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Thursday 25 November 2021

Tobacco Harm Reduction Alternatives

November 25, 2021 0

If you or you know someone who is a smoker, then I am sure this article can help you or your loved one. Because today I wanted to bring this topic into awareness; the "Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR)" and what are some of the things that we should know of and also the less harmful alternatives that smokers can look into.

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I used to be a smoker before when I was in my teenager years on-going to entering the big big world of adulthood and work-life. I was basically curious why people smoke and it got me intrigued to try it out. I will say influence plays a huge role here and that is why I am here to influence you to reduce or quit smoking altogether. Because I was only a social smoker, I smoke just to fit in to the crowd, I smoke to fit in with the group or mix with certain groups. I even had to smoke just to bond and communicate with some of my teammates that I was managing. And it was not something that I enjoy honestly. I did it to fit into the social circle and it was bad, for my health literally.

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You may think it is cool but actually you are harming not only yourself but the people around you. That's why when I met my husband, I am grateful that he didn't smoke and I was able to quit altogether because of him, because I didn't need to smoke at all thereafter. That's why I firmly believe the 5 people you mix with today are the average of your outcome today. Just look around you and see who are your current circle of friends you liaise with daily and their habits and you will see somewhat a reflection of some in your own habits.

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However, you can be the change in others by changing yourself first. That is why when you make a firm and informed decision to change the way you live your life, not only you benefit but, because of your little action, it can affect good little changes amongst the people around you watching you, following you, learning from you and copying you (consciously and subconsciously). So let's get down to the topic!

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Tobacco! Do you even know what is this? I don't, but when I started smoking, I know it will damage my health and my organs. Some say, take a deep breath in and you will feel the difference. Some love that feeling, some that's the feeling of damage happening silently. Some just take puffs and blow it all out thinking that it is more healthier or less damaging but, have you even heard of secondhand smokers or even third hand smokers? Second Hand are those that literally can see and smell the smoke you just puffed out, even if they aren't smoking. That's why if you smoke around people, those people will become secondhand smokers involuntarily. Third Hand smokers on the other hand are your loved ones waiting for you at home. They will get it directly from you because the smoke is already all over your skin, hair, body, breath and your clothes, even in your vehicle. Basically, that's how your entire family that lives with you, young or old, becomes third hand smokers involuntarily. 

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Sounds scary right? But it's true. I went through over the years hearing news and information of this to be well-informed of my decisions to quit this because it wasn't enjoyable to me. Did I even mention the cost of the cigarettes? You could save them up for a proper House or Car or even a better healthcare solution. That's why it is important for you to know what is Tobacco, what is Nicotine, what is Tar?

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If Tar is an ingredient in the cigarette and tar is also an ingredient used to build road pavements, what am I building inside my body when I smoke these tar-cigarettes? Imagine it. 

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Let me share a personal story of mine, I know someone who had lung cancer, spent thousands and suffered through treatments and eventually thought he was almost recovered but the cancer came back in vengeance and he went into relapse until he passed on shortly after just a couple of days. This was like 10 over years ago, this person I know of loves to drink and smoke everyday! He can literally smoke more than 3 packets of cigarettes a day and he just smells cigarettes all day. Another one story of mine is from a friend, her husband was a chain smoker and she wanted him to stop. He dutifully tried but it was hard back then, he immediately stop his chain smoking but it was bad, he was already addicted to it. He started getting chills and he was have runny nose and it was so bad that his hand will shake and shiver unless he gets his daily puff. Why do I share these 2 stories with you is not to encourage you to continue but because it was because of so many individuals and so many years of research that many has gone through and passed on that today, we should be grateful that no matter what happened, it was for a good reason. Thanks to them and so many people out there finding ways for all of those who have been trying to quit smoking to live healthier without suffering the addiction of the non-smoking effects; Harm Awareness Association (HAA) is the forefront of reducing harm in every aspect in life, which I am featuring in this post today on Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR).

So now we know that burning a cigarette is super harmful to everyone. What can we do to gradually reduce this and eventually stop? How can this post help you as a smoker or someone you know?

