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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Vivo Malaysia V15 Pro Cutting-Edge Technology

February 26, 2019 0
Smartphone devices are always inventing and coming out with newest and latest designs and technology to entice us to upgrade to the best everytime! This time, Vivo launched their latest V15Pro smartphone in Malaysia that is the first model after the NEX, incorporating an Elevating Front Camera! I was excited to be invited to attend their launching event held at Sunway Pyramid today to enjoy the live performances of Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza and also Janna Nick live in person.

One thing to note about this is that for it's sleek and smooth slim design that comes in Topaz Blue and Coral Red, its 32MP front camera that elevates up at the touch of the selfie button on your camera mode, makes every single inch and depth of your facial feature stands out prominently due to its super high-resolution display and sharp camera megapixels!

It even has a cutting-edge technologies like its AI Triple Camera that takes pro-photography on the smartphone to another level like never before. With innovation as its core values, it even houses an In-Display Fingerprint Scanning that is unique and bewildering to users who prefers a modern touch of simplicity to their smartphones.

Key features that you should take note of if you're interested in owning this device :

Elevating Front Camera
As mentioned, the front camera is packed with 32MP that will capture better selfies with unrivalled clarity and depth. Its elevating technology has also been enhanced to allow its camera to be sturdy enough to withstand daily wear-and-tear concerns.

Super AMOLED Ultra FullView Display
As most smartphones these days, the V15Pro now has a staggering 91.64% screen-to-body ratio that creates an ideal full-screen display with an unprecedented immersive viewing experience for gaming and video viewing.

Triple Camera
Also, the V15Pro comes with an AI-embedded solution that brings your mobile photography to another level. With an AI Triple Camera, V15Pro allows consumers to capture bewildering images with amazing and stunning clarity in a much wider perspective. If you're a photographer, this may be the device for you!

AI Super Night Mode
Their all-new AI Super Night Mode takes multiple shots with different exposures and combines them to give you the brightness and clarity that will stun you and leave you speechless with its high level of detail and stability.

AI Body Shaping Feature
If you're always trying to look good infront of the camera, you will be rest assured that you can always look good infront of the V15Pro! It has the AI Body Shaping feature that allows users to look naturally perfect by adjusting the aspects of the body such as making the waist, arms or legs slimmer! Don't have to spend time editing your photos to make yourself look slimmer anymore, just edit it directly on the AI Body Shaping mode in V15Pro and capture to your hearts desire!

In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology
V15Pro incorporates Vivo's popular In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology that is now in its 5th generation with higher fingerprint pixel density with a more sophisticated algorithm that allows consumers to unlock their smartphones in a more secure and intuitive manner while looking cool at it.

AI-Powered Performance
I love this feature on the V15Pro because of it AI-powered Jove, thepersonal assistance that is an Image Recognizer with access to almost 100 mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Zalora; What it does is that it can easily search through databases of over half a billion products for you! Just simply scan the photo or item and Jovi will directly locate the product you are looking for! A truly enjoyable way to shop futuristically!

Smart Button
The V15Pro comes with  new Smart Button at the side that releases the power of AI! With one touch and the Google Assistant will be activated to your command; Meanwhile two touch will activate the Jovi Image Recognizer. V15 Pro even has its own customised voice commands developed in partnership with Google that answers to your needs, may it be activating the front camera mode to snap a selfie of you handsfree, or clean up your phone memory, search for food pictures in your album or any command that is searchable, the V15Pro will be yours to command immediately!

Gaming Mode
V15Pro is also great for gaming will it's FullView display, avid gamers will love the Game Mode 5.0 that comes with a new Competition Mode that allocates system resources to prioritise game performance and Dual-Turbo. This evidently assists to reduce frame-drop by 300% and increases smooth gameplay! No more game lags! (Unless your internet connection needs major help!)

For smartphone enthusiasts, you will be glad to know that the V15Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 675AIE Pcta-core processor with 6GB RAM and 128 ROM. With specifications such as this, you will be able to enjoy smoother performance!

