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Tuesday 17 November 2020

Glucerna : Be In Control in 4 Weeks For Those with Diabetes

November 17, 2020 0

So recently, I explored Glucerna after seeing reviews over it and decided to see what it is all about. Because my mom has type 2 diabetes and it was difficult having to see her not being able to enjoy food, especially Malaysian food. I'm sure many of you can relate. But it is not just my mom, a pretty fascinating fact is every 1 in 5 Malaysians are affected by diabetes since a survey was done in 2019. In fact obesity is also in every 1 in 2 Malaysians! 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Due to COVID-19, people with diabetes experience fear and suffering because

1. They have increased risk of severe disease and death when infected with COVID-19

2. Delay in diagnosis may result in more advanced disease and complications

3. Delayed, incomplete, interrupted treatment

So why do I mention obesity? Because high body fat leads to many and every health complications! Ever heard your doctor telling you to watch what you eat or to lose some weight if you wanna be or feel better? But do you know that even the doctor feels it is impossible for you to lose weight, because if it was possible, such an issue won't even occur in the first place right and you wouldn't even end up visiting them in the first place too right? This is why we need to take care of ourselves. And then there are some who are genetically at higher risk of getting Diabetes, if you look up on type 1 and type 2 diabetes, there's a difference. 

So back to my mom, she has type 2 diabetes and she only had it when she turned 60, so it is due to aging and yes, she is obese and her visceral fat is very high risk, which is why I am my family's health consultant. She used to have her diabetes reading at 16 even with medication, but with my assistance on balanced meals and lifestyle, paired with good supplements to support the body especially while she is on medication, it went down to 8. And has been maintained for a year already. However, 8 is still not good enough, 5 and below is still better. 8 on an empty stomach is diabetes already.

In Abbott Malaysia’s recent survey where 158 respondents participated, the results showed high levels of Diabetes Burnout in individuals with diabetes, which in turn causes poor adherence, reduced self-care and poor glucose control. More than three-fourths of survey respondents said that maintaining a healthy weight and following a healthy diet were the two main stressors. The top two aspects of dietary management that cause the most stress are following a diet suitable for people with diabetes (72%) and keeping count of calories or carbohydrates daily (73%).

Professor Dr Winnie Chee from the department of nutrition & dietetics, International Medical University mentioned that stress can affect diabetes control, therefore managing the emotional and psychological state is as important as managing glucose readings. “People with diabetes are often burdened by many aspects of self-care, particularly dietary choices. Knowing the ‘right’ foods to eat that will not raise their blood sugar is a formidable challenge for most individuals. Diet control plays a key role in managing diabetes and delaying complications, hence a multidisciplinary healthcare team which includes a dietitian can assist people with diabetes in learning how to eat well with less stress and better manage their diabetes.” 

This is why I took up this be in control in 4 weeks with Glucerna to see the effect of this. Because a good meal needs to be properly sufficient with good nutrients and well balanced diet and lifestyle together. That being said, many milk products out there contains high sugar content that is not supportive of the diabetic patients in malaysia at all. 

So here are some facts about the Glucerna that you may wanna take note of :

1. The new Glucerna® offers a new and improved Low Glycaemic Carbohydrate System to help manage blood sugar, where special carbohydrates that are digested relatively slowly release glucose over a longer length of the gastrointestinal tract than simpler forms of carbohydrates, thus helping to improve post-meal glycaemic response.
2. The new Glucerna® has 4X Higher Myo-inositol as compared to the previous version of Glucerna®. Scientific studies have shown that myo-inositol helps to improve insulin sensitivity, leading to better glucose control
3. Its dual fibre blend of soluble fibres (Fibersol-2 and FOS) and insoluble fibre (oat fibre) helps promote growth of good bacteria and helps maintain a healthy digestive system.
4. It has a unique lipid blend containing Omega-3, Omega-6 & Omega-9 (monounsaturated fatty acid) and is low in cholesterol to support heart health.
5. The new Glucerna® has 28 vitamins and minerals, including increased vitamin D, calcium, zinc and iron to help meet the nutritional needs of people with diabetes.
6. It contains 35% higher folic acid and 56% higher iron (New Glucerna® Vanilla vs previous version of Glucerna® Vanilla) to help meet the increased needs of women during pregnancy, making it suitable for women with gestational diabetes.
7. Glucerna® can be incorporated into a well-balanced diet as part of a diabetes management plan. 
8. In a study  where 1-2 servings of Glucerna® are taken daily within a lifestyle intervention that included a structured lifestyle plan (with energy intake recommendations, education, exercise and motivational interviews), participants achieved reduced HbA1c by 1.1% from the baseline in 6 months.
9. Glucerna® starts working from Day 1 of consumption, with research showing that post-meal glucose levels after taking Glucerna® was significantly lower than after taking oatmeal of a similar caloric level.

