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Friday, 11 October 2019

ASUS ROG Phone 2 Exclusively on Shopee

October 11, 2019 0
Oh-M-Gee! The long-awaited ASUS ROG Phone II is officially coming to Malaysia this 16 October! You can get your hands on the official Malaysian sets from ASUS Mobile Official Store on Shopee.

Customers can pre-order the ASUS ROG Phone II (12GB + 512GB) on 14 & 15 October with a deposit of RM999, which comes with complimentary ROG Kunai GamePad, Aeroactive Cooler II and ROG Phone II Aero Case. Checkout with the promo code ROG2COIN to enjoy RM200 Shopee Coins cashback. All pre-order purchases must be completed with full payment by 20 October; deposit is non-refundable. 

Additionally, customers within the Klang Valley who complete the payment on 16 October can expect to receive the phone earliest by the next day. The ROG Kunai GamePad will be delivered separately to customers after 11 November. 

Authenticity guarantee:
All ROG Phone II devices sold on ASUS Mobile Official Store is guaranteed to be 100% original Malaysian sets; standard local manufacturer warranty applies for the devices.   

Pre-order your ROG Phone II on Shopee now at

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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Thrillin' Spooky Fun Festival at KidZania KL

October 08, 2019 0
Yes! Halloween is here and it's time to scare these lil kids of ours! Haha! Okay, jokes aside, it is Halloween time and it's the time when ghouls, ghosts and sinister creatures reportedly come out to play.

From 1st October to 1st November, families can look forward to a host of eerie and hair-raising activities at KidZania Kuala Lumpur's Spooky Fun Festival. This includes a Midnight Hour challenge that will have visitors searching for the antidote to a zombie virus outbreak!!

You can also prep your kids to get ready for the thrill of 'Trick or Treat's amidst the spooky atmosphere as KidZania has pulled out all the stops to create a ghastly Halloween experience filled with family-friendly activities that is not just for kids but adults as well. From 30th October to 1st November 2019, the signature Family & Friends edition where adults will get a chance to role-play at selected establishments to complete spooky challenges alongside their lil ones together! Great bonding moments amongst parents and children!

That's not all! This year's Spooky Fun Festival will have three levels of scare to cater to different age demographics namely Daylight for younger kids, Moonlight for older kids and Midnight for Family & Friends edition.

Spooky Fun Festival Highlights include :

Scary Maze in front of the Bananana! Theatre
Venture into the Scary Maze at your own risk and complete a challenge that will guarantee your escape.

Yucky FrankenBeebop's Brain Activity at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Pick the brains of good ol' FrankenBeebop for a series of fun challenges.

Vita Witch's Brew at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Create the perfect witches' brew with bats and witches' hat.

Bekha's Mummy Wrap at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Mummies Alive! Get a chilling taste of the mummification process with this wrap and race activity.

China's Black Cat Bowling at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Test your luck on the Black Cat superstition and strike out in a fun game of bowling.

Vampire Urbano Pin-Up at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Have a fang-tastic time piercing the vampire without the use of your sight.

Trick-or-Treat All Around Town
What's Halloween without Trick-or-Treat? Crack your way through riddles and quizzes to collect delicious treats!

Family & Friends Edition of Spooky Fun Festival activities are : 

Bache's Halloween Treat at Ghastly Alley (Radio Alley)
Dig into the Jack O' Lantern and find as many creepy critters as you can

What's In The Box Challenge at the TV Studio
Only for the brave ones! Face your fears as you wiggle your way through a mysterious box of gruesome treasures.

The Midnight Hour (Family & Friends) along the City Streets (National Store)
Brave through the horrors of The Midnight Hour in search for the antidote to the zombie virus apocalypse that has plagued the city and its inhabitants.

I literally ran out screaming even though the ghastly ghosts, zombies and horrors that was awaiting us inside the Panic Mansion, were not allowed to touch us and we're also not allowed to touch them and we were led by a fairy with a super duper tiny torchlight! Plus having to stop to ask every single ghastly creatures inside for the antidote and also checking to see if it is the RIGHT antidote, if not you have to re-enter again.

