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Monday 30 July 2018

Post Event : MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018

July 30, 2018 0
Was honoured to be in the presence of the Menteri Besar of Selangor, Yang Berhormat Tuan Amiruddin bin Shari during the officiating launch (on 28th July 2018) of the very first MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 at MAEPs Serdang!

This will be the first carnival for MATTA Fair Selangor Chapter that is different from their national Matta Fair event that is regularly held at PWTC KL. This Carnival will be a yearly once a year affair that will invite everyone from all walks of life to come and not just grab wonderful bargains and offers from the Carnival but to be able to bring the whole family including your children to explore amazing discounts, offers, prizes, entertainment and feast that this MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 has to offer!

I personally prefer this type of Carnival because the venue is the key importance, the parking is an abundance! The ease to the venue is very straightforward and you don't have to get stuck in traffic!! What is even better is that you can bring the WHOLE family, including your kids! They have a dedicated area for kids to play which is really really fun and super spacious.

The walkways along the booths are spacious and not as narrow or packed unlike other events or bazaars, you have ample walk space and it gives you more room to browse through every single booth here and offers available!

They even have a food truck fair downstairs the hall where you get to fill your tummy with local cuisines from various states in Malaysia. 

Outside the hall is the Animal Farm booth by MAEPs Agro Tourism Park. Incase you are not aware, this Animal Farm is located within MAEPs Serdang Selangor where you can bring your kids to come and get upclose and personal with the animals and reptiles here.

The Animal Farm and Farm In The City is two different booth ya! Don't be mistaken! Farm In The City was located inside the hall, where they brought their reptiles for you to pet them! It was, hair-standing-cringing moments for me. I bought tickets anyway for my kids haha!

I bought a few holiday packages myself for my family and am definitely looking forward to it! I spent up to RM2355 but I actually saved up to RM776 if I didn't purchase the packages from this MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018! That is ALOT of savings okay... Can buy HAIER Air Fryer already (which I did... lolx)...

If you missed this, fret not, stay tuned to 2019
Don't say I #BoJio #TakAjak #DidntInform wokey?!

For more details : 
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Saturday 28 July 2018

Altuz Academy: Unlocking Minds in Malaysia

July 28, 2018 0
Was glad to be able to be at the open day for Altuz Academy in Solaris Mont Kiara. As a parent of 2, everyday is a learning experience and today was one of it.

I have heard of Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism before. I am sure many of you have also heard of these conditions before atleast once. However, do you really know what type of condition is this and when or how to actually manage it properly?

Many, like me have the perception, that Dyslexia, is a person seeing the words upside down or words floating, actually it's not. Someone diagnosed with Dyslexia actually has a different way of reading. Dyslexia is more of the input.

Here's a simpler explanation :

When a person with Dyslexia reads a word, that word goes on a marathon race through their right brains first before heading to the back of their left brain whereas a person without Dyslexia reads a word and that word travels straight to the back of their left brain immediately to know what word it is.

Dysgraphia is a new thing I've heard about today. It's about the output, basically it's a deficiency in the ability to write especially handwriting. However at some level some may be able to write but may experience difficulties with other fine motor skills, such as tying shoes etc.

Here at Altuz Academy, Dr Choy Su-Ling deep dived into understanding more on the Orton-Gillingham reading specialist technique. Because having first hand experience herself on her kids, she had difficulty finding the right and proper support for those with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADHD and Autism in Malaysia. This was also the reason why, after going into details and learning about this OG reading specialist technique, she noticed that it was helpful and beneficial for her kids as she sees improvements through this method.

Hence, the grand opening today at Solaris Mont Kiara, where anyone can send their loved ones with these conditions to get an assessment and also OG tutoring; where they will access the condition of the child or individual then provide a schedule plan. Because the lack of expert instruction and proper intervention, to rectify the reading problems of Dyslexic children, can lead to irreparable harm, low self-esteem and widening gap that becomes increasingly difficult to close.

Further delays in early intervention, can also cause them to fall behind in traditional schooling. This will have a negative societal impact and it is our (the parents & the adults) responsibility to ensure that, their Dyslexic children are able to read proficiently to ensure their quality of life.

Dr. Choy together with centre manager Yap Jo Ling, created history in the international dyslexia community by being the first two AOGPE-trained academic language therapists from Malaysia. It is where all Academic Language Therapists at the academy receive the vigorous training and supervised practicum accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE) and International Dyslexia Association (IDA).