With the above being said, I would say that monitoring my moms progress on the Glucerna definitely I do see a good support that can be incorporate into the lifestyles of those with diabetes. Most important, it doesn't taste too sweet. Therefore, I can conclude that with a good happy lifestyle of well-balance body movement activity like home workouts, tai-chi, yoga and online exercise routines to follow easily from home, a well-balanced meal of good portions that suits your body, paired with healthier choice of cooking methods and supplements that are clinically studied and is measurable to improve health, most importantly approved by KKM; And paired with Glucerna, you are definitely on a better path to a healthier lifestyle. A balance of everything in moderation. 

Additional info to take note :
The new Glucerna® is suitable for individuals with pre-diabetes, diabetes and gestational diabetes.
People with diabetes can incorporate 1-2 servings of Glucerna® as a low calorie meal replacement or a healthy snack alternative to support diabetes management, depending on criteria such as BMI, glycaemic control and nutritional needs, as advised by a healthcare professional.
The new Glucerna® is available in 3 delicious flavours – vanilla, chocolate and wheat.
The new Glucerna® is halal-certified.
The new Glucerna® contains dairy protein (calcium caseinate and milk protein concentrate) and vitamin D3 from lanolin, and is thus suitable for vegetarians who consume dairy products.
Each serving of Glucerna® Vanilla and Wheat provides 228 kcal of energy, Glucerna® Chocolate provides 226 kcal. When used as a meal replacement, may help to reduce total calorie intake, thus supporting weight management.
However, consumption of Glucerna® without making any calorie adjustments or increasing physical activity level may lead to weight gain due to total energy intake exceeding total energy expenditure.

The new and advanced Glucerna® is designed to unlock the therapeutic benefits of nutrition to support the effective management of diabetes. Glucerna®’s unique blend is scientifically designed to promote the secretion of Insulin through the GLP-1 pathway and has 4X higher Myo-inositol*, which is a potent insulin sensitiser that helps improve insulin sensitivity for glycaemic control.

Scientifically formulated to support diabetes management. And consumption is pretty easy, just take note of the below :

Eg. morning snack and supper supplement

NORMAL WEIGHT: BMI 18 — 23kg/m2
Eg. breakfast supplement

Eg. breakfast and snack replacement

May assist in weight management when used as meal replacement. 
Disclaimer : This is not meant as a slimming diet
** Recommended intake is 1 to 2 servings a day

The best is to get a proper health check or scan, can also contact me for a proper Omron Health Body Composition Assessment to understand your body composition and where your BMI stands against your Visceral fats, Body Fats, Subcutaneous Fats and Muscle Mass. 

You can request for samples at Glucerna webpage
Glucerna can be easily purchased via Lazada or Shopee Official Store

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Tuesday 10 November 2020

Shopee 11.11 Amazing Big Sales

November 10, 2020 0

With just one more day to 11 November, over 1,200 brands and retailers, as well as 800,000 sellers on Shopee are ramping up their offers and bringing Malaysians the biggest bargains and kick-ass deals during the e-commerce platform’s 11.11 Big Sale. 

With over 100 million items to choose from and many going on sale at 99% off with price tags from as low as 11 sen during Shocking Sale; free shipping with minimum spend of RM11, and additional 50% off vouchers on top of product discounts, Malaysians will be thrilled to know that the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale gets even more exciting. Why? 

Malaysians can enjoy an adrenaline rush of amazing discounts on electronics during Shopee’s 11.11 Electronics Big Sale happening from 12AM to 2AM on 11 November. Also, check out the Bose Wireless Bluetooth headphones, realme 7 and SONY WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone that are going for just RM1,111. 

If that is not massive enough, Shopee has a question for you - all-new Proton X50, you One Or Not as Shopee gives it to 1 lucky buyer for just RM1? Malaysians also stand the chance to be a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy Note20, sound bars, watches, jewellery sets and more for only RM1. Best part of this game is that if users are not selected, their RM1 will be fully refunded.

Shopee gamers can also have a ball playing their way to win a Nintendo Switch and up to 11 million Shopee Coins from Shopee Shake, Shopee Farm, Shopee Bubble, Shopee Poly, Shopee Claw, Shopee Candy, and Shopee Lucky Prize. 