Me and my friend Christy were so lucky to have gotten the right antidote on the first attempt and literally walked out really fast and I screamed as I jumped out of the entire area. Hence, for facing my fears we won first place during the Media preview event.

There's also other weekend workshops and establishment activities that your kids will surely enjoy!

Get your tickets online now at 35% off using the code below

(Code is valid until 1st Nov 2019 only)

You can also continue to enjoy 25% off when you Get Your Tickets for KidZania using the code below

(Code is valid from 1st Oct 2019 until 31st Jan 2020)
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Thursday, 3 October 2019

Lulu Hypermarket Prize Giving Ceremony Dream Drive Shop & Win

October 03, 2019 0
Lulu Hypermarket's recent Dream Drive Shop & Win contest that was held from 1st May till 1st September 2019, marks another success that was similar to another contest that was held last year. This year's contest, gave away 2 units of brand-new Proton X70 cars as well as many more attractive prizes such as 6 x Apple iPhone 7Plus, 6 x Toshiba 49" UHD TV & Lulu voucher to 100 winners.

When customers spend RM50 and above in a single receipt they are entitled to 1 x Lucky Draw coupon. With 2x draw sessions held on 5th July & 6th September 2019; Today we will be able to witness the prize giving ceremony to these lucky winners!

More than 250,000pcs of lucky draw coupon was received and 2 lucky customers, Mr Khairul Hilmi & Mr Roslee Misman were picked as the luckiest among all to win the Grand Prize.

It was also a grand event where the beautiful and elegant, Ms. Amber Chia, was invited as one of the VVIP guests for today's Lulu Prize Giving Ceremony. The event today was initiated with a speech by Mr Asif - Regional Director of Lulu.

Followed by cultural performances of the Malay dance (Joget) that was really entertaining to watch. As it was lined up along with another cultural performance, the Indian dance (Semi classical).

Then they had the first group of giveaways to the winner of the LED TV to 6 winners on stage.

THen they had a Magic Show that was really fun to watch the magician with his tricks up his sleeves as he gets Ms Amber Chia to be a volunteer up on stage.

After that it was the Chinese Fan dance cultural performance.

Right after that, they announced the Grand Prize winners of the Proton X70 to 2 winners, Mr Khairul Hilmi & Mr Roslee Misman.

Such an entertaining event by Lulu Hypermarket today, and how did these winners get so lucky! I would like to be one of the winners for a vehicle soon! How does it get any better than that! Look at all the smiling faces of the winners today! So much happiness. Truly Congratulations to all these lucky winners!

If you want to keep yourself updated with special promotion and offers at Lulu Hypermarket, then follow them on their website, Facebook or Instagram official page.

LuLu Hypermarket
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Friday, 27 September 2019

Anchor Legendairy 133 Celebration

September 27, 2019 0
Anchor Legendairy 133 Celebration, celebrates 133 years with their valuable partners of great food that feeds great businesses! Today's celebration thanks their partners for the their trust and partnership throughout these years.

Inconjunction with Anchor Dairy brand's 133rd birthday celebration, a line-up of events will follow suit such as :

A nationwide consumer contest, titled "Anchor Legendairy 133 Celebration" that will be held from 1st October 2019 to 5th January 2020. And with this up to 1330+ restaurants, bakeries and cafes will be participating nationwide across Malaysia and Brunei.

Our Birthday, Your Celebration : Rejoicing 133 Years of Quality Anchor Dairy is the birthday theme this year; Anchor will be launching a 3 months celebration with Malaysians and partners to reward 133 prizes, up to RM50,000 worth of prizes to be won. Consumers can participate and follow updates on Anchor's Facebook and Instagram page.

Anchor Food Professionals empowers Malaysian home baker's through CARING MOMS, Malaysia. A 3 months partnership from 1st October 2019 to 31st December 2019, twenty (20) selected Anchor Dairy endorsed baker's from CARING MOMS will share their journey of using Anchor Dairy Products in their baking and cooking endeavours.

This collaboration works hand-in-hand with these selected home baker's to always help boost their business performance by using Anchor Dairy's high quality products including cream, cream cheese, cheese, butter and milk for their baked sweets and savory goods.

