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Friday 5 February 2010

Historical Food at KL (Parent's Request!) Part 2 of 2

From my previous post Part 1.

Accordingly, part 1 was for "super duper LATE LUNCH"... lolx!! For dinner, we took a few "confusing" & "get-stuck-in-heavy-traffic" turns and "purposely" drove up to the side of the road, signalled and stopped! Reasons? Yes, you guessed right again... fooooood~!!

Another favourite of my parents... The Beef Balls! Yummy! Since way back even before 1945! This will be simple... I didn't off the car, so no pictures of the shop! Yet, I won't let you miss out on anything! I did my research alright... (evil laugh...muahahahha)

Here we have Noodles "look alike" Wan Tan Mee style (but not!) going at RM4.50 for Small and RM5 for Large...

On this side here are the All-Time-Favourite "Beef Balls" : Small RM6 | Big RM9 (Small is good enough... Got 16 beef balls for a "Small" packet!!)

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Okay... To wrap it up, KL has much more than meets the eyes, you just need to scout out the area and lose yourself around a bit to really get to know KL! (for me it's true - losing my way on the road...THANK YOU OVI MAPS... hehehe)

Here are some cool sites/blogs I've searched up for more of this "beef ball" restaurant.

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  1. got historical food in KL as well? i didnt really explored into that.. =P



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