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Wednesday 26 August 2020

Eat Your Way Around Malaysia with Shopee’s Jom Cari Makan: Merdeka Edition

August 26, 2020 0

 Malaysians and delicious food go hand in hand. Back by popular demand and in conjunction with the country’s 63rd National Day celebration, Shopee is rewarding Malaysians for this undeniable love affair with the return of the Jom Cari Makan campaign in a special Merdeka edition from now till 30 August, which falls within Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day period.

The Jom Cari Makan: Merdeka Edition unites people of the country by putting centre stage scrumptious deals on food and beverages that are sure to whet the appetite. Shopee users can look forward to attractive deals daily in addition to 63% coins cashback daily! 

Some of the mouth-watering highlights include:

Throughout the campaign, Malaysians can look forward to enjoying their favourite cup of bubble tea from Gong Cha, a hearty breakfast at OLDTOWN White Coffee, authentic Japanese delights from Sushi King and visiting the cinema while indulging in fresh popcorn at TGV Cinemas, all at amazing discounts. 

These are just a few of the hundreds of promotions* on offer for those wanting the best bang for their buck. Many more popular food and beverages brands can be found including Baskin Robbins, Boat Noodle, Chatime, Croissant Taiyaki, dipndip, Dome Cafe, Fuel Shack, GO Noodle House, PappaRich, Salad Atelier, Tealive, The Alley, The Loaf, Tiger Sugar, Vivo Pizza and more.

At a time when the country is battling through the pandemic, the Jom Cari Makan: Merdeka Edition provides a channel where Malaysians can still celebrate the meaning of Merdeka through unity in a common interest - that is good, flavourful food. 

Start your gastronomical, wallet-friendly adventure here 

*Remember to read the terms and conditions of the vouchers, redemption locations, and validity period.

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Wednesday 19 August 2020

ElderloveMissi Nursing Home For The Elderly

August 19, 2020 0

Today I would like to share with you a heartfelt post about humanity. This part of humanity relates very much and very dear to all of us, no matter where we are from. It is about caring for our parents and/or grandparents. These days, with technology evolving, the young ones may seem too occupied with time to care for their guardians, their own parents and/or grandparents who has looked after them to make sure they grew up healthy and safe.

So I believe we should play a part to give back to the time and effort and love they have showered us with. I am blessed that with the lifestyle business platform I am in, I can have the flexibility of time and financial freedom to be there to support whenever my parents need me. But not many have the privilege like me because there are skeptics and those that believes they have to sacrifice every single time they have left to work for money when it can be done differently. But that being said, no matter how hard to work, you still should spend time with your loved ones. 

So for the ones that can't afford the time to spend it looking after their parents or just being there for them whenever they need them, don't just shrug it off and leave your parents or grandparents to settle for themselves! It is especially important to give them as much love and care for them to ensure that they are well taken care of and they get to enjoy life even in their last moments. I have come across many who regretted not spending enough time with their loved ones until it was too late. And some were struggling to find help for someone to ensure their parents/grandparents are well taken care of while they are out there working their hardest for their livelihood.

So today, for those who are in desperate desire to give the best to their family without having a choice to be with them, then you can always look to ElderloveMissi one-stop solution for elderly care that includes private nursing/caregiver, care, rehabilitation centre/nursing home, home care and in fact, they ahve been caring for senior folks since 2015. I have visited them once to see how the venue is like on behalf of my friend and it was pretty neat and decent although it feels lonely, but I like how ElderloveMissi's presence, experience, expertise and services offered in their knowledge, skills and approach that really differentiates them over other similar elder care providers.

What I found interesting that is blog-worthy of ElderloveMissi is that they have a unique platform that leverages both on the web and mobile app; That enables user to have easier access to a one-stop elder home nursing service to help those who are super busy to care for your elderly loved ones, you can utilize this home nursing solution to have someone dedicated to care and give attention to your aging parents/grandparents.

