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Thursday 31 December 2020

PG Mall Revlon Year End Clearance Stock

December 31, 2020 0

It's the end of the year! And Year-End Clearance sales are the best bargains that you would ever wish for! So today, I wanna share this amazing Clearance sale from Revlon that all you beauty baes will definitely appreciate!

PG Mall is a local e-commerce platform in Malaysia and ranked top 3

The best news about this platform is that it accepts all forms of payment methods and especially e-wallets too! 

As we come into the closing of 2020, I'm sure many of you may had it pretty rough this year but fret not! Because let's hope for a better tomorrow because it's going to be the New Year 2021 and we want to surely look good as we enter the New Year right?

That's why you should shop now at PG Mall at Revlon Official Store to enjoy up to 60% off storewide discount

From as low as RM9.90, when I saw it, I definitely was excited like a little child seeing a new toy! I just had to add to cart!

Because you also get to enjoy additional Free Shipping with minimum spend of RM30 onwards with this redeemable code "REVFREE".

Check Out REVLON OFFICIAL STORE for their Clearance Sale now!

So if you are not yet on PG Mall now, then quickly get yourself on it NOW!

About PG Mall
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Sunday 27 December 2020

1MK Delivers To Your Doorstep

December 27, 2020 1

 Omg! Remember the time I told you that you could get what you want at your favourite mall for the price of 1 shipping fee? Well this time it's the same but at another mall that not just locals but even expats living nearby will cherish! 

1MK delivery, 1MK is 1 Mont Kiara shopping mall that is located at Mont Kiara, Damansara a place where many families and parents with kids visit often! I came here once before but it was quite a distance. A lovely place to be in with lovely people there included.

The variety of outlet here is aplenty as up to several tenants are on board of this program. I love this delivery platform the most because you don't need to install a separate app but just go to www.1mk.com.my and follow these simple steps!

Easy right? And also they have a voucher code for FREE DELIVERY below that you can use for a limited time only and with minimum spend of up to RM25. Plus you can place your orders from several of your favourite outlets here and have a variety of sorts delivered to you for free* now!

I can order meal platters for the family, over here from The BARN because I wouldn't wanna miss their sumptious Platter! Their turkey meat is succulent and tender, their crackling pork knuckle is to-die-for!

I can even order my favourite Korean quick fix as my family enjoys their Western platter. Their Jjajangmyun is super mouthwatering!

I can even combine these with my power salad to mix with my favourite Kewpie dressing for my snack or tea time too! Perfect for the healthy enthusiasts!

If that's not all, I can also get ice cream for desserts as a plus+ at Kind Kones for their vegan ice cream that is not too milky nor too sweet! 

Even home decorations from Christmas to Chinese New Year and especially to 2021, I can quickly add them to cart! Not to forget all those birthdays upcoming all over again as we enter 2021! So you. Can order your new year calendar along with some home decors to welcome 2021 with a bang!

And definitely I wanna look good for myself, so getting myself a colored contacts will be a good change of sight, I can also schedule for an eyecheck for my family too because they can check your eye for cataract!

And if that ain't enough, I can also get a scheduled check for glaucoma eye pressure for my family whilst maybe check out some imported branded eyewear collection to style for the New Year! Start my 2021 in style! Am 'WOW'ed by the collection of the different branded eyewear at Proeyes Studio 1Mont Kiara especially the world's top no.3 brand Maui Jim and the flexible customizable ic!berlin

Introducing a high end optical store that stands out from their competitors as they make the glasses and each glasses takes 16 hours to be created. Whilst other optical sells commercial and OEM glass.

Over here, you can also find 999.9 brand from Japan, that is a well-known premium quality brand and also the Masunaga with a 100 year old history is glass-making. Since 2010, what you will be paying for here is for the ultimate premium quality and extraordinary comfort on the glasses.

