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Saturday 30 June 2018

Fun Family Moments at Kiddomo Universe Malaysia

June 30, 2018 0
With the emergence of kids playland mushrooming across the country in most shopping malls, it makes me wonder, which stands out better than the rest; Or are they the same.

So today I decided to visit Kiddomo Universe because my son has been reminding me to take him to the playground for 2 days! So I promised to bring him here over the weekend with daddy. And that's what happened...

We came at 4pm which is a few hours after lunch, so food is already digested and if we play here for a few more hours, we'll be just in time for dinner. So tea time is best for light snacks or none at all, but perfect if your kids loves running about like crazy or jump or climb. Atleast the chances of them puking is low!

Upon arrival, we registered ourselves in, took a photo together as a family with a webcam at the counter (for security purposes only). Then proceeded to get our hand wristbands. Jayden was below 2 years old (haven't reached his birthday) so he didn't need a tag, he can't even play most of the games.

Once we're in, we had to place our shoes, bags and strollers in the shelves (and put on your socks upon entering the play areas). Then the first thing to do which is compulsory, it's to get a character for yourself, to be able to play with the interactive games inside later on.

So it was the art photo first, followed by the 3D character animation with your face on the character! It was super cute and my son love it! Naturally as a born foodie himself (taking after me), he chose to be a chef for his character.

Then we proceeded inside, the first activity was the baby gym room for younger kids like mine. Jayden had a blast there! Daniel also had his fair share of fun with his brother and even me and my husband had fun too.

After that we headed to the HUGE pool filled with plastic balls! It was so much fun because even adults could enter to watch over your kids at a nearer distance or wait inside at the side while your kids go wild! My son was not used to it at first but he was pushing through the balls to get to the slide! Then it took him only awhile to be an expert at this area! We probably spent an hour here! He had so much fun with the other kids, some about his age and some slightly older than him.

The ball pool is shallow, hence, no jumping allowed but there were still older kids who jumps and their parents ignores it entirely. But there's a Kiddomo personnel inside overseeing all; They are like a safety lifeguard on standby there.

My youngest boy Jayden literally despise stepping into the ball pool. He would make a fuss and attempt to cry his eyes out whenever we try to let him in.

But I wouldn't recommend toddlers below 2 years old here (also subject to their height & courage) because they could be buried deep inside and it is not easy to find them, especially if they don't know how to push the balls away to get up. And don't expect other kids to be careful as they are playing inside because they are too focus having fun, it will make it harder to notice a young kid laying inside the pool of ball. So parents must always be there with your younger kids! That's your responsibility to your own child.

In the ball pool, there's an area where you have to locate the Dinosaur egg inside and place it over the egg scanner to see what Dinosaur you have caught. It's quite educational and interactive too. You can also play games with other kids at this area. Or just throw balls at each other just the fun of it. Parents also can play together, FINALLY! A pool of balls that adults can swim in for real!

Right next to the ball pool is cafe (on the right). They sell cafe food, snacks and drinks if you're hungry and your kids refuse to leave. You can grab a bite here without leaving Kiddomo Universe. They have a wide variety for your choosing. Pretty decent and neat concept! However, no eating allowed anywhere else inside except at the café here, so please don't low your kids to bring a sandwich into the ball pool because it is not allowed! If it gets dirty, you're not the one cleaning but that doesn't entitle you to be selfish ya. So please adhere to the rules inside for the better benefit of everybody.

There's also a small corner infront the cafe for you and your kids to read some books together or your kids can sit, layback and rest.

On the left side of the ball pool area are where the toilets and changing station are located at. There's a rubber slipper prepared outside the toilet for you to wear it in. So it keeps your socks dry. In the center, is a cute changing station room just enough for 1 parent to change their baby's diaper or to breastfeed their child. Sadly, I couldn't locate the plug point if you would have to pump breastmilk inside though, I could've missed it hidden somewhere but you can always call to check.

