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Sunday 22 October 2017

MEZCLA in the heart of Subang

October 22, 2017 31
MEZCLA means "Mix It Up" in Mexican! A healthy burrito fast food joint in the hearts of Subang Jaya that will ignite your tastebuds into newer horizons you have never been to before!

Sounds extreme?! Yes! Extremely good! First of all, the flavours just blends so perfectly well together! You know when you eat your regular local chinese mixed rice at a hawker stall and you get like 2 to 3 or sometimes 4 servings of food types? This is way beyond that!

I ordered the "Mix It Up" RM16.90 burrito wrap, I trusted my awareness to go for 1 wrap first to share with my husband for lunch. There were 6 steps involved in my "Mix It Up" process. That's way more than the usual sandwich joint I used to patron!

It's like you have the power to customize your entire burrito from SCRATCH! Now that's empowering! I picked Burrito wrap with beef steak, brown rice, tomato salsa, cous cous, corn, salsa sauce, sour cream, cheese, guacamole and nachos! That's alot to pack in one burrito!!

The outcome was heavenly. Beyond words. You just gotta try it yourself. If you don't feel like customizing then just get the regular burritos options from the menu.

As for my kids, I was thinking "Tacos" for them! (We ended up eating it of course) But it was really worth the value for RM12.90 for 3 Tacos!

My pick was Fish N Mango

Chicken N Corn

Steak N Chilli. I did ask for a switch in the Steak N Chilli taco because my kids can't take spicy, yet. So they got me mint sauce.

What more can I say? Let the picture tell it's thousand words to you! Every bite satisfying!

I also ordered Avocado Fries RM11.90 from the Chef's Special menu.

Crispy battered on the outside and smooth nutty creamy and warm on the inside! It's sinfully healthy!

Add RM3 to make your meal a set with a drink & a basket of crunchy munchy Nachos!

I ordered MEZCLA Apple Juice & MEZCLA Orange Juice, and both tastes really refreshing and compliments the entire meal splendidly!

So my son was the happiest of them all! He practically finished one basket of Nachos with the sauce which you can refill!

They also offer dips too on their menu, Signature Salsa or Mezcla Guacamole.

The sauces at the condiments counter are amazing! Not your ordinary ketchup or chilli sauce! Those are so mediocre! These sauces are the ones to have! Trust me! Don't kiasu and take away can already, although it's a good idea. I wonder if can takeaway lolx! My husband refilled these 3 times! That's how good they were! And I never eat my food with any sauce unless it's meant to be or it's not nice or in this case, TOO GOOD TO RESIST!

I like the concept of this new healthy burrito joint! And the price is really reasonable too. Saw this note on the table and thought it was a great effort as well! Educating people to start managing their own mess outside of home is definitely a-sure Win! So please don't be lazy and clear your own trash! This ain't yo'momma place and there's no "Maria" or "Kakak" here to clean up after you!

If you haven't tried Burritos and don't have a clue what on earth is all these about, come by for a visit to experience it with your friends and family! You can also order on FoodPanda. And yes, I was full with the amount I ate from the above!

The burrito was really generous with its fillings and so compact! I ate only half but it was really satisfying!

I'll be back here again for sure this week, will bring my mom to check this place out too! Hard to resist the flavours once you've been exposed to it! I can still taste the burrito and tacos at the tip of my tongue as I write this food review that is non-sponsored by the way.

Visit them at
Address : 18-1, Jalan USJ 9/5Q, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact : 03-5879 9976
Email : fusionurbantaste@gmail.com
Opening Hours : Daily 12pm - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mezclaburritos/
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Friday 20 October 2017

ZooMoo "Party like an animal" at DreamWorld Playland

October 20, 2017 24
ZooMoo "Party like an animal" at DreamWorld Playland in The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown! Today was a fun day for my kids! Especially both my kids! They just love DreamWorld Playland!
Daniel today braved himself to explore further into all the obstacles and sliders in the playland!

Before this he only played with the same old blue spiral slide. And he was afraid of doing obstacles.

But today's event with so many kids he braved himself and went off on his own and climb to the highest obstacle and had so much fun!

It was a joy to see him having fun.

Do you know that ZooMoo is the world's first interactive kids learning channel on Astro Ch 619 that is devoted entirely too the Animal World!

An interactive channel featuring puppets, cartoons, games, music, puzzles and activities to create a unique educational experience for children. Some of which, featuring popular Dinosaur Train and Origanimals, a made in Malaysia animation.

