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Sunday 20 December 2009

Christmas with Ratianda Travel

December 20, 2009 0
Well what do you know... It's finally here! Christmas is here! In just a few hours we're counting down to Christmas of 2009! Then a week later it's the New Year! Believe me as I say this, we have lots of updates coming to you in 2010! But let's back-track a lil'... 

As the main blog editor of Ratianda, Inc aka Sabrina; I would cordially love to wish you a very Merry X'mas and a warm hug to you from the heart! Do keep in touch with us more often, that'll be the best gift we could have from all of you! 

For now, our Columnist of Ratianda would like to share some interesting experience with you guys out there! Especially to those (like me-unfortunately) who would luuurrrve the idea of SNOW for Christmas.

Columnist of Ratianda : Hey guys, I'm going to write something over the snow here. You see, for us in Alphen aan den Rijn, Holland; This will be the first "White Christmas" in 5 years. Today we had a heavy snow fall. There are some pictures taken in front of my house. 

Some of the neighbors are busy making snowman with buckets of snow for kids that seems to have some mischief's up their sleeves (like trying to cover up the main door with snow!)

There's also a picture of me with a Mr. Snowman dressed in Amsterdam shawl and in our backyard, notice the snow on our garden table, its about 12 inches high/thick (either ways)

Don't miss another view of "Snowman" at our neighbors drive-in. Its 4.40pm and its getting dark, yet, it's really absolutely and amazingly beautiful outside, white all over!

However, having about 12 inches of snow since this morning definitely caused all the trains and buses to stop running and yes, when people go to the alps for skiing, they need chains for their vehicle to get there (the alps) but to go to town and on the highway our kind City Council sprinkle salt over the road. Sometimes it doesn't help because the snow fall is too heavy but it's the thought that counts. 

And Christmas is all about giving and receiving and to celebrate love with families and friends. It is also the day we celebrate baby 'Jesus' in our hearts; Our creator and our forgiver. 

And with this, I wish all of you out there a very merry and blessed Christmas! Take care and do catch up with us for more. See ya!

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Saturday 19 December 2009

Day 4 : Malacca Trip with Family

December 19, 2009 0
Day 4 : 19th December 2009
 We woke up today and packed our bags and tidy up the house before we head home to KL. Our first and last stop for food is at the road side. Below are the details. The food here are ~delicious~! The best Chicken Rice Ball I've eaten since I've arrived Melaka! A must-have!

Food Recommended : Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball

8TV Ho Chak
Place: Jalan Tun Sri Lanang Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball
Location : Melaka Town
Address : No.2, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, Melaka
Phone : 016-626 0985
Business Hour : Lunch Time Onwards
Food Type: Hawker Food
Price: Chicken Rice Ball With Poach Chicken RM3.30 …. each rice ball RM0.25

Last Stop : Tan Kim Hock Product Centre
What do I say... We wanted to get packets of snack and tidbits to bring home for our friends and family. This is the "so-called" main centre for all the snacks offered in Melaka. I don't know how huge it is but I wouldn't bother after today. It's expensive! The snack is just so-so... Not too good and not too bad. We still bought goods from here though because it was raining heavily and we had not much choice and time left. So, lucky them for having us "kinda forced" to buy snacks from them.

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Friday 18 December 2009

Day 3 : Malacca Trip with Family

December 18, 2009 0
Day 3 : 18th December 2009
Today we get to sleeep late! Yay! 10am MAX... This time my leg hurts sooooo bad... (Thanks to my laziness of "no exercise" effect) We went to Jalan Gajah Berang (nearby the Dim Sum place - same row - further down) for some 'aromatic' Beef Noodle.. ~Yummy~! Trust me, totally worth it! It's cheap and very tasty! Yes, yes, I know most of you might not like the "scent / aroma" but this one is really worth the try! You don't get those "beefy" strong aroma like most places (usually it's because the beef is not thoroughly cleaned properly). Some might feel that it's not enough "beef" in it but if you want to try, and hate the strong smell - this is the one for you! Here's some sneak preview!

Breakfast : Restaurant Hing Loong - Taiwan Mee

Rough Estimated Figures: STILL CHEAP!
Small RM3.80 / Big RM 4.50 / RM2.40 (Deep Fried Pork Ribs) / RM2.40 (Vinegar Pork Leg)

Btw, you can get to taste this "Beef Noodle" in PJ too... I haven't been there yet but would love to soon!
Here's the address :

Lunch : At Jalan Portugis - Kedai Satay Xiang Ji - Only Pork Satay, we local call it "Satay Babi" (sounds rude...lolx)
This shop is unique, I think it's only found in Melaka! Legally (in Malaysia)!! When you step in, that's tho only thing to eat, you just need to order your drinks, they'll bring the plates of "Rice Ketupat" (like rice paste) and plates of "Cucumbers" with their special "Peanut Dippings/Sauce". Then empty plates will be placed on your table as they refill it with "Pork Satay Sticks" each time they have them done. They count the number of sticks you eat~!