If you walk further in to the next area it's the YUME, the dream zone. It's really dark inside because it's all technology here and it's super cool! So please hold on to your kids and don't grab the wrong kid or wrong wife/husband, ahahahaha! There's a motion sensor TV display where you have to move to pop balloons.

Then you can also climb up to the slide area and slide down to see how fast you went as the slide will show you your scores right after you slide! If you follow the notice board on the slide, you can actually slide faster with the tips that they provided!

I tried it and I went at the speed of 790 (also because I'm heavier than my kid hahahhaha)!

Below the slide is a bicycle where it's coming soon, a new attraction on the way.

Then right next to it is the Karaoke room! You get to sing and dance and watch yourself on TV with backgrounds where you can choose from.

A little advise, don't wear light GREEN here! My husband wore light green and you can only see his head, hands and bottom half of his body! Lolx! It was hilarious that I burst out laughing!

There's also 2 machine here where you can swing the magic wand and play adventure games where you follow the instructions/direction to point and play.

In the center is a huge interactive play area that looks super cool! Perfect for adults or elderly kids. Table was too tall for my kids. However, I couldn't scan my tag on it. So was unable to play this game with my husband and kids. But the main highlight here is most definitely the animated 4R come alive Dinosaurs! And it's really cool!

Get your kids to choose which Dinosaur they'd like to color with crayons, readily available on the tables. Once they're done, bring over and place it under the scanner and tag the wristband to activate the scanning process. Then watch the huge wall screen for their animated Dinosaur to come alive and it will start walking around! If you colour 3 Dinosaurs and scan them in, you can actually create your own Dinosaur world for your kids and then you can proceed to get the Dinosaur world printed out to bring home. However there was no one attending to the printer then so I didn't print it.

Over here at Kiddomo Universe, they clean their premises every 3 weeks once. They use a germ-free system that really cleans thoroughly even in the ball pool. When I was there, it was really clean! I could just lay there all day without worrying. What I like about this playland is that upon entering, if they notice your child is feeling or looking unwell, they will be asked to take their temperature. However, some parents are insensitive and they refuse to allow that at times. So please co-operate lah, they are not implying that your child is unwell, they just want to be sure that they are feeling okay to be able to have fun inside for longer hours and it's also for the well-being of the other kids inside as well.

Basically if your kids starts to feel off or they just recovered (esp. from chicken pox, HFMD, viral infection etc) please keep them quarantined at home for another week or so. Because you wouldn't want to cause another child to be infected by your child's illness.

Don't be selfish and be understanding. You wouldn't want your kids to be affected through someone else the same way right? So be considerate, okay?

There's a few more attractions on the way that are still work-in-progress. But rest assured that this is definitely a place your kids and you will enjoy altogether as a family!

LIt's a great place for party too! I was glad to be able to see a party setup while I was there, so I got to experience how it is like having a party in there. You & your kids will surely love it! They also have a Kids Birthday Party Package for your choosing.

This place is huge! But if you feel lazy, you or your kids can sit and straddle on any unattended pony throughout the playland. It takes awhile to get used to straddling the pony so it will be funny at the start!

So if you're considering to drop by; Consider no more! Just come and bring the whole family along! Definitely well worth the time that you will be spending here, with all the precious memories and moments you and your family will create together! I was here for 2 hours, we were exhausted and hungry. My kids was asking for food. So we decided to walk the mall. Upon exiting, I found out that 2 hours is too little! There was a family who came at 11am and left at 6pm! I don't think I could last that long. My kids maybe yes, haha!

Please take note :
Bring socks for everyone when you come to play. In fact, bring socks everytime for everyone because majority playland require them. You can also buy it if you forgetten to bring. Also the interactive activities are only available for a limited time! So best to follow them on their channels to know what's happening!

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Kiddomo Universe Contact Info :
Address : T-328, 3rd Floor, The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown
Tel : +6012-7027-969
Email : enquiry@kiddomo.com
Opens from 10am - 10pm / Monday to Sunday

Download the KIDDOMO VIP MOBILE APP where you also get to view all your artworks and augmented reality experience from Kiddomo Universe!

