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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Printcious Creative Gift Shop Malaysia Review

April 19, 2018 0
As a parent, every moment is precious to us when we're together with our children as a family. May it be on a holiday, a quick drive down to the urban city, to that new cafe just around the corner where we stay and more! Every single moments are precious memories for keepsake!

So how do we treasure these special moments together? 

We have tons of pictures and videos (until phone memory & memory card(s) all also FULL!!); Also as an influencer and a blogger, I have 3x times more photos and videos stored into my HUAWEI Mate 9 that I have to filter it every alternate days! If you're feeling this "MEMORY FULL" dilemma, then these are some solutions that may help you create these precious memories that's truly for keepsake in various physical items that you can bring along or decorate the home with or even gift someone with.

Printcious gift shop online as you may have heard about this online gift shop, if not you can click HERE on my previous post about Printcious. Basically, it's a really user-friendly and simple creative gift shop where you can customize or select a pre-made design for the gift of your choice.

For example; You can create Tee's for you and your kids.

There are 3 options of T-Shirts where you can Choose & Create from in Printcious.

Over here, I opted for a Cotton Tee, you get to choose the colors and also the sizes (measure yourself and refer to the size chart as a guide)

Cotton Tees only allows you to "Add Text" to your Tee like the example below I have created. 

Basic Tee allows you to add Images and Text on a White T-Shirt only.

Once completed, click "Done" and you can "Add To Cart". But I'm not finished with my orders, because I decided to create a Keychain for my husband and Magnets for my fridge!

Keychains are pretty simply to design actually, because of the space and the size of it; You don't have to be a creative person to do any of these custom creatives in Printcious! Just upload a photo you like and then drag until it fits the frame! Any empty space in the background, fill it with colors or a wallpaper of your liking.

You can even add text over your favorite wallpaper on the keychain instead.

Magnets for the fridge is almost similar to the keychain, size slightly bigger.
More space for creativity. However I opted for simplicity like the below my family photo with my favorite background and texts.

Usually after clicking "Done", Printcious page will take us back to the main page for us to preview our creation and "Add to cart" or edit again.

Like the below, the magnet is square and curved at the corners. So the text that I have placed there has been cut-off. So I'll have to edit and move it or resize it to fit.

After resizing and moving the text further up, in preview it fits perfectly and ready to be "Added to cart".

After adding to cart, you can see the summary of your total and what fabulous discounts you may be entitled for! Like get 30% off and free shipping above rm50; Or PWP-Purchase With Purchase above RM80 to enjoy 90% off any 1 item listed below.

 From this summary below you can see I actually almost save up to 50% with it's running promotions! That's a really cool deal!

Once your cart is confirmed, checkout and fill up your shipping address. If you are not home most of the times and afraid no one will be able to collect the parcel, then you can choose a collection center (via CollectCo) to self collect at your nearest location. The shipping fee still applies though, don't think you can skip it (like me ahahahaha ~kantoiii~)

Once you've done setting up your shipping address, then head on next to the payment method via online banking or ATM.

After that review your order and pay! Yay! Thank You for your order!
Excited to receive my creation from Printcious!

If you'd like to see the actual gifts, 
follow me on Facebook or Instagram lah! 
I'll update here below once I received my gifts, okay?

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Malaysia Enchanteur Gift Sets Review

April 17, 2018 0
Variety of choices to suit different occasions and lifestyle
ENCHANTEUR is a perfect choice for choosing a gift set for that someone special in your life, may it be your lover, your wife, a friend, a client, a colleague, your mom, your daughter or even your daughter-in-law!

There are 5 types of gift sets to choose from that consists of 15ml travel-friendly EDT pack sizes.

1. ENCHANTEUR Paris Miniature EDT Gift Set (Belle Amour & Mon Amie) RM34.90
Mon Amie : Fresh inspired fragrance that's light & refreshing
Floral fresh and pleasant scent wherever you are. Comes in a bottle of ENCHANTEUR Paris signature ribbon cap. Only available at Watsons store nationwide.

