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Saturday 23 February 2019

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Celebrates their 7th Bubbly Anniversary!

When it comes to celebration of any kind, it is definitely the most exciting one. And at KidZania it is even more exciting as this year 2019 marks their 7th year Anniversary in existence as the ultimate edutainment centre in Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur.

I brought my son over to KidZania over the weekend to finally get his KidZania PaZZport and be recognized as a Naturalized CitiZen, at the same time I wanted him to deposit his KidZos into the bank. Over there, we were entertained with performances by KidZania talent crew and also the lovely birthday cake that has a number "7" placed over it.

It was really crowded too! Lots of kids joined in on the fun, whilst my son was a little shy at the beginning and he preferred to stay upstairs to have a bird's eye view of the whole event taking place downstairs.

It was also our first time meeting all the KidZania characters Urbano, Vita, Beebop, Chika, Bekha and Bache! The children at KidZania today definitely had fun, especially with the bubbles and balloons, as it was held infront of the Banana Theatre entrance.

The best part about the celebration is that, it is a month long celebration where all children can surely enjoy fun activities and games lined-up in celebration of the 7th Anniversary. Come to think of it, 7 years is truly a long time they've been around, I remember dreaming about coming to KidZania one day when I have my own kids and 7 years later I am here today with my eldest son that is finally of age (5 years old) to take part in the activities as he learn and gain new experience and exposures to real-life professions that remains today as a truly educational fun experience worth experiencing.

I also registered for the KidZania paZZport today because as members of the B.KidZanian loyalty programme called "CitiZens", your child could actually stand a chance to win some premium goods from KidZania Kuala Lumpur's industrial partners too; Such as Vitagen, F&N, Mission Foods and Emborg whom joined in on the celebration as well by offering CitiZen premium goods when they complete exciting challenges set up infornt of the Banana Theatre and take turns turning the "Wheel of Fortune" to see what prize they could get!

My son enjoyed himself today at his favourite job since he first came to KidZania; Canon photography. This time he was tasked to take the camera out on the field to capture an image of a venue where there were lights, music and where people perform like on centre stage. So my son just simply captured a nice shot of Banana Theatre, but he got it right at first attempt. When I look back at his first photo taken at Canon when he first came to KidZania and 1 year later today, he definitely grown so much.

Left : 2018 (first time), Right : 2019 (3rd time) @ KidZania Kuala Lumpur Canon Photography

Overall, I'll definitely be back again as my son is slowly warming up to this edutainment centre, where he learns the value of work life and spending or making KidZos money while being here. He also wants to buy the Crab Claw Stick Toy from KidZania Department Toy Store that is 300, so I told him to work harder and save up for it.

Today they even had new activities for their 7th Anniversary celebration such as :
- Making your own Bubble ArtZ
- Bubble Wand
- Faber-Castell Colouring Contest at the National Store

However, by noon my son misses his little brother and his father and wanted to head home after working at Brother's learning how to sew, Canon photography and Umobile Customer Service where he perfectly assembles the mobile phone battery, sim card and back cover properly without difficulties (and I never taught him that because he never used a smartphone or tablet in his life, atleast not so soon). So we headed back home with a big smile! He enjoyed himself nonetheless and I knew he was happy because today was like his special "ME" time with mommy only as we both "Learn Life Today" visiting the City of KidZania together.

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