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Monday, 17 September 2018

Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissue For My Family

September 17, 2018 0
When I was a young girl, I've never been taught about the differences with tissues and how it can actually make a difference in our lives. 

Now, as a mother of 2 boys, cleanliness has always been on my priority list and I always want the best for my family. But not many ever talk about knowing how to get the right tissue paper for you and your family. Or what should you know about the different tissues before buying them?

You know, sometimes when I use a tissue and when I wipe too hard or too frequent especially when having flu or even diarrhea, a bad quality tissue can actually irritate your skin! This is why I always look for the best tissue quality for my family, because I believe that a soft tissue will be much gentler on your skin.

Did you know? Tissues are also used to hold ice creams! (My son wanted me to put this photo in)

But it made sense!
Imagine if a tissue is too thin, it can never hold an ice cream cone without leaking profusely or breaking apart! If the surface of the tissue is too rough, chances are you will see lots of traces of tissue residue on the last place it has been.

I have had bad experience of tissues that were so thinned out that it breaks easily! And some actually had lots of leftover tissue residues that gets me annoyed because it made more mess.

Then there were some occurrences where the tissue surface was so coarse that it irritates my skin and it's really uncomfortable.

However, thankfully after years of exploring, I manage to get the best quality tissue for my family's daily use, the Kleenex Ultra Soft cottony softness tissue.

I really love the CleanWeave* Technology that is visible which helps trap dirt and absorbs dirt better, it's texture is of cotton extract that provides that Cushiony Softness to the touch that is gentle and safe on my baby's skin even!

Most importantly, it is Charcoal Fresh which helps to absorbs odor, making you feel fresh and clean after using it. Keeps you smelling fresh too! The best is, no leftover traces of tissue residue left behind, it's not thin that breaks out easily neither is it too thick to get your toilet stuck 
(unless you go gila and use alot la....that's user problem ye lolx... Always happens on holiday ahahahhahaa) 

All in all, I am impressed with it's quality that you can see, feel and stay fresh and clean all day. My family just use whatever I buy for them anyways, so I rather get the best for them because it's for long term. Afterall, not many products can provide you "3 signs of Clean" that you would surely fall in love with!

For More Info :
Kleenex Malaysia
ShopWebsite | Facebook | YouTube
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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Domino's Pizza with EXTRA cheeeeee

September 15, 2018 0
If you're a cheese-lover or pizza-lover, then you'll be in for a treat this month! Because for the whole month of September you get to enjoy all the oozey-gooey deliciously stringy 
FREE CHEESE on all your favourite pizzas from Domino's nationwide!

Experience its brand new, specially developed 100% high quality Mozzarella cheese that is creamy, indulgent and delicious! 

It's super fulfilling and satisfying with every bite!

And when you superbly hungry, and then you sink your teeth into the piping hot cheesy pizza's at Domino outlets, then you will know what I'm talking about! 

Your stomach will thank you for it!

Even my kids enjoy it! Sometimes it's good to have cheat days with the family, for some succulent juicy cheesy pizzas! It's not like you're gonna eat them everyday of your life! 

Everything in moderation is key! 
And when you have extra cheese on it, it makes "moderation" extra rewarding!

So, what’s better than oozing, stringy cheese on your favourite pizzas

More cheese, of course! Order now la, wait what?!

Order at :
Domino's Malaysia
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Friday, 14 September 2018

Get On-The-Go with Anlene UHT Milk Malaysia!

September 14, 2018 0
Had an exhilarating experience with Anlene Malaysia before Merdeka! Why exhilarating? Because I was literally on-the-go! When I found out they had the Anlene Breakfast pack for RM1 onlyyyyy! Oh-mai-gosh! That is affordable k! Even Nasi Lemak RM1 also super RARE, almost non-existent!

And mind you, Anlene RM1 pack, packs with 50% more nutrients than a packet of Nasi Lemak and it keeps you going non-stop all day long! For me, juggling parenting, entrepreneurship, projects, freelance designing, copywriting, blogging and influencing is no easy task to beat but I enjoy doing what I do because it makes me happy and keeps me on the roll! I was literally on-the-go and needed more nutrients to keep me going non-stop!

I managed to pop by KL Sentral to get this RM1 breakfast pack on the way to another event! A good way to start your day! I noticed how the Anlene UHT milk pack is super compact, cute and convenient to carry around, it's not bulky at all! Yet, it carries all the most needed nutrients in a convenient pack as this!