Adore, for that sweet date that you don't wanna miss!
2. ENCHANTEUR Paris Miniature EDT Gift Set (Mon Amie & Adore) RM34.90
Inside there's two bottles of 15ml Mon Amie & Adore EDT (aka Eau De Toilette) - Exclusively available at Watsons store only.

These gift sets are packed beautifully and they make an ideal gift suitable for every special occasion!

3. ENCHANTEUR Paris Mon Amie Gift Set RM23.50
Contains a bottle of 15ml Mon Amie & a 100ml tube of Light & Fresh Mon Amie hand and body lotion that is nourishing for the skin. The lotion helps to moisturize, brighten and protect the skin from UV rays. This set is exclusively available in Guardian stores nationwide.

Mon Amie during the day when you're out and about!

4. ENCHANTEUR Miniature Gift Set (Mon Amie & Charming) RM34.90 WM / RM36.70 EM

This gift set has both 15ml bottle of Mon Amie & Charming EDT, inspired by the day-and-night concept. Suitable for different scenes and different occasions. During the day, Mon Amie gives a very light and refreshing scent;

At night, Charming provides a more sophisticated scent keeping you spellbound by its fragrance! Available in Watson's, Guardian & Lazada.

5. ENCHANTEUR Miniature Gift Set (Belle Amour & Romantic) RM34.90 WM / RM36.70 EM
This passionate pink colored box includes Belle Amour & Romantic EDT at 15ml each. Each scent is unique and are meant to ignite sparks of love and fall head over heels with your loved one over and over again! Available at major retail stores nationwide and Lazada online.

Spoiled with choices of ENCHANTEUR Miniature fragrances to further enhance your lifestyle wherever whenever you are! Don't say I never share good products with you ya~! 😘

If I were you reading this now, I would head over to the said stores above to get a few gift sets for your MOTHER / WIFE / SISTER / MOTHER-IN-LAW for this Mother's Day 13th May 2018!
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Monday, 16 April 2018

Gifts At The Tip Of Your Fingertips

April 16, 2018 0
In this day of age, everything is seamlessly connected online. That being said, its now easier to shop online for gifts to anyone at the tip of your fingertips. Online gift shop Malaysia there's aplenty, however, what really makes a difference is the creativity of it.

As a mother, we always do our best in everything that we do! Most importantly, we always try to capture those special moments and keep them close to our heart. At any given time of the day, when I'm spending time with my family, my kids are my most cherished moments because I get to watch every step they take in their life and celebrate with them when they achieved their milestones!

My smartphone will do it's job to capture all these precious moments that's close to my heart! I even have an external hard disk specifically to backup all of my family photo moments on a monthly basis since "Day 1"! Thanks to Printcious, I'll be able to turn these precious moments and memories into physical gifts and products that I can decorate at home or gift to grandpa & grandma. (Eg. Canvas, photo frames, puzzles etc)

What is Printcious? It's a creative gifts shop in Malaysia, that provides a wide variety of choices that you can choose from and customize with.

You get to choose from creating graphic Tees, colour mugs or magic mugs and cushions! These are very unique and exciting gifts to create and gift to your friends and families. Because it can be used as well and it's not just for show.

That's not all! There's also specially curated categories where you can choose from their wide range of products that matches the occasion or season.

Since now we're rolling into May pretty soon, time to start allowing your creativity to flow and start placing order for your gifts now, to be in time for these special occasions :
1st May : Labor Day (Create gifts that shows your appreciation to your staffs, especially the ones on-ground/frontliners)
12th May : Nurse Day (Thank them for their dedication to their work)
13th May : Mother's Day (For your mother, mother-in-law and your Wife-Mother to your kids. Whether rain or shine, they are always there for the family! It's as if they never sleep!)
16th May : Teacher's Day (Thank them for their dedication to teaching the future generation for a better tomorrow)

All it takes is just 3 steps to create your gifts for that special someone! You can create anywhere, all it takes is just a click at the tip of your fingertips at the comfort of your own home! How easy is that?

