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Sunday 29 April 2018

A Better Florist Who Truly Cares For Their Customers

April 29, 2018 0
Do you know that everywhere you go in Malaysia. You can easily find a flower shop hiding in one of those shoplots along the streets? However, do you know there's an even better florist out there that isn’t like the other flower shops or florist online?!

You see, flowers may seem fragile and simple; However, it must be handle with proper care and even the customers who makes purchases from them should be taken care of properly. In my experience, A Better Florist, really cares about their customers and knows what they require. They even provide flower delivery in Malaysia that you can place your orders from.

In fact, they actually have everything you will need for just about any occasion. From birthday flowers to appropriate funeral flowers, to gorgeous flower and fruit baskets. They also have a hamper collection, that is an ideal gift, with flowers or without the flowers, for your loved ones! What's even better is you can now start planning your gift for Nurse's Day 12th May, Mother's Day 13th May or Teacher's Day 16th May 2018! Which is what I am currently doing lolx!

Oh! They even have a cute range of baby hampers, and a get well soon hamper range, but there’s so much more to choose from. You can even order a fruit basket from the website. After chatting with them, I realize that every floral design that they have can be customised so that you receive what you need and want.

What A Better Florist specialize in?
They specialize in being able to offer flowers that you can order and grab on the go, when you’re busy and don’t have the time to drive through the streets looking for a florist shop somewhere out there. They are known as the best florist in Kuala Lumpur, incase you were wondering.

It's quite easy to place your orders with them. All you got to do is pick your bouquet, tell them when & where and enjoy those moments when your loved one or a good friend or colleague has received the gift from you.

I like that they have fresh flowers on hand where they can easily create and deliver to you on the same day! Isn't that cool! I feel this makes them the best florist in Malaysia! Because most florist online needs 1 to 2 days or atleast a certain min of hours (like half a day) for them to create the floral decoration and deliver.

And YES! Their same day best flower delivery is another reason why I like their service, because it’s completely FREE, and they keep their promise of delivering on the same day. Also, I found out that if the delivery is to other states (eg. JB, Penang, Ipoh, etc), you can actually request for their express delivery. This means, when you click that order button, their delivery will arrive to any destination in just 90 minutes.

In fact, why I am writing about this because it's not just catered for Malaysia. If you want to gift to a loved one overseas, you can easily browse online, via mobile or your computer, and order from its own designated website; For example, if you need the best Singapore flower delivery, a Hong Kong flower delivery or an UAE flower delivery, you can go to the corresponding website and get access to A Better Florist’s gorgeous flowers delivery.

I never knew this before but if you were to check or Google about "A Better Florist" online, you’ll see that their flower delivery in KL is actually gaining popularity, and they are the best HK florist & flower delivery, the best flower delivery in UAE, and more specifically they are the best florist in Dubai. Awesome!

If you don't believe me, it's okay.

You go Google them up and just see how many reviews and rankings they rake up to! It's amazing!
You can also feel free to visit their website and see what they have to offer. It’s more than words can describe.
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Friday 27 April 2018

Wholesome Iftar Feasts This Ramadhan @ Dorsett Putrajaya Malaysia

April 27, 2018 0
The best time of the year is here again! Ramadhan! Why is it the best?

Typo lah... "Sebrinah Yeo" ehehhehe

Simply because I love how the variety of local Malaysian cuisines, some traditional and some modernized, comes together to break fast during Ramadhan.

Today I have my chance to experience #Bismillah Buka Puasa Feast @ Citra Rasa, Dorsett Putrajaya.

With over 500 truly Malaysian and International fare prepared by the Executive Chef, Chef Shamsul Rizal and his team; A sumptuous spread of authentic "kampung style" delicacies & live-cooking hawker stall will be offered throughout Ramadhan from 18th May - 13th June 2018.

Today I get to enjoy most of their specialty! Such as the Durian buffet, the succulent, sweet and tender barbecued venison meat, the beautiful spread of cakes, jelly & desserts and the amazing display of Kurma to break fast with.