I didn't get to grab some for my kids because I was rushing to another place. But I manage to get to taste and also grab some samples of the Vanilla Milk and Chocolatey flavours for my kids to try when they had their Roving Truck roadshow On-The-Go at Puchong Jaya. It's quite affordable too! For a pack of 8 Anlene UHT milk, it's only RM10 and free 1 yogurt! Definitely worth value for your money!

My kids enjoyed the milk and were asking for more. So I decided, since I've already been following the movements of Anlene UHT milk, I may as well jump on the bandwagon and head down to Bukit Bintang KL for the Jump event with local celebrity, Stacy Anam, and jump together!

And this was also after I gotten a new hairstyle hair colour look, because I decided if I'm going to be out and about so frequent, I must do something with my hair! It's due for a cut anyways so may as well color it with my favourite colour "red"! I've been wanting this for a long time!

I definitely gotten alot of attention at the crossroads infront of Lot 10, because we had to jump until the milk is filled up! I was like a huge red light jumping up and down (only to realize, I had to register on the device and jump with the phone!) Omg.... Means I have to jump aaaa-gaaaiinnn.... It was funny and took my breathe away for sure! Good exercise too!

But it was enjoyable because everyone cheered for you as you jumped, some will ask you to jump higher, some will say jump faster, and then there are some who will shout and cheer you on to keep jumping, don't give up! So with or without the phone on your hands, you'll just feel like jumping in on the fun and just literally jump for joy! I definitely had fun from the very first day right up till today!

And after having a taste of the Anlene UHT milk with 50% more nutrients, I can understand what the whole experience was like for me! Because with such a cute packet jam-packed with so much goodness, it makes us recuperate our energy quicker and keeps us going forward! And it is known that Anlene helps strengthen our bones too!

The new packaging makes it convenient to even pack it into your child's school bag for their mealtime/snacktime. It's perfect also with its new packing for the following :
- Picnics
- Eating out with the family/kids
- Travelling back hometown/holiday
- Exercising, running, walking, marathonin and all sports activities
- Snacking On-The-Go on the road or when you're stuck in traffic.
- For kindergartens
And so much more!

So if you'd like to get your hands on the Anlene UHT milk you can find out more on :
Anlene Malaysia
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Sunday, 9 September 2018

DK Impian, Property Investment Malaysia

September 09, 2018 0
How many times have you told someone or yourself that you will start looking into investing in a property as a side income, but still unable to find the right one or know how?

Well today, DK Impian hosted an Investment talk at DK Impian Sales Gallery Showroom in Bandar Pinggiran Subang. Charles Tan, founder of shared that "Property Investment Is All About Affordability, Flexibility & Location."

And to me, after visiting the showroom, I can relate and agree that DK Impian actually matches these key highlights! It is reasonable! The price per unit starts from RM320k with choices of a few sqft and layout size for your choosing. This development highlights their Flexi Dual-Key SOHO concept where 1 unit, consists of 2 studio units inside (imagine owning 1 unit but 2 studio home, with double of every furniture, include double bath, double living area, double kitchen, double balcony, double room). This gives owners the choice to invest and collect 2 rental from each SOHO unit.

This new 14 storey high-rise building in Damansara West will be commencing it's construction works this October 2018 and will be ready by 2021! DK Impian is part of developer Danny Koek Tiang Kung project where incase you are unaware, they have 3 projects already built-up and 2 more on the way, some of which you may be very familiar with : DK City at Bandar Sunway, DK Senza and D'Latour, coming soon will be D'Immersione in Dutamas and DK Impian, Shah Alam.

This is the only developer in Malaysia who has never taken any loan from Bank Negara to fund their projects. Everything is funded with their own finance! And not many developer companies can successful do that!

Asley Liew, Creative Director of A Plus Interior mentioned that "Interior design tips increases your home value". And this is true as well. If you can decorate, your unit is sure to be sold within seconds! A ready-to-move in unit is the most important thing most tenants/owners/investors are looking for these days.

At DK Impian, with 658 units, you have the choice to opt for a fully furnished unit that ranges from an additional RM40,000 up to RM45,000 etc (depending on the sqft size).

And based on the showroom units, paying this amount is definitely work it because you don't have to refurbish the whole place when it can be done in a jiffy by the developer.

You can still design your own interiors (furniture's, wall, flooring, lighting, kitchen, room, living, toilet etc) without obstructing the original floorplan/main structures and plan accordingly. Means don't la go and break down the walls etc, because every high-rise building has a strict foundation and guidelines to adhere to, in order to keep the building intact and in good condition.

