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Friday 18 December 2009

Day 3 : Malacca Trip with Family

Day 3 : 18th December 2009
Today we get to sleeep late! Yay! 10am MAX... This time my leg hurts sooooo bad... (Thanks to my laziness of "no exercise" effect) We went to Jalan Gajah Berang (nearby the Dim Sum place - same row - further down) for some 'aromatic' Beef Noodle.. ~Yummy~! Trust me, totally worth it! It's cheap and very tasty! Yes, yes, I know most of you might not like the "scent / aroma" but this one is really worth the try! You don't get those "beefy" strong aroma like most places (usually it's because the beef is not thoroughly cleaned properly). Some might feel that it's not enough "beef" in it but if you want to try, and hate the strong smell - this is the one for you! Here's some sneak preview!

Breakfast : Restaurant Hing Loong - Taiwan Mee

Rough Estimated Figures: STILL CHEAP!
Small RM3.80 / Big RM 4.50 / RM2.40 (Deep Fried Pork Ribs) / RM2.40 (Vinegar Pork Leg)

Btw, you can get to taste this "Beef Noodle" in PJ too... I haven't been there yet but would love to soon!
Here's the address :

Lunch : At Jalan Portugis - Kedai Satay Xiang Ji - Only Pork Satay, we local call it "Satay Babi" (sounds rude...lolx)
This shop is unique, I think it's only found in Melaka! Legally (in Malaysia)!! When you step in, that's tho only thing to eat, you just need to order your drinks, they'll bring the plates of "Rice Ketupat" (like rice paste) and plates of "Cucumbers" with their special "Peanut Dippings/Sauce". Then empty plates will be placed on your table as they refill it with "Pork Satay Sticks" each time they have them done. They count the number of sticks you eat~!

Btw, it's 55cents each.

Next Stop : Shopping along Stadhuy's Melaka stalls!
Bought a few things here, you can manage a good deal if you have the good charisma skills. Either that, or buy it at the price they offer you like everyone else. Lolx... The clock tower gives this place the authentic feel of historical events. It is a historical place afterall... But besides the shopping, we did went to see some "catapult cannons" very interesting...

Breaking News!! : It started raining!!!!!!!
Yes... Sad but true... It started raining so we had to leave... But we went around the corner to drop ourselves at the new Melaka Megamall... A very modernized building, nothing much historical only thing its more like a lower ground shopping with 2 floors but everything else you see from outside is new. I won't say much here, its your everyday shopping mall! Although, I paid RM6 for a 15min "Kaluoka' Hina" it's about the fishes in the reef and them trying to save their "coral reefs" aka home from "us" humans. And our toxic waste machine we dump into the bottom of the ocean. Good for kids............

Dinner Time : Rains too heavy to eat out...
We just went nearby some food stalls along the residential area and packed some regular "Wan Tan Mee" and "Kuey Teow Fish Ball Soup". Nothing special so no pictures..

The rest of the Evening :Small shopping
We "almost" spend our evenings indoors thanks to the moody rain. But, we managed to get out and head to Jonker's Street to buy some "accessories". Well, sort of like my sister was looking for some accessories for sewing and decorating clothes and stuffs. Here's caption of me and my sweet little niece which fell asleep after a long day of "pulling my hair and scratching my face" (it hurts)

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