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Saturday 27 March 2021

Dream Home Coming True with IDW Design

March 27, 2021 0

 Being an entrepreneur in my field while building my dreams along my NuProfessional journey has been an exciting and fun experience. The best part of this is I am finally able to realize my dream really soon. They say dream big dreams! Dare to dream big! And BELIEVE! So I did, and true enough, I almost got my own home end of 2020 but the waiting list was taken up and I knew the next big one was waiting for me. Little did I know, I actually am not that excited with just a double storey unit but a Semi-D instead, and recently my son added 1 more request to our family dream house with a swimming pool in the backyard. 

Then I realize one thing, I can't just pick a home off the market, it will be incomplete. I must design it ground up!

The minute I decided on this thought, the Universe works in beautiful wondrous ways and brought me IDW Design right to my doorstep! At first I thought it was like any other interior designing book of ideas and such but I did a little digging and I knew I had to share what I've learnt about IDW Design & Build.

From its humble beginnings in 2007, both founders Lokman Hakim and Rabiatul Adawiyah at the early age of 21 (yes! 21 my friend!), established IDW Design & Build as a start-up business in interior and renovation that was driven after receiving their first offer to design and renovate a bungalow which costed RM1.4 million. When they were 24yrs old, they received another huge project of RM1.7 million to design a college that took one year for the completion progress! Through all the challenges in the business and life puts out at them, they faced them both head on and both founders tied-the-knot in 2012! Just when things seem it was all in plan, life will put anyone through challenges no matter what path one may take and in 2017, a fire tragedy that almost took Lokman Hakim and his family's precious life when they were staying at their New Zealand vacation home. Due to such incident, they had the "push factor" to educate and grow their team stronger in continuing IDW business legacy. Determined to to help 1 million home property owner to get their dream home equipped with beauty and perfection! Fast forward to 2020, the pandemic hit the world by storm and everything changed! However, both founders immediately shifted their main focus to give their very best in IDW Design & Build. Like the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Due to the lock down measures happening everywhere, many people sought for home improvements as they were confined to their own private space at home and that was where IDW becomes the pioneer in designing a comfortable place to work, study and spend time with the family.

And there you have it! Because of all the challenges faced, the "New Normal" inspired IDW Design & Build to release their first book collection entitled IDW Design Collection in helping more homeowner to get their dream home! That's why I gotten a copy of it because it is going to be really useful for me for re-designing my new home in the super near future. Many people feel that designing is costly, even IDW design services started at only RM6k, still created some boundaries to some homeowners who wished to continue with them. But now with this new release of IDW Design Collection launched this year 2021, you can own this collection and view up to 200 exclusive designs in 3D complete with detail drawing, to suit different elements and lifestyle at every corner of the home you could dare dream of. 


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Tuesday 16 March 2021

Growing Up with Dutch Lady Maxgro

March 16, 2021 0

The title kinda says it all. Like literally, growing UP and I mean in terms of reaching the optimal height a child should be at their age is important! That's why when I heard of the latest Dutch Lady MaxGro formula milk, surely as a mother of cute little petite kids who is not even 5 feet herself, surely I would want to try too! Too bad I exceed the age-group for this growth phase. Anyway jokes aside, as any kiasu asian parents who would want their child to grow up big and strong and tall, definitely we would want it to be all-natural!

That's why I'm gonna share more details about this milk today. Malaysia has a malnutrition problem. According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 (NHMS 2019) released by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia, the prevalence of stunting and underweight in children under five years of age in Malaysia has increased from 17.7% in 2015 to 21.9% in 2019². A study conducted by the South East Asian Nutrition Survey (SEANUTS) in 2012 also revealed that 1 out of 2 children in Malaysia did not achieve the Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI, 2017) for Calcium and Vitamin D³, both are important nutrients for bone growth. One of the reason why I myself am on Cal-Mag supplements for my own bones!

Hence, Dutch Lady, Malaysia's leading dairy company recently launched its first milk based formula dietary food DUTCH LADY MaxGro. A new campaign was also unveiled to compliment the launch of its latest innovative product. Themed "Cita-Cita Tinggi Mampu Dimiliki", the campaign aims to raise awareness of Malaysian children’s nutritional needs and promote regular height tracking to ensure their ambitions to grow taller and healthier are achieved, thus meeting their optimal growth potential. 

Dutch Lady MaxGro is suitable for children aged 1 - 9 years old and it is packed with essential nutrients to help them meet the requirements of a well-balanced and complete diet. This latest innovation by Dutch Lady contains :
  • 9 Essential Amino Acids (9EAA) — which are the building blocks in Protein for bones and muscle growth, 
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), 
  • Calcium — for strong bones, 
  • Vitamin D — for aiding Calcium absorption
  • Other nutrients that can be found in Dutch Lady MaxGro include Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vitamin A, E, K1, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C — to support children’s optimal growth and development.

Hearing all these nutrients above coming from this formula milk is amazing right?! As Malaysia’s leading dairy company, Dutch Lady, further dialed up the ante by introducing MaxGro Growth Tracker application, a growth tracking tool that helps parents to keep track of their children’s development and growth progress at the virtual launch. Aside from tracking a child’s Physical Growth, the application also allows parents to monitor their children’s Cognitive Growth, check their Immunisation Schedule, update their Teething Log, and much more.

