February 2010 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Make connections with Nokia today!

February 23, 2010 0
Guys! Do you know the existence of My Nokia in our Nokia device?.... Please ask if unsure (yikes!). Anyway, back to the main topic! Make connections today! Today, we are active live happening souls yearning for new and exciting updates! That's the key! Updates!... Imagine having that in your hands... And you can!

From the NUMBER 1 mobile brand and well, a very very interesting source for fun, entertaining, games with a mix of work and play; May it be seen in the applications via Ovi Store or Ovi.com or via the device itself, it is obvious to what makes Nokia different.

Despite all the feedbacks good and bad received, Nokia still is NUMBER 1 today. Can you actually deny that? Everyday improvement must definitely take place!

Well, Nokia has been my first device and trust me, it'll be my first forever! I've tested others and well, I agree, the competition is tough but in the end I still manage to see the clear winner. (For me and I know many more will agree to this!) To end my "looooooong" speech... (Definitely words aren't enough to express my thoughts and feelings towards this Number 1 brand that I've come to love more and more everyday!... Like Romeo & Juliet, HA! lolx...) I'm gonna just share with you what I found via Nokia Malaysia site!

An advantage of plentiful convenience for Nokia owners! Click here to know more!

Keep in touch with all of your mobile needs, updates, news, events and much much more! Click here to subscribe today!

I've subscribed myself already, so what on earth are you waiting for? News right at your doorstep... What more could you possibly ask for?
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Uncle's Good Duck on CNY Day 10

February 23, 2010 0
Food... CNY is nothing more and nothing less but mostly FOOD and RED PACKET... Of course, with these comes along the many "hidden" entertainments one individual can find... =D Especially when visiting. Our entertainment... Of course, a group of people and see who's the luckiest! Aiming to win win win!... Example, playing "Big 2", "Poker", "Mahjong" and etc etc...

But I'm not covering any of those... (not just yet...) This is food found at Kota Damansara (new shop lots opposite Giant). Good deal, pricing similar to "Kim Gary" or "Wong Kok" so you get the picture. But the duck here is lovely! Let the pictures do the talking!

Really is Uncle's Good Duck... Crispy texture on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside... (the duck meat...DUH!)

This is Fresh Apple Juice! RM 4.90... (I still don't like the "sour plum" found inside!)

Chrysanthemum Tea (forgot how much...haha)

Latte (RM5...I think)...

So cuuuuutteee the design!!!!!! But I can't drink... (Allergic to the "Milk")

Hai Nan rice... ("Yau Fan" direct translate oily rice...lolx!) I think should be tasty! Because no leftovers haha... (RM2 rice only)
Dry Noodle (RM3.50) Normal "Wan Tan Mee" but actually, the noodle has smooth texture, almost like handmade... hmmm...

Yes... RM15.90 for 1/4 Quarter duck... YUMMY!

This is... also "Wan Tan Mee" but this is the soup type with Chicken "Char Siew" aka Chicken marinated meat (or something like that... hmmm)

Mmm... Food...
The best part! I love the "CHILLI" sauce!... Not too spicy, not too sweet, not too sour... Just nice... Got abit fragrance to it... And the lemon sauce next to it, to dip the duck meat to bring out another type of juicy flavor... Mmm...

This is another dish we ordered... By the way, this is "S" size... The waitress told us their "S" size is this size... VERY BIG!!! lolx... But not bad... Spicy and sour... Tasty! This is the "Assam Soup" (no idea how much though haha...)

Okay! Enough of food today... I'm going to go cook dinner... Got some request to fulfill... (evil smirks)  
See ya! (hehehe)

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Monday 22 February 2010

Weather Forecast - The Worst!!! with alienated fooood...

February 22, 2010 0
The weather is so hot! Too hot! Extremely excruciating hot! Every corner you turn to for cool air is filled with an anonymous amount of unlimited HEAT!... Wwwhhhhyyyyy????!!!!

During CNY, friends and colleagues "stuck" on the highway said weather degrees rose up to 38°... Lucky for those with super coooooliiinnggg air-conditioners... Imagine the amount of gas PLUS degree of heat roaming the atmosphere... Yuck...

Experiment of the year!! (Unintentionally....)

Well, to prove the heat of the weather, my family managed to give a good example... Actually my mum left out 2 eggs at the car back seat accidentally... She forgot!! But nevermind that... The following 2 days later, my dad found the egg and then brought it back... GUESS WHAT! It became "hard-boiled egg"!! Imagine the heat! A new way to heat up or cook food? Leave it out under the sun for a few hours and you might get your "hot" food instantly, simple and easy... like magic!

By the way, there might not be any flavor left on your food if you decide to do such things... Because the egg, do not smell like egg anymore... It's like the sun "dried" up the flavor too... Yes! We threw it away... I won't eat that... Even my dog refuse to go near it... Imagine the ultra-violet rays and the kind of chemical types inherited from the sun?! Vitamin - E no more...!

