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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Make connections with Nokia today!

Guys! Do you know the existence of My Nokia in our Nokia device?.... Please ask if unsure (yikes!). Anyway, back to the main topic! Make connections today! Today, we are active live happening souls yearning for new and exciting updates! That's the key! Updates!... Imagine having that in your hands... And you can!

From the NUMBER 1 mobile brand and well, a very very interesting source for fun, entertaining, games with a mix of work and play; May it be seen in the applications via Ovi Store or or via the device itself, it is obvious to what makes Nokia different.

Despite all the feedbacks good and bad received, Nokia still is NUMBER 1 today. Can you actually deny that? Everyday improvement must definitely take place!

Well, Nokia has been my first device and trust me, it'll be my first forever! I've tested others and well, I agree, the competition is tough but in the end I still manage to see the clear winner. (For me and I know many more will agree to this!) To end my "looooooong" speech... (Definitely words aren't enough to express my thoughts and feelings towards this Number 1 brand that I've come to love more and more everyday!... Like Romeo & Juliet, HA! lolx...) I'm gonna just share with you what I found via Nokia Malaysia site!

An advantage of plentiful convenience for Nokia owners! Click here to know more!

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I've subscribed myself already, so what on earth are you waiting for? News right at your doorstep... What more could you possibly ask for?

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