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Thursday, 9 August 2018

"Apa Khabar Mak Abah?" Awareness Campaign- TENA Malaysia

August 09, 2018 0
Was glad to be here at this event by TENA Malaysia. I remember seeing their latest advertisement video on Facebook about how real this issue is amongst the elderly and it was never talked about ever. Almost as if it was a taboo. The embarrassment is definitely there in all of us deep down. But this campaign today stood out and inspires to make a difference in this topic or in this situation. To be honest, not many will speak up and tell anyone they have an incontinence problem.

What is incontinence?
It is the inability to control yourself on passing motions.

When I stated anyone, I literally meant everyone no matter the age! Because this incontinence problem does not just affect the elderly. Some younger adults do experience this too.

It's also frequent amongst woman especially after birth; This is due to their weak pelvic floor muscles. But this is not some kind of disease or plague but be warned, as it can lead to those if it is left untreated!

YES! It can be cured!

The TENA advertisement video I saw on Facebook really hit a core in my soft spot. I cried because it's really touching to see how the elderly parent and adult child bonded over this matter. It is not an easy journey and everyone facing issues like this will be in denial at the start.

Juriah bt Jalalus Shuti shared her story of how she started noticing things and how she managed to resolve things between her and her mom's incontinence situation. In fact, it was Juriah that was in denial because her mom is a single supermom. It wasn't until one day her mom couldn't control herself and suddenly had a go at it at the kitchen near the fridge. They were embarrassed. But she brushed it off. After 6 months, she then realized something was wrong. She was in denial but had to do something, so she discussed with her sister. She hired a part time maid to clean the house in the morning but in the afternoon it goes back to square one. They talked about it but her mom was also in denial and Juriah had to be careful of her words when she talk to mom.

So in order to make her accept reality. Everyday, after work & after picking her 3 kids up; They'd go to her mom's place to mop the floor and wash her clothes & sheets. Until she got so tired and fed up, that one day, she stopped going over for a month. So her mom asked her sister what happened to Juriah. Then after that, Juriah came back and her mom was still in denial. Until finally she manage to convince her to accept reality and wants her to move in with her. She manage to invite her home with her AFTER she renovated her house and added 2 rooms, one of it right next to the toilet. She thought the issue was over until one day she hurt her lower back due to excessive moping as she will head home from office several times a day. That is when Juriah and her sister decided to let her try TENA. And now the problem is finally resolved temporary. You must be persistent, said Juriah.

It is advised by Dr. Peter Ng (Consultant Urologist & President of the Continence Foundation Malaysia) to go seek help and support those who are affected! Usually incontinence happens due to certain medical conditions that causes it. For example, I have been coughing for 2 months and it was so bad that I sometimes leak when I'm coughing badly non-stop, many people (including me) feel it's minor and it'll get better soon. But little did I know that as a person (especially women) gets older they will leak. Because their pelvic floor muscles has weaken.

The good news is, 80% of incontinence cases are curable. And the method of curing is really simple, you either take medication, you practice bladder training, do kegal exercise and if needed, a small surgical to insert a string in a small part of the vagina, will do it's magic to cure this incontinence issue once and for all! There are some side effects to surgical method but it is very minimal and rare.

Andrew Yap shared about how his mom (60s), when she goes for exercises and walking up the hill, she has to wear sanitary pads. And it leaks because she has to walk up and down the hill. Her friends noticed it first that her pants are wet after coming down from the hill. So she has been suffering alone for quite awhile. Andrew was studying overseas at that time and busy with his life out there in the world. Then when he finally came back, he noticed there was urine scent and also a lot of sanitary pads stocked-up at home. Over the years later, he did notice the issue but was not aware of what to do and the first person that found out, is the family GP. The GP told her to speak to her son to support her and bring her to check up at the hospital. That was when his mom finally spoke up about her incontinence problem and they went to the hospital together. She used to use the Tena after finding out about it. And after getting proper help at the hospital, her incontinence issue is now almost cured. So it can be rectified. Go to the doctor together with your loved ones. Keep providing them support, even though they won't tell you upfront of their issue. Follow them until you find the root cause with them and support them throughout.

