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Friday 27 December 2019

Good Morning to a Good Day with VGrains

With the evolving trend of today's era; Technology is something that is an emerging market where it is undeniably huge with potential! That being said, everything has its pros and cons and being exposed to technology and gadgets, we are also equally exposed to the blue light emitting from our computer screen or smartphone or tablets. 

I am also not excused from this exposure. Because in my line of field I am almost 24/7 exposed to such free radicals that will eventually indirectly and directly impact my health in the long run.

My kids however are pretty safe for now as I don't allow them exposure to any gadgets whatsoever and even if they do it is on super rare occasions and short duration. Because I know very well the impact it has especially on the eye sight.

That's why we have to nourish our body with good nutrients to keep us protected from all these radicals. And one of the affordable ways that is through what we consume, hence today I'd like to share about my discovery with GoodMorning VGrains that consists up to 18 types of whole grains, added with blueberry, sweet potato and several other ingredients. 

VGrains with blueberry is very rich in 
various vitamins and minerals. Do you know that Blueberry is especially high in important antioxidants to protect our eyes from damage. Thus, give us a brighter vision. 

VGrains also high in protein and beta-glucan which can help to strengthen the muscles, healthier body cells and protect 
the heart. This is also why if you're looking for a good added nutrient on top of your other health regime, this will be good. Just that you gotta know when it the best time to consume because sweet potato is also partly carbs so don't treat it as a meal replacement but have good balance meals together with it and low carbs.

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