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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Eat At Kong, Long.. Long..

June 23, 2018 0
Found this new cafe at SS15, right next to Jibril/Sangkaya. 

How did I find out about Kong?
Through Entertainer app; Incase you are unaware, The Entertainer actually provides a variety of food & beverage choices and also hotel stays where you can actually enjoy "Buy 1 Free 1" offers.

It's always my passion to actually travel to places and try new food at new venues atleast once in my lifetime.

So here I am at Kong! Reasonably priced cafe food, with a handful of choice that seems common, like western food, such as chicken chop, fish and chips & etc.

BUT... It ain't so common when the food arrives!

The chicken chop is a MUST-HAVE meal! It's chicken is succulent, juicy & tender! The sauce is unique and blends really well with the chicken chop. The mash potatoes were good! As a mashed potato expert myself, theirs was of good mixing and mashing!

The Bangers and Mash was pretty good too and especially tasty and yummy for the mashed potatoes that my kids finished for me.

Here's a 50/50 split of the Bangers and Mash shared amongst my 2 boys.

My husband had their fried curly noodles, it was like stir-fried noodles with really subtle sauce or seasoning but lavishly seasoned with spices on top.

You have to mix it only got taste. It is a dish that I would say has many rooms for improvisations! It's still unique though and generous with its seasoning, but lacking in flavour.

I had their off-the-menu specials, Sirloin steak. And if these dishes are good enough, we can even help make it stay on their permanent menu!

So the verdict for the Sirloin steak was acceptable. I ordered Medium Well as usual. It came slightly pink in the center, just as how I like it to be! I feel the steak could do a few more tenderising. It can be chewed but if you have toothache/gum ache/kids/elderly with week tooth/gums, then this meat may not be suitable for you unless you cut them up into really tiny bite sizes for easier consumption!

I enjoy my meals everytime and I just had the urge to pair my steak with a nice chilled beer!

During the day, I'd go for the Ice Lemon Tea which my kids will always jump at the opportunity to share with me and sometimes finish it on my behalf! It gets annoying sometimes when that happens.

I love their interior design and table arrangements. It's simple and cosy, good place to catch up with friends or just chill out by yourself.

Day time
With it's cosy and peaceful environment, rest assured you can eat here at Kong, long... long... (Nobody will kacau you for sure, ahahha!)

Night time

You can sit outside too especially if you're an avid smoker. However the sad thing here is, upon my first visit inside, there was a table of young females smoking to their hearts content, but thankfully they left shortly after and I turned on a huge wall fan above us to blow the smoke away. So I am guessing you can smoke indoors too. But they do have baby chairs. Probably good for families whom the adults are smokers but to be honest, SMOKING can deteriorate anyone's health either fast or slow but it can kill, may it be First-hand, Second-hand or Third-hand smokers! (Go Google to read more)

Will I be back again? Yes, to use my Entertainer offers and also for their Chicken chop. I actually went twice already (hence the day and night setting photo). But I will check if anyone's smoking inside upon entering, especially with kids around. I don't blame the restaurants for this, because the whole of SS15 is flooded with students from all walks of life and smoking is like some of their "in" thing so it's like a trend to attract them too. Sad but it's true. Wanna avoid entirely also not easy, takkan stay locked up at home and don't eat meh. Sometimes you just have to close one eyes (and avoid as much as possible if can). Just remember that everything is a choice and everyone has a choice, you can't control everything.
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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Raya Day 2 Outing with the Kids

June 16, 2018 0
Raya Day 2, was also interesting for us. We visited a new restaurant nearby for noodles (non-halal), it was kind of costly but the pork balls were nice, the noodles had lots of big fat fried pork lards in it, you can read more here.

After lunch, my husband just didn't wanna go home, so we decided to venture out to Cyberjaya.

Yes, it was our first time to Cyberjaya and I was kind of disappointed because I was expecting to be "WOW-ed" since it's supposed to be a digital city etc. But sadly... I felt Putrajaya was far better in comparison.

We went to DPULZE Mall in Cyberjaya for window shopping. Played some games at the Molly Fantasy children's arcade and had some snacks and drinks along the way. We saw this vending machine where people won prizes etc, so we decided to try our luck and we "asked which number was calling to us that will bring us more money with ease?" (Using the tools from Access Consciousness) Both of us got the #13!