At the moment Block A is almost sold out. Now they have just opened Block B for sale. Am bringing my husband over to have a look at the showroom again this week, we may even consider investing in it. Parking space is not included but they have 846 carpark space from Basement 2 up till Level 2 where it is available for a monthly rental of RM50. 1st year is managed by the developer, hence the rental of the carpark space is RM50 per vehicle monthly and the Maintenance fee with sinking fund is RM0.30 cents per sqft. The 2nd year onwards will be subject to the decision of the (JMB) Joint Management Body & the Residential Committee.

Before I forget to mention, they also have a "Rooftop sky hub" with a playground, BBQ area, sky view, lounge deck; There's also other facilities such as the gym and the pool. On average each floor houses about 28 SOHO units where different levels may consists of either the carpark or other facilities and up to 5 shoplot units (not for sale); with a total of 6 lifts access in DK Impian.

This will surely to be the next talk of the town at Damansara West! So if you are interested then head over to grab their current promotion! 10% discount when you place booking (For Bumiputera, you get to enjoy an additional 7% discount), Zero Downpayment, you only pay RM1,000 deposit to secure your booking now and if your loan is rejected, you get a full refund.

So while my husband is busy working out the details with the sales girl, I am busy checking out the showroom with its already fitted interiors that you can own!

Find out more at :
DK Impian

Don't wait until it's too late and sold out! Because this will definitely go up in value with upcoming development in the surrounding area (eg. DASH Highway less than 1 min away-ready in year 2020, near HELP University, nearby neighborhood malls, near KTM Subang Skypark, near Subang Airport and more!). It'll be the next hotspot to beat in Asia!

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Berrylicious Recipes by Ribena Malaysia

September 08, 2018 11
Wholesome berrylicious goodies can be found jam-packed in a bottle of Ribena Blackcurrant goodness for the whole family! Over the years, you've probably have heard, seen or even tasted Ribena yourself, however, did you know that there's more to it than just a thirst quenching beverage?

For 63 years it was introduced to Malaysians, that is like double my age! I wasn't even born yet! So many years and Ribena is like the best blackcurrant juice that many, fell head over heels with, (I know I did!). But most parents, including mine are sometimes against it because they say it's too sweet (because I love to have mine thick and sweet!). But I mean, come on, who can resist such yummy flavours?

Today I was introduced to another whole new level of Ribena at the Ribena Berrylicious Workshop in Handcrafted Creative Bites Studio at Setia City Mall. Together with guest host of the day, Dr. Jezamine Lim who led the event; We had the opportunity to experience first-hand, on how to take your Ribena Blackcurrant drink up a notch, with a few recipes that is just too cool not to share with you all today!

We started off with making the cheese tart, the whole workshop was guided by the studio's very own food director herself, Wong May Chew, who also created the recipes demonstrated. I've always love baking in a slow paced environment and in a comfy zone in my own kitchen, also because I am used to my own baking tools and took time to know the ingredients. But today I was a little clumsy and off-beat. Also because it is my first time making a cheese tart.

The cheese tart steps is quite simple actually once you get the hang of it. Mix the gelatin with water and set aside, heat up the milk, add blue pea flowers and mix till it has turned slightly bluish. And... we just follow the recipe. Basically the base of the cheese tart are the Ribena jellies.

Once placed in the fridge to set. We proceeded to make a salad dressing with Ribena juice!

Then it was the Vietnamese roll with Ribena jellies. This is quite unique. With the right portion of ingredients, it can create a unique flavour of mint from the mint leaves, blandness from the bee hoon and blackcurrant sweetness from the Ribena jelly. You don't even need sauce anymore. That's how unique it can be.

After that we got to enjoy the food readily prepared using the Ribena Blackcurrant syrup or gummy sweets.

There was also a mini competition for the Most Creative Cheese Tart decorations. I made a heart shape out of whatever ingredients I managed to grab. And the winning prize was the Ribena mini fridge!

Congrats to Lily Shah (The Buxom Babe/Parenthood Magazine) who won the competition!

It was a fun time spent and the recipes will be really useful for me as I can make it for my kids using Ribena.

If you'd like to know more details and what you can do with Ribena, you can visit :
Ribena Malaysia
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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Chuseok Korean Autumn Festival at SS15 Courtyard

September 05, 2018 13
Are you a fan of K-Pop Music? K-Drama? Or just ALL things Korean?! If you are then you are in for a treat! Lock your calendar this 25th to 30th September 2018 and you get to celebrate the K-fever wave with Chuseok, a Korean autumn festival that will be held...