As mentioned also by Dr. Peter Ng, incontinence depending on which type, can be cured. For example, stress incontinence (like prolong coughing or exercising or even laughing or sneezing) can be cured through "Kegel" exercise! Which is also mentioned in the Caring 101 book where you can download it on TENA website. A quick Google search will show you many results about this beneficial exercise for women out there! It was also the only exercise I did while expecting my babies because it's meant to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Another method is the surgical part which takes about 20minutes or so and it will be cured.

An overactive bladder on the other hand is slightly different but can be cured with medication or bladder training. This bladder training can be done on your own and it helps to hold your urine better. And with a proper training, you won't need any drugs to cure it!

Some simple Bladder Training steps to take note :
1. Take your phone, set the timer to 1 hour.
2. For a week, everytime your phone timer rings every 1 hour; Go to the toilet and try to pee (regardless or not you have pee)
3. The following week, set your timer to 1 hour and 15 minutes, then repeat the same action.
4. Keep increasing the timer for several weeks until you get to 3 to 4 hours apart.

It's as simple as that.

Please don't use sanitary pads, it is to hold blood and not to hold water. TENA has a technology to hold water and keep the surface dry. AND it must be dry and not wet, because if it's wet, it will affect your skin and more problems may arise down below! TENA can hold up to 400 - 600ml of urine. It will stay dry, but if it feels wet then it needs to be changed (means full already lah).

It is good to know about all these strategy, investment and knowledge that will empower you. It'll even help save your money. The cure is there and it is very rare that a doctor will just ask you to wear a pad for good.

Do You Know?
Midnight trip to the toilet is the most dangerous trip. Because it is dark, you woke up feeling groggy, the bathroom floor wet, it is dangerous; And most elderly folks are like beautiful Ming vases, there are no resilience. You see, your body will regenerate when you are unwell because you got no reserves. So you and your body are very fragile!

If midnight toilet trip is needed, get a urinal for your parents! It's safer then moving them next to the bathroom!

To be honest, if I weren't here today, I'd never know that it can be cured and it ain't a disease. It's nothing to be ashamed about, because nobody is perfect at the end of the day.

What can you do as a caregiver/friend/relative/son/daughter/in-law?

As mentioned by Evelyn Chan (Marketing Director, Vinda Group Southeast Asia) you can explore the following :
1. Take the self check list HERE
2. Download the Caring 101 handbook HERE
3. Speak to someone, a toll-free helpline is available 1-800-88-9988 or Facebook chat available for assistance from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Visit TENA for more educational material and video
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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Meridian Detox Massage at La Faccia Aesthetic Malaysia

August 07, 2018 0
Have you heard of Meridian Detox Massage?

Well, if this is your first time hearing about this, then let me share with you a brief intro on what type of a massage is this and how it may benefit you.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine/Massage), Meridians, also known as acupressure vessels are like energy pathways, a system or even a network of invisible body energy (Qi) channels that runs and recharge the body's energy field non-stop! Imagine a highway in between the acupressure points in the body.

When do you require a Meridian Massage?
It's best to have a consultation session first, to get an assessment of your current body and health condition and then only the experts will advise you how many times recommended you should go for it. If there's no condition and it's just a regular pampering detox moment that you'd like to have for your body, then a monthly visit is good.

Do you suffer from the following?
Back ache
Sore body
Sore muscles
and etc...

If you have any of the above, then it is recommended to come and try this massage out! 
Because in my opinion, it is Amazing!!! (I swear!)

It takes 90min and it may or may not hurt, but if it feels painful, means there's wind stuck there! If you can (tahan) last through it, don't stop because it will feel so much better right after. But if it is unbearable then don't keep quiet la... Tell your masseur only, don't be shy.

Ps. You can't do this massage while you are menstruating or in any medical surgical recovery stage with any wounds etc, even after cesarean/normal/natural birth also not recommended because your womb is recovering by itself. For confinement mummies, you can opt. for this after 3 to 4 weeks later, subject to your body condition and seek doctors advise if unsure.

I am one person who is afraid of massages because of the stories I hear over the years from others. So if I can take this massage, you definitely can go through it too!

