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Saturday 13 November 2021

iNOVO Venus Ceiling Fan Light Malaysia

Today I'd like to share abit more of a personal experience of mine in my household item. Which is the fan! Yes, I know it may sound simple but when you start shopping for one, you would want only the best for your home that will last you a lifetime if possible. 

And that is why I always always search up many reviews and information before even deciding on which fan should I get for my home. A wrong decision can make the whole house uncomfortable. That's why I never take this decision making lightly.
So today this post is dedicated to this model that I just recently gotten it to replace my old fan-light that has been more of a decorative than a fan. The thing with fan light is some looks beautiful but the breeze or speed will make you cry. The light brightness also is another thing to be wary of.
Here's the fan I've been wanting to mention in this post today. Because I need this to remind myself also that if I move into my new home soon, this is going to be the number 1 brand of my choosing. The iNOVO Venus ceiling fan.
Inovo is a local brand which offers designer’s designed ceiling fans to Malaysia at an affordable price. The brand pledges to offer quality and
innovative consumer electrical products to the consumers and by applying Japanese Continuous Improvements concept; Kaizen, Inovo are committed to continuously improve its products and cost competitiveness though R&D.

Did you know? 
Inovo has also received 2018-2019’s The BrandLaureate SMEs BEST BRAND Award (Electrical & Electronics Solutions) too.
The iNOVO Venus Ceiling Fan model that I gotten was this model and specifications:

Product Specification Highlight:
- Motor-DC Motor with Remote control
- Size:1168mm (46")
- Speed: 6Front +6Reverse
(Why reverse?
- COLOUR : LED Matte White (MW)/Mahagony Wood (MH)
***This model currently only have 46" LED
I chose the Matte White colour because I love simple and neat colours and it blends into my ceiling.

The 3 key features that stole my heart for this brand are : 
1. The ABS Blade it is anti rust and includes with a Timer feature too.

2. Product safety especially if you have children at home, safety at home is everything!
a) Has an automatic shutdown function when blocking occurs.
b) Automatic protection when voltage exceeds 270v
c) Wide voltage use from AC110V-270V
d) DC motor is quiet and energy-saving!

3. Piece of mind with the warranty and after-sales service. This is important because I like the professional technician was really knowledgeable and helpful during installation and he explain very detailed. 
Warranty is the most important thing as well, because if you get it at any Authorized iNOVO dealers, your unit will come with the following warranty period :
1. 3 years on AC motor warranty & 5 years on DC motor warranty*
2. 3 years on product parts warranty* (1+2 years)
3. 3 years on site warranty* (1+2 years)
***Terms and Conditions apply
***Warranty must register online after purchase for the 1+2 years warranty mentioned above.

With that being said, my dining area has been pretty cooling lately and we now hang out more around the dining table more frequent because of the strong but quiet breeze.

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