We won this smartphone camera lens clip with Macro and Fish-Eye lens. It was fun because it was the exact same thing my husband was talking to me the day before about asking me to find a camera lens for my phone because of my love for photography. And "ta-daaaa" we got what we asked for! Amazing right!

So a new cute tool for me to play with and practise with. We also checked out TGV cinema and we wanted to buy tickets to Incredible 2 but there was no Twin Seats and just regular seats so we forgo the idea. We might try for tomorrow instead!

We then took a quick drive to Putrajaya and enjoyed the view of the bridge overlooking the sweet serenity of the man-made lake. It was just breathtaking.

We head back in time for a birthday party event and my kids had lots of fun (apart from me raising my stern voice because I forbid my son to go upstairs without permission, my husband almost ROFL because everyone freezed and looked at me in silence for that brief moment, that is the effect I have when I use my strict motherly voice) atleast my son is aware, he understands and listens.

So I am grateful to him for being a good boy most of the times. He is at the stage where he wants to have his own opinion and choice, and I allow him all of that, if he is aware of his action and choices.

It was a fun day for the whole family. It was not perfect, nothing is perfect but it is the best kind on its own.

Ps. The Go-Grill-Lah was delicious!
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Friday, 15 June 2018

Day Trip With Kids to Subang Jaya - Amverton Cove Resort

June 15, 2018 12
This year for Hari Raya, we celebrated it by embracing the local sights and sceneries. And I'm not talking about watching a movie or going to the museum or going on a holiday.

We had a nice and messy lunch at a local hawker center in Ss15, Subang Jaya and then some snacks for tea time, for our journey. My kids being naturally messy eaters, left me helpless when I ran out of tissue paper! But thankfully, I had the Travel DRY Wipes tube in my bag and I took 2 capsules out and wet it; And magically, the dry wipes became wet wipes! The best part is, I was able to use the same singular wipe continuously each, 1 for both of my sons until we finished eating lunch! It was like having a wet hanky in hand, that is reusable and cleans well, without tearing easily. It's 100% cotton, hence gentle on all skin types! And yes, I am recommending, promoting & selling this because I'm using it myself also.

This is my half-lunch (cos I ate my kids leftover lunch), a new crunchy and chewy Ramen (rm2.50) you can add on to your Oden (Original or Tom Yam Soup) at Family Mart outlets!

Tried this interesting Avocado Milkshake. Avocado with Honey and Low Fat milk (RM11.90). It was very "fulfilling", please don't take this if you're full! But it's an awesome drink to quench your thirst and hunger, it's healthy too, with good fats! This is located at where Taiyaki used to be in SS15, Taiyaki closed shop already, couldn't find it...

Instead of heading home, my husband just felt like adventuring out, driving to places for a day trip. So we decided to head out to Amverton Cove at Pulau Carey, Klang (30-45min drive) on Raya Day 1. (He was hoping I'd agree to go Port Dickson instead, but no, not today)

We were in love with this place because of its green surroundings and beautiful serene lake. There were lots of fun things to do here too! Although food options here, in terms of venue, is kind of limite; but it is a great place to be with the whole family.

Children activities here are aplenty! We didn't partake in any though, we were just here for a stroll.

Our kids loved it even though it was a short and simple day trip. We were able to enjoy the nice cool breeze and the soothing views, we even watched people "kayak-ing" in the lake and being splashed by a huge pail of water in the swimming pool area.

This is definitely on our list to have a good family holiday here soon!

After that we headed to grab a quick dinner treat at ss15 Subang Jaya.

We tried this Aboong which turned out to be desserts. But luckily they had it in waffles without the ice cream.

I bought Lim Fried Chicken for myself (without the rice). And this was our dinner, it's pretty satisfying and simple. The kids enjoyed the Aboong waffles and also croissants (from Giant) back at home.

They had loads of fun today! Who said we had to spend money on shopping to be happy? Or visit malls to entertain our kids? Or even taking your kids to themeparks or play areas to spend time with them? The possibility are endless out there! There's aplenty that one family can do together with their kids, the key is knowing how to make everything fun! Why make life so serious when you can make it fun for everybody! Hope you had a great Raya celebration with your loved ones and a fun-filled holiday!

2nd day of Raya we spontaneously ventured into Cyberjaya & Putrajaya, you can read more here (it's quite short because nothing to see at Cyberjaya ahahahahha)
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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré Heading To Genting Highlands

June 14, 2018 0
Some of you may be aware of the latest happening restaurant-tainment in Klang Valley called "Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré" which are located at TREC Kuala Lumpur & Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown. Well, if you haven't heard of them, then it's the best time now to go and check them out, since we're also in the school holidays and Raya celebration! 