Printcious also accept bulk orders too. Just fill up the form in their website and they'll send you the quotation. If you're looking for the best mug printing supplier, don't forget to contact them. Or, if you have any upcoming birthday party or wedding luncheon/dinner and would like to impress your guests, photo booth rental is your best entertainment.
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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Veggie World Veggie Café, Puchong Malaysia Review

April 05, 2018 6
My whole life, I have been a strong supporter of eating meat! Yes, I admit, I am a meat lover! Because I have tried vegetarian food before and I find it either too bland, too much flour and kinda costly.

However, this café changed my perception on Vegetarian food forever! A humble cafe nestled in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong (near Giant Hypermarket) for over 1 year plus. Serving you vegetarian food in appenty of variety of Western and Local cuisines!

With its spacious setting inside that's cosy, comfortable & suitable for everyone and is family-friendly!

Their menu consists of a variety of food for your choosing. And if your kids wants Fried Chicken, Burgers, Pastas or even Pizzas; You can order it here! (100% Vegetarian and homemade from scratch!)

My kids were curious why I am here in this Veggie Café, just look at this guy staring back at me.

The decoration is really neat too! Just watch out for your kid as they may attempt to peel it off the walls like my son over here...

The food was really delicious and tasty. To be honest, when you're inside, it doesn't feel like you're in a vegetarian restaurant. When the food arrives and all, you'd totally forget you're eating vegetarian food! Because it tastes so real, so good and the pricing is affordable too!

This is the chicken rice! The "chicken" is actually mushroom and doesn't taste like mushroom. The best part is the coating is homemade and when u tear the mushroom in half, the insides look like chicken meat and just below the coating it seems as if there's a chicken skin then but it's not!

This specialty the owner specially learned how to make it from China.

Burgers! Veggie Chicken Burgers with Egg, you can choose to opt. out the egg and Fish Burger. My kids love this! They love the fries for sure, and the burger is really tasty! Even better than the ones by the street and McD! Their sauces are all homemade too! Not your ordinary ketchup or mayo.

My eldest really enjoy this Veggie Chicken Burger! Plus it's so huge, can share with 2 people if you're a small eater! This is a Monster Burger size by the way.

The fish burger as you can see is really fulfilling and the vegetables portions inside is really generous. Scrumptious with every bite!

The pasta is really tasty too! The sauce is lovely and you won't find it anywhere because it is made from scratch! Not those pasta sauces from the shelves. Definitely a must try! Portion also huge!

Pizza! Who don't love pizza?! Yummy pizza where it's dough and sauce all made from scratch, 100% vegetarian and tasty for the whole family! Tastes better than the other pizza's that you know of! Trust me! The pizza though is baked really well and it's soft enough with the crunchy crust on the sides! Great as a sharing platter!

This yummy crunchy roll appetizer looks lovely! My kids love it so much that, they finished it all for me. I didn't get the chance to try it at all. Boohoo!!

For drinks we had Carrot juice and also Dragonfruit juice. It wasn't too sweet, just nice and very refreshing to quench your thirst with. I love the Dragonfruit especially! Good for detoxing too hehe!

Such a generous portions of serving for each meal! You have to come by and experience the flavours yourself! It's not your ordinary vegetarian restaurant with rice and veg.

If your kids HATES vegetables, this is the place to be! They will thank you for it! Don't have to even tell them it's vegetarian! Just order and eat, they won't even realize it at all.

Veggie Café
No.2A-G, Jalan BK5A/2C, Bandar Kinrara, Puchong
Tel : 03-8082 7695
Opens Daily : 9am to 9.30pm
Facebook : Veggie World Veggie Café

Download UGrabLah application to get "Cash Voucher" off when you dine-in here.

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