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Saturday 27 March 2021

Dream Home Coming True with IDW Design

 Being an entrepreneur in my field while building my dreams along my NuProfessional journey has been an exciting and fun experience. The best part of this is I am finally able to realize my dream really soon. They say dream big dreams! Dare to dream big! And BELIEVE! So I did, and true enough, I almost got my own home end of 2020 but the waiting list was taken up and I knew the next big one was waiting for me. Little did I know, I actually am not that excited with just a double storey unit but a Semi-D instead, and recently my son added 1 more request to our family dream house with a swimming pool in the backyard. 

Then I realize one thing, I can't just pick a home off the market, it will be incomplete. I must design it ground up!

The minute I decided on this thought, the Universe works in beautiful wondrous ways and brought me IDW Design right to my doorstep! At first I thought it was like any other interior designing book of ideas and such but I did a little digging and I knew I had to share what I've learnt about IDW Design & Build.

From its humble beginnings in 2007, both founders Lokman Hakim and Rabiatul Adawiyah at the early age of 21 (yes! 21 my friend!), established IDW Design & Build as a start-up business in interior and renovation that was driven after receiving their first offer to design and renovate a bungalow which costed RM1.4 million. When they were 24yrs old, they received another huge project of RM1.7 million to design a college that took one year for the completion progress! Through all the challenges in the business and life puts out at them, they faced them both head on and both founders tied-the-knot in 2012! Just when things seem it was all in plan, life will put anyone through challenges no matter what path one may take and in 2017, a fire tragedy that almost took Lokman Hakim and his family's precious life when they were staying at their New Zealand vacation home. Due to such incident, they had the "push factor" to educate and grow their team stronger in continuing IDW business legacy. Determined to to help 1 million home property owner to get their dream home equipped with beauty and perfection! Fast forward to 2020, the pandemic hit the world by storm and everything changed! However, both founders immediately shifted their main focus to give their very best in IDW Design & Build. Like the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Due to the lock down measures happening everywhere, many people sought for home improvements as they were confined to their own private space at home and that was where IDW becomes the pioneer in designing a comfortable place to work, study and spend time with the family.

And there you have it! Because of all the challenges faced, the "New Normal" inspired IDW Design & Build to release their first book collection entitled IDW Design Collection in helping more homeowner to get their dream home! That's why I gotten a copy of it because it is going to be really useful for me for re-designing my new home in the super near future. Many people feel that designing is costly, even IDW design services started at only RM6k, still created some boundaries to some homeowners who wished to continue with them. But now with this new release of IDW Design Collection launched this year 2021, you can own this collection and view up to 200 exclusive designs in 3D complete with detail drawing, to suit different elements and lifestyle at every corner of the home you could dare dream of. 


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