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Saturday 9 February 2019

Sizzling Succulent Burgers You Will Adore!

I love western food my whole life~! I can never go without indulging in western cuisines, but being in Asia, we have more than just western cuisine, we even have fusion. We are definitely blessed with an abundance of food for choice!

But my favourite is BURGERS! I grew up having Burgers for lunch after school on alternate months. I sometimes have them homemade by my dad over the weekends and at night for supper, my parents will stuff me up with burgers just so that I will grow chubby so that when I hit puberty, I will shoot up like a sprout one day and grow tall (unfortunately, am gonna debunk this MYTH, it's not true...).

Since the era of Millennials, you will see many new technology and hip and happening cafes and burger joints popping around own like mushrooms sprouting. However, being a food lover myself and exploring various cafes and burger joints, checking what's the newest and latest in town; I always seek out new flavours and the BEST burgers in town!

Today, I definitely must share this heavenly deal with all of you, because it is the best Sizzling burger I have ever eaten and it is totally worth every bite!

NY Steak Shack introduces their all-new Sizzling Lamb Burgers that will only be available from 7th January until 3rd March 2019! You definitely must come over and try their new menu during this limited time offer only because if you don't, YOU CONFIRM WILL REGRET! (Mark my words...)

The way these sizzling burgers are served, is super unique; Unlike any other burgers served out there already stacked and ready to just sink your teeth in, NY Steak Shack serves their Sizzling Lamb on their sizzling hot plate as how they used to serve their steaks with.

This gives you 2 ways (or maybe even more than 2 ways) to savour your sizzling burger! The most decent way you can eat it, which you ladies will definitely enjoy (especially if you're eating this with your "special one" and want to still look gentle) is to cut it up separately and eat it separately like eating steak politely and professionally, no mess.

The other method which any burger lover will definitely enjoy most is to D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) and stack up your own burger and just sink your teeth in it!

Separately, it tastes perfect like sizzling lamb burger ala steak mode, but I noticed that when you do that, you get full really fast and you tend to eat slower because there's alot to cut up and chew. As a burger as it is meant to be, it tastes HEAVENLY~!

The scent of the mushroom is fragrant and appetising, the cheddar cheese totally matched the lamb patty; And each burger dish consists of two (2) lamb patties totaling 200gms in weight that is grilled to perfection and served sizzling on a bed of fresh onions. What makes it perfect is the black pepper/brown sauce that is poured over the lamb patty as the sizzling hot plate sizzle the sauces right into those succulent patty.

When I placed my mushroom and cheese lamb patty onto the Oregano buns and layer it with fresh lettuce and tomato, I almost wanted to add the french fries in my burger too, but it will be too huge for me to chow down on. So I just let the fries stayed as my sides while I savour the burger by itself and it was the best burger I have ever eaten in my life (I repeated this again because it is the best!). Trust me, as a burger lover, I have tasted many burger variety out there, the famous to the not-so-famous ones to the hidden rare find gems and this is definitely one of those rare find gems worth experiencing!

Imagine a burger that you sink your teeth into, with the patty still warm and juicy and its cheese that is at its perfect melted but not too melted condition, add that with the fragrant and chewiness of the mushroom and its sauce with the black pepper/brown sauce that is infused into the lamb patty thanks to the sizzling hot plate AND the fresh lettuce and tomatoes stays intact and fresh whilst the Oregano bun is still freshly baked, soft and not soaked or drenched with the sauce at all!

And if the burger tastes so perfect, the milkshake will definitely complete your meal in seconds! Complimenting with the Sizzling Lamb Burgers at NY Steak Shack, the Funtastic Milkshakes in partnership with Nestle Ice Cream and Goodday milk, you will definitely be taken on a ride of something out-of-the-ordinary this New Year with the Cornflakes Milkshake, Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshake and Strawberry Milkshake for only RM13.80 each. It tastes really rich and pure, perfectly blended well to satisfy your thirst.

If you're not a milk-lover then don't fret! Their mocktails are the bomb as well!

I love the zesty refreshing mocktails especially when paired with my burger it makes it feel like every bite into my burger is my first bite ever! It's that amazing!

Also, don't forget their all-new Sizzling Lamb Burgers that will only be available from 7th January until 3rd March 2019 only!

Bring your family over to also indulge in their CNY Special deals where you can save up to 50%!

Also, if you are visiting NY Steak Shack this week 11th - 15th Feb 2019, join this contest to win an exclusive voucher!!

For more details visit : 
NY Steak Shack Malaysia

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