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Saturday 14 July 2018

Bring Your Family To Ice Age Alive KL

Dinosaurs are back again! This time with Ice Age Alive in Kuala Lumpur. A good display of animated Dinosaurs from the ice age times located in the hearts of the city at Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTIC).

They've actually been around since May 2018 and will be here until December 2018. This is your one chance to come by, if you haven't, to bring your family and especially the kids to experience the era of the ice age with these huge dinosaurs on display!

As you can see in the video, these dinosaurs can actually move, blink their eyes and make sounds too! Apart from the T-rex that walks around the area, entertaining the crowd with its cute antics, there's also a really nice ice skating rink in the centre and a snow pool at the side for the kids to have fun at.

As you enter, you will see a nice cafe for some light bites on the left and a souvenir counter for getting some dinosaurs home for your kids.

Then there's the sand art corner RM5 for 1 piece with some educational informative posters on the wall on the Dinosaur era.

The Fishing Frog zone is right in the centre where you have to fish the frogs and see how many points you can accumulate to win something! It's RM10 for 2 frogs and RM20 for 5 frogs. I paid RM 40 separately for 5 frogs per kid and manage to collect 10 points for a mini toy Tigger for my youngest and another 15 points for a slightly bigger Minion toy for my eldest. If only I joined them together, 25 points would get me one of those huge Dinosaurs hanging above. And the BIG bears there's only 1 frog in the pool with the BIG bear prize!

They even have an inflatable jump house with a slide and an inflatable ship, which is free to enter.

The Ice Skating rink is RM10 to enter and if you didn't bring socks it's RM3 per pair of socks. Age 18 and below requires parental supervision in the rink.

The SnowPool is RM10 for 15 minutes and RM15 for 30 minutes and suitable for age 4 to age 12. Must wear socks inside the snowpool too. It's not real ice but it's really soft and fluffy, you can still feel your clothes slightly damp after playing in it, so bring extra clothes for backup.

When you celebrate your kids birthday there, the Ice Skating rink and the Snow Pool is covered for, along with the inflatable house and boat area. The Fishing Frog game and Sand Art is still chargeable.

However, the entrance fee has covered the complete experience as you walkabout inside from left to right, all the amazing dinosaurs life-like with sounds and motions; Which provides a good simulation and touch & feel for your kids educational journey into time with the Dinosaurs! Back then I only see it on TV, watching cartoon on Dinosaurs and never knew how huge it is in real life.

All in all its a good education with fun including for the whole family. My son who has never seen nor heard of dinosaurs, and gets afraid whenever I shows it to him at Toys'R'Us, is now in love with it after visiting Ice Age Alive KL! So bring your family over to explore the land before time. It's nice and chilly here, no need winter jackets. It's like aircond cooling inside, perfect for Malaysian weather!

For more details, visit :
Ice Age Alive KL


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