Let's not forget the yummy local Malaysia delights, the Ulam, Pucuk Ubi Masak Lemak, Patin Tempoyak, Kerutup Daging, Udang Galah Percik, Kuih Bahulu Tradisi, Nasi Kerabu, Laksam Kelantan, Pulut Pisang and just so much more!

They had Cream Mushroom soup that was really rich and flavorful, buns, Quesadillas and Kebabs that I requested, for non-spicy for the kids (and me lolz); Oh! There's also a range of yummy snacks that me and my kids were pretty excited about!

They have a few choices of beverages too! And it matches really well with these yummy dishes. Like the cincau, lemongrass, lychee, sugarcane & etc; All of these were really cooling, refreshing and gets your appetite going!

Over here, you will see the "kampung style" dishes like the Ulam, some international salads variety, lots of traditional sauces & sambals to choose from, a very nice mix of western and local delicacies cozied up at this area.

The fruits were amazing! It's like a mini fruit buffet spread. The durian was gone in a jiffy! The rambutan, longan and pear was really sweet and fresh!

There's also a live traditional music performance by Isma & Sri Mawar Band that will perform nightly.

So how much is the price of this buffet?
RM138 nett per pax (Adult)
RM78 nett per pax (Senior Citizen and Child)
Buy for 10 pax and enjoy Free 1 pax!*

However, if you purchase now, their Early Bird Special is only RM99 nett per pax and only limited to the first 1000* tickets sold between 1st Apr to 12th May 2018!

So better hurry!

(*Buy 10 free 1 is not applicable for Early Bird Special)

My kids were pretty satisfied too. Especially my eldest, he ate until his stomach was showing! He enjoyed himself here.

It was hard to resist the flavors of the spices merging together in all these dishes! However, I manage to try almost everything available! It was scrumptiously delicious and satisfying for the whole family! I'd definitely recommend this wholeheartedly! One time makan tak cukup lah ~

If you'd like more information, please call +603 8892 8388 or email to fnb.putrajaya@dorsetthotels.com
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My Personal Makeup by iStyle Academy Malaysia

April 27, 2018 0
I must announce that I was never a fan of makeups until recently after an unpredictable turn of events, I decided to feel and look good for me, myself and I. It may be surprising to alot of my friends who have known me in the past to be someone simple and no makeup kinda girl next door; Surprising my husband as well! I used to put on really light makeup only for formal events and that's it!

Today I will like to share my experience at iStyle Academy in Bandar Puteri Puchong. By the way, it's super near Puteri Mart.

For a 2-hour Personal Makeup class that covers makeup theory, day/natural makeup, night/dinner makeup, smokey eye makeup etc; That is worth RM588 is now on offer for RM399! Valid until end of May 2018.

What we learn is pretty easy to grasp during this 2-hour personal make up class. Allow me to take you through.

Firstly, we learned the theory of makeup, which is quite brief and simple to understand, we were also provided with a workbook where the steps and tips have been included already. We can also jot down any key information or notes for our better references too.

Here comes the fun part! Cleaning our face. We must ensure that we thoroughly cleanse our face with a cleanser or facial wipes first, then apply toner or Ampoule and finally a Primer.

What is the Primer for?
For permeability skin so that makeup does not crack. Forms a layer of protection on the skin and retain moisture in the skin while enhances makeup application, keeping it longer lasting without fading or caking.

Then next we apply Foundation.

Why Foundation?
Because as an Asian, in our sunshine and rainy weather all year long, we actually have uneven skin tones due to the sunrays.

What about Concealers? BB, CC or DD cream?
Concealers are optional. In my video below, I only apply a thicker layer of Liquid Foundation over my pigmentations, dark spots or scars (whatever you call it, the after-effect of Shingles). BB, CC and DD cream are subject to each individual skin type and color tone because it does not always matches our skin tones.

Liquid Foundation color can be mixed to match our skin tone which is more flexible.
Hot to apply? Follow my video below! Just dap...dap...dap and blend.

After applying Foundation, use a Two Way Cake/Loose powder and apply over your face, you can also use a Loose Powder. Once done, you can move on to apply, an Eye base over our eyes. This helps to enhance the colors of the eyeshadows and keeps it lasting longer without fading.