The MaxGro Growth Tracker app was developed for parents to help their children reach their ambition to grow taller and healthier with ease, and is available on Google Play for free. 

In fact, it was tested by a lineup of real Malaysian mothers: 
99%⁵ would recommend DUTCH LADY MaxGro to their friends and family 

The taste and suitability of the all-new product has also garnered positive feedback from their little ones:
96%⁵ agreed their child loves the taste of DUTCH LADY MaxGro, and 
98%⁵ agreed after drinking DUTCH LADY MaxGro, their child has no digestion issues. 

The survey was done in collaboration with the Home Tester Club in Malaysia. 

I wish adults my age could benefit from these and grow tall with these too. Kids these days are blessed with advanced technology to getting the right nutrients to support their body health and growth! Support your child’s optimal growth potential with the all-new DUTCH LADY MaxGro, found at key retail outlets nationwide. 

For more information, please visit and request for a complimentary sample now. 
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Monday 8 March 2021

5 things you should know about Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur!

March 08, 2021 0

The pride of our Malaysian healthcare, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, is definitely well-known amongst Malaysians near or far! So here's a fun-fact about Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur that you may have not heard of!

Did You Know, OLD IS GOLD?

One of the oldest private hospitals in Malaysia, sharing a birthday with the Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur - 1 February 1974. No wonder it has been a landmark in KL as the Pride of Malaysian Healthcare.


Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur is the first private hospital to set up its cancer care department which is now known as Cancer Centre @PHKL. It is also the first private hospital in Malaysia to be accredited Baby-Friendly Hospital by the World Health Organization.


Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur boasts 10 Cores of Clinical Excellent - Cancer, Heart, Breast Care, Spine & Joint, Lung, Hand & Upper Limb, Women & Children, Digestive & Liver, Allergy & Immunology and Advanced Nuclear Diagnostics & Therapeutics.


Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur's Accident & Emergency Department is available 24 hours and capable of handling all first Tier Trauma cases from stroke, heart attack to bullet wounds! Keep this number in your speed dial - 03-2296 0999!


Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur also has a strong brand foothold in Southeast Asia as one of the leading healthcare providers specialising in medical evacuation for trauma cases, cancer, orthopaedic and cardiology. If you have friends living outside of Malaysia, they can come to Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur for gold standard healthcare treatments and services. PHKL is the pride of Malaysian Healthcare.

Stay connected with Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur


IG: @PantaiHospitalKualaLumpur


Telephone: +603-2296 0888 / Whatsapp: +6016-313 0888


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Saturday 6 March 2021

Zipping into More Chocolate and Better Wafer with Cadbury

March 06, 2021 0

Cadbury Malaysia, under the global food company Mondelēz International, has launched its all-new Cadbury Zip. This delightful snack comes with an improved, mouth-watering new recipe as part of the brand’s strategy to refine their line of products. With Malaysians staying at home for most parts of the day due to current circumstances, these sticks of goodness can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, used in dessert recipes or even served as the perfect tea time snack to have with friends over Zoom to Zip through dull moments. 

So what’s different with this new Cadbury Zip as compared to its predecessor? The original chocolate base is now replaced with Malaysia’s favourite smooth & creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk. It is also enhanced with 20% more chocolate than before as the new recipe ensures every bite is packed with chocolatey goodness. Not stopping there, Cadbury also developed a recipe to ensure the wafer is consistently crispy to guarantee a satisfying crunch that perfectly complements the chocolate in every bite. 

The all-new Cadbury Zip comes in refreshed pack sizes with a striking red ‘Z’ splashed across the iconic purple packaging. 

RM1.00 for 16.2g

RM1.90 for 31.7g

RM4.70 for 95.1g (3 x 31.7g)

RM9.90 for 162.5g (20pc)

It is available on Shopee at the price of RM1.00 for Cadbury ZIP Trial Pack, RM1.90 for Cadbury ZIP Big Singles, RM 4.70 for Cadbury ZIP Value Multipack and RM9.90 for Cadbury ZIP Sharebag. Shopee has seen a growing demand for snacks on its platform, with half a million snacks including chocolates and biscuits being purchased between 11 and 15 January 2021 when the second Movement Control Order (MCO 2.0) was announced.

In celebration of this new chocolatey wafer bar, chocolate lovers will get a free sample of the new Cadbury Zip with any purchase from the official Mondelēz International store on Shopee from now while stocks last. The sample also comes with a QR code where users can redeem vouchers to earn a discount on their next Cadbury Zip purchase.

Adding to the excitement, Chipsmore is bringing back the Chipsmore x Monopoly campaign on Shopee. Chipsmore fans will get to take home a beautiful mug from now to 21 March and a free handy tote bag from 22 March to 18 April with the purchase of any selected Chipsmore pack. These free gifts are available exclusively on Shopee. Terms and conditions apply.

Take a bite of Cadbury’s tasty offering and other delicious snacking products from Mondelēz International by visiting

Ps. Don’t forget to pay with ShopeePay for smoother checkouts.
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