Search "KIDDOMO" in iOS AppStore or Android Playstore to download.
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Friday 29 June 2018

Hersday Gives Me The Freedom To Be Me

June 29, 2018 0
I remember when I was 15 and I had my first mensus. It was kind of exciting, weird and awkward at the same time. Thankfully, my mom was always there by my side to guide me and tell me things that I should know of (like Sex Education lah... Apa lagi...). However, she did summarize why I was having mensus and how to care for myself properly.

You see, I was growing up into a young teenager. I remembered the first brand of sanitary pads I bought and used, it was horrible, thick and so uncomfortable. Then after trying a few more, I finally found that 1 brand that I stayed loyal to.

Even until I delivered both my kids, I purposely bought the Ultra Thin Overnight Wings sanitary pads just for my confinement for one month. And most mother's would be aware that during that one month of confinement we will have "lochia discharge" (Google up to find out more ya). And it sometimes varies from a little to too much to spottings to random flows until it is completely discharged. And as a modern mom, wearing the one and only maternity pad which is a stick on or a string to hang; I just could not move in it, let alone feel comfortable at all! So I must have an overnight wing sanitary pad with me at all times (also because I have heavy menstruals too).

If only Hersday was available back then, it would've definitely change things alot! However, it ain't too late! After testing out this product, I am amazed and awed by it's super quick absorption and the amount of absorbency for its' size is definitely amazing!

A post shared by Sebrinah Yeo (@sebrinahyeo) on
The left is the Hersday pad versus the right is my one and only sanitary pad I've been using over the years. Just look at how good and quick it absorbs and dries out in a split second! We usually see tests like this at hypermarkets by the promoters but you can do it yourself at home and then you will know the benefit of your own sanitary pads.

Disclaimer : The liquid kinda looks like pee but it's not pee. Over here I used scrapped pandan leaves (hence some leftover residue in the later videos on the Hersday pad) for the greenish colour and diluted with water. I have no watercolour (kids haven't strated painting at home) or any food colouring on hand at home. So I had to go plant-based.

Please tell me you're amazed by its' wonders! I have personally used it and it felt as if I, was not menstruating at all! It kept me staying dry and comfortable. It was almost unnoticeable to me that I was having mensus! And knowing me, I don't praise sanitary pads as much as this. In fact, I have never praised any sanitary pads before!
So this is really worthy of sharing my personal experience with you. And it's also affordable as seeing menstrual cycle is a monthly affair; So it makes sense to have a subscription box of Hersday sanitary pads delivered to your doorstep.

Day Use (245mm)

Night Use (290mm)

Liner (160mm)

It really covers the whole area of the panties and no excess exposed areas and it's really comfortable too, plus it stays dry!

I also like its wings as it really sticks on and secure nicely without damaging either the pad nor leaving any glue residue behind.

It's only USD 4.99 now (NP USD 12.99), and this special offer is for pre-orders now that will be shipped out from 15th Aug 2018 onwards.

So if you'd like to subscribe a box for yourself now, you can do so over here
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Why Am I Choosing Natural Red Seal?

June 29, 2018 0
As a mother of 2 boys, with a husband who has psoriasis; It drives me to source for solutions and products that are formulated with natural source of ingredients with less or no chemicals for my family. You see, I was never an advocate for healthy nor natural remedies all my life until meeting my loved one and having my kids, things changed. I started to realize how important it is to have a healthy and natural lifestyle.

We have heard one too many of the kinds of pollution eating up our earth day by day. And due to that, many are affected by its and can be seen through the conditions they may suffer with, whether it may be short term or long term. I came to realize that really affordable products most times has chemical substances that is harmful for the body and because of that, the chemicals that was produced just for that purpose actually causes the pollution to our earth and even to our body! Let's take toothpastes for example, since my mom started learning about Google, she has been looking up healthier remedies for the family ever since. So way before I got married, we would ALWAYS search for a toothpaste WITHOUT chemicals like Paraben, SLS and ESPECIALLY Flouride. BUT, it was really difficult back then. SO we would resort to using Baking powder or VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) to brush our teeth or do oil-pulling just to have a better oral health.

