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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Huat! Huat! Celebration with The Bar'n Malaysia

January 21, 2020 0
This 2020 Chinese New Year, if you haven't decided where to feast for this auspicious occasion, then The Bar'n will be the best choice to pick. For its spacious and comfortable environment that each venue carries their own special animal identity. It is a place that has the best of both world -food and drinks!

They also have Yee Sang that you can order to celebrate Chinese New Year with your loved ones! 

And what's better to pair it with their amazing meals and wines or alcohol to unwind and dine through the night!

Ps. You can opt for Vegetarian Yee Sang.

We also had the Meat Lover's Platter (RM92) that combines a variety of meat like the deep fried luncheon meat fries, tender juicy chicken wings, marinated and full of flavour pork satay, smoked chicken sausage, dynamite chilli chicken sausage, crispy pork belly and the juicy grilled Lágrima inter coaster pork meat (the meat between the ribs). 

Perfect to match with white wine or beer!

Then we also had the Pescatore Pizza (RM35) that is made with homemade tomato marinara with mozzarella cheese, super fresh sautéed prawns, mussels and squids! 

Very appetising for a pizza and not too overwhelming. Pairs beautifully with white wine too!

I preferred red wine for its antioxidant and we ordered a bottle of their house wine just to unwind and dine the night away.

The Bar'n actually hosts a different theme at each venue and for IOI City Mall, Putrajaya it was Daisy and Lucky the cow.

I love how the area was decorated! It was cosy and at the same time fun!

And we met Ricky who only had one goal in his mind. And that is to make sure everyone leaves happily. His passion in the restaurant is just inspiring because of his love for the culinary industry where he was a chef for over 30 years.

During our dinner there, he was checking in with people on their experience and just genuinely getting to know us. He was really friendly and approachable. You will surely feel welcome here at The Bar'n, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

They also have a Cigar room that is properly filtered and closed up that you can have private events or meetings with your business partners.

Find out more about 
The Bar'n
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Monday, 13 January 2020

Tesco to "take over" Shopee for Super Brand Day

January 13, 2020 0
It's confirmed! Shopee is set to "take over" Shopee e-commerce platform this Chinese New Year through its first-ever Super Brand Day event!

A 3 day campaign from 13th to 15th January 2020, where you will see the retailer on 15th January 2020 offering discounts as low as 50% percent as well as the issuance of 2,000 worth of vouchers for customers.

With Tesco's affordable prices and a huge variety of choices. It is set to be the greatest sale ever this CNY! With over 1,600 items on Shopee and 400 consisting of Tesco own branded goods; Offering greater quality at affordable pricing is Tesco's effort to helping Low to Middle income family and individuals to save more when they shop their favourite household or F&B brand with Tesco.

Being on Shopee platform also means convenience in terms of delivery to your home. If you're in Klang Valley and made your purchase before 2pm, you get to enjoy next-day delivery (excluding Sunday & Public Holidays).

So don't miss out on this!

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Friday, 3 January 2020

Sweet Pineapple Treat at Swee Bee

January 03, 2020 0
Growing up in my Chinese culture, Pineapple tarts is like a must for every Chinese New Year! It is the ultimate treat to have and the best to savour wherever you go for visiting! However nowadays there's too many out there, no one knows for sure which is the best?

I brought my son to visit Swee Bee by Baker Dave, to try their Pineapple tarts as they are homemade and a recipe made by Baker Dave's mother. 

A cosy hidden cafe in Plaza Damas 3, that truly brings out a vibe of home sweet home with good comfort food and beverages.

Me and my son took many photos here because it just felt like a loving environment to be at. And their food variety are aplenty! Very generous in portion and all freshly made to order.

And because Chinese New Year is around the corner, they are already selling out on their Pineapple Tarts from their loyal customers over the years. We also had the privilege to try some taster and it was delish!

Sweet and sour pineapple tarts that has a mild buttery texture that makes the entire pineapple tart experience worth with every bite!

If you are still looking for last-minute shopping for good homemade Pineapple Tarts then better call them to check before you head over to shop for these. Because the packaging is so lovely that it just suit the occasion beautifully!

For more info :

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Thursday, 2 January 2020

UHU An Essential Product For Your Everyday Needs

January 02, 2020 0
UHU back then to me was a strong glue that sticks things to each other like paper and arts or crafts. Now as an adult, I came to learn more of UHU and their innovative products!

Over the years, UHU innovative solutions targets to specific markets and needs that now commands a significant market share in the Malaysian retail adhesive market. Through its research and development since 1930s. It continues to innovate and stay strong as the market leader as a glue innovator and expert in this field because of its quality too.