The Orton-Gillingham Approach, is a highly structured evidence-based approach to teaching, reading and recognized by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). This approach was developed in the 1920s by Dr Samuel Orton. A doctor who first discovered dyslexia, together with Anna Gillingham, who is a gifted teacher and a psychologist.
Lesson reports will be provided to the parents and also Monthly Report to show progress of the students in Altuz Academy
The OG approach is also supported by over 100,000 scientific studies over 70 years that conclusively showed that a reading approach should include five important pillars such as phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

It is a powerful instructional approach that benefits students of all ages and abilities so that learning becomes a rewarding experience to them. Some of the key features to this approach are the multisensory, sequential, incremental, cumulative, individualized, based on phonograms and explicit!

So it's basically a condition with an early intervention, where reading, writing, spelling and handwriting, can be normalized so it doesn't grow with the child until adulthood. Because the longer you delay, the extra effort is needed to resolve this condition will take extra hardwork.

For more info please visit :
Altuz Academy
Email | Facebook | Call +603-23892265
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Wednesday 25 July 2018

Treat Yourself With Love at Bondahaven

July 25, 2018 1
Everyday we face different situations in our lives. Some may be nice and some may be nasty. Hence, it is best to learn to appreciate ourselves more and complain less. That being said, we should really learn to treat ourselves better; And it's not by eating the things you love, going travelling, taking a quick break or even just laying asleep in bed; Sometimes it's good to just lay down and allow a professional masseur therapist, give our body a good massage.

I used to hate and fear going for a massage because of scary stories I've heard before where some masseur actually caused more harm than good to the clients! The only time I ever sought for a good massage treatment was during confinement. And since then, I am convinced that a full body massage can do ALOT of things!

In case you are not aware, it is good to get a good body massage to rejuvenate and allow the blood to start flowing smoothly all over in your whole body. Traditional Malay Massage can help for relaxation and also for dispelling wind in the body. This is why it is highly recommended by many moms for those in confinement and also, as and when you feel like it.

At Bondahaven, it's venue is fully equipped with all the proper tools and spaces for a full head to toe pampering session. At the entrance I was mesmerized by its serene surrounding (also I love the pink interiors hehe). Inside, it's setting was really comfortable and welcoming.

They even have a breastfeeding room that is equipped with Haenim Sterilizer and 2 types of breastpump where clients can actually try and they can also purchase a new unit if they like it. (Bondahaven is also the service centre for Haenim brand products as well, mainly the Sterilizer and the breastpump)

If you have to bring your husband and kids along, rest assured that they will be entertained as well in the waiting room. There's a TV with a relaxing sofa and also toys and a tent for the kids to play with while they await for your massage session to be completed.

They even have a nappy changing room too. This is really good for families who just had a newborn in the family and for the mommy that I highly recommend to have a post-partum massage session here.

Traditional Malay Massage actually helped me to dispel wind and also reduce water retention in my body. It even helped to assist my body to self heal and prevent further cramps or numbness in some parts of my body, especially the muscle at my calf. A good masseur therapist will also be able to tell you where are the areas of your body where you should pay extra attention too and take extra care of it.

I was given a choice to choose the type of session I prefer, between a relaxing massage or massage to dispel winds and I chose to dispel wind from my body. My masseur therapist prepared "Juniper oil" for me while I checked out the products that they had to offer on the shelves.

Lots of variety to choose from and covers a good range from pregnancy right up till birth and post-partum!

They carry a wide range of eco-friendly products that is safe and natural for the mother and child.


Bondahaven is the first holistic breastfeeding centre in Malaysia that integrates modern science with the Malay traditional maternal care. Founded by Dr. Tengku Nur 'Atiqah, a medical doctor, lactation counselor, a mother of 2 beautiful children and an avid breastfeeding advocate.

Everyone who comes for a massage will be directed to the comfy sofa's (where they do manicure and pedicure here) to soak their feet first in warm water and sea salt.

Then we will be asked if we'd like to go to the loo first. There also a storage cabinet to put our bags in, where we can lock it and hold onto the keys.

There's different rooms for different types of massage services. There's also a room for spa, where we get to pamper our skin in a nice herbal, aromatherapy or milk bath.

In the massage room, a set of sarung and shower cap is provided to keep our hairs tucked in and tidy. So if you have long hair like mine, please tie them up. Oh! Before we entered the massage area, they provided me with a box to fit my shoes in and to wear their fluffy slippers.

My masseur therapist said that every massage session usually begins with a stretching method, like an appetizer to stretch your muscles to be on standby for the massage session. She even told me to let her know if I want to have her pressing my pressure points harder or lighter. I chose for a medium pressure before my session started (we filled up a simple form), she was really good! No pain and just nice the pressure against my pressure points. However, she told me that, I had to look after my back, especially my shoulders and lower back. I realized why I should look after these areas, because I've been babywearing my youngest the past few days for long hours.