Over the years, people starts to be more aware of what they put on their skin and into their mouth especially and there was a handful of choice for natural remedies. However, today am finally excited to know that Red Seal is now available in Malaysia!

Tony Robinson (Int. director, Red Seal) says "I love the fresh fruit,the warmth in Malaysia. Consumers these days require complete and total transparency from food and drinks companies; including products that we use. We want to be reassured of safety and goodness of the products; So, we're looking for a more natural products for ourselves, our family and it's also for the environment."

Do you know that Red Seal was founded in 1923 when herbalist and naturopath William T Anderton opened a small shop on Symonds Street in Auckland. His objective was to help his clients achieve “a naturally healthy mind and body” with the use of herbal remedies. He started mixing his remedies in the shop for New Zealanders and the products became popular, the company grew. It is now a known natural healthcare brand with science and nature that comes together for you to live your life best!

Some of their products ingredients such as the Propolis Toothpaste, (incase you didn't know, propolis is an abundance in New Zealand) contains 100% New Zealand bee propolis with antiseptic and antibacterial properties; Which is really good for those suffering from gingivitis and sensitive gums. The hives are also free of disease. Their one other main ingredient is the mighty Totarol tree in New Zealand. The Totarol oil extract from the Totarol tree comes with Anti-Bacterial properties by itself.

Michelle Irving from NZ, Red Seal's resident Naturopathic expert says, "We brush our teeth literally 55 thousand times in our life. So let's make it count. Naturopathy is based on the body ability to heal itself. It assist to treat the patient holistically through the mind, body, soul and emotions. And as a Naturopathic, our philosophy is about prevention."

Red seal brings to you a more natural option to reduce chemical loads on/in your body. Red seal wants their customers to live your best life.

This is Anna, a Korean but grew up in Malaysia, so she's practically a Malaysian. For 2 and half years, she's been using Red Seal through a friend in Australia. "I was changing my products back then and was a little more health conscious on what I put on and in my body. And thankfully, my friend, a health junkie introduced this to her. After I started learning about it, and mind you, I have tried many products because I have weak gums. But once I started using this, it made things easier for me and I use Propolis Toothpaste. So everytime when I visit Australia or anyone going there, I will ask them to grab a few stocks back to keep and stock up because my family uses them too. And my family in Korea uses them too."

Maggie, is a pharmacist and mother of 2 boys, age 5 and age 9. She said "I taught my kids to brush their teeth and in the beginning I bought a popular brand toothpaste that I've used when I was young. To be honest, I didn't think much about it until I realize my kids swallowed it! As a pharmacist, I got worried because it's not only bad for health but it's bad for the teeth. Children should be using non-flouride toothpaste that is flouride free and natural. DSo I went looking for a more natural toothpaste solution and found Red Seal,I was delighted when I saw the labels when it was formulated with natural plant-based extract. Paraben, SLS, flouride free and no added chemicals. Now I can say I'm glad I found this toothpaste for my children. I would definitely recommend this toothpaste to all parents out there."

My kids love their new toothpaste! Previously they were also on another brand that is non-flouride but I realized it didn't clean well. And what I like about the Kids toothpaste is that, it is like your toothpaste that you have been using throughout the years in terms of similar scent, taste, color and texture BUT with a totally natural formulated solution of a New Zealand product with 100% New Zealand ingredients. Red Seal is also a worldwide known brand across the Pacific. And with it being available in Malaysia, we now have a great access to a more natural and healthier choice for the whole family!

They have a few variety; The signature toothpaste is the Natural Toothpaste, a combination of 12 herbs and extracts. Has a mild, minty pleasant taste and suitable for the whole family.

For ulcer-prone individuals, you can opt for the special formula, Natural SLS Free Toothpaste that is free off SLS and provides a gentle protection on the mucosa layer. Suitable for those wearing teeth braces.