References : 

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Here's a few alternatives that one can opt for a replacement to cigarettes but it’s important to note that while these products are not risk-free, they do however contain significantly lower levels of toxicants, thus, reducing harm to the human body.

1. E-Cigarettes

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Examples: Vape, vape pens, e-hookah, e-pipe, e-cigars and many more. 

What is it: A battery-operated device that does not contain tobacco. Instead, it works by heating an e-liquid to emit a vaporized solution upon inhalation to simulate tobacco smoking (but with relatively less harmful vapor!). The e-liquid typically contains a mixture of chemicals, artificial flavourings, and nicotine. However, options for non-nicotine e-cigarettes are also available.

I know of some who took this and eventually choose sweet flavourings and gotten used to it until they opted for similar flavoured sweets/candies as substitutes and eventually quit vaping altogether.

2. Heated Tobacco Products (HTPs)

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Examples: IQOS, Ploom TECH, PAX, Glo and many more. 

What is it: HTPs are devices that employ battery-powered heating systems to heat tobacco to produce nicotine. Unlike cigarettes, HTPs do not burn tobacco, but as its name implies, heats it before allowing it to reach its combustion point.

I know of some who took this and eventually choose sweet flavourings and gotten used to it until they opted for similar flavoured sweets/candies as substitutes and eventually go quit smoking altogether.

3. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

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Examples: Nicotine infused products such as gum, patches, lozenges, inhalers and more. 

What is it: A commonly used, medically approved method that administers nicotine to a user without the harmful chemicals found in tobacco. NRT comes in many sizes, shapes, and forms, designed to help those who quit smoking - especially those who suffer from severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms. NRTs are widely available at pharmacies. 

I know of some who took this and eventually choose the real gums and lozenges without nicotine as substitutes and eventually quit relying on nicotine's altogether.

4. Smokeless Tobacco

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Examples: Snus, snuff tobacco or chewing tobacco.

What is it: Smokeless tobacco supplies nicotine without the combustion of tobacco and is administered either orally or nasally. As it does not involve the combustion of tobacco, therefore presenting no risks without smoke inhalation, smokeless tobacco is generally considered less harmful than smoking cigarettes - albeit, addictive.

I know of some who took this tobacco nasally and eventually choose the minyak angin instead to sniff and ward off the addiction and eventually quit relying on such snuff tobacco altogether.

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Please note all these alternatives are not to encourage you to keep smoking for life, but when you make an informed decision to switch to these less harmful alternatives, make you have a goal in mind with a clear intention that the reason for the switch is to ultimately lead you to gradually reducing your smoking habits until you can totally quit smoking completely and live a healthier and more prosperous life that you and your loved ones truly deserve!
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Having said that, this period of pandemic should be seen as an opportunity to quit smoking. Keep our body clear from harmful substances, as we do not know how bad the virus could affect us even in a healthy state. If that is too challenging, try slowing down on cigarettes and vapes, at least throughout this pandemic. Allow our system to fight infections optimally. Because when all this ends, all we really want is to be able to breathe in fresher air, with no face masks getting in the way… let alone cigarettes.
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For More Updates, Please Follow HAA website for more!

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Thursday 18 November 2021

Big Bad Wolf November 2021 @ HERO Market Puchong

November 18, 2021 0

Yes! Big Bad Wolf Sales is back! Best time to shop for loads of books for yourself and your loved ones because Christmas is near! And this time Big Bad Wolf Sales is held from 15th to 28th November 2021 at the latest and newest Hero Market at Bandar Puteri, Puchong in Malaysia.

I love this place because of its ample parking space and seamless experience through the parking and the mall that makes shopping a breeze! My son was super delighted to come here. I actually came two times and brought each of my son separately because I spent a Daniel's day and Jayden's day at Big Bad Wolf!

I told them beforehand that this day is just gonna be the two of us and is for us to bond and communicate and for me to also get to know them better and just spend these precious moments with them. Making them feel that they are equally important. This is important for parenting especially if you have more than 1 child in the house. 

