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Friday 19 January 2018

Affordable 5-Star Gourmet Dining in Champignons at Oasis

Ever wanted to enjoy a 5-star chef gourmet semi-fine dining at a more affordable price but with a sumptuous portion of excellent quality? Well, now you can!

My first experience here was, "WOW"! The pricing on the menu is seriously affordable!

I mean, who gets to eat Foie Gras for RM38!!! Me! And ultimately you too can enjoy 5-star quality meals here!

The variety on the menu is really interesting and I like that it is neat and has as much details in a short and simple explanation of what we will be ordering.

The ones with the mushrooms on the side are the Chef's recommended choice. Why mushrooms you ask? Champignons is actually mushroom in French!

The drinks we had were really unique and some are homemade too!

They served us their homemade bread for starters (off the menu) it tastes really crunchy and delicious! Not your ordinary bread. Kinda like pita bread but crunchy and crispy!

This is their special starter/appetizer, the "Cured Salmon with Orange Mousse" and yes! I thought the Mousse was cheese slice! But no! It's their homemade Orange Mousse. This is truly fine dining experience. I tried to eat it a tiny bit at a time then I decided to gulp it down in one go haha! Surprisingly, the taste blended perfectly when I put the whole thing in my mouth! No kidding!

I will never forget the "Seared Foie Gras with Fig Jam" (RM38) and I will be back again! The last time (8yrs+ ago) I saw Foie Gras on the menu was rm100 over and it was so tiny that I could use a toothpick to eat it at one go! That is how pricey this meal is elsewhere! It's a duck/goose liver by the way. Over here it's perfectly marin

How does it taste like?
Does it have any fishy/bloody smell or taste?
Actually, I will describe this like you're eating a really big fatty 3-layer pork called "Siew Yok" without the meat, just the fats. It's crispy outside and inside fatty juicy and tastes just like "Siew Yoke". The fig jams brings out a really natural sweet flavour and the mini jelly is not "cincau", it's actually red wine jelly. Eat them together and you will be AWE-d!

The "Grilled US Pork Ribs with Plum Sake Glaze" (RM25) were so juicy, moist, tender and satisfying. I could literally salivate right now. It's so damn good! Most ribs are dry or just too much flavouring, and not enough meat. This is tender, juicy and oh-so-delicious too! The pork ribs were marinated in "Plum marinated Sake". You must must try this!

This juicy tender loving "Black Truffle Chicken Breast" (RM35) is another must-have favourite on my list! All these while we have been eating dry, rough and meaty chicken breasts that made us fear of ever ordering this part of the chicken. However, this is deliciously succulent and just lip-smacking juicy with every bite. You will be surprised!! The secret to this is the temperature of cooking this.

"French Onion Soup" (RM18) is really unique! Caramelized onion toast and gruyere cheese espuma. On its own, you can taste the real onion juice in it that is really thick, pure and bittersweet! 

Added with the gruyere cheese espuma, the mixture was so perfect that even my husband who hates cream in general gave it a TWO thumbs up!! With the cream added in, it made the onion soup more flavorful, you can taste the sweetness, saltiness and fragrance all at one go!

This is the "Baked Halibut Fillet with lemon" (RM28). The Halibut Fillet is fresh and generously meaty! Tastes amazing with the lemon and goes perfectly well with the baked seafood rice with tomato and zucchini. This was previously on the Lunch Menu, however due to the amazing feedback received, this dish will now be available on the normal menu.

Their set lunch menu changes every 2 weeks! So if you really like what you had for lunch, tell the waiters/waitress, tell the Chef, tell your friends and family, just tell somebody!! And it may eventually stay on the menu for you to order anytime the whole day! Remember, your feedback is of great value! If you have any food allergy or food preference (eg. vegetarian, etc) you can speak to your server about the ingredients in their dishes before ordering.