The Baking Soda Toothpaste helps remove stains naturally, perfect for coffee or tea drinkers. It's a ntural teeth whitener. Before I knew of Red Seal, I used to brush my teeth with Baking Soda and VCO twice weekly and my teeth is whiter and cleaner for sure but it tastes horrible. Now it will be much better with the Red Seal Baking Soda Toothpaste!

Propolis Toothpaste as mentioned above it's 100% New Zealand bee propolis. Great for those suffering from gingivitis and sensitive gums. This would probably be my solution to my sensitive gums over the years!

Kids toothpaste, my kids love it now! The taste is like bubble gum, but its not chemically flavoured! It's actually enhanced with REAL banana and peach flavours! So I don't have to worry if they swallow their toothpaste now.

They are exclusively available in Caring pharmacies nationwide with price ranges from RM18.70 to RM28.20. If you'd like to find out more about Red Seal toothpastes, please visit

Red Seal
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Thursday 28 June 2018

Polident Empowers Malaysians To Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence

June 28, 2018 1
Do you know it's Dental Awareness Month this July? 
Let me share this beautiful collaboration between (GSK) GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Sdn Bhd and Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) as they embark on another journey to help dental wearers in Malaysia to have a better understanding, by providing them with a *FREE Denture Care Check Up. This programme will be a one month long initiative in July that will be available at participating clinics across nationwide in Malaysia.

During the launch today, the collaboration between GSK, MDA and Guardian, highlights a strong message across all Malaysians from all walks of life of all ages; And that is 
"Eat, Speak and Smile with Confidence"
GSK's Polident aims to empower denture-wearing Malaysians with the knowledge to overcome challenges with their dentures. Hence, their aim is to also bring back confidence to the wearer's to live their life normal again and don't be shy!

For most people, dentures is not an open topic where one would openly brag about. Because it can change the way you live your life and most of those who are affected, are usually unprepared for this change. However, Polident made a difference when they first launched in Malaysia. And nowadays, most dentists would recommend Polident to their clients because as said by Alycia Tan (Marketing Manager of Oral Care in GSK) "10% of Malaysians are denture wearers and that's millions of people we're talking about"

Many thought wearing dentures means you are aging, however, it's not true! It can happen to anyone. Today, they had invited Malaysians on stage to share their personal experience as a denture wearer themselves. It was inspiring and heartwarming to hear their story and how their life changed with Polident products.

From left, YM Raja Saleha bt YM Raja Yusop, YM Raja Azura bt Tengku Ahmad Tajudin, and the other denture wearers sharing their story through the ups and downs, and their life-changing journey.

YM Raja Saleha, wore dentures since age 30 plus. "Last time, it took a few months to get a denture because it takes time to soften the gums for the denture. Back then, it was embarrassing to say you're wearing denture. Not until Polident came and everyone had more confidence to put on dentures, and it was nothing embarrassing anymore. Many people around me proudly say they are users of Polident instead of saying they are wearing fake teeth. So it gave people more confidence to be open about their denture experience nowadays. When I started. It was uncomfortable. Definitely not the same with original teeth. At night I have to soak and that time, there was no Polident or the tablet to soak. So I have to soak overnight and it takes time. Even at night also it's not comfortable because there's no teeth."

"But now with Polident tablet, it takes only 3-5 minutes and it is clean again to use. Now I have more confident when I eat, smile, talk to ppl. It improved my self confidence. Now, even like today, if I have to talk longer, I don't have to worry of my denture shaking or falling off with the Polident 3D hold in place. After using Polident, I tried eating Dodol and I felt really happy because I could eat as normal again. One thing I must highlight, the Polident tablet is non-scented and it really cleans your dentures. And you can easily get them at Guardians pharmacy."

"I had an accident, and it affected my upper right tooth area. I suffered alot, there were a few months I couldn't eat. I had to consume porridge and liquid food. It was hard when I started but it gets better, especially after Polident came about. I still go for follow ups for my denture because we still have to eat and fully maximize our denture so a check up routine is important."