Btw, it's 55cents each.

Next Stop : Shopping along Stadhuy's Melaka stalls!
Bought a few things here, you can manage a good deal if you have the good charisma skills. Either that, or buy it at the price they offer you like everyone else. Lolx... The clock tower gives this place the authentic feel of historical events. It is a historical place afterall... But besides the shopping, we did went to see some "catapult cannons" very interesting...

Breaking News!! : It started raining!!!!!!!
Yes... Sad but true... It started raining so we had to leave... But we went around the corner to drop ourselves at the new Melaka Megamall... A very modernized building, nothing much historical only thing its more like a lower ground shopping with 2 floors but everything else you see from outside is new. I won't say much here, its your everyday shopping mall! Although, I paid RM6 for a 15min "Kaluoka' Hina" it's about the fishes in the reef and them trying to save their "coral reefs" aka home from "us" humans. And our toxic waste machine we dump into the bottom of the ocean. Good for kids............

Dinner Time : Rains too heavy to eat out...
We just went nearby some food stalls along the residential area and packed some regular "Wan Tan Mee" and "Kuey Teow Fish Ball Soup". Nothing special so no pictures..

The rest of the Evening :Small shopping
We "almost" spend our evenings indoors thanks to the moody rain. But, we managed to get out and head to Jonker's Street to buy some "accessories". Well, sort of like my sister was looking for some accessories for sewing and decorating clothes and stuffs. Here's caption of me and my sweet little niece which fell asleep after a long day of "pulling my hair and scratching my face" (it hurts)

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Melaka River Cruise Experience with Family

December 18, 2009 0
Day 2 : 18th December 2009 - Melaka River Cruise Experience
An experience on the Melaka River Cruise...

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Melaka Zoo Experience with Family

December 18, 2009 0
 Day 2 : 18th December 2009 - Zoo Melaka Experience
Nice experience at Zoo Melaka... Not to be missed...

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Thursday 17 December 2009

Day 2 : Malacca Trip with Family

December 17, 2009 0
Day 2 : 17th December 2009
Woke up at 7am with neck pain (very common for me when traveling)...We ventured out early for "Dim Sum" around 8am! With Ovi Map on hand, we found the location of the "Dim Sum" some people has been talking about online!

Breakfast : Ban Hong Xiang Tea House

(RM35.90 for 4 person - HOW CHEAP CAN THAT BE?!?! Totally can't compare with KL/PJ ~ cut throat)

Next Stop : Melaka Zoo (Very nature-like and natural - not too smelly)
This trip is going to have a special blog post dedicated to it... It's amazing the creatures you see there... Of course we can see it in every Zoo but just bare with me! It's been 12 years since I've been to a Zoo! (Last was Zoo Negara - smelly)

Lunch : Popiah along Jalan Bunga Raya
This is beyond words! I've never finished eating "Popiah" before. I usually take a bite or two and that's it. I don't fancy it at all. However, this is one delicacy that is a must-have in Melaka! People queue for this! Inside there's egg and the other normal popiah ingredients, very huge! Very filling! Worth value for money and the special ingredient (I think) is the "Pork-Oil"... You can actually smell it (the fragrance) and while eating, you might spot 2 or 3 "Fried Pork-Oil" that makes this "Popiah" a lil' crunchy... Now talk about real snack!

Almost Twilight : Melaka River Cruise
After the Zoo trip, we had to head home and clean-up for our next event! The Melaka River Cruise! Yahoo~! Another special blog post dedicated to this! I only have short descriptions of the historical buildings and short stories. You want to know more, go experience it yourself!

Dinner Time : At Portugis Settlement
Mmm... Food again~! Portugis Grill Fish! A variety of stalls to pick from No. 1 to 10 some even jump No. 88!! Nope, only a handful of stalls, around 8 - 10 stalls. When you park your car at the carpark, a bunch of people with hover around your vehicle until you come out! Scary!! But they will find all sort of "friendly" ways to talk to you and get you to visit their stall. Why? Because they ALL sell the SAME thing... We don't know which is the best, but you must pick a NUMBER to stop them from hovering around you... My bro-in-law counted us, there were 6 of us and my sister was talking to a nice lady and she decided stall No. 6! What a coincident! But we never regretted picking that number.