No way I'm eating that!...

Thanks to the super heat and also the lack of "GREEN FOREST" around the world, we are losing OXYGEN! The heat is going to totally burn through the sky one day straight at us, if mankind still don't snap out of it and come back to reality and do something!

The happiest people or organisation that will be happy about this is definitely the ELECTRIC COMPANY! With the amount of air-conditions going on and off non-stop to wear off the heat, OUR electricity bill will definitely shoot up to the sky! (almost...haha =D)
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Monday 15 February 2010

In the midst of pre-CNY & CNY itself

February 15, 2010 0
My pre CNY celebrations...

When you head to One Utama at Damansara Utama in PJ, Malaysia; You'll definitely notice the Chinese New Year atmosphere and the "Ong" environment surrounding in the mall.

Yes, on top of RM15 the "Black Rose ring". I made purchases of New Year's clothes, accessories, bags and shoes for a total of RM750+. If you include shopping for CNY's goodies for my pet "Ah Bi", the total can go up to RM1k++... It's once in a year and this year, I'm celebrating me being single and loving it to the max! (lolx...rofl)

Btw, I bought the Jelly Lens from Gala Gala Home online and it's amazing the effects only for RM50! I just need more practice! Imagine "me" saving cost of upgrading to a digital camera or a DSLR from being mobile savvy all the time! Yes, yes it's true! I can have "almost" near-to similar effects as I can get when using a DSLR with all those bulky and technical equipments (no offence...I'm just not good with camera gadgets apart from mobile)...

Sounds too fake to be real or vice versa? I doubt it... Whatever signs or omens it might be, life still goes on and we should live it up to the max with no regrets! Cheerxx... (hehe)

Finally, food time! The "Yee Sang" is a tradition for us Chinese and I wonder why every Chinese New Year, you always see after-effect of "Yee Sang" time (bits all over the table)... But I had a great time. This "Yee Sang"was with my colleagues aka our "Sau Gong" Dinner (similar to year end company dinner, to refresh and prepare to start for a New Year following the Chinese Calendar) My family reunion dinner is different this time of the year. We had reunion "lunch" instead and we ate outside! No more cooking this year (pure laziness...mmm). We had dinner at Victoria Station!! YUMMY!

With this I wish everyone a Blessed & Prosperous GONG XI FA CAI and Happy Loving Valentines Day!

This number is for everyone to keep!
(Please translate in Cantonese & it is not for any lottery purpose...yikes)

Means : 1314+168 = Forever successful aka Forever Prospering
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Friday 5 February 2010

Historical Food at KL (Parent's Request!) Part 2 of 2

February 05, 2010 1
From my previous post Part 1.

Accordingly, part 1 was for "super duper LATE LUNCH"... lolx!! For dinner, we took a few "confusing" & "get-stuck-in-heavy-traffic" turns and "purposely" drove up to the side of the road, signalled and stopped! Reasons? Yes, you guessed right again... fooooood~!!

Another favourite of my parents... The Beef Balls! Yummy! Since way back even before 1945! This will be simple... I didn't off the car, so no pictures of the shop! Yet, I won't let you miss out on anything! I did my research alright... (evil laugh...muahahahha)

Here we have Noodles "look alike" Wan Tan Mee style (but not!) going at RM4.50 for Small and RM5 for Large...

On this side here are the All-Time-Favourite "Beef Balls" : Small RM6 | Big RM9 (Small is good enough... Got 16 beef balls for a "Small" packet!!)

View Feedmelah.com Blog Restaurants in a larger map

Okay... To wrap it up, KL has much more than meets the eyes, you just need to scout out the area and lose yourself around a bit to really get to know KL! (for me it's true - losing my way on the road...THANK YOU OVI MAPS... hehehe)

Here are some cool sites/blogs I've searched up for more of this "beef ball" restaurant.
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Thursday 4 February 2010

Historical Food at KL (Parent's Request!) Part 1 of 2

February 04, 2010 0
After collecting the Samsung Corby from Nuffnang's Office. It was drizzling and obviously in KL, the jam just became horrendous! So we didn't want to miss the chance of my parents ol' time favourite food for many many years!

Yut Kee Restaurant! The local Malaysians historical eating location and still standing stronger than ever! (Okay search this up on Google there's too many reviews for this)

It's very affordable (for me) but it's a great place to bring friends & family and just enjoy the warmth and the olden days of KL and the people. It's in the atmosphere. Reasons might be due to this shop has been here since 1928... 3 Generations? (Probably more) Mainly, this restaurant has been my parents favourite shop because they "kinda" knew the owner back in the good ol' days. When there was no such thing as traffic jam in the past and everyone was on foot or bicycle, my parents are always the regulars here. Well, atleast my mum's family is. 

