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Monday 5 June 2023

Swiss Dream Circus Returns with "The Comeback" 2023

June 05, 2023 0

 OMAIGOT! Yes! I am so excited and delighted to know my favourite Circus is back in Malaysia! A show not to be missed because the last round they were here it was before the pandemic. And it must've been tough to pull through and I was really wishing the best for all of them because they were really good! And when I received the newsletter I was thrilled and I believe they deserve this comeback!

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From 28th June 2023 to 23rd July 2023 at Mutiara Damansara (Mutiara Park near The Curve, behind IKEA & opposite KidZania). The circus is one of the oldest cultural assets around the globe. In Switzerland there are over 14 circus companies and a variety shows that traditionally travel through the country.

Marco & Ismail - My favourite duo behind the Swiss Dream Circus!

Do you know that for years, the Malaysian Royal London Circus was the only circus in the country. Unfortunately, the company closed 2007 and there were no more circus appearances in Malaysia for years after. Thus creating the perfect opportunity for Ismail and Marco. As a result of this ambitious venture, various circus companies sprout up like mushrooms. There are currently three other companies travelling throughout Malaysia. At Swiss Dream Circus, we believe that quality is the only success worth measuring. Swiss Dream Circus stands for real circus where you can dream with open eyes. "SWISS" stands for quality, "DREAM" for diving into another world and "CIRCUS" for a truly family-centered entertainment which awakens old childhood memories all at once. It is our ambition to create a bridge between tradition and modernity with our circus, especially in this era of digital and technological transformation.

With support of Prince Albert to the Swiss Dream Circus

It is not always easy to lead a circus; an infinite number of hurdles must be overcome time and time again; without forgetting the enormous cheques we have to sign! To finance a 2 million project, we rely on partners, sponsors and friends who support us. People who also like to take part of journey full of unforgettable moments.

Janine & Fabien, Switzerland : Aerial Straps Act

Before the red curtain opens, tremendous organization goes on in the background. From marketing plans, booking of artists, obtaining permits, organizing visas, transport and accommodations, booking of flights … all of which make up an almost endless list of things to do.

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Just ten days before the first performance, six containers unload tons of material. First, the venue has to be measured and marked, after which more than 80 anchors are rammed into the ground, to support the Big Top. The four 13-meter-high main poles are hydraulically installed. The 11-meter long dome hangs from it and four pieces of the tent fabric are tied and pulled upwards. Then the grand stand is assembled to fit a maximum capacity of 900 people. The wooden floor is laid and the carpet is rolled out. The artist's entrance with the red velvet curtain is set up and countless spotlights and the sound system are attached to the main poles. Two huge air conditioning chillers are connected by pipes to the tent. Power generators are mounted and erected in the awning; food stands are set up and decorated. After six days of hard work, the circus is set up. Now the artists have 4 days to get used to the new environment and together with lighting designers, sound engineers and choreographers, a new show is put together from single performances.

From dawn to dusk, rehearsing until the show comes together into a harmonious unity. Now the show can begin!

Get your tickets here 
Get your tickets here 

Are you ready for it? Grab your tickets now before it is sold out! I've gotten mine already! My son's attended when they were just toddlers and they truly missed this show so much, my daughter will definitely enjoy this show as well as she has never experienced it! A must-come, must-go, must-have experience with your loved ones near or far! I'd travel the distance just to be here at Swiss Dream Circus!

Get your tickets here 

See you there! 

Check Swiss Dream Circus for more details!

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Thursday 1 June 2023

Transform Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Experiences with 1664. Bon Appétit-lah!

June 01, 2023 0

 Enjoy an elevated occasion of #GoodTasteWithATwist as 1664 brings you an ensemble of food, music, creative expressions and drinks. France’s No.1 premium wheat beer, 1664 has returned with its third edition of Bon Appétit-lah to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones by sharing good taste with a twist at one of KL’s most well-recognised rustic hotspot – Sentul Depot. 

