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Tuesday 24 July 2018

Affected with HFMD? What to do next?

Am sure many of you may be aware of HFMD by now. Incase you don't know about it, can WiKi it up here.

I had first hand experience on it for the first time in my life, because of a silly mistake I made. I took my firstborn then back in 2015 to his first month injection. And as a newbie-mom, I was naive thinking that he is now entirely safe from diseases. Little did I know that bringing him to the changing station in one of the local known shopping mall nearby for the very first time (he was 2 months old then) would actually caused him to contract this nasty HFMD a week later!

It started with a slight fever and then some red spots on his tummy first and more prominent on the face, arms, legs and thighs. It was only after seeing 3 pediatrician in 3 days while the spots turned into small liquid-like spots, he was diagnosed with suspected HFMD at 2 MONTHS OLD! Because he had tiny ulcers in his mouth after the fever and spots were almost all out.

Then only towards the end (lasted 5 days), the spots dried up on his face, leg and thighs. I even found out from his paed that the HFMD has about 6 strains? So there's no vaccine nor any medication for it and if you have contracted it once, it does not make you immune to HFMD strains entirely. Because it has 6 or maybe more now... So you may have contracted strain A but there's still B, C, D and so on out there!

Most importantly, if you doctor never share this with you, let me share with you; Before, during and after HFMD, you must sanitize and clean all the surfaces and areas where the body fluid may come in contact with! Because this nasty virus lasts for up to 30 days even AFTER recovery! That was how my son contracted it, on the changing station (I cleaned it thoroughly and sprayed and wipe and place an extra layer over the station before putting my baby on it to change his nappy) but I forgot to sanitize my hands that could have touched the sides of the station that may have the HFMD lingering from previous baby/parent.

Thankfully it was mild for my child. And it didn't bothered his appetite. After 5 days, I contracted it from him because I fully look after him and fully breastfed (direct latch). SO I caught this nasty bug for 7 days straight! It was HORRIBLE! Imagine getting a numb feet and x10 that emotion plus having stepping on a bed full of sharp pointy needles. That's how it literally feel like on my palms and feet! I had to wear a fluffy sleeper at home because I could not touch and smooth solid surface, it was horrible! It was constant needles poking through your skin!

Picture for illustration only.

I used a cold Aloe Vera cream to soothe it but it never last. What really helped for HFMD was the Menang 8 Raja Kayu Red Power Cream and the Raja Kayu Gem Aura Spray/Red Power Spray. It's made out of Raja Kayu, plant-based ingredients and it's made in Malaysia.

RM48, 120ml @ Shopee MY

I'm a big fan of this brand and product because it's really too good and naturally plant-based! For HFMD, it helps to soothe the itch and the pain. Helps dry the spots up super quick and leave no scar behind!!

Review from one of our friend & valued customer :

Just recently this month we had blooming orders of 40 over creams to one kindergarten because of the kids that were infected by it and some were not but just for standby. And it's because of the effectiveness of it.

RM28, 50g @ Shopee MY

I usually advise my customers to put the RK cream and RK spray in the fridge and use it chill for those HFMD or even Chicken Pox spots. In normal temperature it works for other stuffs where I will share the full details soon on the RK Cream. As for the Spray you can read about it here.

RM35, 150ml @ Shopee MY

Where to Buy them?
You can order them on my Shopee account or you can also contact any of our mumtrepreneurs on Facebook (by area for COD/Self Collect) who are authorized agents for Menang 8 Raja Kayu :

Subang Jaya : 
Christina Fam (Facebook)

USJ/Puchong/PutraHeights :
Sebrinah Yeo (This is Me lah.... Facebook)

Cheras : 
Joey Lee (Facebook)

Ampang :
Jurina Lee Abdullah (Facebook)

Johor : 
Iskandar Puteri/Nusajaya - Serena Ganesh (Facebook)

Penang : 
Bayan Baru & Greenlane - Ivy Quah (Facebook)
Georgetown - Hui Ling (Facebook)

Disclaimer : The cream is not meant to heal or replace your doctor's advise or any medical advise. It only helps to assist in soothing the condition as an alternative remedy. So it's subjective to individuals as well, because our skin is different. This is based on my personal experience and also sharing from my friends as well.

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