With so much to eat, drink, shop and do at 1MK, it gives me so many options to do, shop and plan things virtually ahead of time! So much more convenient than before. Do you know? I actually save more time and shopping this way. It is like a super new norm now and if you're not yet on the new norm, you better get adjusted to it soon because it's gonna be of so much ease and convenience to your daily routine! This is definitely the future of shopping!

Visit 1MK today for more information.

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Thursday 24 December 2020

Children Accessories Christmas Special with Madammoselle Malaysia

December 24, 2020 0

Its Christmas Eve! Have you already bought gifts for your loved ones? I know I have! Especially for my little precious princess who is already 1 year plus and has been capturing my heart every single time I lay my eyes on her. 

At first I was considering toys for her but then I realized she is more feminine than me combined and she is truly a work of art! She loves sitting infront of the mirror and looking at herself and pretending to put skincare on whilst combing her baby hair that is slowly taking its time to grow out.

That's why this time I gotten her Madammoselle collection of hair accessories for my daughter and also for me so that we can put them on together. At first I was wondering where to locate cute adorable hair accessories for her and also for myself. Because I want to also see the quality as well! Because of that I decided to check out Madammoselle for its full range of hair accessories and they also have them in physical retails and one of them I spotted was at Tesco hypermarket at the clothing sections. I love Madammoselle brand identity because their brand's DNA is to empower female to look and feel their best! Even in the simplest hairstyle like a ponytail can make a whole lot of difference subject to individual style and preferences. Another reason is, they have a huge collection that you would wanna splurge on a variety of choices that can last for long term!

So I splurged on these because they are affordable, of good quality and comfort, most importantly, I can wear it in style with my daughter anytime we want! So today, allow my daughter to model the beautiful collection as she also loves it on herself as well. Hence the kiss she gave herself in the mirror (hahaha)!!

I think this will make a perfect gift for all the ladies and lil ladies out there! The best gift for best friends to match and pair with, a lovely collection your girlfriend will adore, the best gift a mother and daughter can down with it today! So head on to your nearest Tesco outlets now and style up just in time for the countdown tonight for Christmas tomorrow with your precious loved ones!

More info on Madammoselle here

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Thursday 10 December 2020

Yoodo it Your Way with Your Own Customized Plan

December 10, 2020 0

 That's right! Now you can also do it your way with Yoodo! I'm sure many of you can relate to having a fixed postpaid or prepaid plan that is already preset for you to choose from. But what if you can have it your way? Because I'm sure, many of you have your own lifestyle in how you would utilize the internet and your smartphone gadgets nowadays. Moving into the digital technology era, it goes without saying that the world is evolving into a new trend where everything can be at the tip of your fingertips.

This means you can to customize your very own Yoodo plan to your own preference! That's not all, they made it easy to use and user-friendly that even your parents would appreciate this too!

Yoodo is definitely Malaysia's first customisable and 100% digital mobile service provider that gives you  full control to customize your mobile plan in terms of data, calls, SMS to suit your lifestyle at no hidden charges nor commitments! There's also products and add-ons services that you can easily opt for when you're on Yoodo too, so it makes this service provider a one-of-its-kind that everyone no matter how old and from all walks of life, will surely appreciate and fall in love with!

Yoodo also has this service called the Yoodo Unlimited data plan that allows users to #BuatUnlimitedSendiri make this plan unlimited for your own. Meaning you can play around customizing the data speed, hotspot quota, voice calls and SMS. Not only you can customize these but Yoodo will also offer those on this plan, extra free voice minutes and free hotspot quota! 

There's 2 types of recommended plans you can choose from :

Unlimited Atas that offers you a whooping 6Mbps data speed for only rm43 a month

Unlimited Bajet that gives you 3Mbps data speed for only rm35 per month
But rest assured, when you are on Yoodo Unlimited plan, you have greater flexibility to customize every single aspect of your plan!

Have you heard about Yoodo 2.0?