Battery Life
As a heavy user of smartphone myself, I take all these aspects especially it's built-up and it's specifications into consideration! No matter how perfect or advanced a smartphone can be, if the battery life won't last, it's as good as nothing. Well, am sure glad to know that the V15Pro packs with its latest Dual-Engine Fast charging technology that will keep your device running at all times. It's fast charging technology tops the V15Pro up to about a quarter (+/- 25%) of power in just 15 minutes. (That's maybe approximately, 1%-2% per minute on its Dual-Engine Fast Charging technology - it's considered fast enough)

So with all aspects highlighted above, hopefully, it will give you an idea on how these key feature may actually benefit you as a consumer at the end of the day, because performance is all that matters!

Here comes the big question! How much? I was shocked myself as I was guessing maybe RM2999 or RM3k or so.

It's available now for RM1,799 only!

Shocked yet? Well don't be, because there's more!
V15Pro is now available for PRE-ORDER!
26th Feb 2019 till 1st Mar 2019
Come with a complimentary gift box worth RM299 that consists of
- Octopus Tripod*
- Bluetooth Headphone*
- 6 months screen protection*
*while stocks last

Available at Vivo roadshows at selected locations, Vivo Concept Stores, Authorised dealers and Collaboration partners.

On 2nd March 2019, Vivo will be having a V15Pro Superday Sale at Sunway Pyramid (Blue Concourse) where early birds will receive a complimentary DJI Spark selfie drone (first come first serve basis) and a Vivo gift box! *Limited to the first 200 customers

That's not all!
You can also take part in exciting contest and giveaways that will be held on 

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored nor paid post. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.
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Saturday 23 February 2019

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Celebrates their 7th Bubbly Anniversary!

February 23, 2019 0
When it comes to celebration of any kind, it is definitely the most exciting one. And at KidZania it is even more exciting as this year 2019 marks their 7th year Anniversary in existence as the ultimate edutainment centre in Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur.

I brought my son over to KidZania over the weekend to finally get his KidZania PaZZport and be recognized as a Naturalized CitiZen, at the same time I wanted him to deposit his KidZos into the bank. Over there, we were entertained with performances by KidZania talent crew and also the lovely birthday cake that has a number "7" placed over it.

It was really crowded too! Lots of kids joined in on the fun, whilst my son was a little shy at the beginning and he preferred to stay upstairs to have a bird's eye view of the whole event taking place downstairs.

It was also our first time meeting all the KidZania characters Urbano, Vita, Beebop, Chika, Bekha and Bache! The children at KidZania today definitely had fun, especially with the bubbles and balloons, as it was held infront of the Banana Theatre entrance.

The best part about the celebration is that, it is a month long celebration where all children can surely enjoy fun activities and games lined-up in celebration of the 7th Anniversary. Come to think of it, 7 years is truly a long time they've been around, I remember dreaming about coming to KidZania one day when I have my own kids and 7 years later I am here today with my eldest son that is finally of age (5 years old) to take part in the activities as he learn and gain new experience and exposures to real-life professions that remains today as a truly educational fun experience worth experiencing.

I also registered for the KidZania paZZport today because as members of the B.KidZanian loyalty programme called "CitiZens", your child could actually stand a chance to win some premium goods from KidZania Kuala Lumpur's industrial partners too; Such as Vitagen, F&N, Mission Foods and Emborg whom joined in on the celebration as well by offering CitiZen premium goods when they complete exciting challenges set up infornt of the Banana Theatre and take turns turning the "Wheel of Fortune" to see what prize they could get!

My son enjoyed himself today at his favourite job since he first came to KidZania; Canon photography. This time he was tasked to take the camera out on the field to capture an image of a venue where there were lights, music and where people perform like on centre stage. So my son just simply captured a nice shot of Banana Theatre, but he got it right at first attempt. When I look back at his first photo taken at Canon when he first came to KidZania and 1 year later today, he definitely grown so much.

Left : 2018 (first time), Right : 2019 (3rd time) @ KidZania Kuala Lumpur Canon Photography

Overall, I'll definitely be back again as my son is slowly warming up to this edutainment centre, where he learns the value of work life and spending or making KidZos money while being here. He also wants to buy the Crab Claw Stick Toy from KidZania Department Toy Store that is 300, so I told him to work harder and save up for it.

