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Monday 1 April 2024

Goodday with Wonda, Keluang Man and Astro Shaw at Kidzania

April 01, 2024 0

​Another day to record for my memories. A day my kids enjoyed their time at Kidzania. Ever since the pandemic it has been awhile since they’ve been to Kidzania and so much has changed.

One of the activities they attempted near the entrance was the Goodday Charge where they had to workout to get healthy. This concept itself played a huge role for my kids as my kids are also on their losing weight journey as I don’t want them to be obese as they get older. Hence this activity trained them to work their hardest to ride the bicycle that helps charge up the blender to blend their healthy smoothie and be rewarded with the Goodday smoothie after the workout! It basiclaly replicates the act of an adult who goes to the gym to sweat it out and reward themselves with a healthy treat afterwards to refuel their energy.

Then they experienced the wall climbing activity where it was in cooperation with Wonda Coffee, Astro Shaw and the local Malaysian hero cartoon character Keluang Man! From this activity my kids get to experience the adventure of breaking through their fear of heights. Although they didn’t reach for the top but they did their best and didn’t give up. This itself taught them many life values in return. From not giving up too soon, doing their very best, facing their fears and finding their way to make it was in itself a victory! 

As a parent I was so proud of them, as many will probably just give up without trying but they know that if you want something, you have to do your best and keep going even when it is uncomfortable. My eldest is afraid of heights but he made it halfway to the top, my second boy was also afraid but he did his best to find a way despite the obstacles infront of him, he didn’t give ip and kept trying even though he didn't make it halfway but I was able to witness him trying his best. 

There were many other new activities on board like the FoodPanda grocery shopping and delivery, the Royal Canin Veterinary, the Famous Amos outlet and they brought cookies back, also the TV news reporter that I was equally proud of them because they were able to read the teleprompter on live TV. Although it was funny but they never complained or gave up.

At the end, they wanted to spend on toys but Kidzania is hood because it teaches them the value of it. Despite doing several jobs and making Kidzos they were still unable to get the toys they want. It indirectly teaches them the value of hard earned income from their effort and it is not an overnight success. 

They had lots of fun and learned the value of hardwork effort and making money. But they had fun at the same time, I get to teach them the value of life to prepare them for the real world.

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