Expanding on its past success, this instalment of Bon Appétit-lah transcends consumers from delicious dining offerings to an illustrious occasion filled with elevated experiences. Staying true to the French spirit of joie de vivre (joy of living), 1664 seeks to emulate the French appreciation of good food and drinks, bringing good taste to every shared occasion. The Bon Appétit-lah campaign this year invites 1664 consumers to experience the extraordinary in simple everyday pleasures at its chic and trendy pop-up 1664 lounge in KL from 2nd to 17th June.

Transforming Sentul Depot’s iconic rustic look into a newly captivating space, 1664 has redesigned Warehouse 3’s raw interior into a modern bistro decked in shades of 1664’s iconic blue. Upon entering, the famed blue bulldog ‘Frenchie’ greets guests who can then chill-out at the contemporary dining hall decked with a miniature Eiffel Tower, perch around the beautiful 1664 bar & deli area or hang out at the cosy Blue Lounge clad in stylish armchairs that they can sink into; all while enjoying epicurean delights with a twist and the exquisite flavours of 1664 Blanc and 1664 Rosé.

“1664’s continuous journey to captivate consumers with the simple pleasures of life has allowed us to turn the ordinary into extraordinary experiences for everyone. From our recent charming Parisian inspired street – Rue 1664 to the curated 1664 Valentine’s Day celebration at Dadi Cinema, Pavilion Bukit Bintang KL, we hope to continue giving beer enthusiasts elevated shared moments that they can cherish for years to come,” commented Olga Pulyaeva, Carlsberg Malaysia’s Marketing Director.

“With this in mind, 1664 welcomes everyone to truly savour an amazing dining affair complemented with an unparalleled drinking experience where beer lovers can immerse themselves and indulge in #GoodTasteWithATwist. Bon Appétit-lah!” she added.

Promising an unforgettable memoir enjoyed with friends, family, loved ones and furry companions over the two-and-a-half weeks of June, 1664’s Bon Appétit-lah will be treating guests to a complimentary welcome drink of either 1664 Blanc or 1664 Rosé upon arrival. Visitors will then be able to relish in a spread of gourmet bites concocted by food virtuosos NoLabel Cuisine, Waka Waka Gelato, The Bao Guys and Flaaah The Bakery. Also on the menu are special creative spaces where beer lovers will be able to repurpose 1664’s iconic blue bottle into an art piece, make their mark on the graffiti wall and to preserve the extraordinary experience, get the perfect digital caricature of themselves at the Portrait with a Twist on selected days. 

Alternatively, visitors can just sit back, take in the atmosphere, and enjoy the rhythmic tunes by guest headliners Juztin Lan, Gaston Pong and Babychair during the Blue Hour on Saturdays. There will even be a specialty store where guests can score some cool merchandise from stylish streetwear brand NerdUnit, shades designer Kazoku, timepiece maker iROAS and wellness wizard Gote, alongside limited-edition 1664 goodies such as 1664 stem glasses and the exclusive artist edition trolley luggage. Pet parents will also be excited to know that they will be able to bring their furry friends along to 1664’s first ever pet-friendly pawty happening on the weekends, from 11:00am to 2:00pm. 

Filled with pawsome activities for both pups and cats, animal lovers and their four-legged companions will be in for a purring, tail wagging good time. Every day promises unique experiences where consumers can turn ordinary evenings into extraordinary ones. Open to pre-registered guests and walk-ins daily from 5:00pm to 10:00pm on Monday to Friday and from 11:00am to 10:00pm on weekends, 1664’s Bon Appétit-lah will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

To find out more about what’s in store, be sure to like and follow @1664BlancMY on Facebook and Instagram or visit https://1664malaysia.com/event for more details. All activities are open to non-Muslims aged 21 and above. 

When purchasing and enjoying 1664, remember to always #CELEBRATERESPONSIBLY – if you drink, don’t drive!

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