Image Credits to Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré

Now, it gets even better because Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré will be opening soon 6,000 feet above ground, at Sky Avenue, Genting Highland. It's unique concept of a restaurant+entertainment, all under one roof, makes it waaaayyy much more exciting and thrilling when you dine with them in the skies! (Because literally Genting Highlands is so near the skies!)

Image Credits to Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré
Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré will be opening a two-tier restaurant that offers an extraordinary experience for you, your friends, your family and for just about anyone! Set in the setting of an al-fresco dining in the cool weather, elevated by fire pits in the patio, one will most definitely enjoy the environment as you wine & dine with your loved ones.

Image Credits to Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré
Also, it is said that upstairs Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré rooftop is designed as an entertainment bar with a breathtaking and an overseeing panoramic scenery in the open balcony; That also houses entertainments such as pool tables, dart machines and more!

Image Credits to Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré
At Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré, you will be able to celebrate special moments, great moments and not just that, you even get to enjoy amazing live performances, phenomenal parties and more!

Image Credits to Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré
What's so special about this place?
I personally like the food they offered! Incase you didn't know, Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré serves the finest dish from the exquisite Western and Asian cuisine such as the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wheel Pasta, Squid Ink Pasta and more.

So if you're planning a getaway to the City of Entertainment, and if you'd like a true adventure of a lifetime, with breathtaking views, amazing food & beverages, lots of fun AND don't forget to feel the <16° cooling wind gliding across your skin and breezing through your hair; This you can only experience it at Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands.

Image Credits to Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré
Warm your hearts (and tummy) with Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré at :
For Bookings, You Can Contact: 013 359 0443

Image Credits to Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré

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Friday, 8 June 2018

MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 Coming To You This July

June 08, 2018 0
It's that time of the year again! For everyone to start planning your holidays and travel plans with your loved ones or for yourself (syok sendiri!) with MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival. The Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents Selangor Chapter (MATTA Selangor) invites everyone to start your vacation plannings by visiting the first edition of MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018.

Image Credits to MATTA Selangor

As many of you are aware, MATTA Fair offers a wide variety of choice and promotion packages up for grabs with special discounts, crazy offers and even lots of freebies and giveaways during their events in the past. This year, it first edition of MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 will be held from 27th to 29th July 2018 at the Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) Selangor. 

What to lookout for in the upcoming fair?
Firefly will be offering special deals exclusively for MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 visitors such as 20% off from base fares for Free Independent Traveller (FIT) bookings and up to 40% off from online base fares for Group Booking. These offers can only be enjoyed when you purchase between 27th to 29th July 2018 at the fair and the travelling period is from 30th August onwards.

That's not all! During the press conference today, Matta Selangor Chapter chairman, Datuk Wira Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Habshi, mentioned that Firefly airlines, will also be giving away 6 flight tickets to Penang, Kota Bharu and Johor Bahru as prizes for the Buyers' Contest. Isn't that amazing!! You get a chance to win flight tickets as you plan ahead and spend during these 3 days at the carnival for your upcoming vacations.

This time around, MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018, targets up to 70,000 visitors to its first edition of it's carnival in Selangor. There will be a total of up to 150 booths and exhibitors, from local licensed travel agents, domestic tourism exhibitors which includes; hotels, theme park operator, as well as international exhibitors. It is believed that today, up to almost 80% of the booths have been taken up and the support from participating companies and travel agencies will extend business opportunities for its members and meet the demand of the consumers.

MATTA Selangor will also be in collaboration with Santai as the Official Travel Magazine for MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018. So do look out also for Santai as they will work on covering this first debut of MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 from an editorial perspective through marketing and promotions via it's publication, and even via social media and other online channels.

MATTA Fair Selangor Carnival 2018 will be open from 10am to 9pm and admission is FREE. Just remember to lock the dates into your calendar from 27th to 29th July 2018 and head over to Hall D @ Malaysian Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) Selangor.

After the Press Conference we were invited to Berbuka Puasa together with MATTA Selangor, MAEPs and members of the press media community and bloggers/influencers, at Kelab Golf Seri Selangor at Damansara Indah Off Persiaran Tropicana in Petaling Jaya.

For more info & updates :
MATTA Selangor
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