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Monday, 23 July 2018

My Experience on Breastfeeding Storage Bags & AppleTree Malaysia

July 23, 2018 1
Have you ever come across a malfunction breastmilk storage bag?! Well, most moms I know on FB has complained over several brands that may seem good, popular or may have a hefty price tag to it, but failed to deliver as promise at times! Some call it pure luck but to me, it's a wear and tear defect for sure.

I have been using several brands now, I won't name them here because I ain't gonna compare each of them. But I have come across a few disasters myself throughout my 4 years of breastfeeding journey and counting!

I remember the time I had to pump around the clock every 2 hours for the second week of my confinement because my eldest was admitted for 4 days and 3 nights for jaundice. It wasn't easy at the beginning, there was no convenient type of silicon pump back then and I had to get used to the hospital's standard breastpump and bottles for storage. So marking it was quite tedious, Thankfully the nurses was helpful! And not one drop is wasted!

Then I had over excess of breastmilk due to my pumping schedule that I had to slowly reduce and regulate back my milk production to suit my child. Because I allow my child to direct latch as much as possible day and night (I always unlatch them after they zzzzzzz la). So the extra milk I had was kinda wasted because my kids always had fresh BM and the extra kept in bottles or storage bags usually goes past their recommended duration (kept in freezer) that is not suitable for consumption. But bottles was taking up so much space in my fridge & the storage bags I had it was either too small 7oz or too big 12oz and I had to always Google check 1oz is how many ml! (Too used to measuring liquid in mL form, suddenly had to know about Oz!) - Oz means ounces, mL means milliliter which usually adds up to liters

Thankfully breastmilk can be used to make liquid soaps, soap bars, lotions, jewellery keepsakes and even milk bath! (Some even use it to cook or added into their coffee or tea, but not me haha, I can't get pass that stage lolx)

The biggest disaster is when you try to thaw your EBM stored in the storage bags and then there's holes, so it gets contaminated and leaks after thawing! Nothing really makes you feel even worse than to watch your precious EBM wasted like that! (I'm definitely not gonna recommend let alone mention that storage bag brand!!)

Ever since then, I've explored and learned alot and found that Appletree Breastmilk storage bags actually does as it says. Am pretty convinced and confident to be even able to write this to share with you. Afterall, good things should be shared.

If you don't know how to use a storage bag for storing breastmilk, you can watch the video below.

And here's a some additional information on breastmilk storage tips and also a pumping schedule for your reference.

Lastly, please remember that pumping milk does not equal to the amount of milk you have or can produce. Because no pump can mimic a baby's suction! And baby's saliva actually send a signal when in contact with our areola to produce the right amount for the upcoming feedings for baby (which is why I direct latch).

And I have been advocating other new moms to try and DL every night especially midnight so the next day production will be just enough for baby. Trust me, I know because I tandem fed both my boys (just weaned my 4yo this year) and I can tell you that your body is magical; It can regulate and change the milk component to suit according to the age of the child and the quantity they required!

So if you need a good storage bag brand then this is definitely one you can explore for. You can purchase it at :


Use this code SY8OZ05 when you checkout to enjoy 10% off!
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Thursday, 19 July 2018

What's so special about SONNO mattress?

July 19, 2018 0
I have been doing some shopping recently online looking for bed frames and especially the right mattress for my husband specifically. Because he is the breadwinner at home and he deserves to be pampered too. Those long hours at work can take a toll on anyone's health and well-being!

Hence a good mattress is definitely a must-have investment to invest in for a long term goal.

How much does your mattress cost?
I'm not sure about yours but if you really look at the good ones out there, and even those already on mark-down clearance sales at home fairs or warehouse sales; You can easily get a good quality mattress from easily thousands above that will last you for a couple of years the least. 

I bought my mattress for RM5k+ King size and it is heavy! I actually have a hard time changing sheets or even rotating the bed around just to keep it balanced. I can't turn it over because it's hard spring at the bottom. The width is thick and I have a hard time finding the right sized bedsheet to fit this mattress!

Yea... This is my current king size bed...
To cut my long story short, after 2 boys came along (4yo & 2yo), my husband has probably been sleeping on the sofa for 2 years plus now. Especially now, because both my boys have occupied the bed with me sandwiched in between. Plus just recently we received a day bed to place next to our King Bed, in hopes my husband would be able to sleep together in the room with the family. But that day bed made his lower back ache horribly! (You really need a good bed if you suffer from any chronic back pains!)

