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Friday 1 July 2022

51Talk Online English Learning Malaysia

July 01, 2022 2

 As a mother in today's digital era. Many will wonder what is the current change in education. And for me I feel personally that education is important but traditional methods of education may not be the only solution anymore for our children. That's why today's post I want to share about 51Talk that is the largest online education brand that houses many services and education excellence under one roof. In my search for my son, I also found out that this is the Top 3 English Learning platform in Malaysia.

If you haven't heard of 51Talk then today is your lucky day. Because I myself have been going through various online classes and trials for my children to learn English online with online English tutors, that can teach English speaking class or even have English conversation classes for kids or public speaking; Because I know how important it is to learn English and even to find a tutor who can have a proper English conversation is not easy to find good ones and worst is some are from new startup companies, some from smaller institutes or English tuition centers but to find the best of it all, it is subjective. However after coming to know of 51Talk, I was exposed to a more different and more established company that has a system in place that is very digitalized, structured and easily accessible.

Why I find this online English learning brand 51Talk reputable is due to these 6 reasons why a parent will choose 51Talk for their children's education in mastering the English language efficiently.

1v1 online tutoring

51Talk provides children with an "immersive" English learning environment, so that children have sufficient opportunities to speak. Children learn to think in English. Also with this 1-on-1 English Learning platform, it will allow the tutor to help the child identify where are his/her weakness and strengths, which will then be able to assist in the child to improvise on areas where they are weak at. 100% focus and attention is placed on your child with this type of learning module, without making your child feel left out.

5A great foreign teachers

After strict screening and training, 51Talk have selected more than 30,000 5A good foreign teachers who "love children and understand education". There's actually many reputable and notable teachers that is attached with 51Talk that allows for a quality education that your child will receive.

Professional English courses

Based on the AISU, an international teaching and research team, created professional teaching materials: CEFR, which are in line with international standards. So rest assured that this isn't some online English class that recently started during the pandemic to take advantage of the digital era trend. It is an established establishment that has been founded in 2011 and in 2016 it is officially listed in the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) the very first online English education company to go public listed and covers more than 72 countries and regions worldwide.

Fun classroom interaction

51Talk's class platform provides rich and interesting interactive forms and instant reward feedback for the classroom. Meeting the needs of users to to take lessons anytime from around the world. They cater to young users from age 4 to 15 yrs all over the globe. Who said online education learning can't be fun?!

Build interest in learning

Language learning requires a lot of speaking practice. Through high-frequency learning, students have more opportunities to interact with foreign teachers. And this teaching mode module is through real foreign teachers participating in the classes to engage with the students in the 1v1 class.

High quality at a low price

51Talk hopes that every child has the ability to talk to the world, so we provide high-quality course services at affordable prices. 

One of the product advantages that I like about 51Talk is the Self-developed teaching system, after 6 years of independent research and development of Air Class classrooms, 51Talk has provided the first interactive teaching software for students around the world. Also, 51Talk tailors the core course "Classic English Youth Edition" for young people around the world, allowing children to truly achieve from language learning to language use.

51Talk sets the foundation of English language and cultivate communication skills. It is based on a strategized systematic design to help your child cultivate interest in learning English. Following the laws of cognitive development of your child paired with rich and interesting screen content. 51Talk's online English courses is based on 1v1 pure foreign teacher teaching your child all they need to learn and cultivate in English. And every class is set at 25 minutes each time.

You can find out more about 51Talk here or you can also sign up for a free trial and experience it for yourself with your child. Am sure you will enjoy the session as much as my son enjoys it too!

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