So the first day I was with Daniel and he was super happy to have one whole day with me out. As parents, leading by example is important, that's why I pick Big Bad Wolf Books Sale rather than playgrounds or play areas because books can be a magical place for a child to widen their horizon and knowledge further and beyond anyone's imagination! This exposure is crucial to start from young. And I definitely want my child to have a habit of reading from a young age.

We had loads of selfie and wefie and I took a video of him throughout the entire hall on Level 1. For both my sons. And I noticed two of them are very different in their decision making, their preferences and even the way they react and respond to different situations. I definitely gotten to know them better and even found a similarity in their preferences as they both chose the same book that they both like and feel like their brother will like it too. I was a proud parent at Big Bad Wolf because I was able to see my children inhibit really good values that I have always been wanting them to have, like sharing, looking out for another, considerate, make decisions, persistency, consistency and understanding.

My eldest is a more loving brother and he really acts like one as he will always have his younger brother and sister on his mind. It was never always about him and he leaves no one behind, this is the beauty of my eldest boy. He is also understanding and takes instructions by heart, he is also cheeky and playful but in a super cuddly way. Daniel will persist to look for what he already set his mind on and will consistently look for it, we couldn't find any Transformers related books here but he was willing to accept an alternative that is similar to it like Superheroes doodle book, so that he can draw the superhero and robots out. A balance of logic and creative. He buys only what he is looking for and spend within his means. He actually brought RM25 from his piggy bank when he heard I was taking him to Big Bad Wolf to shop for books.

My 2nd boy is more creative, sometimes over creative but that's where these books at Big Bad Wolf plays a huge part. He took RM30 from his piggy bank and honestly, he didn't have any restrictions or limits. He sees whatever he likes and attempts to just put it in the bag first. If I weren't there, he definitely won't be able to pay for whatever he wants. He has a huge abundance thinking for sure. He really believes, mommy grows money on trees and it's true, I won't deny that. However, he shops for all the books that he will enjoy, his little sister will enjoy and even his big brother Daniel will enjoy too. So I'm definitely happy that my son's, both of them are not selfish. But this boy is easily swayed, yet he won't give up either. He is two handful but a charming young boy!

So we bought lotsa books for sure. Along the way I was able to spend precious moments with my children and also I was able to know them better. In return, I was also able to teach them the values of picking up a book and also the spending methods that they should know of. I told them that if you want to earn, you need to have the power of knowledge as mommy already have the business platform laid out for them, they only have to grow in their knowledge and that is the first step through picking up a book to read and participate.

I went during the weekdays because it was lesser crowd but I would say the space is spacious enough and not jam-packed, rest assured all SOP is in place if not, I wouldn't even dare bring my kids along. But it was 2 days worth spent at Big Bad Wolf. If you are a parent like me with kids, I encourage you to plan your trip with them over here, it'll be worth it.

So head over before it ends! 

If you can't visit them then shop online at Shopee :

Follow Big Bad Wolf for more updates:

Facebook: (@bbwbooks)
Instagram: (@bigbadwolfbooks)
Twitter: (@bigbadwolfbooks)

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Wednesday 17 November 2021

Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap

November 17, 2021 0
If you are a very sensitive parent like me that only wants the best for your kids; You will surely only lookout for the best for your children. This is why I am also looking out for the best Anti-bacterial Hand Soap especially for my kids. It may seem a little absurd, but it isn't when you really value your child's hygiene and also keeping them clean from bacteria after being exposed outside.

So this article is going to feature my review using the Kirei Kirei No.1 brand in Japan, LION Japan, that is kid-safe and gentle on the skin with 100% plant cleansing ingredients that is safe for the whole family.

Kids need extra reminders to wash their hands and some of the highly promoted brands out there that can kill bacteria, all kinds of bacteria, the good and the bad bacteria included; Are pretty harmful on their skin because if it's too much chemical it is going to damage our skin and dry it up! I definitely won't allow that to happen to children's hand. That's why I sought for better brands out there with better formulation and ingredients that I can trust.

Hand wash with plentiful foam also makes handwashing easy and encourages my kids to wash their hands, especially my younger daughter who is only 2 years old. Kirei Kirei, means Clean Clean in Japanese actually makes hand washing fun and easy for my family.