So, if you're like me who seldom shop for beds/mattresses, then I am very sure you may or may not have heard of SONNO mattresses. I went to have a look at it at Common Ground and tested it out (must make an appointment beforehand). It was like sleeping in an exquisite 5-star hotel suite bed! The mattress is perfectly balanced, matches our body frame no matter the size or weight! I'm tempted to bring my husband to look at the unit because I am sold!

"SONNO" in Italian is "Sleep", and Fabio and his wife designed this in Italy, manufactured it in China and then brought into Malaysia first, since November 2017. Every mattress sold comes with a sleep mask & the bedsheet cover, where you can easily zip/unzip it, which makes cleaning easier.

There's only 1 Sonno model and 1 colour type available in 3 standard sizes of Single (not Super Single), Queen and King which weighs approximately the following:

The Sonno mattress consists of 3 layers with its added benefits.

Why it's not a Spring mattress?
I wouldn't really recommend it, because Spring is a cheap way to hold your mattress and in this day of technology era, your spring mattresses are like antennas hidden under your sheets. You're typically lying on a bed of electromagnetic wave field, that's something to ponder on.

It's only sold online direct from Sonno and for its price, it's definitely affordable, way affordable than my bed I bought 4 years ago.

Why is the cost so low?
Simple! Because there's no middle-man or distributor in between you and the brand. And also, they keep the cost low because of their unique packaging that is compressed and vacuum packed to fit a cute box where you can easily fit into a normal vehicle! Hence 1 loading can fit several boxes to several destinations keeping the cost low VERSUS the usual mattresses where transporting makes it a headache and if you stay on high-rise buildings, bringing a mattress up to your unit may require extra manpower! But with Sonno, you don't need to worry about any of that!

Upon receiving, it is best to open it and wait up to 24 hours for it to fully expand and take shape. And if you're like me, you don't have to flip the bed at all, you can however rotate the bed 180° degrees every half yearly to maximize performance and durability. 

What I like about this, is not just that the price is reasonable for a quality bed like Sonno; I like that it's actually designed with a "motion disturbance technology" for the Queen and King sized bed. If your partner moves alot on the bed, you won't be able to feel it on your side! Which is amazing!

Did I mention that they have a 100 Free Night Trial? Just make a purchase online and try it for 100 days; If you don't like it, you can return it back and you will be refunded in full. However, there's a set of terms to adhere to here, for the refund of the 100 nights guarantee. 

Collecting the bed back is free too. After they've collected, the bed won't be compress and fit into a box. The bed will be given to charity homes and not to be resold.

By second half of this year they will be expanding to Singapore as well.

So for this breathable bed, with a combination of material, that is natural and supportive at the same time; Comes with a 10 year warranty and free shipping for Peninsular Malaysia for now.

After the long story, am sure you're curious of the price tag on this mattress! It's half than what I paid for actually... And lucky you, you can use this discount code to get an additional RM150 off until August 31st, 2018

You can even purchase the Sonno via the Easy Payment Plan, installment plan where you shop now and pay later with selected bank merchants. Fees are subject to various merchants terms and conditions. For more info can find out here.

Here are the sizes & prices for your references. 

For more details : 
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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

KidZania and more at MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018

July 18, 2018 1
Following the previous update on MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival that will be taking place this 27th to 29th July 2018 at MAEPS, Serdang Selangor. Today, I found out that KidZania will be a part of this exciting event taking place here at MAEPS in MATTA Fair Selangor very first Carnival!

Why Carnival?
Have you even been to MAEPS, Serdang? My first time there for this press conference and I was amazed at the GREEN scenery along the way! It's spacious and HUGE, a great place to bring the whole family over!

Some complained that it's "so far away", but seriously, you are willing to drive all the way to Kajang to queue to eat some meat on sticks (aka Satay) rather than bringing your family here to MAEPS Serdang to enjoy the MATTA Fair holiday/travel offers and activities that will be happening next weekend! It's also Malaysia's LARGEST Agro Tourism Park that is filled with lots of picturesque sceneries that is so serene and greeeeeeeen~! Super stress-free environment! My kids would love coming here to enjoy nature at its best!! SO now is your chance/excuse to come over, because you can save money shopping for the perfect travel holiday for the whole family!

It's only a mere 30 minutes from my place in Subang Jaya to MAEPs Serdang. Trust me, I feel it's better to come over to MAEPs, Serdang than to KL City and get yourself stuck in the bustling city traffic, looking for parking in a godzillion circles- just to grab some holiday and family tour packages and offers this year. 

So what to expect this 27th to 29th July 2018 at this Carnival?