My masseur therapist massages my full body, head to toe (excluding the private areas) and after the session I was given a choice (choice was given earlier when I was filling the form) to choose between their herbal tea or if I'd like to top-up to indulge in some Bird's nest.

So I picked the Bird's nest RM12, I had it chill and served to me after my massage session completed 60minutes later. I was left in the room to just relax, clean my hands and face with a warm towel provided and just enjoy my drink, after changing back into my outfit. I have to wait 2 hours later only I can bathe because it's good to allow the benefits of the massage oil to take proper effect on our body.

My session at Bondahaven was pleasant and enjoyable. Most moms will appreciate this special ME time just for you, your body and your being. Also, some valuable information for you to know; A percentage of their monthly sales will go towards selected NGOs that empowers single mothers. This is definitely worth mentioning!

As a treat for you, mention my blog or just my name "Sebrinah" and you can enjoy 15%* discount off your choice of treatment.

You can also join Bondahaven membership, just spend RM200 and above and you'll be entitled for it.

Benefits you can enjoy further as a member here are 1. Collect points RM100 = 1 point.
2. Redeem points 1 point = RM1.
3. Birthday Month Specials : Only ONE(1) choice available for the below during your birthday month.
- "Massage" & "Spoilt For Choices" category, enjoy 30% off with min spend of RM300
- "Package" & "Hands & Feet" category, enjoy either one service only at 30% off.
4. As a member, whenever you bring your friend along, both of you get to enjoy 15% off services listed and if your friends purchases any products only at Bondahaven above RM100 (exclude services), you will gain an extra 5 points into your member account.

For more info you can check :
Website | Facebook | Instagram
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Tuesday 24 July 2018

Affected with HFMD? What to do next?

July 24, 2018 0
Am sure many of you may be aware of HFMD by now. Incase you don't know about it, can WiKi it up here.

I had first hand experience on it for the first time in my life, because of a silly mistake I made. I took my firstborn then back in 2015 to his first month injection. And as a newbie-mom, I was naive thinking that he is now entirely safe from diseases. Little did I know that bringing him to the changing station in one of the local known shopping mall nearby for the very first time (he was 2 months old then) would actually caused him to contract this nasty HFMD a week later!

It started with a slight fever and then some red spots on his tummy first and more prominent on the face, arms, legs and thighs. It was only after seeing 3 pediatrician in 3 days while the spots turned into small liquid-like spots, he was diagnosed with suspected HFMD at 2 MONTHS OLD! Because he had tiny ulcers in his mouth after the fever and spots were almost all out.

Then only towards the end (lasted 5 days), the spots dried up on his face, leg and thighs. I even found out from his paed that the HFMD has about 6 strains? So there's no vaccine nor any medication for it and if you have contracted it once, it does not make you immune to HFMD strains entirely. Because it has 6 or maybe more now... So you may have contracted strain A but there's still B, C, D and so on out there!

Most importantly, if you doctor never share this with you, let me share with you; Before, during and after HFMD, you must sanitize and clean all the surfaces and areas where the body fluid may come in contact with! Because this nasty virus lasts for up to 30 days even AFTER recovery! That was how my son contracted it, on the changing station (I cleaned it thoroughly and sprayed and wipe and place an extra layer over the station before putting my baby on it to change his nappy) but I forgot to sanitize my hands that could have touched the sides of the station that may have the HFMD lingering from previous baby/parent.

Thankfully it was mild for my child. And it didn't bothered his appetite. After 5 days, I contracted it from him because I fully look after him and fully breastfed (direct latch). SO I caught this nasty bug for 7 days straight! It was HORRIBLE! Imagine getting a numb feet and x10 that emotion plus having stepping on a bed full of sharp pointy needles. That's how it literally feel like on my palms and feet! I had to wear a fluffy sleeper at home because I could not touch and smooth solid surface, it was horrible! It was constant needles poking through your skin!

Picture for illustration only.

I used a cold Aloe Vera cream to soothe it but it never last. What really helped for HFMD was the Menang 8 Raja Kayu Red Power Cream and the Raja Kayu Gem Aura Spray/Red Power Spray. It's made out of Raja Kayu, plant-based ingredients and it's made in Malaysia.

RM48, 120ml @ Shopee MY

I'm a big fan of this brand and product because it's really too good and naturally plant-based! For HFMD, it helps to soothe the itch and the pain. Helps dry the spots up super quick and leave no scar behind!!