What happens after a Meridian Massage?
In my personal experience, after doing this massage I literally felt the wind circling in my tummy! Come night time, I had a series of gas releasing moments that was really stinky! Then I felt so hungry! So I had a midnight snack and went to bed (bad habit...).

The next morning, the wind in my tummy was still doing a marathon race and then, I had the urge to go to the loo, to bomb battleships!~ I basically had a really good Meridian DETOX Massage; Because I really went on a detoxification the next day. Went 3 times to the toilet in toilet and it was all (TMI alert! The poo poo was dark, some black, some oily, bubbly, soft and super smelly!) body detoxing toxic out, that's for sure.

I love it because it's the easiest way to detox and assists to unblock stuck blood vessels to allow a smoother blood flow throughout the body. Even guys can go for this massage too! BUT must be accompanied by a female partner ya. This is for the safety of the masseur at the centre who are all majority ladies too.

It's now on Promotion for RM68 per pax and RM108 for 2 pax! 

Super worth value for money!

Make an appointment today!
La Faccia Aesthetics | Facebook
Landmark : Inside ActivePlus centre, just above Crazy Kopitiam
Address : 151-1, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, KL
Tel : 03-9547 7051 / 013-277 0553

If you have any medical conditions etc, please seek your doctor's opinion first. This massage is not meant to replace any medical treatments or health treatment. It is purely to assist and support the body to self-heal and it is subjective to each individual because each of our body and system works differently. What we eat, drink, work on and where we go to, may also create an entirely different result as well.

Disclaimer : This is purely a sharing based on my personal experience. The results are subject to differ by each individual due to different lifestyle.
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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Ginn International Showcase 2018

August 05, 2018 0
Had an amazing time at the Ginn International Showcase event at Malaysia International Jewellery Fair at KLCC. An event where I was honoured to be able to meet Ginnie Lam for the first time.

I've heard about her in brief but today I was astounded by her true beauty and her inspiring journey through life, motherhood, marriage and business.

Truly a woman who wears many hats!

Today was also a celebration of her beautiful journey together with fans, friends and family and a formal appointment ceremony for Ginnie Lam for various reputable corporations in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea.

The first showcase of the day was the Ginn Artistry Models' Fashion Show.

Sponsored by Venus Cheng, founder of Glitter Venus.

The gowns were shimmering and shiny!

Stylish and sparkly at the same time!

Followed by a speech by Hee Chul Jung, President of 
Star Brand Awards International (SBA Intl') and they presented the
live recruitment of KOL & Celebrity Influencers.

Right after that, it was the Aircrew Uniform Showcase, sponsored by Cabin Crew Academy KL. Apparently these uniforms will be commonly seen soon on MSN Airways.

Captain Amin Said, founder and chairman of Cabin Crew Academy KL (Training school) gave an introduction on the academy and invites anyone starting from age 18, if they would like to be trained to fly in the skies! (Not just learn to fly only la but the whole package) Because at Cabin Crew Academy KL, you learn how to present yourself, you'll learn proper grooming, etiquette and manners, customer service and many more, especially learning how to handle situations with professional mannerisms.

Ms. Ginnie Lam today was officially appointed and presented with a certificate as the Honorary Chairwoman of Cabin Crew Academy KL (Training school), by Captain Amin Said.

Shortly after the ceremony, Vicky Law, founder of International Aromatic and Aesthetics Association (IAAA), Hong Kong; Was invited to the stage to give a short intro about the IAAA and the Art of Aromatherapy for Balance of Feminine Elegance. Also, incase you don't know, Ginnie Lam is the honorary chairwoman, chair judge of the International Aromatic and Aesthetics Association.

Nicolas Pang, Ginn Artistry President, gave a short but inspiring speech where
Ginn Artistry International aspire to reach out to help every woman, especially single mother's out there to not just look good but to have more confidence within themselves; With Ginn Herbal Skincare range and skin therapy services by Ginnie Aesthetic. Developed to treat and help people so that they will have more confidence to go out into the world to do what they love.

Vicky Law from JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award was also invited on stage to present the company's goals.

