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Wednesday 16 February 2022

Brunch at Ru Yu Xuan Local Flavours, Klang

It's boxing day today! So we got up early to head out for maaaakaaaaaannn! We've always wanted to explore Klang side but we're abit clueless where to get nice food in Klang. Really need someone local to recommend!
So am grateful that I came over to Ru Yu Xuan Local Flavours at Klang, to get our quick fix of yummy breakfast that also can be our lunch. Brunch it is!
If I'm in Klang or if anyone were to ask me where to dine in, in Klang; I'd surely suggest this hidden gem! 

Parking was also okay, but I can foresee that it can get crowded too! Because it may not seem like it outside but inside it was almost packed! 

I super love the authentic flavours of the curry with bun. Even with the sweet condensed milk, it made my kids excited over this simple delicacy.

If you are looking for ol' skool half boiled eggs, this is definitely the place to be! 
Just look at the perfect runny eggs! This is quality served hot and fresh!

One must not miss an Asian allhtimehfavourite, Nasi Lemak! It may seem simple but the rice is fragrant, served fresh and warm/hot. The sambal is super delicious! I don't eat spicy or chilli, I am the type who will just leave the sambal untouched. But this one is exceptional!

This is the fried rice that I will also recommend because it is flavourful and fluffy enough that my kids asked for more. It's not dry and goes well with the meat and the egg, even the veggie is acar-acar mixed. Loving the unique flavours of this dish!

This is my favourite! I found out that this prawn crackers is homemade and the recipe is from the owner's family hometown. This was served piping hot! Crunchy, flavorful, fragrant and generous in its ingredients! A must have!

I rarely highlight drinks here but the meals were flavorful, delicious and all entire origin from a homemade recipe of this beautiful family that I just met. And of course, you can't have a good meal without a good beverage to pair with your meals. The drinks here is super kao "9", means superb. Very pure very rich and you will never forget it's flavours and will want to come back again.

Pls do go visit them because you will surely not regret! They also have local traditional Kueh that you will also appreciate!

Visit Ru Yu Xuan Local Flavours at Klang today. Just Waze or Google them la.

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