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Tuesday 24 July 2018

Shaping Up My Mommy Life with Shapee

As a new mom, you'll probably be wondering where to get the right nursing bra/good disposable nursing pads? Well, to be honest, there's no such thing as the "right" nursing essentials. It's only a matter of which are the ones that can provide you with the proper comfort and care for your breasts altogether through motherhood!

There's many brands out there when it comes to nursing bras and disposable nursing pads. And one of it is Shapee. Incase you are not aware, Shapee has been around since 2013 to help ladies look good and feel confident with their Shapee shapewear. Then in 2016, they launched their breastfeeding and maternity category where their nursing bra is an Award Winning Nursing Bra of the Readers' Choice Award 2017 by BabyTalk & Mama Papa.

When I first received my package, I was amazed by it's softness and it snuggly fits on me like a charm. The way the 3D seamless design and extra support is designed to support your changing shape each step of the way! It's like having two hands supporting your boobies at all times no matter the size.

As a breastfeeding mom of 2, I have been breastfeeding for 4 years now and counting. My eldest I breastfed him up to 4 years old (just weaned him off this year) and my youngest (2 years old) is still latching on daily. I like the removable foam cups too, because you can wash it unlike some nursing bra without the foam cups and some with the foam cups sealed inside, so it's quite flexible.

However, most mother's I know who breastfeed, will experience some moments where your breasts will leak when it's around feeding time or when your child is hungry. It's because your breasts are in sync with your child's feeding quantity and timing. So eventually it will start to leak when it's time to feed your child. (Unless you are an oversupply mom)

I remember when I first birth my eldest, my nipples were sore and tender to touch because of the direct latch nursing, that happens around-the-clock for every 2 hours; during the first few weeks after birthing. I had troubles finding the right disposable nursing pads! It was pure frustration I tell you!

I have tried various brands, actually almost ALL brands available out there at the nearby baby shops. Some were uncomfortable, some were flimsy, some could not even handle the leaks and leaked on its own, some of the material was so irritating against my nipples and it was just the worst thing ever. I did contemplated on doing a review on these disposable breastpads. But I will come to that maybe in future.

Today let me share my newfound favourite, the Shapee Disposable Nursing Pads. Made in Korea and affordably sold at RM18.90 (now introductory price at RM13.90 here). You can also get an additional 10% discount today! (Read below lah hehehe)

It's 3D shape design with its contoured shape to ensure comfortability and discreet fit even when it gets wet.

It's also ultra thin in 1mm, ultra water absorbent, up to 55ml of breast milk and has a Dri-Comfy Technology to ensure maximum dryness.

What I like is the leak proof coverage, its' soft and breathable material and the double anti-slip adhesive strips!

So when I first came to hear about Shapee, it definitely got me curious to know more about it hence getting the affordable quality products to use it myself. If you wanna get your hands on it you can visit :


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