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Friday 1 February 2019

FROZEN, Uniquely Flavoured Artisan Ice Cream Malaysia

You can never have enough of ice cream in Malaysia all year-long! With our hot and humid weather, it's the perfect treat anytime, anyday!

Frozen by Ken started in Bangsar as one of the up and coming artisan ice cream parlour in town. And they have just opened a new branch pop up ice cream stall at Paradigm Shopping Mall.

At their Grand Launch in Paradigm Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya, Selangor; We were treated to some yummilicious frozen treats that are each uniquely made and brings out the child in us!

My son was the happiest as he managed to get his Strawberry cheesecake ice cream.

They have a variety of unique flavours you can opt. for such as their rich and flavorful Musing King;

The authentic and surreal Kuih Talam that tastes like Pandan Jelly Layer cake, very fragrant and appetising!

Their Dragonfruit & Lychee Sorbet was refreshing and has a mild tasted sweetness that originates from the fruits itself.

I love the Papaya, Strawberry and instead! It was fruity and addictive!

Even my kids love it! As long as there's strawberry in it, nothing can go wrong!

The pricing is affordable for a uniquely flavoured artisan ice cream that is made from scratch. They even have promotions running such as :

I came back again with my family for a family day trip at the mall and some last minute CNY shopping.

They even have free drinking water available if you need to quench your sweet tooth after indulging in these yummy treats.

Lovely place to just chill with family and friends while enjoying your ice cream in a cup.

I wish they will have cones or waffles someday at this Australian-style inspired dessert joint with a burst of local flavours!

You can visit them at :

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