ElderloveMissi is operated by established medical professionals and they bring the best in nursing and living care for the elderly. Families can also obtain a full range of elderly care services from highly trained, dedicated and professional nurses/caregivers right at your doorstep too. Services such as home nursing, private nursing, caregiver, physiotherapy, acupuncture & "dui na" services. Rest assured that all the nurses are national registered nurses, whilst the physiotherapists and acupuncturists are also certified. Additionally the medical specialists provides specialized training to these professional caregivers to ensure quality and service standards are well maintained and easily available across most cities in Peninsular Malaysia. With 3 centres at the moment and more to come in other venues, you will have a peace of mind and can easily go about your busy day while you leave your elderly folks in the care and love of ElderloveMissi to look after on your behalf.

Branch venue : 

1) Sungai Long Center, No.11, Jalan Budiman, Budiman Business Park, Bandar Sungai Long, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
2) Puchong Jaya Center, Unit SS-G-23, SS-G-23A & SS-G-25, Ground Floor, Skypod Square, Persiaran Puchong Jaya Selatan, 47100 Puchong Jaya, Selangor.
3) Pinggiran Subang, No. 16 & 18, Jalan U3/6 (BK), Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Pusat Perniagaan Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Care Centre Facilities:

- Elderly friendly environment – minimizes risks of fall.
- Good ventilation & adequate air conditioning.
- Sufficient illumination and sunlight for healthy bones.
- Ample bed space and spacious room, no overcrowding for comfort and privacy.
- Strategically placed emergency call bells.
- Availability of medical facilities.

ElderloveMissi was built with a mission to provide a lifestyle that is healthy, well-rounded and fulfilling to elderly folks; ElderloveMissi offers assisted living services, private/home nursing services, nursing home services, rehabilitation services and many more. The professionally trained staff work alongside specialised doctors, certified nurses and physiotherapists to ensure the well-being of the elderly in their care in all aspects – body, mind and soul, ensuring that they spend their golden years filled with joy.

Don't be too busy focusing on every other thing but forgetting about those who love and care for you and waiting for you back at home. Life isn't all about money! Don't wait until it's too late to see your loved ones! Provide better for them in their golden years filled with joy and love.

To visit ElderloveMissi visit : 

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Tuesday 11 August 2020

PG Mall Malaysia No.1 e-Commerce Platform

August 11, 2020 0

I bet most of you Malaysians have already received your E-Penjana by now? If not then quickly redeem it on your favourite e-wallet as PG Mall is having this amazing event in conjunction with by Malaysians to Malaysians on their shopping platform. This is even timely because this month is the month of Merdeka for Malaysia!

PG Mall is a local e-commerce platform in Malaysia and ranked top 3! The best news about this platform is that it accepts all forms of payment methods and especially e-wallets too! 

From 10th August to 30th September 2020, Malaysians that has redeemed their e-penjana will be able to enjoy extra savings and discounts:

New User : Enjoy RM25 off with min spend of RM80
Existing User : Enjoy RM20 off with min spend of RM100
Free RM8 off shipping fee!
Get 50% off exclusive Facebook Live rebate voucher!

By Malaysians, To Malaysians and you get to enjoy them all here

And being Malaysians, we are definitely proud to be local! Especially this month August, as we fly our country flag up high with pride; Your support for fellow Malaysians will be truly appreciate even in these tough recovery moments in the economy sector; Because from July to December 2020, you can shop for essentials home product and support locals with 
that you would not want to miss!

And you think that's all? Let's top the icing on the cake! Because when you shop on PG Mall, in collaboration with Nestle, you get to participate in the Nestle Top Spender on PG Mall from 1st to 31st August 2020 to win even more amazing prizes up for grabs, you even get to enjoy RM8 off with minimum spend of RM80!

There will be 16 winners weekly that will win RM50 Grab + PG Mall Vouchers, and also 3 winners monthly that will win RM100 Grab + PG Mall Vouchers!

So if you are not yet on PG Mall now, then quickly get yourself on it NOW!

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