Just this year, Yoodo 2.0 was unveiled as the next evolution of Yoodo as a brand and service and part of it includes :

Renew Anytime

You can switch your mobile plans anytime you want. Removes the waiting period for users to switch their plans by the end of the month. So if you want to switch your plan tomorrow, then you can do it with Yoodo!

Power Pass
This is an add-on data packet that provides you with high-speed data in short bursts. So users can receive 100GB of data instantly for rm2 only. so you can get maximum connectivity for an ultra-affordable price!

Yoodo Rewards
As a loyal user of Yoodo, definitely you will be rewarded for sure! Especially when you purchase add-ons on Yoodo, you will automatically be able to earn those rewards that eventually if you have made 10 add-ons, you also get rewarded with 1 free add-on to your choosing!


There's also 8 new add-ons being released in Yoodo 2.0 that you wouldn't wanna miss that brings it to 18 add-ons you can customize into your mobile plan! And these add-ons does not deduct your initial data plan as they are standalone and specifically meant for the following;

My favourite! So there's also add-ons for gaming fans like me who can opt to get the add-on for Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends:Bang Bang that gives us 20GB of dedicated gaming connection data for rm5 only!! And that's not all, there's also PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor that has been newly added into the add-ons! Let's GAME ON!


Since the pandemic, this is a must-have! So over here we have a set of entertainment add-ons that you can enjoy your favourite show at the tip of your fingertips!


We're already in the new norm, so this is also an essential now. This add-on gives Boost the maximum convenience we need for online shopping.

Yoodo & Esports -Tournaments & Teams

Yoodo has established itself as the nations most supportive telco in the esports arena ever since 2018. Yoodo was actually the first Official Digital Telco for PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC). Through the effort that Yoodo puts into the Esport Virtual Gaming, it is definitely one to look out for in the coming future as everything is going virtual and with virtual we can even go globa, that is how this can truly expands! Infact, Yoodo proudly sponsors PUBG players and they are Yoodo Gank who has represented our country proudly to participate in competitions locally and internationally! Yoodo FV creates a roster of Esports fighting game competitors for Street Fighter V and Tekken 7. And lets not forget, Geek Fam MLBB, they have won Season 3 in Mobile Legends and even competed in the finals for Season 5! 

Yoodo Entertainment

Since the pandemic and since MCO was initiated in Malaysia. It goes without saying that everything has to be curated around the #StayAtHome initiative to keep everyone safe! And Yoodo introduced the #StayAtHomeParty to keep their users entertained! K-Pop craze was part of the initiative to help fans stay connected and close with their K-Pop idols! Hallyoodo was one of it that is hosted by Hani Fadzil to bring news and updates on the K-Pop industry to fans in Asia! Concert ticket giveaways was also included as tickets were given out to fans to join concerts of their favourite K-Pop groups virtual concerts online like MonstaX & G-Idle. There was even a special screening held to show BTS Documentary where 178 fans gotten the chance to attend this event following strict SOP whilst also receiving fan-kits of BTS fan-made goodies. 

With so many updates and on-going activities held virtually, Yoodo is definitely the next upcoming service provider you wouldn't wanna miss out on as they take on to lead in today's evolving digital era!

Find out more about Yoodo at

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Monday 7 December 2020

Happy Birthday Shopee! Love, Gong cha

December 07, 2020 0

Happy Birthday Shopee! Love, Gong cha

Happy Birthday Shopee! In conjunction with Shopee’s 5th birthday celebration, Malaysians’ favourite bubble tea chain Gong cha has curated a new series of drinks to celebrate the occasion. Strawberry lovers definitely don’t want to miss this as the Gong cha 12.12 Birthday Drink features three strawberry flavoured drinks. They are the Strawberry Taro, Strawberry Matcha Latte and Strawberry Marble.

