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Thursday 31 January 2019

Healthy Chinese New Year with Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

January 31, 2019 0
If you're a fan of tea, you will love this place. But what makes it even better is, your parents and the elderly folks will surely love this place 110%!

Today am here at Mid Valley to enjoy their Chinese New Year special and their lovely brew of unique tea next to their restaurant at "Tea+" outlet.

Their variety of meals here is aplenty! But that most intriguing part is that every meals are made with a blend of infused tea that creates a unique flavour and even enhances the flavour of the meals naturally and fragrantly!

It was my first time here and I must say that I am amazed at what they do to create such wonderful dishes that incorporates a variety of chinese tea leaves that each has a unique key combination that plays an important role for each individual dishes, desserts and beverages included.

Their Yee Sang is also specially curated with a blend of tea that enhances the flavour of the sauce. It tastes like "Yee Sang" but if you have sensitive taste buds like me or if you are a true fan of tea, you can really tastes a subtle hint of tea fragrance in the sauce and when blended with the other ingredients, you can definitely taste a whole new experience of flavours bursting in your mouth. That was how it was for me. It was really appetising to say!


Even the other dishes made with different types of tea leaves, some with OoLong tea, some with Pu'er tea and etc; It truly gives a whole new level of flavour differentiation if you were to compare eating the dishes on its own without the tea leaves blended into the dish.


It gets me wondering, how is it done? Then I saw this video and it truly baffles me.

Even youngsters will learn to appreciate the art of tea once they visit Purple Cane Tea Restaurant!
You can also come here for a quick refreshing cup of tea, a perfect place to just hang out and maybe speak to your business prospects or clients. It sets of a very comfortable and warm environment that sets it apart from other tea stalls or bubble tea stalls. I am in love with their Nitro tea, it's both special and unique and makes you feel exclusive!

There's also hampers and tea leaves gift packs you can grab now this Chinese New Year, your grandparents will surely appreciate it!

There's also Cold Brew Tea that you can get in their Chinese New Year bottle decoration that has good wishes to brighten up your Chinese New Year celebration!

I really love their Nitro cold brew tea, its super unique and tasty! 

The Nitro Honey Pu'Er Tea is really fragrant with Pu'Er and even with honey it doesn't feel too sweet, it's perfect for those who don't like it too sweet but has that mild tinge of sweetness that will still linger in your cup of Pu'Er. I also like that it's cold brew hence, it has that frothy layer on the top on your tea.

This is the Nitro Lemongrass Black tea. It's super delicious and yummy and pretty sweet too! It's really flavorful. A cup of this really packs a punch full of flavours of the Lemongrass and Black tea!

This February, you love birds out there will be in for a special treat as this unique Rose tea with Butterfly Blue Pea with surely touch the hearts of your loved ones for sure! It's taste is really flowery and aromatic, has that sweet and sour tinge of flavour that displays an exotic and mesmerizing colour to suit the season.

It has my favourite too! The Tea Egg! It's hard not to miss this because it's my childhood favourite! 
It's also a great place for desserts that you will surely fall in love over and over again!

The environment inside the restaurant is really cosy and homey. Makes you feel like you're back in your hometown enjoying a cup of tea with your family and friends and just enjoying each another's company.

Even my baby approves of this place! The tea is soothing and smooth, not too overwhelming yet not too diluted. You taste the true tea flavours in every meals and beverages without feeling like it's abit too much or too little. The way the teas have been blended into the dishes and beverages here, is truly a work of art that is worth experiencing for yourself!

Me at Week 13 (2nd Trimester)

For more info you can visit :
Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
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CLAIGIO LED Magic Eye Patch Malaysia Review

January 31, 2019 0
If you have been watching Kdrama's like me, you probably have noticed a few branded products from Korea making it's indirect marketing advertising throughout the Kdrama series. I came to notice this CLAIGIO LED Eye Patch from watching Encounter (starring Song Hye Kyo & Park Bo Gum) and have been wondering what on earth is this?

