Historical Food at KL (Parent's Request!) Part 1 of 2 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Thursday 4 February 2010

Historical Food at KL (Parent's Request!) Part 1 of 2

After collecting the Samsung Corby from Nuffnang's Office. It was drizzling and obviously in KL, the jam just became horrendous! So we didn't want to miss the chance of my parents ol' time favourite food for many many years!

Yut Kee Restaurant! The local Malaysians historical eating location and still standing stronger than ever! (Okay search this up on Google there's too many reviews for this)

It's very affordable (for me) but it's a great place to bring friends & family and just enjoy the warmth and the olden days of KL and the people. It's in the atmosphere. Reasons might be due to this shop has been here since 1928... 3 Generations? (Probably more) Mainly, this restaurant has been my parents favourite shop because they "kinda" knew the owner back in the good ol' days. When there was no such thing as traffic jam in the past and everyone was on foot or bicycle, my parents are always the regulars here. Well, atleast my mum's family is. 

The price has gone up compared to a few years back (when I was still playing catch in primary school and don't have a clue what "love" is...lolx). It's still affordable (for me). Chicken Chop Genuine Hainanese Chicken Chop for RM8, the sauce is was made with pure potato. Probably due to economy, the ingredients did some adjustment to our taste buds nowadays... So I taste black pepper in it... Well, almost homemade (sobs...). But how many Chicken Chop you can find out there that gives you plentiful of gravy sauce that you can even drink them like soup!! (for real?!!)

The "Kaya Spring Roll" is my parents favourite! (again) RM8 for 1 dozen pieces of "Kaya Spring Rolls" (1 whole loaf cut into a dozen pieces = 12... lolx). So I managed to experience the "historical" food at Yut Kee Restaurant. Everything else they have here is probably new, even my mum confirmed it. I would love to come here and dine in once and not take away ~again! (this was not my idea... Thanks to rain & traffic!)

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