Today they even had new activities for their 7th Anniversary celebration such as :
- Making your own Bubble ArtZ
- Bubble Wand
- Faber-Castell Colouring Contest at the National Store

However, by noon my son misses his little brother and his father and wanted to head home after working at Brother's learning how to sew, Canon photography and Umobile Customer Service where he perfectly assembles the mobile phone battery, sim card and back cover properly without difficulties (and I never taught him that because he never used a smartphone or tablet in his life, atleast not so soon). So we headed back home with a big smile! He enjoyed himself nonetheless and I knew he was happy because today was like his special "ME" time with mommy only as we both "Learn Life Today" visiting the City of KidZania together.

Visit KidZania for more info :
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Wednesday 20 February 2019

KidZania Partners with TNG Digital on Cashless Payments

February 20, 2019 0
KidZania today officiated their partnership with TNG Digital in collaboration of launching the Touch 'n Go KidZania eWallet app in KidZania Kuala Lumpur upcoming this 2019. A truly new remarkable collaboration that I am looking forward to in the near future (implemented maybe later in May/June 2019) because these days as we move into the era of digital technology, being cashless is cool!

With that in mind, KidZania never fails to also think for the benefit of our children to educate them as well on today's trending market on the cashless economy that is growing fast. As a parent to 2 kids and 1 more on the way, and with my previous working experience in the mobile and technology industry for the past 9 years. I am one of those parent who is generally tech-savvy in today's modern-age where technology is concerned; However, I am also one of those parent who is adamant to introduce gadgets to my children at a young age.

As much as possible, I would love to keep them away from gadgets for as long as I can hold them off for. However, I knew it would only be about time where, they will be exposed to technology today and of course I wouldn't want them to be left behind as well. But with that in mind, if I were to introduce technology to my kids one day, it would be not for them to learn how to play games or watch YouTube. The first thing I would love to educate my children on technology and gadgets, is how to be a responsible user and the responsibility of the pros and cons that comes with it.

Thanks to KidZania, this would be even more easier for me to teach my kids the proper way to use a gadget through technology and the responsibility with it. Through cashless payments, there will be a separate Touch 'n Go KidZania eWallet application that can be installed into the parents device or in a gadget that will be provided by KidZania during their visit to KidZania Kuala Lumpur, to teach kids to utilize the app via a simple username login (which will be their unique username for them to be used again in the future when they come back to KidZania Kuala Lumpur).

This technology will eventually teach kids how to utilize the app and Touch 'n Go when making purchases inside KidZania with their KidZos money that is stated inside their eWallet. This will allow the kids to check their balance in their eWallet and enables them to plan ahead of how to earn more and save more, to be more financial-savvy. Along with this, it will also gives parents a chance to educate their child how to save and not simply Touch 'n Go just for the fun of it because it will spend up their KidZos money instead. This is good because the currency in this dedicated app is not in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) where am sure you wouldn't allow your kids to go around spending your own hard-earned money in the real world now would you? So you will definitely educate them on the Dos & Don'ts and whatnots when using the eWallet as well as remembering their username and keeping it safety protected to avoid from other people from abusing it.

It's basically a win-win situation for both parents and children where parents are given this chance to teach their kids on today's technology as their kids learn to experience it for themselves and realize that there's more to that than just watching YouTube or playing games. They would also have to look after their device properly so they don't lose it! So a responsibility will come with looking after the gadget as well as their own account privacy, and this is one responsibility that would be one of the first few things that I already have in mind to educate my child when they one day learn about all these technology and gadgets.

As the Touch 'n Go KidZania eWallet app is using only KidZo currency, kids will also be able to enjoy perks through the app, like how we adults enjoy them everyday on our TNG eWallet app with rewards, discounts and offers but only for use in KidZania.

Visit KidZania for more info :
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Sunday 17 February 2019

Carrie Junior Bubbly Bar Bath Time Fun

February 17, 2019 0
When it comes to bath time with kids, we parents find ways to make things fun for them. Not all children love bath time but it is not entirely impossible to get them to bath though. They just require a lil patience and guidance to proper cleaning etiquette.