The price has gone up compared to a few years back (when I was still playing catch in primary school and don't have a clue what "love" is...lolx). It's still affordable (for me). Chicken Chop Genuine Hainanese Chicken Chop for RM8, the sauce is was made with pure potato. Probably due to economy, the ingredients did some adjustment to our taste buds nowadays... So I taste black pepper in it... Well, almost homemade (sobs...). But how many Chicken Chop you can find out there that gives you plentiful of gravy sauce that you can even drink them like soup!! (for real?!!)

The "Kaya Spring Roll" is my parents favourite! (again) RM8 for 1 dozen pieces of "Kaya Spring Rolls" (1 whole loaf cut into a dozen pieces = 12... lolx). So I managed to experience the "historical" food at Yut Kee Restaurant. Everything else they have here is probably new, even my mum confirmed it. I would love to come here and dine in once and not take away ~again! (this was not my idea... Thanks to rain & traffic!)

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I won a Samsung Corby from Nuffnang!

February 04, 2010 5
The title says it all~!... I never thought of winning in the first place! I just wanted to share my experience and how I really truly feel when I was invited to the Samsung Corby "Color Me Carnival" event! Even though I didn't win that day, I never felt any loss too. Because that day, like I said, I met lots and lots of cool and awesome people and all bloggers from Nuffnang!

Well, I'm here today sharing my journey to collect my prize... (Thank You x1000000000 million/billion/trillion/zillion times Nuffnang!!)

When I received this email, I first though - Is this for real?!?!?!

Now THIS email, my heart stopped for a brief 5 second!!! I was stunned and shocked and... Okay more realistic, I was surprised! Never in my life I ever imagine anything like this to happen to... of all the people & bloggers on earth... ME?!?! Yes, I'm not faking it.... I'm really grateful "sobs tearfully"... *drips...drips* OKAY enough drama... Next...

Simple enough, regardless of the brand or model, it is by far "the" FIRST prize I won from Nuffnang and "the" FIRST mobile device I've won in my entire history! Feels so happy I could cry... Lolx... (of course if it's a Nokia I'll go GaGa over and over, bragging and blabbing again and again... lolx -no offense Samsung, I just love Ovi...)

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My Favourite Past Time!

February 04, 2010 2
Well... What do you do when you have reports coming in everyday, every week and every month? Not enough time to complete it all and always doing more than you should or more than you were paid for? 

Have you ever had an experience or maybe facing a situation where you, single or not, have been soooooo busy, that going out for a drink or even going out for dinner has become a slight hassle to you and a distraction to your work?

Maybe it's just me but... The things I do, I take it as seriously as much as I can (I'm only 22, I have my limits too~ I'm no Superwoman) Which reminds me, I guess it's just me afterall... I seldom go out once I come back from work. My reports just keeps adding, I keep learning (AND repeating) but yes... Life is full of Ups & Downs...

My favourite past time is something I do to naturally rid stress and replenish the outings I've missed these past few years... Blah... Blah... Blah... 

Past Time Favourites : 
1. Internet Browsing (I need to be online doing reports afterall)
2. Blogging (Starting to love it!)
3. Sing songs (24/7 without fail)
4. Dance (used to infront of a mirror - like practice... but I dance in my head nowadays... Might rec a vid soon hehehehe)
5. Compose Songs (still trying....)
6. Listen to music
7. Playing NDS Lite!
8. Facebook
9. Online chatting
10. Playing Online Games (Currently : Destiny Online & Hello Kitty Online...)

Well, not exactly Top 10 list but.... It's a random list of the Top 10 favs I have...
I only have pictures of NDS and the current game that I'm "oh-so-into" nowadays!

(Ps. These are my only entertainment for the past 1 year and running... That's why I'm so thankful for Nuffnang & SFC for the event I was invited to go to last 16th Jan 2010 >> Click Here << 
AND I was SUPER THRILLED and tired AND BUSY but EXCITED at the Nokia Comes With Music Launch Party with Boys Like Girls! Seeing them up-close & personal... I'm in love... Lolx!!)
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Monday 1 February 2010

Ovi Maps Racing! Fun, Excitement & Customization!

February 01, 2010 0
Have had enough with your Ovi Maps Free FOREVER Navigation? Well it's not the end~! Nokia brings you Ovi Maps RACING!

What is it? 
Simple!... Racing....... It's an application where you get to play racing around your work place or home! (Okay, doesn't sounds right the way I put it in...lolx)

It's actually a combination of your ordinary Map Navigation and fun entertaining racing! Its like having installed racing games from Gameloft like Asphalt 4 where the tracks are pre-loaded.

So why is Ovi Map Racing any different? 
Well, it's your very own personal CUSTOMIZABLE tracks! YOU Mastermind your own tracks!
No... This is an application to have fun and excitement with. Never ever take this seriously into "real life"...
Check out the vidz below to really really get what I'm blabbling about (kinda...lolx)

Apologize for the backdated post.... Been busy and "not feeling well" lately... sobs...
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