Review from one of our friend & valued customer :

Just recently this month we had blooming orders of 40 over creams to one kindergarten because of the kids that were infected by it and some were not but just for standby. And it's because of the effectiveness of it.

RM28, 50g @ Shopee MY

I usually advise my customers to put the RK cream and RK spray in the fridge and use it chill for those HFMD or even Chicken Pox spots. In normal temperature it works for other stuffs where I will share the full details soon on the RK Cream. As for the Spray you can read about it here.

RM35, 150ml @ Shopee MY

Where to Buy them?
You can order them on my Shopee account or you can also contact any of our mumtrepreneurs on Facebook (by area for COD/Self Collect) who are authorized agents for Menang 8 Raja Kayu :

Subang Jaya : 
Christina Fam (Facebook)

USJ/Puchong/PutraHeights :
Sebrinah Yeo (This is Me lah.... Facebook)

Cheras : 
Joey Lee (Facebook)

Ampang :
Jurina Lee Abdullah (Facebook)

Johor : 
Iskandar Puteri/Nusajaya - Serena Ganesh (Facebook)

Penang : 
Bayan Baru & Greenlane - Ivy Quah (Facebook)
Georgetown - Hui Ling (Facebook)

Disclaimer : The cream is not meant to heal or replace your doctor's advise or any medical advise. It only helps to assist in soothing the condition as an alternative remedy. So it's subjective to individuals as well, because our skin is different. This is based on my personal experience and also sharing from my friends as well.
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Best Personal Branding, Star Award 2018 Malaysia

July 24, 2018 1
What is Personal Branding?
Do you even know what does it mean?

You see, Branding has been in existence since the early ages where artifacts, relics are used to differentiate different cultures and eras. Take Malaysia & Singapore for example; Malaysia is under the Commonwealth organizations which was back then and still is under Britain (used to be known as the "Great Britain"). Or even Communism vs Capitalism; These are all a form of Branding.

Today, we are in the Information Age where companies and brands are branding themselves as the preferred Employer and Employee Engagement. That being said, the last phase of Branding is the individuals! Because you and me, we're unique; Everyone is unique! We have our own personal values that makes us who we are today. That is why Personal Branding is important because with all these in place, we can actually make a difference and possessed great values in making the world a better place! But these individuals have not been given the recognition they deserved.

Best Personal Branding Star Award, started in Singapore in 2017; It's to acknowledge these amazing individuals which has impact or left a strong influence on their personal achievements (NOT just in the corporate world, but everywhere else)

The objectives of this special award, is to honour individuals who empowers and gives positive impacts within their industries; Because this award recognises the inividuals achievements as an individual, personal assets, strengths, skills and positioning. And don't be mistaken, because Best Personal Branding Star Award focuses on these leaders and inspiring individuals and not their brand, products or company.

Like many awards these days, the criteria to partake is almost too easy. However, the judging criteria for the Best Personal Branding Star Award is based on 8 strict criteria whereby an individual is accessed on their : (Must have minimum 3 of the following to be nominated for this award)

1. Profile

2. Tribe

3. Media Coverage

4. Intellectual Property

5. Overseas Presence

6. Active in Charity

7. Existing Award Winners

8. Nomination from previous winners

So who's the founder of this award?
Andrew Chow, he is the Top 10 Most Influential Speaker in Singapore 2013 and he's a successful social media and public relations strategist, entrepreneur and speaker based in Singapore. He is also the best-selling author of the highly popular series of books :
Social Media 247
Personal Branding 247
Public Relations 247

I love his books as it really guides you to everything you need to know about the said topics. It's straightforward and easy to grasp and put to practice.

For 30 over years, Andrew has a number of achievements and accolades under his belt. In 2008 alone, he won the Spirit of Enterprise Award and was the recipient of the Successful Entrepreneur Award in 2010. He's also an avid traveller where he recently held his first solo photo art exhibition as a fund-raising event for Singapore local charity, Teen Challenge, whereby he is a volunteer. You can actually follow him on social media under his moniker @ideasandrew.