The food is "Oh-So-Delicious"! Homemade, tasty and VERY satisfying! Btw, fresh fish! Yum~ Btw, another stall nearby sells Mango Juice only, quenches thirst!

Supper Time : Melaka Famous Putu Piring (Always crowded)
Putu piring! Definitely different than what we have in KL/PJ. Not that I know of... However, this stall is the best I've tasted by far! The texture is moist and the aroma is mouthwatering. Imagine having a soft and lightly sweetened sponge cake in your mouth. No! Not the ordinary sponge cake... Something like, a tight texture... It's not flaky and it's just the right amount of ingredient! Very filling too... A must-try in Melaka!

The End of Day 2 - To be continued -
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Wednesday 16 December 2009

Day 1 : Malacca Trip with Family

December 16, 2009 1
Hey guys! I'll be bringing you through to experience a "free & easy"  holiday at Malacca with my family!

Day 1 : 16th December 2009
Left home at 10am. My bro-in-law drove us to Malacca  
(fyi, Malacca is his hometown)... 

Along the way when reaching Malacca, I spotted a few buildings and some exceptionally cool "sky / clouds "

(I love the sky / clouds)

Lunch : Ho G Food Trading (Restaurant)
We had lunch here and it was around 2pm at that time. No, we just arrived Melaka and looking for the first food on our menu! Chicken Rice Ball! Yummy~!  


(Sorry I'm not sure which location is this, too hungry to notice!)

After Lunch : Home Sweet Home
After filling up our tummy, we went to settle our bags in Melaka! Yay! Home sweet home~! Almost... We stayed at my bro-in-law's house (holidays and visiting only). We had to clean up around a lil' before we could actually settle in and then clean ourselves up... Because all the hotels were kinda fully booked and some are ridiculously overpriced. So why waste that kinda cash?! Luckily, we have my bro-in-law's own family home (hometown) to save the day! Thank You Raymond & family ^^ !
(Ps. I read Twilight -again!- the rest of the day before dinner)

Here's a sneak preview of ~home~...

Dinner Time : At Jalan Bunga Raya
We came here looking for fried "seafood" such as lala/balitong/oyster... We found out that the only seafood available here is "oyster"... Sad.... But we tried out the "Wan Tan Mee" next door while enjoying a packet of Fried Oyster... Y.U.M.M.Y!! I could hardly find "the" oyster but it definitely taste great! Even the Wan Tan Mee tastes great too! It's flavor is original and you don't taste much "Ajinomoto/Seasoning" like what we normally taste here and there in KL. To be honest, this "Wan Tan Mee" actually looks like the Sarawak Mee but it's not! Cool huh!

Night Time : Window Shopping along Jalan Bunga Raya
Yes, it is part of the plan, besides, there's like 3 or 4 shops around the corner that sells X'mas deco and it's very attracting and colorful! See for yourself!

The End of Day 1 - To be continued -
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Tuesday 1 December 2009

Lady Gaga "The Fame Monster"

December 01, 2009 1
Amazingly unique is all I can think of! However, if you've noticed the "Twilight" frenzy with everything revolving around Vampires and Werewolves, you might notice some lyrics or songs from Lady Gaga's New Album "The Fame Monster" actually says more about love, werewolves AND vampires. Coincidence? I think not. Yet, I'm loving this album already!

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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Travel : Oxford - Enstone - England - UK

November 24, 2009 0
Hey guys! We've been planning on traveling and as soon as we knew it, we left for Oxford by car! Drove to Calais, France; Took the channel tunnel train which takes 35 minutes to get to Folkestone in England and we have something for you from Oxford City

Pictured (above) : Oxford University is famous in the detective thriller, Inspector Morse; Its just breathtaking to view these historical buildings up-close.

Pictured (above) : I love this view best! It's part of the University of Oxford.

Pictured (above) : Oxford Library, the look of this building sends thrills down your spine like some mystery mayhem revolving around it. (Vampires maybe[chuckles])

 Pictured (above) : Here's the very "old" restaurant pub in Oxford.

Pictured (above) : Oxford city is worth visiting. The kind gentleman known as the City Crier was kind enough to have his picture taken with me (Columnist of Ratianda)

Check out Enstone, Oxfordshire while you're here!

Pictured (above) : This is the best shot I've spotted while I was visiting. Very very interesting. Plus, it's not a restaurant! It's in the neighbourhood alright. Very unique and different! I'd give 5 stars to whoever that owns this idea.

Well here's a brief review on Oxford City

Oxford is in England or the United Kingdom (UK).
Oxford IS also in Oxfordshire. (Now I'm confused - laughs)

The best part : Former President Clinton studied for one year right here in Oxford!

Just FYI : Enstone is a village in Oxfordshire.

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