Redang : Day 2 - Sebrinah Yeo


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Saturday 21 June 2014

Redang : Day 2

Day 2 : 21st June 2014 @ Redang

Woke to another awesome day, looking forward to breakfast!
I have this habit of making the most out of my breakfast meals at every single holiday trip. I just love it! The unlimited amount of food you can take plus it's breakfast (Eat Like A King!)

But my well-known habit is my breakfast style always end up becoming a DIY sandwich lolx...

Our breakfast was at Sang Suria Buffet Restaurant which is on the 2nd floor, right above the Resort Lobby. Most of our time here we were being seated at Section A which is actually nearer to the Beach view from above and it gets windy here too, atleast no flies...

After breakfast,I was left alone in the room to rest and continue playing my Nintendo DS. I was playing two games "Harvest Moon : The Tale of Two Towns" then I got bored and switched to "Harvest Moon : Grand Bazaar" and cheated my way to the ending. Then I started with "Rune Factory 3", my hubby & our friend came back at about 11ish am and we prepared to head out to lunch.
Lunch was almost similar for me for Day 1 & Day 2, hot tasty spaghetti mix with fries and nuggets and mixed tomato + cream sauce. What I love about it is the sauce tastes good, the spaghetti is fresh and boiled hot upon each serving and it's not the ordinary buffet style where it's left there in the open for self-service (from humans and flies). So it's a good choice for me + 1. The sandwich was kinda interesting, you had to order it and someone will make it on the spot for you, simple egg mayo, cheese slice, cucumber & tomato sandwich.

After lunch, we head back to the room and only to find out that my hubby neither our couple friend decided to stay at the resort and enjoy the sights here rather than go snorkelling at the same spot from Day 1 with the crowd. (Funny it's at the same spot, that's what they were told yesterday 20th June that tomorrow 21st June same time, they'll bring them back to the same spot again..... Kinda turn off...) So everyone had an afternoon nap and decided to meet up again about 4 to 5 pm when the sun is not so grilling cheese hot!

The sun was still grilling cheese hot, but me and hubby went down tot he beach early to just enjoy the beach view from one of the Laguna Resort provided beach sunbath chair with shades. The windy breeze was cooling but the sun was too hot. Thank God for the shades. We just sat there and relaxed and chatted away. I kinda wanted to play white sands so I asked my hubby to grab some clean white sands for me. I was actually bored, so he went to grab a handful of sand for me but I was directing him into which direction to pick the sand from, it was funny because I almost made him fell and when he grabbed the sand over for me, I told him I don't need them anymore. Lolx... We both gotten very sandy... Our couple friend came down shortly after and we walked over to Redang Beach Resort for some nice icy Ochado under the hot sun but breezy wind. (Ps. The Ochado here, has their special "More More Tea" it's like half milk tea and half vanilla ice cream. Very interesting! Oh, I gotten myself some honey lemonade soda, can't take tea huhu)

We headed back to Laguna Resort and we went over to their Warong area to rent a game of "Carom" which Carmen won the first game just by getting the last winning red piece in a goal but I collected the most pieces about 6 of them. The 2nd game I won by getting 12 pieces into the goal including the last red piece.
My first time playing hehe...
The sun was hidden by then and it was time for more beach fun! Which my hubby was my model such an adorable bear... ROFL!

Captured photos of our couple friend too. We made them hold their poses for about 1 to 2 minutes while we laughing away just for fun. Lolx!!

At 6.30pm they released the Baby Penyu aka Baby Sea Turtle. My hubby didn't allow me to watch my friend release it yesterday (20th June 2014) and he didn't allow me to watch other people release it today even... But we were just next to it and it's just so adorable "nature's wonders" how can I miss it!! I don't see Baby Sea Turtle everyday!! So I went snapping away the adorable pictures with my handphone. (Ps. I can't even watch Ninja Turtle movie nor TRAILER... Dunno what pantang larang....)

After the event and the beach fun, we all headed for a swim at the Laguna Resort swimming pool. It was awesome! I watched them just swim around... My guess is they probably wanted to get some sand off them or something hehe...

Dinner was a bliss~!! Yes, spaghetti again... But my friend actually went to queue for the Grilled fish with white lemon sauce took her quite long too. She grabbed a plate full of the fishes and sauce and came back for us to share with; Only then I realized why the queue was soooooo loooooonnggg... It tastes really good!

After dinner, we went to the Summer Point Bar at Redang Beach Resort (next door). Because compared to Laguna Resort, the music here is much lively and good to listen to. Laguna Resort the performers were simply singing slow medley songs and they were so SLOW and off-tune... I almost fell asleep while eating dinner upstairs listening to them sing downstairs, I kept yawning all the way. I bet it's because the target audience are probably the elderly and families...

That was how we wrapped up the night, oh~ the weather that night was scorching hot with no wind blowing at all. My friend said there's a saying in chinese (dunno what is the saying) but that saying meant, if there's no wind it means the storm is coming. Which is true... After we retired back to our room about 11ish pm, the strong wind came with rain and thunder. But thanks to that we had a lovely goodnight's sleep <3

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