Eyeshadow tips : Apply a lighter shade covering the top of the eyelids and then a darker shade near the eyelash, if you have double eyelids like me, it's easier to do the eyeshadow (lighter : full eyelids, darker : inner eyelids). If not, just follow this ratio (lighter 3 : darker 1) like in my photo below.

Once eyeshadows are done, draw an eyeliner on the (Double eyelid) inner / (Single eyelid) upper lash line then curl your eyelashes and put a Mascara on.

Once you're done, it's time to shape those eyebrows with an Eyebrow Powder. Measure the length of your eyebrows so you don't need to redo the balancing of both brows length. When applying the eyebrow powder, remember to start from the inner brows with a lighter shade till the middle and then a darker shade from the edge to the middle and blend those 2 shades in the middle.

After that apply blusher at your cheeks. Just smile to yourself in the mirror and blush your cheeks. If you overdone it, apply a lil bit Foundation or Two Way Cake from your sponge/brush leftover (if you haven't washed/kept I away).

My favourite part! Apparently, it's everyone's favourite part of the class! Using the Highlight & Shading Powder. This helps to create a 3D-like effect on our face. It can make us look slim, have sharp nose, V-shaped face with prominent jawlines and some even cheekbones! After this apply a lipstick/lipgloss/lipbalm that changes colour and you're done!

I have heard of Highlights & Shading but never knew how to use it until now. It's so amazing! Look at my transformation!

I manage to master the skills learned from this class and apply it to my usual makeup routine. It made a huge load of difference! Looks way more natural after gaining knowledge from this class. I have my RAW photo to showcase to you below. This is my own makeup a few days after the class!

Now they have 2 promotions running until the end of May 2018. Best time to grab these promotions for your loved ones inconjunction with Nurses Day (12th May), Mother's Day (13th May) or even Teacher's Day (16th May)!

Promotion #1
2-Hour Personal Makeup Class RM399 (RM588)

Promotion #2 (*while stocks last)
Purchase a 3-in-1 set RM75 & get a FREE 1-Hour Day makeup workshop. 3-in-1 set consists of Creative Makeup Brush set, Personal Makeup Box & a Makeover sponge.

Promotions Ends 31st May 2018, 1st Come 1st Serve!

Price of OFFICE Products AVAILABLE at iStyle Academy
Primer RM238
Foundation RM98
Concealer RM68
Two Way Cake RM88
Eye Base RM42
Eye Shadow RM35 each color (you can select and custom make your own set of eyeshadow palette)
Eyeliner RM52
Eyepencil RM38
Eyebrow Powder RM42
Mascara RM78
Blusher RM68
Highlight & Shading Powder RM88
Lip Balm RM10 (changes to a sweet pinkish red color like in my photo)
And more...

This concludes my experience during this workshop! By the way, you can also have cashless payment here at this Academy. All you have to do is install KiplePay app into your device, register for an account and just top-up via their various payment methods. Then just scan the code to make cashless payment with ease! You get to collect points too and more!

For more info visit :
iStyle Academy
Website | Facebook | Instagram
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Thursday 26 April 2018

Illuminous Radiant Silk Mask Malaysia Review

April 26, 2018 0
Recently, I've been looking at beauty care for my skin, after recovering from Shingles last CNY; And I was selected for this lovely brand ILLUMINOUS, it's "Illumi Radiant Silk Mask" to pamper my skin with, after all the trauma it has went through for almost 2 months!

What's brand is this?
ILLUMINOUS is the latest advanced skin care in Whitening and Anti-Ageing that's specially formulated from Korea.

Do you have?
-Large Pores
-Concerns of your appearance in public
-Always "OT" Overtime/Work late
-Acne/Pimple problem
-Working in an air-conditioned environment
-Always exposed to the sunlight
-Dry or crack skin

If any of the above relates to your current condition, then you can check this product out.

What I like about this brand is, it supports both Day and Night functions through a simple 3-step process that Revitalise, Rejuvenate and Reborn. It also helps to treat targeted areas of my face for better enhanced results.

Most products will recommend you to use "only" theirs. However, with ILLUMINOUS, you can use their skin care series together as a complete beauty solution or act in synergy with other skincare products to enhance the results!