So I decided to have a go and get one to see what it is all about.

I realized it's a "MAGIC" eye patch, an optimal skin beauty gadget that makes your skin look clearer & brighter.

What it does in 8 minutes default, is it helps to lessen and treat darken areas on our skin, blemishes, brightens skin, regenerate the skin whilst reducing wrinkles at the same time.

I believe this is for people like me who just wants to lie there and let the gadget do the job by itself. And this gadget also helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin within the upper dermal layer whilst increases the activity of fibroblasts* with the 20 LED red (600-660 nm) wavelengths that is optimized for the skin. There's no side effects as mentioned in their website.

*Fibroblasts : A type of biological cell that synthesizes with the extracellular matrix and collagen which produces the structural framework for animal tissues and plays a critical role for wound healing. It's the most common cell of connective tissues in animals.

I like how it is kinda handy and portable to be used anywhere, I can bring it along with me as I travel on the road as I can just plug and use it along the way with my smartphone.

It's pretty easy to use too. Just follow the instructions below or in the manual provided in the box.

It's also quite affordable for a technology such as this. The Patch is made of non-toxic silicon gel and easily washable for reuse.

Can just wipe with a wet cloth for quick cleaning
The adhesives on the patch gel is not harmful on the skin and rest assured that it won't rip your skin off, it is made exclusively to be suited for all skin types on our gentle delicate face.

Recommended to use 2 to 3 times a day. It already has an auto preset timing of 8 minutes each usage.

If you double the times of usage to more than 3 times a week, you will be able to see significant improvement on its anti wrinkle care on your skin.

I like after one session trying it out, my pores does seem smaller.

I'd have to use it a few times to really see what it can do for my skin. It comes with a 1 year warranty too with a 1-to-1 replacement if any defects found.

Use coupon code “SY30” and get RM30 off with FREE shipping now!
Offer valid for first 30 orders till 28th February 2019 only.
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Tuesday 29 January 2019

Chinese New Year Buffet at Tonka Bean, Impiana Hotel KLCC

January 29, 2019 0
This 2019, Tonka Bean offers an array of delicacies to satisfy your tastebuds at Impiana Hotel, KLCC. Located at the Lobby/Ground floor near the main entrance, its splendid array of variety makes this a great place for you to bring your family and friends over to celebrate reunion this Chinese New Year Eve Dinner or Chinese New Year High Tea Special!

Available for reservations on 4th February 2019 & 5th February 2019; You will definitely love it here as their portion and variety definitely suits everyone near or far!

Here's a series of all the food at Tonka Bean this CNY 2019 for your eyes & tummy to feast on! (Thank me later muahahha!!)

It's environment is really warm and comfortable, it has a beautiful setup of Chinese New Year decorations that suits the entire festive season. Its a BUFFET that you will not go hungry for sure because there will be something that will suit everyone! Even their "Yee Sang" you can also grab it from the "Yee Sang" table and decorate it on your own and be creative.

Their dessert corner will surely please the children especially, Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins of not 1 or 2 flavours but up to 12 flavours available!

It's pricing is definitely affordable for its variety and quality of food available! Their desserts and cakes are too beautiful to be eaten!

Did I mention that, there's also FREE flow of house wine and beer too!! 
(Please don't drink and drive, be a responsible citizen this Festive season!)

If you're up to something more private, you can also make reservations for a full 8-course or 9-course round table private dining session for a more traditional feel of a reunion dinner. The set menu's above comes included with a bottle of red or white wine per table.

Make your reservations now, don't last minute!
We're only 1 week away from Chinese New Year 2019!