As for desserts we had their amazing "Champignons Chocolate Delights" (RM18), specially created as a mushroom shaped chocolate cake with sprinkles of chocolates, sweets, syrup and all the sweet delights in various colours and textures to create a mushroom in the garden effect. As Chef Gary poured to sweet syrup over the dessert, it was mesmerizing!

The Champignons Chocolate Delight that's oh-so-delish and savoury sweet, specially made to sweeten up your day. Neatly designed like a Champignon (Mushroom) in a beautiful garden. . . Chef Gary gently pours the sweet warm syrup over the Champignon Chocolate for a perfect blend of goodness with a secret sparkle surprise that bursts in your mouth at every bite! . . . . Visit them for their official opening on 17th January 2018, 10am to 1pm! You don't wanna miss it! Check my web in bio for full review! . . . . . . #foods #foodieblogger #champignon #champignons #chocolate #gourmet #chef #finedining #affordable #reasonablypriced #cafe #restaurant #privatedining #food #sweet #dessert #desserts #igers #iger #igersmom #igersmalaysia #bloggerfood #bloggerkl #bloggermom #bloggermalaysia #instafood #instagood #instaphoto #malaysia
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But the highlight of this dessert is at every bite, there's a sparkle crackling in your mouth that comes from one of their special ingredients here. It's a sweet that crackles when in contact with any liquid.

They also have shelf rack of wines where you get to do wine pairing with food too. And you can even bring your own wine over as corkage fee is only RM30+.

After 15 over years of travelling around the world from Switzerland, London, Dubai to Macau from various venues like Mandarin Oriental hotel, Chef Gary Chang, decided to bring home to Malaysia a taste of 5-star excellent fine dining gourmet experience to the hearts of the people in Malaysia.

Basically with his experience, passion and talent. It is without doubt, every RM worth spending for!!

Incase you were wondering, why so affordable? Where are the ingredients from? You'll be surprised!
The pork is from US, Halibut & Salmon from Norway, Beef & Lamb from New Zealand and Chicken is locally from Malaysia.

Named after the French word for mushrooms that are so often used in western cuisine, Champignon serves contemporary European dishes featuring selected, fresh Asian ingredients and flavours. Sited in Oasis Damansara, this gourmet restaurant offers food with a focus on quality, led by a team of seasoned veterans who have explored cuisines from various corners of the world, including Switzerland, London, Dubai and Macau.

Opening promotion :
Dinner - Every guests gets a complementary "Grilled US Pork Rib with Plum Sake Glaze" as amuse bouche (worth RM28) from 17 January to 17 February 2018.

Lunch - Every "LIKE" on Facebook and Instagram gets a cup of complimentary coffee or tea from 17 January to 16 March 2018

Visit them today!
Opening Hours :
Weekdays 10am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Weekends 9am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Location : B-G-02, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, PJ

For special events, coffee breaks or private dining
Please contact Gary Chang for inquiry.
Mobile : 012 884 9189


  1. good stuff. you really took a lot of pictures that day.. Wouldnt mind trying them out soon

  2. Surprised to find the price so affordable for fine dining. Plan to go when I am in the area!

  3. The chef is cook with love.
    Every dishes look yummy to taste.
    Plan to visit next week.

  4. Food looks delicious but the food portion looks small. Might try if I am around that area.

  5. Champignons has a lots of delicious and inviting dishes. I love the classy looking ambiance of this place and perfect for a couple date. I would love to visit this place soon.

  6. I will certainly share your experience with my friends. I know they will be awed by the pricing here.

  7. This restaurant looks relaxing to dine and i like the way they serve and presented to you these foods. And that Cured Salmon with Orange Mousse looks tasted.

  8. I started to miss this place... Food really awesome!


  9. For a fancy feast, the pricing it not too bad! A great place to dine in with friends for real fancy food at a reasonable price.

  10. Wow! nice place and near to my aunt's house also. Perhaps can take her out for dinner over there and the Black Truffle Chicken Breast so tempting.

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