Some foaming hand wash dries out our skin easily and then your skin will start to crack but thankfully after using this brand for almost a year, I am glad to say that my hands are still in great condition! Kirei Kirei foaming hand wash provides 99.9% anti-bacterial protection by using a unique anti-bacterial formulation that effectively remove germs, yet gentle on the skin. With its 100% plant cleansing ingredients, I know that it is gentle for my kids to use daily.

The creamy foam is really luxurious and I love this range as it has a moisturising peach scent to it. It is easy to pump out that my child can do it on their own. The foam also has a very fine texture that can remove dirt even without rubbing. because it is so fine, the foam doesn't slip off your hands even when it is facing down and is easy to rinse off.

Kirei Kirei also has 12x more volume when compared with ordinary liquid hand wash, making it easier to spread thoroughly all over the hands to the fingertips especially.

The best part about this is I can keep the bottle and get the refill pack and reuse the bottle. This helps reduce plastic too! So I'm definitely a happy user of Kirei Kirei Foaming Hand Wash as an anti-bacterial solution that is safe for the entire family when it comes to washing the hands. Don't forget to also use a good hand lotion or moisturizers after to further protect and moisten your hands to keep it baby smooth and gentle. 

You can follow Kirei Kirei Malaysia for more updates
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Saturday 13 November 2021

iNOVO Venus Ceiling Fan Light Malaysia

November 13, 2021 0
Today I'd like to share abit more of a personal experience of mine in my household item. Which is the fan! Yes, I know it may sound simple but when you start shopping for one, you would want only the best for your home that will last you a lifetime if possible. 

And that is why I always always search up many reviews and information before even deciding on which fan should I get for my home. A wrong decision can make the whole house uncomfortable. That's why I never take this decision making lightly.
So today this post is dedicated to this model that I just recently gotten it to replace my old fan-light that has been more of a decorative than a fan. The thing with fan light is some looks beautiful but the breeze or speed will make you cry. The light brightness also is another thing to be wary of.
Here's the fan I've been wanting to mention in this post today. Because I need this to remind myself also that if I move into my new home soon, this is going to be the number 1 brand of my choosing. The iNOVO Venus ceiling fan.
Inovo is a local brand which offers designer’s designed ceiling fans to Malaysia at an affordable price. The brand pledges to offer quality and
innovative consumer electrical products to the consumers and by applying Japanese Continuous Improvements concept; Kaizen, Inovo are committed to continuously improve its products and cost competitiveness though R&D.

Did you know? 
Inovo has also received 2018-2019’s The BrandLaureate SMEs BEST BRAND Award (Electrical & Electronics Solutions) too.
The iNOVO Venus Ceiling Fan model that I gotten was this model and specifications:

Product Specification Highlight:
- Motor-DC Motor with Remote control
- Size:1168mm (46")
- Speed: 6Front +6Reverse
(Why reverse?
- COLOUR : LED Matte White (MW)/Mahagony Wood (MH)
***This model currently only have 46" LED
I chose the Matte White colour because I love simple and neat colours and it blends into my ceiling.

The 3 key features that stole my heart for this brand are : 
1. The ABS Blade it is anti rust and includes with a Timer feature too.

2. Product safety especially if you have children at home, safety at home is everything!
a) Has an automatic shutdown function when blocking occurs.
b) Automatic protection when voltage exceeds 270v
c) Wide voltage use from AC110V-270V
d) DC motor is quiet and energy-saving!

3. Piece of mind with the warranty and after-sales service. This is important because I like the professional technician was really knowledgeable and helpful during installation and he explain very detailed. 
Warranty is the most important thing as well, because if you get it at any Authorized iNOVO dealers, your unit will come with the following warranty period :
1. 3 years on AC motor warranty & 5 years on DC motor warranty*
2. 3 years on product parts warranty* (1+2 years)
3. 3 years on site warranty* (1+2 years)
***Terms and Conditions apply
***Warranty must register online after purchase for the 1+2 years warranty mentioned above.

With that being said, my dining area has been pretty cooling lately and we now hang out more around the dining table more frequent because of the strong but quiet breeze.

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