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Monday 8 January 2018

Nicole's Homemade Malaysia

Ever heard of Nicole Ann from Penang? If not, no worries, today's feature is this wonderful multi-skilled lady and she just moved here to KL! An inspiring chef of her own, cooking up a storm in her home with a variety of unique all-time favourite delicacies, that will take your back to your childhood memories! (Especially if you're Asian or Malaysian, you will definitely relate well with this!)

She serves traditional and modernize homemade food for all your indulgence pleasure!

A short interview with Nicole to get to know her better :

1. How long have you been in this?
I've been baking from home more than 25 years

2. Where do you normally sell?
Started off with friends n neighbours n it's only for the last 15 years orders came from online
And now 95% it's from online
Even returning n old customers order thru online ..maybe online has become a mode of communication .

3. Which area do you cover?
Selangor ,Klang valley ~95%
Other states ~5%

4. Future goals? (Eg. Have a cafe or catering)
reach out to the whole Malaysia through retailers n franchising system

5. Besides you who else is helping out?
Whole family is involved..we are a family team of 5 members

6. What food types available? (Eg. Bakgwa, tarts etc)
We do focus a lot on home taste,real food of concept..we want to share what we enjoy as good  food to others .

Our home food
-Air fried baby Spring rolls
-Pineapple tarts
-Kueh kapit
-Ready Made Sauces & Condiments (eg. Sambal)
-Frozen Dimsum Variety
-Famous Lap Cheong (Made together with my mom, using her special recipe)

7. Specialty food? (Eg. Signature mango cake-made to order)
-Frozen Dimsum Variety

8. Where to check for updates on next order? (FB page or group or WhatsApp?)
FB : Nicole Ann Ng
Instagram : @nicole_passion

9. Can we have custom made to order request? (Via WhatsApp or FB?)
Yes via FB/Instagram/WA

Some of which are the "Bak Gua" also known as "Barbecued Sweet Meat" which is famous and often seen every Chinese New Year celebration! Usually made with pork or chicken meat.

I love Nicole's Homemade "Bak Gua" because it's succulent, juicy, tender and it's sweetness is just perfect! It keeps you wanting more! Best of all, NO PRESERVATIVES! Which means, it can't last long! But you can freeze it and reheat. However, it is best eaten fresh!

There's 3 types, the stick which is really tasty and even my kids love it so much that my whole family can finish a pack of 500g in a day.

Another is the coins types and the usual square flat type. Great as a snack, for sandwiches and more!

Besides the "Bak Gua", there's also the "Tau Sah Pheah" that melts in your mouth! Okay, not literally but close! Most commercial baked "Tau Sah Pheah" is usually sweet, dry, too bland or the skin is too thick!

This "Tau Sah Pheah" is just nice, balanced and a great tea time snack!

Another I would love to highlight is the Coconut Doll Biscuits! That is my family favourite! I used to get a set of 20pcs everytime when it's available. But the next round I may have to get 2 sets since my youngest enjoys eating!

When I said multi-skilled, I mean it! She even sells Mangolicious cakes and it is amazing the way it's decorated and made with so much passion! My in-laws loved it when I ordered a cake for my Mother-in-law's birthday!

We had a satisfying dinner before that and usually when it comes to the cake or even desserts, we get really full! But we managed to almost finish the cake because it was so fresh, light, fluffy and tasty! Definitely worth it!

The portion is huge and the fruits are abundance in this cake!!

Follow her on Facebook or you can join one of the Facebook Group I help to admin to request for her specialties and from time to time she will post special delicacies available for a short time frame in the Facebook Groups and in her personal Facebook too.

So don't miss it! Like this cute lil Piggy Doll Biscuit (kosong) very traditional, cute and fun to take photo with.


  1. sedapnye tgok kek tu.. Saya percaya msti sedap kdk tu.. Saya penggemar kek.. klu boleh hari2 nK makan kek.

  2. I wish nicole a very goodluck for her bussiness. Keep up and never give up!!

  3. I didn't know about Nicole but now I do. I find her dried meat irresistible. Hope to place an order soon.

  4. How to order? I want to try that bbq sweet meat. It looks really delicious.

  5. i have tried the dried meat. my mama friend bought for me and i taste it... great wei!!!

  6. Those handmade food looks really delicious and healthy though! I don't mind trying it, it looks so yummy =) and I like handmade food!

  7. This means she is good in her work, and values her many customers. More success to come for Nicole's .

  8. Look great for food catering, events and functions. Will suggest to friends

  9. Now's day people like homemade.i would to try out this later ..


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