As said by Mohammad Razi from SriLankan Airlines, will be sponsoring ONE (1) International flight ticket from KL for the Lucky Draw during the carnival. SriLankan Airlines will also have other offers that will be available during the carnival along with other travel agents on ground as well. 

GOOD NEWS! Announced today by KidZania Kuala Lumpur Mayor, En. Shahrul Nizar Ahmad; For parents with kids, you get to enjoy super savings for KidZania only at MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018

Exclusive only to this carnival at MAEPS, Serdang Selangor; 
You get to enjoy the following : 

Super Savings up to 35% on admission tickets : RM139 for 2 kids and 1 adult tickets (Save RM70!)
Special Birthday Package Offer and save more than RM700 on Zuper Zaz Birthday Party Package that is worth RM2990.
Happy Hour Special Offer of Buy 1 Free 1 admission ticket for only RM85!

They will be located at Booth 95 in Hall D, MAEPS Serdang. They will also be offering various packages for your choosing! 

By the way, KidZania is not just for kids now, they will be having the "After Hours" events from July to December 2018. An event only from age 16 and above, in collaboration with Code Factory, the escape room expert. So adults can have fun in KidZania too!

MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 will be held at Hall/Dewan D

This is not your ordinary MATTA Fair that you used to frequent back in KL (which is still on-going as usual). This is a yearly once affair and this is the first ever launch of this Carnival where, everyone don't have to get stuck in traffic or have difficulty finding a parking, let alone your kids will surely be entertained! Because there will be a play area set up for the kids while the parents shop, and just below the exhibition hall area, downstairs is a huge carpark space where all the food trucks will be setup for the whole family to enjoy some unique food & beverages made by Malaysians. It is said that this food fair is special because you will get to taste Malaysia food delicacies from every state (eg. Kedah, Kelantan, Melaka etc) right here!

Below Hall/Dewan D, where the Food Trucks will be lined up here
In addition to this, if you spend above RM300, you are entitled to participate in the buyers contest where interesting lucky draw prizes will be up for grabs! Some of which includes Business class tickets to Saigon, Vietnam exclusively sponsored by the official Airline, Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAS) and other airline tickets to international and domestic destinations sponsored by Firefly, Malindo, KLM, Thai Airways, SriLankan Airlines and Turkish Airlines. KidZania is also offering 50 entrance tickets for the buyers contest!

There's up to 50 exhibitors participating in the fair and and an expected crowd of more than 65,000 for the upcoming carnival. With the ample parking space of over 7000 that is convenient and spacious enough for the whole family to come by.

Come and meet one of KidZania's official mascot during the MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018.

From L-R :
En. Shahrul Nizar Ahmad (Mayor of KidZania KL), Urbano (KidZania mascot) & Sebrinah Yeo (from
Got ATM machine in the hall also, so don't worry if tak cukup duit. Card also accepted. (Hahaha!)
Some of the event line ups organised by MATTA Selangor for the upcoming carnival includes;
→  Free food to the first 1000 visitors
→  Busking competition for all buskers (aka Street performances)
→  Dedicated carnival area for children featuring 
clowns, face painting and carnival games (my favourite!).
→  Durian Buffet Jom Makan! from 27-29 July 2018, 9am till 7pm (Got pineapple/nenas to indulge also)
→  Jumpstreet, Bangi Wonderland, Sunnydeol Resort & Spa, Skytrex Adventures, Farm In The City, Palace of Golden Horses & Resort, Sky Mirror and much more. Farm In The City will be bringing some mini pets over where family with kids can experience feeding the pets during the carnival.
→  The Rift (an AR adventure)
→  Berjaya Times Square Theme Park
→  Museum Illusion Kuala Lumpur
→  KL Hop On! Hop Off!
→  Legoland Malaysia Resort is offering a price reduction for the theme park’s annual pass and also other offers at their participating booth during the carnival.

There will also be a special appearance by Miss Universe Japan 2018, Miss Yuumi Kato as she will by in Malaysia for a fan-meet event. You can also enjoy performances organized by Tourism Selangor and Legoland Malaysia throughout the three day carnival.

Entrance is FREE for all!

See You There!

(Psst, I heard that the new minister YB Tuan Mohamaddin bin Ketapi, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia will be coming on Friday and the event will be officiated by Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Menteri Besar Selangor, YB Tuan Amirudin Bin Shari, awesomeee~~!!)

