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Friday 21 January 2022

Grand Opening of LaLaport Bukit Bintang KL

A place where you should drop by to visit. LaLaport Mall at Bukit Bintang KL is now open to the public. The Grand launch in January before Chinese New Year 2022, was held at the WOW plaza and I was WOW-ed at the entrance! 
However, stepping into the mall, many will realize the calmness and the warmth inside that it is very serene and feels good. Another reason why I am sharing how I feel inside is because I am an empath and I am highly intuitive, basically I have 6th sense and because here, it is clear. So rest assured. Because many Malaysians will know this place is actually where the historical Pudu jail stands. 
However now this place will house this beautiful futuristic Japan mall, a serviced residence and office lots as well. Although I must say, not many shops are open yet, but many up and coming tenants to look forward to once it is fully opened up. I did manage to capture most of the outlets that has already opened during the Grand Launch.
I went there again couple of day back with my family, brought my kids over and they loved it there. Even though not many opened yet but it was spacious and bright. The rooftop is a place I look forward to because Coo & Riku the largest cat cafe from Japan is opening soon. And the Garden dining area at rooftop, although not many stalls are open yet but the seating area is aplenty and all designed like a picnic area for families or big groups.
The F&B area at LG1 on the other hand has lesser seating areas compared to upstairs rooftop (I think it's the 4th floor) but it's a good place for quick bites on the go. But there's lots of variety of F&B downstairs to check it out. Jaya Grocer is also opened downstairs.
Being a mall from Japan, there's also a few Japanese concept tenants in the building you wouldn't want to miss. There's Nojima, brought in by Courts, that provides all the electronics and gadgets in today's technology for home and personal or office use. 
And also there's Nitori, a place where you can improvise and redecorate your household surroundings. 
I will say all in all, a decent place to be at if you are tired of the malls in Klang valley, this mall will give you a fresher take. Because of the way it is built and it's interiors and brightness. I like how they play with the LED lightings too.
There's even a grand staircase outside that lights up and animates to the music being played.
Do visit LaLaport for yourself to experience a new shopping experience. 
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