It is definitely an initiative that empowers these home baker's at the same time enables the public of Malaysia and Brunei to experience the greatness of Anchor Dairy's 133 years of quality product with their respective partners on board throughout the years of support. Being at the celebration event today was truly a blessing in disguise as we were touched with the warmth of the 133rd birthday celebration of Anchor Dairy.

To know more about the amazing line-up for "Our Birthday, Your Celebration : Rejoicing 133 Years of Quality Anchor Dairy" celebration you can visit :

Anchor Dairy
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Thursday, 26 September 2019

JOYLEE Intelligent Breast Pump - Ipump Launch

September 26, 2019 0
As a new mother of 3 kids where my baby girl just turned 2 months old. I never thought I would have to go back to zero and re-learn again about motherhood. Every child development is different and every parenting method differs by individual child too!

Compared to my first 2 kids, this time around with my baby girl, I had to pump milk out to store for baby's feeding whenever I am not around because I have my business and business partners to lead so I sometimes have to go out and leave baby at home with my parents.

And being an exclusive Breastfeeding mom for the past 5 yrs, I didn't want to stop lactating and would love all my kids to continue enjoying the benefits of breastmilk until they are atleast 2 years and above. My eldest son breastfed until he was 4, my 2nd son until 3 and I would like my baby girl to also breastfeed until she is atleast 3 or 4 years old.

With that, I had to look out for a good breast pump and being at the launch for JOYLEE Ipump breast pump, it was a really cool new gadget that moms like me would surely appreciate.

What I love about the Ipump is the design, it looks really compact and sleek. Something I wouldn't mind carrying along with me on-the-go. And being this compact, one would think that it may not have much features but then again, this beauty actually has a control button that controls the suction accordingly.

There are 27 types of suction from low to maximum. And each pumping session are actually recorded and displayed on the display screen to keep the mom updated. It also has a dual function and it also massages at the same time. Another feature it has is the stop and resume button feature to make it easier to do more work at a time for any entrepreneur multitasking mummy.

It is a packed with a long-term battery with longer battery lifespan making things more convenient for a travelling mom. And the way it is designed, it is also suitable for carrying it out because it is so compact and handy.

I like how it have 9 levels of suction and massage that is a combination of up to 107 types of stimulation and sucking at each level.

It's not too noisy and apart from the space-saving modern design, it is truly easier to breastfeed on one side and pump on the other simultaneously. And it can also pump on both sides very well too.

Another thing I must mention, is that there are lesser accessories involved in the washing. This gives me more time to rest and bond with baby!

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Thursday, 12 September 2019

BabyKoala Labels for Bottles

September 12, 2019 0
As a 3rd time mother, I never thought that I would ever needed to pump and store milk for my baby. However, this 3rd time around, I would have to do that because of my active lifestyle and my lifetime passion as a health consultant that travels to places to change lives.

Therefore, I have to start organising my things and making sure that I have enough breastmilk stored for my baby girl to continue being exclusively breastfed either through direct latch or via the bottle. One of the ways I do that is with the BabyKoala Labels for milk bottles.

I love how the design is made to be reusable, you can rinse and reuse for a new bottle and it is made of silicon so it lasts longer and it's stronger. 

Being a mom isn't easy, because it's not just looking after the baby; Providing the best for baby is also important. And I always want to give my best for them while I can

That's why most moms chose to leave their career to nurture their baby for as long as they can. And breastfeeding is one of the best ways to give them the best that nature has made for us moms for our babies! 

I have been a Breastfeeding mom since 2014 and exclusively allow my firstborn to direct latch-on-demand for 4 years, followed by tandem feeding my secondborn since 2016 for 3 years until today my thirdborn for as long as possible (atleast years or so).

And I am one who doesn't like to wash up but I know eventually I would have to go through this path of pumping and storing milk one day. 

Grateful for BabyKoala bottle labels that help me to identify which milk is the freshest and which should be stored in the freezer in due time and so on. Because my memory is not as good as it used to these days. It'll take time to get my memory back on track after having 3 kids!

If you would like to get these lovely BabyKoala bottle labels then you should totally visit their page for details!

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