The most precious bonding moments any parents will surely enjoy with their children is bath time! A daily routine that helps a child to relax and freshen up for the next adventure! Now with CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar, it gives a whole new adventure to families with children.

Its super cure and transparent bathing bar imprinted with a 3D image of Carrie, comes consistently in 3 bright and attractive colours to choose from pink, green and even blue! It's a Glycerine soap that makes it even gentler on the skin when compared to most soaps available out there. Reason being, Glycerine derives from natural plant oils that makes the soap contains a lower pH and also acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin by keeping it hydrated at all times; Whilst humectant is known to not make skin greasy but keeps it supple. Eith CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar soap, it cleanses thoroughly as it leaves a layer of moisturizing protection behind that keeps the skin moist. It is even dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

I like how it is mild and gentle on the skin and when diluted with water, it has a really cool soothing effect and softening to the skin. Now my kids are asking me for bath time every now and then!
What's so good about this, is that it really keeps my kids skin feeling moist up to several hours after bath. A great tip that you can also try, is to do a gentle scrub when using the bathing bar, as it will help the body relax.

Am sure you will be concern of its ingredients like any overprotective parents would be. Rest assured the CARRIE JUNIOR Bubbly Bar that comes in 3 different variants of delightfully fruity-scents of Groovy Grapeberry, Cheeky Cherry and Double Milk that keeps skin fresh and clean. It is specially formulated with Carrie Junior's signature ingredient, the Fruito-E, a natural combination of fruit extract that is rich in vitamins and nutrients to nourish and moisturize the skin keeping it hydrated and supple for hours.

Like all of the CARRIE JUNIOR bath time fun packaging, the Bubbly Bar also comes with a surprise toy in every box! It's available at most major retail outlets, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide and it is reasonably priced at RM4.00 (West Malaysia) and RM4.20 (East Malaysia) per bar of 100gm bar soap. So go get one and experience it for you and your loved ones today!

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Thursday 14 February 2019

Family Fun Never Ends with Happy Go KL Malaysia

February 14, 2019 0
If you think the Chinese New Year holidays are over (and 1 week school break) and it's back to reality again, well you aren't completely wrong; But who says that we can't continue the fun times with the family whether at work or at school?

Why So Serious?
We all have a lil child in us whether you are aware or unaware, but everyone has a lil child in them no matter how old we are. And with that in mind, don't let life take the fun out of you! You should create the fun out of life! Regardless, if we're busy at work stressing over those accounting sheets or that report due next week, or homework for tomorrow; It is important to take some time off to just spend precious moments that no amount of money can buy for you and your family; That precious bonding moments with your family filled with fun is priceless!

With Happy Go KL, I love how the moms behind this (Kirsi & Jilly) came up with this inspiring platform that allows us parents the privilege to have true fun activities with the family right here in the hearts of KL! Sometimes we run out of ideas on what to do with the family besides window shopping at malls all over KL or heading to the theme park; There's gotta be more to that than just shopping malls and theme parks right?

Thankfully for Happy Go KL, through looking up more info on it, I noticed how they are a go-to site for all parents that is just looking for more fun activities and outings for the family, especially if you have kids, this site is perfect! It gives lots of travel tips, fun hotspots, tips of nearby destinations and now they even have games that you can enjoy with the family wherever you are, even at the comfort of your own home, it can be a fun activity for everyone with the right tools.

So I decided to grab their games on-the-go like the fun and educational deck of playing cards (RM35) and also the board games that is my all-time favourite, Lizards & Ladders (a twist to the good ol' Snake & Ladders) RM70. Best decision ever if I may say. Let me tell you why!

The Fun & Educational deck of playing cards was really educational and colourful too. It has animals on every card that represents the wildlife in Malaysia so that the kids can learn the fun facts about the animals as they play with the deck of cards. It can be played in many ways than just one!

