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Tuesday 12 February 2019

A Book Is A Gift You Can Open again and again

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. – Dr. Seuss

And this is very true. Since young, my mom always encouraged me to read a book a day. I was one who never liked to study, but my mom told me to read a book instead of just role-playing with Barbie or watching TV all day long (there was no iPads or smartphones back then). So I took her advise and look through books from my sister's room. I remember reading Archie comic books as the first ever story book I touched! However, it was just simple flipping through the pages. Then I told my mom I wanted to see what else is out there?

I remember she took me around town to find a local bookstore who rents books back then and as I was looking at the comics section, she told me to look for stories instead of comics. So I checked out Enid Blyton and that's how my storybook reading journey finally began.

Fast forward to today, I have came a long way and have my parents to thank for. Taking me to the bookstore to return the books and to rent another book to read up and repeat again and again. It was just exciting! Until these bookstores started to close down one by one. And technology started blooming as was I.

As a mom of 2 and soon-to-be 3 kids, I would definitely love them to experience life as is, like a book of wonderful journey that awaits them to start their own story.

So I've been looking online for books for my children and I found this website of My Children's Book that actually offers really affordable and a wide selection of hand-picked titles with up to 80% discounts off it's normal price because they are an online retailer that specializes in used story books for kids in Malaysia.

I love how they categorize their selection by age group and by popular categories and titles. It really shows that they have a large variety of selection to choose for. But most importantly, I can just click and wait for my books to arrive at my doorstep. I don't have to hunt down for the next upcoming book clearance fairs anymore, although the difference of the books may be of its quality such as new or used. But even at bookstores, some books have already been used on the spot itself so its really no difference, so long as it's condition is still good.

My Children's Bookstore also has a guide that explains their condition of their books as you check out their book selection range. They even show the quantity available.

Given the chance, I wouldn't mind receiving a book as a gift. Because books are like keys to very informative knowledge that you may never know what you got yourself into until you start reading it! 

Another thing that I find really useful is that each book has "More Info" that you can view to see the details of the book and its origin publisher and how many pages it consists of. Apart from that, there's also a Synopsis section where most of the books has a short caption explaining what is the book all about. But to really know what the book is truly all about is to just get it!

I gotten 9 books for my kids to learn reading for the first time on their own & also a variety for me to read them bedtime stories. Mostly is Ladybird and also Enid Blyton too!


The pricing is definitely reasonably affordable, and the condition are all almost as new and very good! Some other books has options to choose good or acceptable (library copy) conditions etc, which will definitely bring the price lower for sure!

Multiple payment gateway options
So if you're on a budget then why not? Afterall, as long as the book can still be read even though it may not be of fresh prints. I believe every item holds a memory in place and books that has been read, has more stories to tell, atleast it will smell like a real book would smell like! (Most book lovers can relate!)

A book can take you on many journeys at anywhere anytime and that is priceless! And my kids were equally excited to receive their books that I ordered for them!

They are now choosing which book I should read for them every night now. Atleast on the bright side, they are now following my footsteps in showing passion in reading books at a much younger age when compared with me back then.

I was expecting maybe some worn out pages or yellow stains or lots of scribble. But just look at the condition that all these books arrived in!! It looks really new, almost new! There were some with names in it but it wasn't scribbles on every page. Totally worth it!

However, the good condition ones goes out pretty fast but they have over 1,000 titles available, you will be too spoilt for choice!

Browse for more books selection at : 

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