Not in Korea...

But in SS15 Courtyard at Subang Jaya, Selangor in Malaysia! Yaaaayyyyy!

Yes! You heard it right! Korean Autumn Festival in the heart of Subang Jaya! Tons of activities line-up awaits you here that is NOT TO BE MISSED!! Such as the Kimchi Making Workshop, Korean Spicy Topokki Eating Challenge, Korean Spicy Noodle Eating Challenge, and K-street Colouring Contest! Happening only from September 25th - 30th, 2018!

Some of the programme line ups that you wouldn't wanna miss!

Do you know that there are so many fun and exciting things to do in SS15 Courtyard that is of Korean delicacies and even a hair saloon opened by a Korean!

Let me take you on a super quick tour!

Come and excite your tastebuds with the BEST BINGSU in town, at Han Bing! My favourite is the Mango Bingsu and Strawberry Bingsu! They also have food here where you can enjoy a good variety of korean dishes like the Kimchi Cheese Fried Rice or the Cheese Topokki or even some yummy fried korean chicken!

Get yourself a makeover upstairs on the first floor at the Korean Hair Shop opened by a Korean! Where else better to get a good Korean hair style than to get it direct from a Korean themselves! So start styling up now!

From 25th to 30th Sept, from 10am to 10pm there will be a mini Korean Fair at the Concourse, Ground Floor level of SS15 Courtyard! Come and grab some yummy snacks, beverages and even the famous Ramen noodles all the way directly from Korea!

If you'd like a twist of Korean food, you can head over to Mr. Dakgalbi, located downstairs at LG floor; where they serve up a feast of everything mixed in a post together!! It's like a buffet pot! You can have ramen, rice, egg, cheese, chilli, sausages, meat, veggie etc all in the same pot cooking and simmering together as you dine with your family and friends!

My favourite has to be this! Shinmapo, Korea's No.1 Best BBQ Restaurant ever! You have to try this for real! Satisfy your cravings to the notch! Sometimes a food review don't need words to express how amazing it is, so let me entertain you with a video instead! Enjoy~

(Basically I edited this video at midnight and it made me so hungry!!)

That's not all! 
There will be a ss15 Courtyard K-Pop Dance Cover Competition held at the Concourse, Ground Floor at ss15 Courtyard and registrations are open to EVERYONE without limits of age or Nationality! 

Why call it the K-pop Dance Cover Competition?
Well, if you are a fan of K-pop Music, then you will surely understand why! Because everytime that awesome beat plays on TV/Radio/MP3/Mobile or wherever, you just feel like breaking it down and dance away to the rhythm! Which is why the whole dance cover comes about when people aspire to be like their favourite K-Pop stars! And sometimes, it ain't just breaking it down to the tune, it's trying to mimic every single steps exactly to the MV!

Hence, if you wanna join the competition and the K-Pop group/star that you are doing the dance cover for, has to have the same amount of members for the participating groups.
Example : 2NE1 consists of 4 members and you will be doing a Dance cover of their song, your participation must also consists of 4 members doing the same Dance cover together as a team.

This competition will be judged by Danny from RJVN DC, a dance crew which focused more towards street dance. A little background, Danny Lee is the founder of the Rejuvenate Dance Crew and Peanut Butter Studio. With a Diploma in Performing Arts, he aspires to continue exploring new ideas and concepts to better build the Malaysian Dance Scene with everyone. With credits like 8TV Showdown 2013 All-stars, Astro Battleground 2013 and Asian Battleground 2016; and Thailand Seacon International Champion, he has started a few dance competitions locally like Shuddup N' Dance, Peanut Battle Jam and Novice Jam and even hosted Battle of the Year Malaysia 2016. In RJVN DC’s recent performances, they have started doing k-pop dances by a surge of clients and fans request for more k-pop performances. Incase you are still unaware, RJVN DC is involved in technicality segment of a lot of local dance competition and even K-pop dance competitions. 

I don't know if you all remember when was the hype of these K-Pop hype, but I know it was when "Nobody, Nobody, but you" hit the GLOBAL music air waves! "Practically since Rain & Wonder Girls’ time. That's like in the last 5-6 years, and the competition gets to be more commercialize and popular. Like they say, everything starts of as a trend in the beginning! Even Pop culture is a trend,says Danny.