Children can enjoy it in the following :
- Snap
- Memory
- Flash Card
- Educational info reading
and more

Adults or teenagers can enjoy the deck with games such as below :
- Gin Rummy
- Last Card
- In Between
- Big 2
- Poker
and more

The Lizard & Ladders game board is created based on our Malaysian rainforest theme and we do have aplenty of Lizards from tiny ones to huge ones running about out there. What I like about this game is how it is fun to know that with the Durian support card you receive, it can either help you on winning the game or get your Durian card gobbled up by the Orangutan.

My kids love playing with the games with their own rules at their own pace of course (you can't set rules on kids, it doesn't work. Period.). But we did have some fun time together and that is the most important whether it rains or shine, we can just have fun times together anywhere!

If you'd like to know more about them, you can check them out at :
Happy Go KL

Happy Go KL Games
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Tuesday 12 February 2019

A Book Is A Gift You Can Open again and again

February 12, 2019 0
The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr. Seuss

And this is very true. Since young, my mom always encouraged me to read a book a day. I was one who never liked to study, but my mom told me to read a book instead of just role-playing with Barbie or watching TV all day long (there was no iPads or smartphones back then). So I took her advise and look through books from my sister's room. I remember reading Archie comic books as the first ever story book I touched! However, it was just simple flipping through the pages. Then I told my mom I wanted to see what else is out there?

I remember she took me around town to find a local bookstore who rents books back then and as I was looking at the comics section, she told me to look for stories instead of comics. So I checked out Enid Blyton and that's how my storybook reading journey finally began.

Fast forward to today, I have came a long way and have my parents to thank for. Taking me to the bookstore to return the books and to rent another book to read up and repeat again and again. It was just exciting! Until these bookstores started to close down one by one. And technology started blooming as was I.

As a mom of 2 and soon-to-be 3 kids, I would definitely love them to experience life as is, like a book of wonderful journey that awaits them to start their own story.

So I've been looking online for books for my children and I found this website of My Children's Book that actually offers really affordable and a wide selection of hand-picked titles with up to 80% discounts off it's normal price because they are an online retailer that specializes in used story books for kids in Malaysia.

I love how they categorize their selection by age group and by popular categories and titles. It really shows that they have a large variety of selection to choose for. But most importantly, I can just click and wait for my books to arrive at my doorstep. I don't have to hunt down for the next upcoming book clearance fairs anymore, although the difference of the books may be of its quality such as new or used. But even at bookstores, some books have already been used on the spot itself so its really no difference, so long as it's condition is still good.

My Children's Bookstore also has a guide that explains their condition of their books as you check out their book selection range. They even show the quantity available.

Given the chance, I wouldn't mind receiving a book as a gift. Because books are like keys to very informative knowledge that you may never know what you got yourself into until you start reading it! 

Another thing that I find really useful is that each book has "More Info" that you can view to see the details of the book and its origin publisher and how many pages it consists of. Apart from that, there's also a Synopsis section where most of the books has a short caption explaining what is the book all about. But to really know what the book is truly all about is to just get it!

I gotten 9 books for my kids to learn reading for the first time on their own & also a variety for me to read them bedtime stories. Mostly is Ladybird and also Enid Blyton too!


The pricing is definitely reasonably affordable, and the condition are all almost as new and very good! Some other books has options to choose good or acceptable (library copy) conditions etc, which will definitely bring the price lower for sure!

Multiple payment gateway options
So if you're on a budget then why not? Afterall, as long as the book can still be read even though it may not be of fresh prints. I believe every item holds a memory in place and books that has been read, has more stories to tell, atleast it will smell like a real book would smell like! (Most book lovers can relate!)

A book can take you on many journeys at anywhere anytime and that is priceless! And my kids were equally excited to receive their books that I ordered for them!

They are now choosing which book I should read for them every night now. Atleast on the bright side, they are now following my footsteps in showing passion in reading books at a much younger age when compared with me back then.

I was expecting maybe some worn out pages or yellow stains or lots of scribble. But just look at the condition that all these books arrived in!! It looks really new, almost new! There were some with names in it but it wasn't scribbles on every page. Totally worth it!

However, the good condition ones goes out pretty fast but they have over 1,000 titles available, you will be too spoilt for choice!

Browse for more books selection at : 
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