Do you know that JCI was first being launched in 2017 hosted by JCI Malaysia. This is the 2nd year and will be hosted by JCI Petaling Jaya, Organizing Chairperson, Mikasa Chong; Mikasa shared about JCIM SDA 2018 Goodwill Ambassador. An awareness campaign for United Nation 17 Sustainable Development Goals;

Where each of their goodwill Ambassador speak from their heart to deliver their message and encourage their social media followers and public to support the project. They hope to encourage and recognize local companies, entrepreneurs, NGOs, volunteers and individuals of whom have been supportive in making the world a better place through sustainable and collaborative efforts.

My favourite part of the event apart from everything, was the
Korean Traditional Elegance Hanbok Fashion Show.
It was breathtakingly beautiful to watch and the music definitely set the scene perfectly!

To see each of the Korean Hanbok models' movement, flow with emotion, is beautiful beyond words. Sponsored by Korea Senior Model Association.

The starstruck moments during the whole event was when Ms. Ginnie Lam herself had on a beautiful angelic white Traditional Hanbok and walk the runway herself. It was just beautiful! Her movement is smooth and gentle, like the soft wind blows against the serene calm sea!
Ginnie is without a doubt, mesmerising!

She was also appointed to be the Official International Ambassador of Korea Senior Model Association, presenting the certificate to Ginnie Lam, was Jo Hoi Kim, chairman of Korea Senior Model Association.

In fact, she actually has 3 kids (boys) who worked hard to setup for today's event. I was shocked when I found out she has 3 kids and still looks amazing! Hence why, Ginn International, exists; It's to encourage, empower and inspire women around the world, through Ginnie Lam's success journey, achievements and recognition; That, if she can do it, so can we.

We just need to have that confidence in our self.

If you would like to collaborate with Ginn International you can drop them an email.
Or For More Info, Please Visit :

Ginnie Lam

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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Sabai Sabai Thai Food Festival 2018 Malaysia

August 04, 2018 0
I don't know about you but I love Thai food! It is rich is culture and traditional references that makes every single dish tastes so unique and authentic, yet, premium! It's not easy to make a Thai dish too! Until today, I've always dreamed of making a really yummy "Tom Yam Gung" soup for my family to enjoy for diner "ONE DAY"...

However, it seems that "ONE DAY" may eventually come true afterall hehe... I was at Berjaya Times Square today checking out the rich Thai Culture, food and a plethora of offerings at the; 

"Sabai Sabai Thai Food Festival 2018"

Organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand (DITP), HeroMarket and HPG Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, This festival filled with smiles and amazing offers of their wide range of up to 500 Thai products that will be available at Berjaya Times Square, LG Concourse and at all 24 HERO Market outlets from 3rd to 5th August 2018!

At the festival here, there will be pop up booths from Jasmine Fragrant Rice, Malee, Hale's Blue Boy, Kuyu Roasted Peanuts, HonestBee & Care Tastifit. There's also a ThaiTrade booth about Thailand Official B2B E-Marketplace and a booth for you to learn some super cool Thai Craft Activities!

Throughout 3rd-5th August 2018, they will have samplings from some of the said booths above, and even on the floor you will get to taste some of the Thai food products like their juices, the snacks, the biscuits, tea and so much more!

Incase you don't know what Sabai Sabai means, it literally translates to being happy, relaxed or comfortable, which perfectly embodies the Thai culture and lifestyle. Hence, during the Sabai Sabai Thai Food Festival 2018, a whole new range of products will be launched in Malaysia. This includes the innovative fruit snacks from J Fruit, the famous Thai confectionary brand - HACKS, Japanese rice crackers - Doca, fried shrimp and crab chips by Manora, Pocky choco sticks, crispy fish snacks by 'Madam Fish', rice crisps from Tawan, roasted peanuts snacks by Otori, sweet tamarind from Tamarind House as well as snacks and beverages from international brands that are produced in Thailand (eg. Schweppes +C Lemon flavour soft drinks, Malee 100% juices, Birdy 3-in-1 coffee, Hals Blue Boy Syrup, and many more). 