ZooMoo is even available on App Store & Google Play Store, which allows kids to collect more animals while watching the channel and turning on the app. With this they even get to learn, play and explore more about the animal kingdom!

The technology is super advanced! The ZooMoo app is synchronised to the broadcast channel by an acoustic watermark inaudible to our ears, but easily detected by the mic on the device, so the minute the app is turned on while watching ZooMoo channel, complimentary content will be sent to the app on your device!

The app also has various fun activities and content that can be explored with such as, apart from collecting 160 animals to play with, there are also animal cards, animal sound effects, videos of animals in their natural environments and even food card for feeding the animals with!

Stay tuned this October 2017 highlights "It's All Animals All The Time" on Astro Channel 619:
Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave - From 1st October at 11.05am, plays daily (repeats 3.05pm, 7.05pm and 7.05am)
Fluffy's Magic Play House - From 7th October at 9.35am (repeats throughout October)
Chuck - The newest member of the ZooMoo team! A crazy coyote who is the happiest down on the farm!

And when TV time is out for your kids, take them out to DreamWorld Playland for some fun and exciting moments with the family. We definitely had fun at the party at DreamWorld with the whole family, all the yummy food by Lilipili!

And the yummy party treats! And goodie bag!

It was surely a fun day for all of us! Thanks for having us at the party! ZooMoo and DreamWorld Playland!

So if you have a party and no venue, then drop by :

The Starling Mall
Address: S-202, The Starling Mall, No.6, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 012-7219509 (Yoong Fui)
Find out more at
Call : +603-5022 2208
Email : info@dreamworldplayland.com
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Monday 16 October 2017

The Right Fit with Neubodi Malaysia

October 16, 2017 13
Do you know that almost 80% of woman are wearing the wrong bra size?! Out of these, 10% wore bras that we too big and 70% were too small.

Getting the right fit is crucial to ensure that your boobs are properly supported everyday and night all throughout your daily chores and journey through life! Especially for women, as these two are God's gift to you and once you get married and have kids. These boobies will miraculously produce the best natural golden liquid that is beneficial for your baby and for you! Yes! Breastfeeding!

With maternity right up till birth and until your breastfeeding journey, there are limited choices out there for the right fit for your boobies! And this is based on my personal experience through motherhood.

Being a first time mom 3 years ago, it wasn't easy because there weren't adequate support available for moms like me. I was typically clueless when it came to bras and especially the changes our boobs actually goes through during pregnancy right up till birth and beyond! Nobody told me any of this! There's not enough antenatal classes that truly explains what goes on with your breasts throughout your pregnancy and beyond AND where to find the right support!

After 3 years of searching for the right fit, I finally found it with Neubodi.

Through this amazing experience I learned some tips and also how to properly care for my bras and my boobies too!

I was truly blessed to meet Ms. Estee Ong, Retail Operations General Manager; And being a Bra Fitting Specialist herself, the tips she provided was easy to understand and remember right away!

No measurement tape was required when she was looking for the right fit for me.

During the fitting session, she commented on the way we casually put on our bras like we put t-shirts on. Put it on, buckle and go. Which is NOT the proper way. Especially for breastfeeding mothers like me.

It's also important to apply the scoop & swoop methods if we would like to maintain a confident 3D contour body shape even after the breastfeeding journey ends.

It definitely felt and looked different for me before and after the fitting session! As you can see in the photo below, the bra is suppose to snug and tug gently along the underarms after applying the scoop & swoop method there were no more loose ends (like before).

Feeling the difference after the bra fitting was truly an eye opening experience. Especially with friends together it makes it more fun and exciting because you get to see your friends change in a boost of confidence right after a right fit with Neubodi.

You can also get your right fit with Neubodi at their outlets. While you're at it, bring out those unwanted bras and recycle them today! I brought 5 of my old buddies to be recycled at Neubodi.

A good bra is like a good friend! Hard to find, supportive, comfortable, always lifts you up, makes you look better and always close to your heart!

A proper care is important for a bra to have a longer lifespan! Tips to note : Handwash and gently rub the edges of the bra and anywhere that has dirt. Then hang it dry upside down! This will keep the bra cup in shape and the straps won't get loosen overtime.

So for pregnant and breastfeeding mommies, you can head on over to Neubodi outlets today to get the right fit to suit your pregnancy and breastfeeding support throughout motherhood. By the way, I just found out that lace bras are actually good because lace actually spreads out better, for better overall support. Find a bra fitting specialist today!
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