As e-commerce is reshaping the way consumers shop in this region, Shopee is also bringing Malaysians entertainment all day, err day. Featuring a star-studded line-up, Malaysians will want to block off these dates: 

Shopee Live: The e-commerce platform is bringing back everyone’s favourite yellow-boot contractor Phua Chu Kang in a special live stream show on 10 November from 8PM-9PM. Malaysians will get a chance to interact with him while also being treated to 11.11 deals, vouchers and Shopee Coins when they watch the stream. 

That’s not all - catch local celebrities such as Zoey Rahman (10 November at 5PM), Fynn Jamal and Tyra Kamaruzzaman (both on 11 November at 12PM) as they run their own Shopee Live streams showcasing their products, offering limited time deals and vouchers whilst interacting with their fans. 

Shopee 11.11 Big Show: Malaysians can look forward to two hours of non-stop entertainment which will be aired on 11 November from 9PM-11PM on Shopee Live, TV3, Tonton and Youtube. Hosted by Awal Ashaari and Sherry Alhadad, viewers will be entertained with performances by local celebrities including Anuar Zain, Ella, Shila Amzah, Floor 88, Wany Hasrita, Dolla and Azzam Sham. 

Viewers will also have the opportunity to participate in Shopee Catch and Shopee Shake and win up to 11,111,111 Shopee Coins and attractive prizes like the Honda Vario motorbikes, gold bars, Samsung 65” televisions and Dyson vacuum cleaners. Personalities Dato’ Seri Vida, Datin Diana Danielle, Farahanim, Fahrin Ahmad, Mark Adam and Siti Saleha will be joining in the fun too. 

The 11.11 Big Show is sponsored by Nestle, L'Oréal, adidas, Kimberly-Clark, P&G and Y.O.U. 

On top of all that, Shopee is deepening its commitment in uplifting local communities through its 11.11 Big Charity, its first regional charity drive. In Malaysia, it will partner charity organisations like the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) in raising awareness and donations for people living with HIV including underprivileged children. MAF and its hotel partners are also looking to send 2 lucky donors on an unforgettable 3D2N stay in Langkawi. For a chance to win exclusive hotel vouchers, users can simply donate any amount to the ‘MAF fund’ during 11.11. 

Hacks for the best - to ensure smoother and quicker transactions on 11 November, remember to: 

1. Put the items into the shopping cart to avoid sellouts at 12AM 

2. Remember to claim and save those free shipping vouchers and other discount vouchers ahead of time 

3. Ensure there is sufficient amount in your ShopeePay wallet to avoid last-minute top-ups. If that is not enough of a reminder, this should do the trick - users stand to win up to 11,111 Shopee Coins when they top up RM50 in their ShopeePay account on 10 November.   

4. Additionally, first-time ShopeePay users will receive an RM8 voucher when they complete their first transaction with a minimum spend of RM25. 

What are you waiting for? 
Head over to

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Monday 2 November 2020

The Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale 2020

November 02, 2020 0
The most anticipated event of the year is finally here! From 4th to 11th November 2020, an 8 day book sale fiesta is set to blow you away! With 20million books over 40,000 book titles. Malaysians will be spoilt for choice!
Enjoy amazing discounts up to 90% off recommended retail prices. Readers from all walks of life can traverse through the vast offerings at this year’s virtual Book Sale fiesta where they can find bestseller titles, novels, science fiction, romance, literature, graphic novels, business books, self-help, architecture books, cookbooks, and many more, all under one website. Known for its extensive collection of children’s books; parents can choose from storybooks, activity books, board books, colouring books, picture books, and interactive books to keep their children accompanied in the comfort of their homes.
With the ongoing Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya and Sabah, as well as lockdowns in other affected states, Big Bad Wolf Books hopes to give readers continuous access to knowledge with its library of books — advocating the fun of reading in the comfort of their own homes. Its new e-commerce platform allows consumers to browse a catalogue of over 40,000 titles from the comfort of their own abodes.
Exciting promotions across categories such as Horrible Books, White Star Classic Fairy Tales, Magical Books Deal and book of the Sale, the Christmas 8 in 1 Game Book await readers. 

Consumers can also enjoy free shipping within Peninsular Malaysia on orders above RM180, as well as offers of RM5 off with a minimum purchase of RM80 or 10% off their total bill with a minimum purchase of RM300, terms and conditions apply. East Malaysian readers will also enjoy 30% off the shipping fee with no minimum spend.

More updates on the most-anticipated Online Book Sale in Malaysia can be found on their website and social media. Follow the Big Bad Wolf Books on their Facebook page or Instagram page
to stay updated.
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