That's not all! When you spend a min of RM5 on these Thai variety products at Berjaya Times Square and 24 HERO Markets nationwide from 3rd to 31st August 2018, you get to partake in a lucky draw to win exciting prizes! The first prize winner will receive two return flight tickets to Phuket with accomodation for a 4 Day 3 Night stay, while second prize winner stands a chance to win two return flight tickets to Hua Hin with a 3 Day 2 Night stay! Third, Fourth & Fifth prize winner will receive a hamper worth RM500, RM300 and RM200 subsequently each.

There will also be in-store promotions not to be missed! 

At Berjaya Times Square, "Sabai Sabai Thai Food Festival 2018", the line ups of Thai cultural performances, Thai boxing and Thai arts & craft will take place here on stage live!

Do check out their schedule and performances below and bring your family and friends along to enjoy the beautiful cultures of Thailand. 

From 16th to 18th August 2018, you can visit Desa Tebrau Johor Bahru to enjoy these performances there live alongside with the Thai Food Festival and International bazaar that will be held there in the southern region of Malaysia; And customers who spends more than RM30 at Hero Market Desa Tebrau will receive a 15-minute Thai massage courtesy of Thai Odyssey. So save the dates!

For more details you can visit :
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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Lily&Orkid Blossoms With Fine Elegance at FashFab KL

August 02, 2018 0
Who would have thought that from selling Preloved could turn oneself into a homegrown Designer Label for the fashionably chic and stylish trends today! Organized by Sneaky Zombie, in partnership with Carousell, Amber Chia Academy and The Imaginarium, presents FashFab KL, a quarterly fringe fashion night featuring homegrown designer label, Lily&Orkid.

At the event today, we were entertained with a wonderfully mesmerizing fashion show of Lily&Orkid designs. It was just beautiful beyond words, especially the detailing of each piece of fabric and design. It is all HANDSEWN, HANDMADE! It takes up to 1 to 3 days to produce 1 outfit and it's limited 5 piece per design.

A little background of Lily&Orkid an How it all began?
Nuriylia Insyirah began selling preloved clothes on Carousell marketplace. She manage to build her reputation as a top Carouseller with over 100 positive reviews by customers.

Just last year 2017, she teamed up with her friend Nadia Othman, to launch their own fashion line and since then, Lily&Orkid was born! They market limited collections of design and it is selling like hot cakes over at Carousell! Just recently, they sold over 40 pieces (priced at RM499) of one of these designs due to customers demand!

Today, they were given the chance to showcase their designs with the models today from Amber Chia Academy at FashFab KL, an exclusive fashion trunk show on Thursday, 2nd August 2018 at The Imaginarium, New Wing, 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

Why Lily&Orkid?
Lily represents the soft sophisticated and romantic side of every woman, whilst Orkid represents the strong, bold and the unafraid! For those who love style without compromising quality, Lily&Orkid is designed for the love of simplicity with sass and fearlessness as said by Nuriylia.

I personally fell in love with their collection, especially this one below!

Who is FashFab KL?
It's a platform that allows budding designers and new designers to present their pieces directly to the public, media and industry insiders. Just like today's event, guests are given the opportunity to meet the designer in person and preview or purchase the displayed pieces on the spot! In future, look out for more of FashFab KL, as they will promote more local designers such as Nuriylia & Nadia to the public. This is a great effort organized by Sneaky Zombie along with the great support of the partnerships from Carousell, Amber Chia Academy and The Imaginarium, to further uplift and inspire more young Malaysian designers; In hopes that more corporations like them will follow suit to support their initiative.

Carousell Mission
"At Carousell, our mission is to inspire every person to start selling and we hope to empower more aspiring entrepreneurs like Lily&Orkid to grow and expand." said Tang Siew Wai, Country Head of Carousell Malaysia.

Big Question remains : Where to get Lily&Orkid?
You can easily purchase them at Carousell @ashleyallday and follow them on Instagram for more Lily&Orkid updates

If you are a fashion designer yourself and you would like this type of opportunity to be featured, you are highly encouraged to get in touch with :

Don't forget to download the Carousell app and start selling! Who knows, you may be featured next!
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