From now till 23 December, strawberry lovers can purchase these drinks exclusively on the Shopee App and redeem it at any Gong cha outlet nationwide. These beverages will sure to bring you on an adventurous journey as they come in creative yet unique flavours never tried before! 

Strawberry Taro

The dreamy pink and purple colour combination will bring you on a journey through clouds of cotton candy. The distinct flavours of strawberry and taro blend perfectly and do not overpower one another. Shake well before consuming and take in how the colours meld into a dreamy sight before you. 

Strawberry Matcha Latte

This strawberry matcha latte combines the fruity sweet taste of strawberries, creamy milk and slightly bitter notes of matcha into a drink that's refreshingly decadent. Its red-and-green look makes it all the more Christmas-y, doubling the celebration this December! 

Strawberry Marble

Be enchanted by the splashes of red across a background of white as you take a sip of the Strawberry Marble drink which is surely worth a couple of snaps and post on social media… or more (we’re not stopping you). This creation tastes even better when topped with Gong cha's signature milk foam, further elevating the taste of luscious velvety strawberry milk tea.

How can you get the drinks? 

The Gong Cha e-drink series can only be purchased via the Shopee App, and redeemed at any Gong Cha outlet nationwide. Get the Shopee x Gong Cha 12.12 Birthday Drink series exclusively on Shopee through the Food & Services Vouchers in-app portal from now to 23 December.

Enjoy the Strawberry Taro, Strawberry Matcha Latte and Strawberry Marble at an introductory price of RM10. Get it at 50% off when you purchase the drinks every Saturday and Sunday in the month of December. Only on 12 Dec, apply promo code GC12 to enjoy 30% coins cashback with no minimum spend and earn up to 500 Shopee Coins when you complete your purchase via Shopeepay.

Additionally, users who use ShopeePay to pay for their Gong Cha orders at physical outlets will receive RM4 cashback when they spend a minimum of RM10. This offer is valid till 31 December 2020. 

What are you waiting for? Check it out at  https://shopee.com.my/gongcha-shopee-series

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Saturday 5 December 2020

Countdown to Christmas with Shopee Premium

December 05, 2020 0

Shoppers looking for creative gifting ideas from premium brands can now get inspiration from Shopee Premium. Starting on 7 December, Shopee unveils 7 Days of Exclusive Gifts campaign this 12.12 Birthday Sale with brands such as Pandora, KENZO Kids, Elizabeth Arden and Stella McCartney Kids on Shopee Premium, an exclusive destination for premium brands and digital shoppers. This campaign reiterates Shopee’s commitment to bring a differentiated experience for users when purchasing from authentic premium brands. 

As more shoppers turn to e-commerce as a convenient way for their holiday gift shopping, Shopee Premium aims to provide a one-stop platform for shoppers to browse through a wide range of authentic, premium products from the comforts of their home. Shoppers can countdown to Christmas with Shopee Premium where a new exclusive brand deal will be released each day, available only on Shopee.

Users can also look forward to the specially curated Holiday Gift Special, where they can find thoughtful gift ideas from various categories such as Beauty, Personal Care and Fashion, which includes limited edition festive gift sets as a sure-proof way to find something suitable for everyone. Shoppers who are short on time and want presents ready for gifting will find this extremely helpful. 

This special festive campaign will run from 7 to 13 December. Users can check in to Shopee Premium daily to not miss the best daily brand deals and limited edition products, including:





Elizabeth Arden

Stella McCartney Kids

Love Moschino

Calvin Klein



For more information on Shopee Premium, visit: https://shopee.com.my/m/shopee-premium.

A quick tip for shoppers - for smoother checkouts throughout the campaign, top up and pay with ShopeePay. 

Download the Shopee app for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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Tuesday 1 December 2020

Ordering from myCITTA

December 01, 2020 0

Welcome to the new norm! If you're in 2020, then you will know what I mean. Since the Covid-19 pandemic happened across the globe, many industries are now finding ways to survive through these harsh times. To be honest, this is the time where you will see when the economy makes major changes and you will see many surviving and only few thriving. However, the fittest of them all is when you quickly turn things around and make a change to adapt as quick as possible! With that being said, CITTA mall has done it again this time!

