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Friday 15 June 2018

Day Trip With Kids to Subang Jaya - Amverton Cove Resort

This year for Hari Raya, we celebrated it by embracing the local sights and sceneries. And I'm not talking about watching a movie or going to the museum or going on a holiday.

We had a nice and messy lunch at a local hawker center in Ss15, Subang Jaya and then some snacks for tea time, for our journey. My kids being naturally messy eaters, left me helpless when I ran out of tissue paper! But thankfully, I had the Travel DRY Wipes tube in my bag and I took 2 capsules out and wet it; And magically, the dry wipes became wet wipes! The best part is, I was able to use the same singular wipe continuously each, 1 for both of my sons until we finished eating lunch! It was like having a wet hanky in hand, that is reusable and cleans well, without tearing easily. It's 100% cotton, hence gentle on all skin types! And yes, I am recommending, promoting & selling this because I'm using it myself also.

This is my half-lunch (cos I ate my kids leftover lunch), a new crunchy and chewy Ramen (rm2.50) you can add on to your Oden (Original or Tom Yam Soup) at Family Mart outlets!

Tried this interesting Avocado Milkshake. Avocado with Honey and Low Fat milk (RM11.90). It was very "fulfilling", please don't take this if you're full! But it's an awesome drink to quench your thirst and hunger, it's healthy too, with good fats! This is located at where Taiyaki used to be in SS15, Taiyaki closed shop already, couldn't find it...

Instead of heading home, my husband just felt like adventuring out, driving to places for a day trip. So we decided to head out to Amverton Cove at Pulau Carey, Klang (30-45min drive) on Raya Day 1. (He was hoping I'd agree to go Port Dickson instead, but no, not today)

We were in love with this place because of its green surroundings and beautiful serene lake. There were lots of fun things to do here too! Although food options here, in terms of venue, is kind of limite; but it is a great place to be with the whole family.

Children activities here are aplenty! We didn't partake in any though, we were just here for a stroll.

Our kids loved it even though it was a short and simple day trip. We were able to enjoy the nice cool breeze and the soothing views, we even watched people "kayak-ing" in the lake and being splashed by a huge pail of water in the swimming pool area.

This is definitely on our list to have a good family holiday here soon!

After that we headed to grab a quick dinner treat at ss15 Subang Jaya.

We tried this Aboong which turned out to be desserts. But luckily they had it in waffles without the ice cream.

I bought Lim Fried Chicken for myself (without the rice). And this was our dinner, it's pretty satisfying and simple. The kids enjoyed the Aboong waffles and also croissants (from Giant) back at home.

They had loads of fun today! Who said we had to spend money on shopping to be happy? Or visit malls to entertain our kids? Or even taking your kids to themeparks or play areas to spend time with them? The possibility are endless out there! There's aplenty that one family can do together with their kids, the key is knowing how to make everything fun! Why make life so serious when you can make it fun for everybody! Hope you had a great Raya celebration with your loved ones and a fun-filled holiday!

2nd day of Raya we spontaneously ventured into Cyberjaya & Putrajaya, you can read more here (it's quite short because nothing to see at Cyberjaya ahahahahha)


  1. Dah pernah menginap sini. Best juga tapi masa kami pergi tu tak ramai orang sangat. Jadi sunyi sangat resort ini. Banyak aktiviti boleh buat kat sini. Macam kayak, ATV dan lain2.

  2. That place looks really nice, will plan for a trip! And I wanna go get my ahbong icecream too :)

  3. Not only your kids, if I were them, i will also enjoy the day trip. The best way to spend time with family in an exciting way :)

  4. So that's how you enjoyed the day out with the loved ones - that's very bonding and relaxing right? There's really nothing to see or do in Cyberjaya but there are a lot to do in Putrajaya. Hehe

  5. Wah seronoknya day trip u. Boleh buat macam-macam aktiviti. Kalau I la kan. Mesti penat gila nak melayan 3 boys. Dari pagi sampai malam untuk tengok mereka aje. The only time I bleh spend masa dengan diri I adalah masa tidur. Wakaka. So comfortable bed di Resort amat penting. Best tak tilam hotel tu? Hehe

  6. Ah, how daring of you guys to travel just like that. I just stayed at home, afraid to get caught in traffic. It's horrendous!

  7. Kalau travel with kids everything have to be prepared but its will be a best ever moments to spend it them.. bravo mummy!!

  8. Wow, raya holiday. how I spend mine? shopping alone on 15th as hubby working and second day only spend time with him in Ikea. Tiring holiday and not much rest.

  9. The Avocado Milkshake looks delicious. I love it because it's very nutritious. The place looks so natural. great for family outing and am sure the kids love it too.

  10. Hehehheh that's the way! Have fun with the simple things in life. And I need to find me a partner that doesn't mind going on random trips like this just to keep things fresh! And that little promo in the beginning is so cute..I actually need to carry those around...I am hopeless when it comes to keeping tissues or wet wipes with me.

  11. Oh wow that place is so nice. I heard of it but have not been there yer perhaps will dropby one of the weeekend.

  12. Nice day trip..what matter u njoy ur trip with loves one doesnt have to be expensive trip for u to collect the memories


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