What I like most about the UHU new product launch that is always keeping up with today's trend, is the UHU Stic Magic Blue & the Limited Edition Pets 2.

Meanwhile, little did I know that there's also a UHU Max Repair glue that is meant for extreme repairs. This will surely be handy for handyman and also as standby for household item or surfaces that may require such extreme repairs. I can also easily repair my shoes with this! It is resistant to shock, temperature, UV and also dishwasher safe.

Then there's this new UHU Super Glue Ultra Fast Control. I know super glues are common but what makes UHU different in this range is that is actually has a counter-pressure technology that creates a suck-back effect when met with light pressure. This is good to prevent uncontrollable adhesive flows, no more spills and no more sticky and dirty fingers.

With all these latest variants available by UHU, it is worth following their page for more updates:
(UHU) Faber-Castell Malaysia
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Friday, 27 December 2019

Holiday at D'Wharf Hotel and Serviced Residence Port Dickson

December 27, 2019 0
School holiday's means lots and lots of traveling with the family! And this round we wanted to head some where with a beautiful view of the sunset and the sea. So we travelled down south to Port Dickson for a 2 days 1 night staycation.

We picked D'Wharf Hotel and Serviced Residence at Port Dickson because my husband loves to be by the beach side and I wanted to bring my kids to the only McDonald restaurant that is overlooking the sea.

Upon arrival, the lobby was super spacious with ample of seats to relax indoor and outdoor. Check in was relatively fast and smooth. The guard helped us bring our luggage up as we started on the topmost floor, 10th floor.

I love how the room is designed, a studio apartment with a bedroom. So there was actually 2 Queen sized bed, 1 in the living area and 1 in the bedroom. Perfect for families like us. Although, there was only 1 bathroom available. However, I noticed that it can actually be an interconnected room too, for bigger family of more than 5! Because there was a door that connects to the room next to ours.

My kids love it whenever I bring them to holidays and hotels. 

We decided to head down to grab something to eat at McDonald's. Then we went strolling by the sea side with the cool breeze breezing through the lovely skies.

My kids then wanted to go for a swim at the swimming pool in the hotel so my husband took them while I stayed in the room with my baby. It was a have for us to just relax and unwind.

The view from our room overlooking PD sea side, my kids were able to enjoy the sunset view in the evening as we were  about to head out for dinner. We travelled out to a nearby restaurant that was recommended by my friend. It was a Nyonya restaurant that was super delicious and it's pricing is reasonable. Even writing about this now makes me feel like heading back there again!

We also had the luxury of choice to have our dinner at the food truck that was just right outside the hotel at PD Waterfront. As a foodie-family we went back for a stroll at the Food trucks and bought lots of supper for us to indulge in back at our room.

Thankfully we weren't worried about gaining weight anymore ever since being on our 90 days transformation programme. It has helped our body to break down food efficiently.

The next day, we went down to the cafe next to the pool for breakfast and it was freezing because it was also raining.

If it weren't drizzling, I would've come down for a swim before we checked out. Nevertheless we just enjoyed our time in the room together as a family until it was time to check-out.

We took many photos before we left because we won't know when we will have the have to be back again. But I believe we will someday soon.

For more updates and promotion you can visit
D'Wharf Hotel and Serviced Residence
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Good Morning to a Good Day with VGrains

December 27, 2019 0
With the evolving trend of today's era; Technology is something that is an emerging market where it is undeniably huge with potential! That being said, everything has its pros and cons and being exposed to technology and gadgets, we are also equally exposed to the blue light emitting from our computer screen or smartphone or tablets. 

I am also not excused from this exposure. Because in my line of field I am almost 24/7 exposed to such free radicals that will eventually indirectly and directly impact my health in the long run.

My kids however are pretty safe for now as I don't allow them exposure to any gadgets whatsoever and even if they do it is on super rare occasions and short duration. Because I know very well the impact it has especially on the eye sight.

That's why we have to nourish our body with good nutrients to keep us protected from all these radicals. And one of the affordable ways that is through what we consume, hence today I'd like to share about my discovery with GoodMorning VGrains that consists up to 18 types of whole grains, added with blueberry, sweet potato and several other ingredients. 

VGrains with blueberry is very rich in 
various vitamins and minerals. Do you know that Blueberry is especially high in important antioxidants to protect our eyes from damage. Thus, give us a brighter vision. 

VGrains also high in protein and beta-glucan which can help to strengthen the muscles, healthier body cells and protect 
the heart. This is also why if you're looking for a good added nutrient on top of your other health regime, this will be good. Just that you gotta know when it the best time to consume because sweet potato is also partly carbs so don't treat it as a meal replacement but have good balance meals together with it and low carbs.

To know more about this brand you can visit :
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