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Thursday 18 November 2021

Big Bad Wolf November 2021 @ HERO Market Puchong

Yes! Big Bad Wolf Sales is back! Best time to shop for loads of books for yourself and your loved ones because Christmas is near! And this time Big Bad Wolf Sales is held from 15th to 28th November 2021 at the latest and newest Hero Market at Bandar Puteri, Puchong in Malaysia.

I love this place because of its ample parking space and seamless experience through the parking and the mall that makes shopping a breeze! My son was super delighted to come here. I actually came two times and brought each of my son separately because I spent a Daniel's day and Jayden's day at Big Bad Wolf!

I told them beforehand that this day is just gonna be the two of us and is for us to bond and communicate and for me to also get to know them better and just spend these precious moments with them. Making them feel that they are equally important. This is important for parenting especially if you have more than 1 child in the house. 

So the first day I was with Daniel and he was super happy to have one whole day with me out. As parents, leading by example is important, that's why I pick Big Bad Wolf Books Sale rather than playgrounds or play areas because books can be a magical place for a child to widen their horizon and knowledge further and beyond anyone's imagination! This exposure is crucial to start from young. And I definitely want my child to have a habit of reading from a young age.

We had loads of selfie and wefie and I took a video of him throughout the entire hall on Level 1. For both my sons. And I noticed two of them are very different in their decision making, their preferences and even the way they react and respond to different situations. I definitely gotten to know them better and even found a similarity in their preferences as they both chose the same book that they both like and feel like their brother will like it too. I was a proud parent at Big Bad Wolf because I was able to see my children inhibit really good values that I have always been wanting them to have, like sharing, looking out for another, considerate, make decisions, persistency, consistency and understanding.

My eldest is a more loving brother and he really acts like one as he will always have his younger brother and sister on his mind. It was never always about him and he leaves no one behind, this is the beauty of my eldest boy. He is also understanding and takes instructions by heart, he is also cheeky and playful but in a super cuddly way. Daniel will persist to look for what he already set his mind on and will consistently look for it, we couldn't find any Transformers related books here but he was willing to accept an alternative that is similar to it like Superheroes doodle book, so that he can draw the superhero and robots out. A balance of logic and creative. He buys only what he is looking for and spend within his means. He actually brought RM25 from his piggy bank when he heard I was taking him to Big Bad Wolf to shop for books.

My 2nd boy is more creative, sometimes over creative but that's where these books at Big Bad Wolf plays a huge part. He took RM30 from his piggy bank and honestly, he didn't have any restrictions or limits. He sees whatever he likes and attempts to just put it in the bag first. If I weren't there, he definitely won't be able to pay for whatever he wants. He has a huge abundance thinking for sure. He really believes, mommy grows money on trees and it's true, I won't deny that. However, he shops for all the books that he will enjoy, his little sister will enjoy and even his big brother Daniel will enjoy too. So I'm definitely happy that my son's, both of them are not selfish. But this boy is easily swayed, yet he won't give up either. He is two handful but a charming young boy!

So we bought lotsa books for sure. Along the way I was able to spend precious moments with my children and also I was able to know them better. In return, I was also able to teach them the values of picking up a book and also the spending methods that they should know of. I told them that if you want to earn, you need to have the power of knowledge as mommy already have the business platform laid out for them, they only have to grow in their knowledge and that is the first step through picking up a book to read and participate.

I went during the weekdays because it was lesser crowd but I would say the space is spacious enough and not jam-packed, rest assured all SOP is in place if not, I wouldn't even dare bring my kids along. But it was 2 days worth spent at Big Bad Wolf. If you are a parent like me with kids, I encourage you to plan your trip with them over here, it'll be worth it.

So head over before it ends! 

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