Which is also why most dentists will advise you to go for a routine check up to ensure that your dentures support is still in tact. Dr. Ng Woan Tyng, President of Malaysian Dentist Association says that, "Denture usually lasts but I would recommend to change dentures every 3 to 5 years because our oral condition can change."

"I struggled when eating food like chicken etc. Most times I have to close my mouth because of fear that it will fall out, even when gargling my mouth. However, down the road as I use Polident, it has definitely made me more confident and made a difference in my life because I teach students so I have to talk alot. Some people thought I was a quiet person, but it's not true, it was at beginning that I tried to minimize my talking because it was not a norm for me. I still follow up with my doctor because my partial denture is on the upper center tooth. But I only visit my dentists like twice a year which is lesser compared to last time without Polident."

"I have gum issue and it made my tooth loosen, not all the tooth but some. And I'm still young but I don't know why it happens to me, maybe weak or unhealthy gums? I remembered when I first took the opportunity to get denture, it was not comfortable, I couldn't talk nicely, not in a clear speech and it took me after 6 months to speak clearly. My cheeks looked like I just had Botox at the beginning and I felt shy. I couldn't eat much food, only soft food. After 3 to 4 months it was better and now, back to normal. After using Polident, I felt better when I eat and talk to people. It even gave me the support I needed when I work at an education centre in Cheras so I have to talk to students and parents. Now I can smile better."

"As a masseuse, I have to represent myself. You see, I have a problem with the gap. When there's no denture in place, my other tooth feels loosen, and with the denture it's better. I also had an issue with chewing; That's why I need denture because, if I don't chew properly, I will have indigestion and eating is difficult especially nuts, solid food etc. For the first time using it, I was really reluctant to put my dentures on because it hurts, it's quite tight too. But now Alhamdullilah, it's much better and I feel more confidence when I'm using denture. My advise to new wearers is to put it on, try it a few times and you will definitely get used to it and live your life back to normal again."

Today, we also get to learn from Dr Natasha (Prosthodontist & Senior Lecturer from Faculty of Dentistry UKM) who shares her knowledge on denture care and tips to clean your dentures as well. Some of the tips she mentioned when caring for your dentures is, to not brush them with toothpaste, because it can cause scratches on the surface of the denture causing it to build-up trap dirt & potentially breed bacterias within the scratches. Also another important tip is brushing is a mechanical way whilst soaking is a chemical way. When done together, it can clean more than when it's done separately. Plus, always use a soft toothbrush and don't brush too hard.

Dr Ng Woan Tyng is the President of the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) which aims to promote the art and science of dentistry in Malaysia; Encourages Malaysian Denture wearers to leverage on the *FREE Denture check up available Nationwide where you can check their participating clinics here. MDA is an association of approx. 5,000 members and an estimated 3,000 are participating as more and more are coming on board to be listed for this initiative.

GSK wants to encourage denture wearers to have the best possible solution for a better oral health and comfort Inn their denture fixtures. Therefore, as part of this launch today, besides the *FREE Denture Care Check up in the month of July nationwide, GSK now offers a "Polident Money Back Guarantee" programme nationwide from July to August 2018

How it works is, if you are not satisfied after using Polident, you can fill up the form online or manually.

Tiffany Choo (Head of Personal Care, Guardian Malaysia) states that through past history, Polident as a brand has established a good foothold in Malaysia bringing the people back their confidence. They believe the products is beneficial to most Malaysians.

My dad is a denture wearer himself for many years now. I remember back when he had to soak his denture overnight everyday and eating or talking was difficult. Thankfully for Polident, he is able to enjoy his food as he always does! And now with these amazing programme onboard this July/August, he is definitely happy about it! Especially the *free check up and money back guarantee programme.

So please don't be shy, if you do, then just like YM Raja Azura bt Tengku Ahmad Tajudin shared today, don't announce you're wearing a fake teeth, just proudly say "I am a Polident user".

Visit Polident.com.my for more details.
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