This right here is Illumi Radiant Silk Mask ( worth RM177 ) for 5 sheets per pack.

What's so good about it?
It's a unique Leave-On silk mask designed for ALL skin type.

What are the benefits of this facial mask?
It has multi-brightening and deep moisturizing ingredients that helps create a more brighter and radiant complexion and prevent pigmentation and dark spot in 14 days!

Just remember to wash your face clean first, the basic step to every skin care regime!

How Illumi Radiant Silk Mask works and is it for real?
Yes!!! Just look at my video & before and after photos!

My skin feels more lighter, smoother and moist. It feels like a little bounce. And in my photo you will notice a noticeable glow on my face. Also, the amount of moisture inside each mask pack is really awesome! I actually smother it all over my neck, hands and legs.

You can find out more information here :
Website | Facebook | Instagram
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Thursday 19 April 2018

Printcious Creative Gift Shop Malaysia Review

April 19, 2018 2
As a parent, every moment is precious to us when we're together with our children as a family. May it be on a holiday, a quick drive down to the urban city, to that new cafe just around the corner where we stay and more! Every single moments are precious memories for keepsake!

So how do we treasure these special moments together? 

We have tons of pictures and videos (until phone memory & memory card(s) all also FULL!!); Also as an influencer and a blogger, I have 3x times more photos and videos stored into my HUAWEI Mate 9 that I have to filter it every alternate days! If you're feeling this "MEMORY FULL" dilemma, then these are some solutions that may help you create these precious memories that's truly for keepsake in various physical items that you can bring along or decorate the home with or even gift someone with.

Printcious gift shop online as you may have heard about this online gift shop, if not you can click HERE on my previous post about Printcious. Basically, it's a really user-friendly and simple creative gift shop where you can customize or select a pre-made design for the gift of your choice.

For example; You can create Tee's for you and your kids.

There are 3 options of T-Shirts where you can Choose & Create from in Printcious.

Over here, I opted for a Cotton Tee, you get to choose the colors and also the sizes (measure yourself and refer to the size chart as a guide)

Cotton Tees only allows you to "Add Text" to your Tee like the example below I have created. 

Basic Tee allows you to add Images and Text on a White T-Shirt only.

Once completed, click "Done" and you can "Add To Cart". But I'm not finished with my orders, because I decided to create a Keychain for my husband and Magnets for my fridge!

Keychains are pretty simply to design actually, because of the space and the size of it; You don't have to be a creative person to do any of these custom creatives in Printcious! Just upload a photo you like and then drag until it fits the frame! Any empty space in the background, fill it with colors or a wallpaper of your liking.

You can even add text over your favorite wallpaper on the keychain instead.

Magnets for the fridge is almost similar to the keychain, size slightly bigger.
More space for creativity. However I opted for simplicity like the below my family photo with my favorite background and texts.

Usually after clicking "Done", Printcious page will take us back to the main page for us to preview our creation and "Add to cart" or edit again.

Like the below, the magnet is square and curved at the corners. So the text that I have placed there has been cut-off. So I'll have to edit and move it or resize it to fit.

After resizing and moving the text further up, in preview it fits perfectly and ready to be "Added to cart".

After adding to cart, you can see the summary of your total and what fabulous discounts you may be entitled for! Like get 30% off and free shipping above rm50; Or PWP-Purchase With Purchase above RM80 to enjoy 90% off any 1 item listed below.

 From this summary below you can see I actually almost save up to 50% with it's running promotions! That's a really cool deal!

Once your cart is confirmed, checkout and fill up your shipping address. If you are not home most of the times and afraid no one will be able to collect the parcel, then you can choose a collection center (via CollectCo) to self collect at your nearest location. The shipping fee still applies though, don't think you can skip it (like me ahahahaha ~kantoiii~)

Once you've done setting up your shipping address, then head on next to the payment method via online banking or ATM.

After that review your order and pay! Yay! Thank You for your order!
Excited to receive my creation from Printcious!

If you'd like to see the actual gifts, 
follow me on Facebook or Instagram lah! 

I'll update here below once I received my gifts, okay?


Ordered on 19th April and Received on 27th April!

EXCITED with my Printcious gifts!

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