June 2014 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Sunday 22 June 2014

Redang : Day 3~Home Sweet Home!

June 22, 2014 0
Day 3 : 22nd June 2014 @ Redang

Was really reluctant to wake up today but I kinda woke up 3 times on my own (I bet it's the baby moving at those times...Been quite frequent recently)

Woke up at 3am, heard the loud thunder outside, rain & wind... Went back to bed... The room was still dark.

Woke up at 5am, no different... Went back to bed... The room was still dark.

Woke up at 6am, woke my hubby up to check the time and if we'd overslept? The room was still dark!! With the curtains shut, who knows if it's day time or night time outside, lolx!!

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Saturday 21 June 2014

Redang : Day 2

June 21, 2014 0
Day 2 : 21st June 2014 @ Redang

Woke to another awesome day, looking forward to breakfast!
I have this habit of making the most out of my breakfast meals at every single holiday trip. I just love it! The unlimited amount of food you can take plus it's breakfast (Eat Like A King!)

But my well-known habit is my breakfast style always end up becoming a DIY sandwich lolx...

Our breakfast was at Sang Suria Buffet Restaurant which is on the 2nd floor, right above the Resort Lobby. Most of our time here we were being seated at Section A which is actually nearer to the Beach view from above and it gets windy here too, atleast no flies...

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Friday 20 June 2014

Redang : Day 1 ~ We're back!

June 20, 2014 0
Day 1 : 20th June 2014 @ Redang

Alot of ppl headed towards Laguna Redang its like "People Mountain, People Sea" direct translate from Cantonese.

We noticed lots of improvements here but got some not so good reviews too...

We are finally back here in Redang but this time as Husband & Wife and soon-to-be Daddy & Mummy
Basically, Laguna is the only resort we wanted to try atleast once and we're here now hehe... With another couple fren together.

The room was lovely! We actually booked the Deluxe View room, turns out it's a family room for 2 adults + 2 kids. Lolx... SO we maxed out our clothings on both the extra beds hehe...

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KLIA2 to Redang

June 20, 2014 0
Day 1 : 20th June 2014 @ KLIA2

We're back in Redang again but this time as husband and wife aka soon-to-be daddy and mummy.
Am at my 18 weeks now and Doctor gave me a letter incase AirAsia ask for a letter from doctor. I thought nobody noticed but at the gate waiting area the staff asked me if im pregnant huhu... So she gotten a form for me to fill up only (an indemnity letter)... They say only wk28 (I think) and above need a letter so for me just fill form ok already.
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