"For example like street dance, from the past it was always about break-dance, now we
have locking and many more!" (What is locking ah? I know how to lock doors je so my kids don't run out! lolx...)

Danny also mentions that, "As Korean artist keep on presenting good music videos and stage performances, their fans will continue to cover their dance steps and even fashion style! K-pop has never stopped producing new artistes and good tunes every year, and their marketing is really good. This phenomenon is not just a trend, it will last for a while. Because more and more people are learning k-pop dance."

So if you're like me and you wanna feel young again, time to keep up with trend and dance with your loved ones! Just boogie with it~! 
Who said, MOMS CAN'T DANCE?! (but I not joining competition la, xiao meh lolx~!)

Time for all you K-Pop fans and enthusiasts to strut your stuff at this competiton to stand a chance to compete for amazing prizes!

If you wanna join, some tips you can start learning now is to learn from YouTube, do your own research into your own skills and talents and improvise and practice makes perfect! You can even take up classes too! You have until end of this month for the competition! Gambateh~!

For More Info Check Out :
ss15 Courtyard Chuseok Festival
Facebook | Event

Date : 25-30 September 2018
Time : 10am - 10pm
Address : ss15 Courtyard, Jalan ss15/4G, Subang Jaya
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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Babyshop, Your One-Stop Shop in Malaysia!

September 04, 2018 19
If you're looking for baby's to childrens clothings, accessories, toys and essentials, then look no further! The largest children's retailer in the Middle East and the leading Omni-channel kids' retailer, part of Landmark Group, Babyshop, officially opens their 5th branch in Malaysia!

This outlet at The Curve, Damansara is the largest retail flagship store at 8,500 sqft, spacious and with a super wide range of variety for you and your lil ones! Babyshop, established itself as a one stop destination with the widest range of children's world class products of house brands and designing leading international brands, originated in Bahrain in 1973. They have opened their doors in Malaysia for a mere 6 months ago opening their first flagship retail at MyTOWN and IOI City Mall. However, even though it may seem new in Malaysia but it's range and variety, pricing and quality is too awesome to beat!

They have different segments in their store that ranges from the age group from newborn onwards. Let me take you through a picture walkthrough for your easier reference.

From 0-24 months

All until 10 years of age

They even have baby basic essentials, nursery furniture, strollers, carseats and toys for boys & girls!

Babyshop has over 240 stores across 15 countries! They even have it in Thailand too! What I really love about this outlet, is the Personal Shopper Assist that offers parents a professional advise and assistance in determining the best product to purchase. The staffs are well-trained and friendly too.

I'd definitely encourage you to come by, I spent my whole afternoon here and was amazed at the selection of range (I probably repeated the "range" many times haha), but it's too awesome! I bought a few bundle of clothings for my kids and toys (loads of toys!). My son had fun here, he was busy shopping and telling me what to buy for him.

The interior is really designed well, brightly lit and clean. The clothings were of different designs and cuttings. I notice that some of the clothings had a bigger cutting especially the t-shirts for age 4-5 and onwards. Because it was slightly big on my 4 year old. But I still bought it anyway because it's only less than RM50 for a set of 2 tshirt and 1 shorts, PLUS they still had the Merdeka discount on the tag when I went this evening (Tuesday, 4th Sept).

My son was ASKING BIG today, so he won himself a RM200 voucher to spend and HE went on a shopping spree instead. This is what we bought! The quality is superb! The hooded zip-up is my favourite! It was the first piece I took an interest in for my son when I first walked in. I have a "thing" for hooded clothing's, hard to find really good ones that ain't too hot/stuffy/thick, this quality and material is just perfect, can be worn in our Malaysian weather and even at colder places like Genting or Cameron, only RM30+! Worth it!

The pricing ranges from RM20 onwards up to RM50+ for clothings, toys and other essentials ranges from rm30 onwards to rm100+ (excluding the strollers and carseats lah, but got some RM100+ also). AND just stay tuned to their pages as it gets way affordable with further seasonal discounts!

For more info :

Or just drop by for a visit with the whole family! 
You won't regret it for sure, because I'll definitely be back again!

Babyshop @ The Curve - Lot 127, Level 1 (Above Starbucks)
Babyshop @ IOI City Mall - L1-55, Level 1
Babyshop @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre - L2-041, Level 2
Babyshop @ Dataran Pahlawan Megamall in Melaka - G083-G087 & G090, Level Upper Ground
Babyshop @ East Coast Mall in Kuantan, Pahang - L1-05, Level 1
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