my baby. Therefore, I really recommend parents out there if you are looking for a good product for your lil loved ones, then this brand is worth checking out at your nearest local pharmacies.

Ceradan Diaper Cream is only available in Caring Pharmacies nationwide.

For more updates and info on Ceradan, please visit the following :
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Friday 13 December 2019

Breastfeeding Friendly with Lunavie Nursing Cami

December 13, 2019 0
As a breastfeeding advocate myself that has been breastfeeding my 3 kids for 5 years already and counting. It has been a beautiful journey worthy of sharing.

What's even worthy is finding the right outfit for this!

As a breastfeeding mom, when I decided to fully breastfeed my child, I knew I will have some difficulty in finding nice clothes to wear that won't make me look bigger in size because of the extra layer of clothes I have to wear just to breastfeed on-the-go.

I still want to look good in my nursing clothes when I'm outside and even finding a comfortable one for home is crucial! After 5 years long, I found that Lunavie has the Nursing Cami that is truly a life saviour!

I can wear it as my casual wear at home. I can also wear it out on its own without worrying how I'd look like or exposing too much.

I can even wear it to bed because it's so comfortable!

Best of all, my baby can breastfeed with ease, and I just need to put a cover over me and that's all it takes. 

It's silky soft fabric expands as a mother's body changes during the Breastfeeding journey because our hormones is still imbalance.

The buttons provides a good support so that it doesn't lose its shape overtime like most nursing clothes.

The removable foam is convenient and washable. It also gives good coverage support as well protecting the breast area. Material wise it is really comfy and suitable for anyone in any weather because of its skin-friendly material.

Most importantly it is non-wired therefore when I get engorged, it does not feel painful at all and I still feel protected even without wearing a bra because this cami is crafted with a built-in shelf bra.

As a mom to another mom, this is perfect for all moms who breastfeeds or planning to breastfeed!

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