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Sunday 20 January 2019

KITKAT Ruby-licious in Malaysia

KITKAT as a brand has existed for over the past 83 years and it all began in 1935, where KITKAT becomes a family of Nestle since 1988 (my birth year!).

Today, it is Malaysia's leading chocolate brand and love by many through many generations over the decades; It's also exported globally across 14 countries and the first global confectionary brand to be made from 100% sustainable cocoa source through the Nestle Cocoa Plan.

As I was taken down memory lane on the true beginnings of KITKAT and how it began to how it derived to its glorious taste and wonders today, it was definitely an educational moment for me to get to know KITKAT personally behind-the-scenes.

Little did I know (or rather I didn't know at all!), that Nestle Cocoa Plan helps improve the lives of cocoa farmers who are within the Nestle supply chain. And this is something that should be mentioned because not many corporate giants will go down to the nitty gritty to really put their sincerity and concern in the welfare of their resources and human resources I am talking about. Because you may have probably heard of such news last time where child labour and gender inequalities to low incomes for farmers is quite known to most of the world.

However, in line with Nestle's purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future, their initiative to improve the livelihoods of cocoa-growing communities in the Ivory Coast by providing resources for them to manage their farms and livelihoods, truly helps in providing a solution the the challenges faced by these farmers and their family. With proper training and best practices, you will know it when you have yourself a KITKAT, you can truly taste your love of chocolate through every bite you take! I believe it's because of the passion and the love that begins from its seed right until it is harvested by the farmers with care. The Nestle Cocoa Plan operates under 3 simple pillars, which are, Better Farming, Better Lives and Better Cocoa. A 100% sustainably sourced Nestle KITKAT cocoa without any child labour, mistreated farmers, nor gender inequality in the process of the making, really makes a huge difference!

Today they have launched the Ruby chocolate that is the latest discovery and it is now available in KITKAT Chocolatory stores in Malaysia. It has a sweet and slightly sour tinge of taste in it's pretty-in-pink melt in your mouth chocolatory sensation that you will not miss. It is the first new chocolate in its original form that is created ever since dark, milk and white chocolate was created 80 years ago. Ruby chocolate has no added flavouring, colouring additives or genetic modification, it was made by Swiss chocolate and cocoa processor Barry Callebaut from specially-selected Ruby cocoa beans that is only found in major cocoa-growing regions that even includes places such as Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil.

The one-of-a-kind chocolate actually makes me really curious how KITKAT is going to market it to the public and I was delighted to know that they have the KITKAT Ruby chocolate in their most famous four-finger wafer bar!

It will probably be the best Valentine's gift every girl will love!

And the KITKAT Chocolatory store in Mid Valley actually has samples that you can try their variety of KITKAT products on certain days (especially weekends); But that's not all! You also get to purchase unique KITKAT chocolates that you don't always see it over-the-shelf at the mart etc. The best part about this store, is you can even have a go at customizing your own KITKAT chocolate by choosing the ingredients to your KITKAT (up to 3 ingredients).

Popular KITKAT product includes :

KITKAT Malaysian Favourites
KITKAT Milk Chocolate

KITKAT Green Tea - This is made with real Green Tea leaves to give consumers the true exotic and pure green tea flavour

KITKAT Duo Teh Tarik - This is super unique and I bet most Malaysians will love this for their tea time or even breakfast or supper!! The flavour is really rich with Teh Tarik taste of tea with milk and sugar. Tastes really rich, really really rich! Be warned! You may not stop. Smells exactly like Teh Tarik.
KITKAT Rose (Limited Chinese New Year edition) - This is Rose Bandung, really tastes like syrup with milk except slightly more milky also because of the chocolate texture that is already milky itself. But the syrul flavour gave this Rose Bandung chocolate a very gentle and sweet unique blend of a tinge of lightly sweetened milk chocolate. It is fragrant too, smells just like Rose Bandung.

Pls head over to their store because you will be definitely be in for a treat! I super love their Chinese New Year creations, particularly the KITKAT Pineapple Tart Chocolate, the taste is uncanny!

For more info :
KITKAT Malaysia
Facebook | Instagram
Address : KITKAT Chocolatory, Lot F-007, 1st Floor, Midvalley Megamall, Malaysia
Opening Hours : 10am to 10pm daily

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