For More Updates : 
MATTA Selangor
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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Top 3 Things To Know About The Oppo Find X

July 17, 2018 0
Am sure you will be well aware that the OPPO Find X recently launched in Malaysia on the 17th July 2018 retailing at RRP RM3,699. However, do you know why it's slapped with such a premium price tag? And is it even worth it?

Well, I'll leave that to you to decide because everyone has their own set of budget for a smartphone. However, let me share with you why I think this flagship smartphone is suited for it's price!

The Top 3 things to know about the Oppo Find X!


It's sleek and chic design can enable you to view more with it's 93.8% visual screen ratio, that's almost having an all-screen in the front! In fact, the OPPO Find X features a brand new design innovation with hole-less front and rear panel. It really feels elegant to touch and truly expresses the "beauty of nature" with it's smooth inlaid 3D glass on the edges.

It even comes in two gradient color, the Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue. I love the Bordeaux Red the most! Under bright light, you can see the OPPO Find X shines like a crystal and flowing water; where the gradient color changes with your surroundings.


During official launch of the OPPO Find X, Keda'Z, OPPO Malaysia exclusive photographer was invited up on stage to introduce it's design and camera features. "The reflection of the OPPO Find X from different angles is truly a gem. When I first saw the OPPO Find X, my inspirations started flowing immediately as I was hit from all directions by ideas on different photos I could take" said Keda'Z. And I agree with him, when I first saw the device today, I was and still am amazed by it's imaging capabilities as OPPO has never failed to surprise me with it's camera features. It's 16+20 Megapixels AI-enhanced Dual Camera on the back and 25 Megapixel on the front camera.

Actress and model Zahirah MacWilson, uses the OPPO Find X and it was really interesting to watch as she showed examples on stage with the different photo light mode settings that brings a different feature in her own image.

Because if you are interested in taking photos and if you really look into photography, you will know that it is important to have good lighting and as much natural lighting as possible! OPPO Find X has just that; It includes an Optical image stabilization that helps provide a brighter and more stable photo capturing performance. Even in a setting with lots of bright light, the OPPO Find X actually tunes the lighting perfectly to ensure that even you & even the bright light bulb can still be seen in the photo! Talk about innovation!

Captured using the OPPO Find X

Innovative Technology

Innovative Sliding Structure : You're probably wondering what on earth is this! Well, if you have the fear of getting your camera lens scratched, fear no more! This sliding feature is pretty neat for it's design. The OPPO Find X completely disguises the cameras within the body of the phone! Both front and back cameras! Just watch the video and you'll know what I'm talking about.

This special sliding mechanism does not only does as it says, it is strictly tested that it can sense the falling distance and get hidden within the phone, which balance the artistic design with user durability! It's pretty neat especially, it's like having a premium sleek, smooth smartphone with full screen viewing mode. I can even protect my camera from fingerprints (from my kids from touching touching...)

3D Structured Light Face : This features a higher level of security versus the fingerprint identification. It makes unlocking safer and way easier, even it dark environment, you can easily unlock your device with this technology. The OPPO Find X is able to project 15,000 dots, building a precise and complete 3D module of a user's face feature, and then compares it with the registered face of the device owner to unlock (even in the dark, must repeat incase you missed this!) But that's not the only highlight to this; OPPO Find X is the FIRST Android smartphone to support payment via Alibaba's Alipay through FACE RECOGNITION! Now that is the next level to making payments, in your face!

AI Scene Recognition : I know this may not seem like a new thing but it's my favourite so am still gonna highlight this. It supports over 20 scenarios of photography and over 800 scenario combinations. Basically, if you're a foodie and love taking photos of food, with the OPPO Find X, it can detect it's scene setting and enhance it's lighting and camera setting to fit the scene recognition! Perfect if you find it complicated doing manual adjusting to your camera settings, like the aperture, the white balancing, the ISO etc etc and the list goes on.

OPPO & Lamborghini collaboration! This is one flagship high-end device, if you are a collector and a fan of OPPO or Lamborghini, you shouldn't miss this! The OPPO Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition, featuring the same carbon fiber texture (commonly used in Lamborghini sports cars) that covers the exterior of the phone body.

This collection also features a unique Color OS theme of it's own and expression itself through it's speed of SuperVOOC Flash Charge! For the first time, the phone charging for the OPPO Find X Automobili Lamborghini Edition exceeds 50W, which means it can be fully charged in 30-35 minutes max! This definitely gives a run for your money!

If you'd like to know about the other specifications, can head to OPPO website here (you can also sendiri Google hahahahha)

Captured using the OPPO Find X

Pre-Orders can be made from 17th July 2018 onwards at :


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