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Sunday 29 April 2018

A Better Florist Who Truly Cares For Their Customers

Do you know that everywhere you go in Malaysia. You can easily find a flower shop hiding in one of those shoplots along the streets? However, do you know there's an even better florist out there that isn’t like the other flower shops or florist online?!

You see, flowers may seem fragile and simple; However, it must be handle with proper care and even the customers who makes purchases from them should be taken care of properly. In my experience, A Better Florist, really cares about their customers and knows what they require. They even provide flower delivery in Malaysia that you can place your orders from.

In fact, they actually have everything you will need for just about any occasion. From birthday flowers to appropriate funeral flowers, to gorgeous flower and fruit baskets. They also have a hamper collection, that is an ideal gift, with flowers or without the flowers, for your loved ones! What's even better is you can now start planning your gift for Nurse's Day 12th May, Mother's Day 13th May or Teacher's Day 16th May 2018! Which is what I am currently doing lolx!

Oh! They even have a cute range of baby hampers, and a get well soon hamper range, but there’s so much more to choose from. You can even order a fruit basket from the website. After chatting with them, I realize that every floral design that they have can be customised so that you receive what you need and want.

What A Better Florist specialize in?
They specialize in being able to offer flowers that you can order and grab on the go, when you’re busy and don’t have the time to drive through the streets looking for a florist shop somewhere out there. They are known as the best florist in Kuala Lumpur, incase you were wondering.

It's quite easy to place your orders with them. All you got to do is pick your bouquet, tell them when & where and enjoy those moments when your loved one or a good friend or colleague has received the gift from you.

I like that they have fresh flowers on hand where they can easily create and deliver to you on the same day! Isn't that cool! I feel this makes them the best florist in Malaysia! Because most florist online needs 1 to 2 days or atleast a certain min of hours (like half a day) for them to create the floral decoration and deliver.

And YES! Their same day best flower delivery is another reason why I like their service, because it’s completely FREE, and they keep their promise of delivering on the same day. Also, I found out that if the delivery is to other states (eg. JB, Penang, Ipoh, etc), you can actually request for their express delivery. This means, when you click that order button, their delivery will arrive to any destination in just 90 minutes.

In fact, why I am writing about this because it's not just catered for Malaysia. If you want to gift to a loved one overseas, you can easily browse online, via mobile or your computer, and order from its own designated website; For example, if you need the best Singapore flower delivery, a Hong Kong flower delivery or an UAE flower delivery, you can go to the corresponding website and get access to A Better Florist’s gorgeous flowers delivery.

I never knew this before but if you were to check or Google about "A Better Florist" online, you’ll see that their flower delivery in KL is actually gaining popularity, and they are the best HK florist & flower delivery, the best flower delivery in UAE, and more specifically they are the best florist in Dubai. Awesome!

If you don't believe me, it's okay.

You go Google them up and just see how many reviews and rankings they rake up to! It's amazing!
You can also feel free to visit their website and see what they have to offer. It’s more than words can describe.

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