Chinese New Year Eve Buffet Dinner
4th February 2019
From 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Price : RM188+ per Adult | RM38+ per Child


Chinese New Year High Tea 
(With additional on the menu of Savoury Waffles, Sandwiches and also Snacks for Children like Popcorn, Cotton Candy or Pancakes)
5th February 2019
From 12.30pm to 4.00pm

Price : RM79+ per Adult | RM25.50+ per Child


Make Reservations at :
Tonka Bean, Impiana Hotel, KLCC
Contact : 03-2147 1111

A Friendly Note From SebrinahYeo.com : 
Enjoy this Chinese New Year festive season and remember DON'T DRINK alcohol & DRIVE, use a public transport or get someone who didn't drink any alcohol to drive you back! If you're travelling back hometown or travelling out anywhere into the city, please STAY ALERT, BE UPDATED with news on the road & PLAN AHEAD. Please also ensure that while travelling anywhere with your family, make sure everyone is buckled up and be a responsible citizen because you will save many lives, especially you and your family! If you need more tips and info on Road Safety this Chinese New Year, you can also check Child Passenger Safety Malaysia (CPSM) Facebook page or group to stay updated on road safety with your family!
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Friday 25 January 2019

Have The Best Reunion Ever at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

January 25, 2019 0
Let's turn up a notch a lil, with a twist of fun-filled entertainment this festive season with your family and friends! Sunway Lagoon Malaysia is now open for reservations for the best Chinese New Year reunion ever experienced in your life for sure!

From the 1st to 19th February 2019, you get a chance to skip the jam and enjoy yourself at Sunway Lagoon during Chinese New Year with the whole family!

It's definitely a fun way to enjoy this festive season with activities lined up just for you and your family. From 5th to 8th February, you get to enjoy a contemporary Hip Hop Lion Dance by Kun Seng Keng Lion Dance Association, an award winning dance troupe with multiple awards over the years owning up to the recent one as they won their championship title in the Southern Lion Dance International Championship in China last year.

There's also more line ups ready to entertain you throughout this Chinese New Year!

 Also, if your kids are a fan of Nickelodean's characters like Spongebob & Patrick, Ninja Turtles, Dora the explorer and her best friend or Boots; They will be making their special appearances at the Nickelodean Lost Lagoon for a photo op. My son would sure love to be there as he loves the Nickelodean Lost Lagoon too!!

Also packed with fun-filled entertainment by performances from Sunway Lagoon, such as the Swashbuckling Pirates Show, The Tale of Mount Berapi & Waves of Fun, a heartwarming Latin show and even a Bring on the 60s Show that will entertain the elderly folks as well this Chinese New Year special.

However, Chinese New Year main event has to be the Reunion meals that everyone gathers together at a round table and just enjoy each another's company while indulging in an array of traditional Chinese cuisine. Hence rest assured, Sunway Lagoon has you covered on that as well!

Guests can enjoy a scrumptious Reunion Combo worth RM18 that will be available at the Wagon Wheel Cafe, Scream Cafe and Zulu Kopitiam. You can also grab these Reunion combo deals online too. And if you plan to bring your whole family and even friends to gather at Sunway Lagoon, you can also opt. to host a Chinese New Year Reunion set in Beach Bistro at Surf Beach.

For every Beach Bistro CNY Reunion set of 6 pax (RM360), you get to enjoy a complimentary FREE "Yee Sang" worth RM150.

Also, if you were to purchase a Reunion Sweet Treat (any ice cream) from I Scoop For You ice cream parlour at the Surf Beach, you will receive a FREE Nickelodeon Lenticular cup for your kids (or you)!

That's not all at Sunway Lagoon; You can also participate in a Lucky Dip (with any minimum purchase of RM100 from Nickelodeon Store, Sahara Boutique and Surf Haven retail outlets), you get to stand a chance to win exciting gifts from Sunway Lagoon!

So whatcha waitin' for?!

Chinese New Year is coming soon and you get to enjoy the Best Reunion Ever at Sunway Lagoon Malaysia from 1st to 19th February 2019!

So mark your dates, get your tickets & reserve a spot for your familys' Best Reunion Ever now!

Sunway Lagoon Malaysia
Contact : +603 5639 0000

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