CITTA Mall has officially launched its delivery platform, myCITTA, where shoppers can now simply tap their purchases from the comfort of their homes by accessing the platform via the mall’s websites at www.citta.com.my. Featuring an array of merchandise by retailers who operate in CITTA Mall, myCITTA offers shoppers the flexibility and convenience in browsing and making purchases online. Be it buying a pack of chips or signing up for a new fitness programme, shoppers can opt for home delivery or self-pickups upon making a purchase.


What I like about this initiative is that they actually have their in-house logistics to do the pick up and delivery to your doorstep! That's now all, you can also order from various merchants and get it shipped to you for free* (within 10km radius) or with a small logistic shipping fee!

I love CITTA mall effort in making it more safer and convenient for shoppers to shop for local deliveries beyond food within and outside of Klang Valley and you can purchase all your favourite goodies from the mall at the comfort of your own homes via your smartphone or via the web on your PC. Some of my favourite that my family would not miss are these!

Imagine sinking your teeth into that hot grilled flamed Saba fish! And the sweet juicy Chicken from Iyakimono!

Lest not forget some yummy snacks and savoury from Beans N Beans that is a Korean dessert cafe that you can enjoy super cheesy piping hot pizza with their warm brownie with ice cream on top. Quench your thirst with a delightful taste of fruity sensation!

And if you're wondering what to have for lunch or dinner? Let me recommend you the Universal Noodle that is power-packed non-halal with flavourful pork broth soup with generous amounts of pork fillings like the minced pork meat, the fried pork oil, the liver and etc. It's hard not to drink up the entire soup but I had to control myself haha!

In fact, to date, there are over 35 participating stores onboard, all of whom offer a wide selection of merchandise. To encourage bulk purchase, shoppers are also able to order bestsellers from different stores in just one delivery. Among participating merchants shoppers can look forward to on myCITTA includes;

  • A slice of Heaven
  • Beans N Beans
  • Wingstop
  • Fruitlab
  • Peak Fitness
  • Ashley Furniture HomeStore
  • Canning Heritage
  • Gajahmada
  • House of Malaya
  • Penyet Express
  • A Beauty Secret Studio
  • A&W
  • Boozeat
  • Gadget C Store
  • Iyakimono
  • JOMLaksa
  • Manjakaki
  • Marrybrown
  • Mikey’s Pizza
  • Onde Onde
  • Para Thai
  • Tail & Fin
  • The Barn
  • Twinbow
  • Union Roastery
  • MaggyMe
  • Universal Noodle
  • Ying Ker Lou
  • Waroeng Penyet
  • Wrappe
  • Deli Wau
  • B Optique
  • Julia Gabriel & Children House Preschool

You must be wondering how to order, is there an app I need to download?

NO my friends! No app! Just go to www.citta.com.my and you can check out the available promotion in conjunction with the launch of the digital platform is as below:-

- Receive RM5 off for every order at myCITTA by entering the code CITTA2U (Valid for the first

100 customers only).

- Peak Fitness 3 days free trial pass for all who shop on myCITTA.

To order online, shoppers simply need to go through the following steps :

1. Go to www.citta.com.my on PC or mobile

2. Click the Order Now button at the Best Sellers section or click on the logos of participating


3. Choose the items and quantity (select add-ons, if any), then click Add to Order.

4. Review your order by clicking on the shopping cart icon. Select the delivery date and time,

then fill in your particulars.

5. Check the ‘I understand and I’m ready to submit my order’ box and click Submit Order.

6. Complete payment, receive your order confirmation via WhatsApp, and wait for your

order to arrive.

It's so easy that you get to enjoy all these amazing food right at your doorstep! 

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