From L-R : Kendrick Ng, Andrea Chow, Dr Wendy Liew, Data' Dr Nicholas Ho & Ivy Hew
A few of The Finalists for Malaysia this year are : 
Kendrick Ng, he's a COO by day and a renowned artist & digital visual recorder by night. It's really rare to find amazing talents such as his! To be able to digitally sketch a summary of an event or conference in just a short span of time is outstanding! He started out putting his keen observation skills and humor to use as a cartoonist and visual recorder, and created #kendylife. When I first followed his page, I was amazed by the drawings. In fact, I have actually seen his drawings before, especially some of the characters on it that is quite commonly seen on social media and even at public places. Having dedicated himself to art and creativity for the last 12 years and counting, Kendrick continues to challenge himself creatively and I totally support that! This was his summary that he did for today's conference and it's just beyond too good to be true, but it's for real! He actually won the Best Personal Branding Star Award 2017 in Singapore.

Andrea Chow, from KL; Has helped thousands of sales person and business owners double up their sales and improve their businesses over the past 3 years. She serves across Malaysia, Singapore, Columbia, Thailand and Vietnam by using training, coaching and consultation methodology. She also her publish her own book "Breakthrough with a Coach" launch on June 2018.

Dr Wendy Liew, Recognized and awarded as one of the "Women Icons Malaysia 2018" by BERG Singapore and "The 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneur 2017". She has trained more than hundreds of companies and over 50,000 corporate people including senior top management. She has garnered considerable media and press appearances in local news mediums, magazines and even radio channels. Apart from Malaysia, she also shares her expertise across borders to Hong KOng, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Dubai.

Dato' Dr Nicholas Ho, the Executive Director & CEO of Seristine Group of Companies, where one of the most notable achievements of Seristine, under his leadership includes the construction of the tallest residential property in Cambodia (The Skyline). An award-winning entrepreneur himself with a large following on social media at almost 5,000. He also co-founded the Ray of Light (ROL) Club, an organization that does charity work. He is also a Benefactor and Sponsor of the Seristine Endowed Scholarship (administered by the Singapore Management University to help outstanding students faced with financial difficulty).

Ivy Hew, pursued her entrepreneur dreams and founded DTR Group in 2012. With more than 30 years of experience in retail on managing and developing international licensed brands, she helps to secure the right tenants for shopping malls and assist tenants/brands to penetrate into the retail industry. She's also multilingual which helps her to source for manufacturing products easily and procuring international brands expanding into the European continent! She is also the award winner for 2016 Golden Phoenix Awards-Entrepreneurs Awards Winners!

What are the benefits from this Best Personal Branding Star Award?
To build an Asia Business Leaders network community based on Personal Branding. Each winner will also have their profiles listed and can be easily shared via different platforms through the Star Phone application.

You can easily download the Star Phone application on your device and choose a package to get started. It is like an intereactive digital namecard on-the-go. But it's way cooler than that, because whoever has this app installed in their device, all they need to do to contact or look up their friend's profile (who has the same app on their device), they just have to dial *NAME and it will show all the details of that friend of yours. It's really convenient and empowering because of the connection that you are able to achieve within the Star Phone app.

It connects to all the Best Personal Branding Award winners within your country and you can stay in touch with them even after the award ceremony for near future collaborations. And if you head on to Singapore, you can connect with them easily too.

Star Phone is by One Smart Star Malaysia; It's the Malaysian Exclusive Franchisee of One Smart Star, a US patent protected innovation that enables a single point access to the full range of information available by an individual. As mentioned earlier, download the Star Phone app to your device, then simply enter Star (*) and a 4 to 5 digit Identity Code for example *AWARD (*29273) to reach the required contact point for the business information and branding. This services has already been expanded to over 80 countries and clients including many major brands worldwide. One Smart Star Malaysia led by Careyden Wee, an inspiring entrepreneur with an entensive experience in various key industries from insurance, telematics, telecommunications to connected environment in the automobile field.

The award won't just stop here, it will go on and it is targeted to expand into neighboring countries as well. So with the help of this app, we can easily connect and network with past winners and nominees for the award across borders (Eg. If you're from Malaysia and you head to Singapore, you can view contact from Singapore & Malaysia, in future if you head to Thailand, you can connect with winners from Thailand and Malaysia and etc). Like now, I can even contact the founder on Whatsapp through this app. Rest assured, if you'd like to keep your contact and profile details a secret to outsiders, you can set a password so that whoever that dials you up, has to key in a special password to view all your social media handles and contact you directly with ease.

So if you think you have what it takes to be a nominee (must meet with min 3 of the criterias mentioned above) of the Best Personal branding Star Award 2018 in Malaysia, then get the Star Phone app and Dial *AWARD on your device and All The Best!~

"Your Personal Brand is what differentiates YOU from others!"
When you're authentically YOU, your brand has NO competition.

Ps. I'll be sharing my thoughts on Andrew Chow's books (Social Media 247, Personal Branding 247) after I finish reading it, so stay tuned!
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